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    Loads of people go to The Green Gathering on their own and it's so friendly they usually make friends in the box office queue or on the shuttle bus and that's it, they're festie buddies all weekend! Genuinely one of the friendliest festivals around, there's communal campfires and acoustic jamming sessions and hands-on workshops where it's really easy to hang out and meet like-minded folk. So, no sobs necessary ;)

    Hi Paul, yeah... but then most festies don't allow dogs at all...

    To be able to have dogs on this site there has to be dog poo bags & bins & hygenic disposal, dog wardens, a friendly dog 'pound' for dogs found wandering, and admin of the deposit system... and only 20 tickets in total can be sold - I know this 'cos I helped set up the system! It is only meant to be a facility for people who really have noo other option but to bring their dog... it's just a little compromise on the 'no dogs' policy of the 1st 3 years of the festie :)

    Hi Cerredwen,

    Do come! The Green Gathering is a really friendly festi, lots of people come on their own and find it easy to find like-minded folk to hang out with. There's loads of acoustic, adhoc and spontaneous music as well as programmed bands, so you get to stumble across that 'People's Front Room' vibe quite a lot! :)

    The Green Gathering 2016 will be 4 days of relaxing, inspirational, off-grid, low impact living with music and lovely people and skillshares and so much stuff. It's 4-7th August in the Welsh Borders not far from Bristol.

    You can bring your own drinks, or buy drinks at reasonable prices. It's really uncommercial.

    The info's here

    This is the latest newsletter.

    And if you don't wait too long you'll be able to grab an EARLYBIRD TICKET for £85.

    If you yearn for an old-school festie that's even more than just tents, booze and music, try this one!

    I'm sure some folks from here must be going, they usually do. It is such a friendly festi that people do just turn up on their own and find friends there... specially easy to do if you steward it.

    It's one of the friendliest festivals around, the thing everyone loves most about it is 'the community feeling', 'the atmosphere', 'the vibe'... If it's out of your price range you could volunteer - stewards are being sought at the mo.
    Latest newsletter with info about stewarding and stuff is here: :)

    The Green Gathering will be held 13-16 August in 2015.

    It's a festival that goes beyond hedonism, where you can party... then wake up and put the world to rights! As well as loads of great music there's campaign stalls, practical workshops, inspiring speakers, and wonderful magical grottoes and wooded glades. There's a community feeling and it's really authentic and uncommercial - like festivals used to be!

    Here's the latest news, line-up highlights etc from The Green Gathering, held 31st July-3 August near Chepstow (Welsh borders, just 18 miles from Bristol). I hope it's ok to post here, as a new GG co-ordinator? I think this festival is likely to be of particular interest to UKHippies, because it's...MORE than just another party!!!!


    Our advance adult tickets are just £90, youth tickets £50 and children under 11 go free.
    Yes, prices are lower than they were this time last year! We listened to feedback, we know times are tough, so we’ve taken a gamble, reducing the ticket price to encourage and enable more people to come.
    Prices will be higher on the gate; so buy now, buy now! Cheapest by BACS or cheque via our website; you can also buy with debit or credit card from Bristol Ticket Shop (a bit more expensive but quicker).

    We won The Spark Family Award!!!
    We were singled out in The Spark, the UK’s biggest alternative magazine, for being family-friendly and “creating a space where activists can play, bond and share skills, thus making the world a better place.”

    We’re delighted that 3 Daft Monkeys, Seize The Day, Billy Rowan (Undercover Hippy), Tarantism, Nik Turner, Pikey Beatz, RoryMcLeod, Libby Lawes and many festival-favourite and up-and-coming bands and DJs will be joining us on stage at The Green Gathering. See Line Up News for more, and check out the glorious Pikey Beatz, who have agreed to leave their northern lair in summer 2014 to treat us to their “clever rhythms and infectious beats, supporting a theatrical front line who grab the audience and involve them in their storming on-stage party!” On Solfest’s Drystone Stage in 2013, Pikey Beatz rather stole the show.

    On the Raconteurs’ Stage, we’ll have Marcus Moore, previously co-ordinator of poetry at Glastonbury and Cheltenham Literature Festival. A writer, poet and radical educator, Marcus has a fascinating history and tells a right good yarn; at GG 2014 he’ll be compering a Strictly Speaking Poetry Slam. Also on this stage: Salena Godden, Pete The Temp, John Hegley, Tracey Curtis and a quixotic mix of comedians, poets, magicians, singer-songwriters, bards, poets and fools.

    In the Speakers' Forum activists rub shoulders with academics, entrepreneurs and Green thinkers. Jeremy Leggett, Molly Scott Cato, Jenny Jones, Ewa Jasiewicz, Merrick Badger, Paul Mobbs and many more will debate the social and economic issues we face and how to solve them.

    This year we are hosting, for the first time, an Off Grid College and Co-operators' Camp. We have new co-ordinators for the Tipi Circle and Permaculture Zone; a huge adventurous Kids' Area and activities for teens; new venues brought to us by Kaplick Solar Stage and the Dandy Lion in addition to our favourite Floating Lotus Stage; Radical Wales and other social justice groups in the Campaigns Field; a solar cinema curated by activist film-makers Radical News; an interactive Art Studio; upcycling with Trash Convertors, a Repair Cafe and The Liberated Feast; and as usual our skilled tinkers and craftsfolk to teach you traditional skills in the Craft Area; therapists and masseurs to soothe you in the Healing Area, and fabulous Avalon Rising mystics and imagineers to entertain and delight you in and around the Faerie Glade and Stone Circle.

    We're working with Camplight so you can rent a pre-pitched, upcycled tent and travel light (perhaps by bicycle or bus?); and GoCarShare, so drivers and passengers can hook up, share costs and save the planet.

    The Green Gathering didn’t have to ‘go green’; we started out that way. Many festivals are power hungry, consumerist affairs… but they needn’t be. Good Energy asked us to share how events can green up their act, so one of us wrote this blog: How to power festivals using renewable energy – 7 tips for going green.

    We're also in the Huffington Post, described as
    Quote[INDENT]"one modern festival that still holds true to those original principles of community, connection, and the celebration of pure human joy."

    Do you know Veggies, a campaigning catering co-op who are based at the Sumac Centre (radical social space) in Nottingham? They're great people and will be at The Green Gathering. You could volunteer to work with them, or you could just contact them or go along to the Sumac Cantre and meet like-minded folk and see if any of them fancy going to GG.

    Or, you could volunteer to work as a steward at The Green Gathering itself and be part of it.

    Or, you could put your name on gocarshare and see if anyone else from Notts signs up.

    Even if you just bought a ticket and got yourself there, you'd be fine. It's such a freiendly festival and there's loads to do that doesn't just involve getting pissed and watching bands! - workshops and activities where you'll be bound to meet like-minded people.

    No time to give all the links right now but if you search for any those things I suggested, you'll find contact details and ways to sign up...

    im going to this with my two kids n sis in law n her two kids...will be first time n reeeallly looking forward to it!

    Yay! It's a great festie for kids, loads of space for them to run wild, faerie grottoes in the woods, and a really fab kids area with plenty of activities. Also grown-up traditional crafts they can try, and afternoon music for them to bop/toddle to! Teens stuff for older kids too.

    Am going to this with wife and kids. Went to BGG about 8 years ago enjoyed it. Elf, how far is from the car park to camping?

    It's about 10 minutes walk I think, maybe longer with little kids, but there are very frequent shuttle buses to get folks between the two :) Or if you're feeling energetic, part of it is a lovely walk thru woods!

    The £80 tickets only last til the end of this month - just a few days - after that (on April 1st) they go up to £90.

    3 Daft Monkeys, Seize The Day, Tarantism, Pikey Beatz, Billy Rowan (Undercover Hippy), Rory McLeod, Hattie Hatsar, Tracey Curtis & many more on the bill. Also djs Gary Clail and Libby Lawes, and Love Shack jocks. Plenty of interesting speakers and workshops in alt tech, crafts & tinkering as well as yoga, capoiera etc.

    Off-Grid College (that's the Off-Grid festie folks) will be at Green Gathering this year; great combo of the oldest and newest of green festivals!

    Tickets are £80 now.... if you put an order in today (Valentine's) you get a free Seize The Day CD - the new one, Standing Strong, which is full of inspirational songs, with a good mix of heartwrenching and joyous lyrics!

    Seize The Day will be playing The Green Gathering this year, along with Nik Turner (LEGEND!), Tarantism (festival classic), Pikey Beatz (mesmerising northerners!) and loads more (some biggish names tbc, says the grapevine).

    GG's not so much about the music tho' - there's speakers too, and poets, campaigns, mystics, crafts, alt tech - everything offgrid and low impact and lovely. Roll on summer...

    Think this year it might be properly back on its feet. Quite a few other festivals that have attracted a similar crowd are not on this year (Off Grid, Cloud Cuckoo, Croissant Neuf, Solfest)... and the Green Gathering has reduced its prices, so the jump from earlybirds to normal advance ticket prices won't be anywhere near so big. Convince your friends to come back, Da-Renn! :)

    Hey, The Green Gathering is back, there's a new website with earlybird tickets at just £70 and loads of background info on why GG is different from most festivals (it's been going, in one form or another, since the '70's, for one thing!).

    It's small, non-commercial, renewably powered and wants to help change the world. Oh, and it's hippy friendly :D