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    Sweet! Although I wasn't the most active member, I believe the world needs a site like this. 🌈❤️

    What have I been up to? Well, had a divorce, the small holding in sweden is now sold and Im boat/pet sitting on the UK inland waterways as often as I possibly can. 😊

    But, the thing is....we can't avoid taxes the same way as you guy's can. Less loop holes here ;-) So, no matter how you still pay tax. Getting a bit OT now. But that might be a reason for the differences in the first question too. There IS no way to avoid taxes. So, there's no "nomads should pay taxes like anyone ells"

    There's two sides of the Sami situation. One is a bit more hidden and I dare say there is pure hatred between a lot of the Swedes and Samis (not all) that one might not pick up on as a visitor. They have been very misstreated historicly.

    From what I know, there are no restrictions about living on your land or not here. The restrictions are on building permission. And that only applyes to buildings over a certain amount of square meters. You can find a cheap lot. Or even a liveable cottage for as little as £5000 or less. If looking for parkup or yurt spot of you very own, I would look for a fallen down cottage that has a well on the lot. Heres one where even parkup is suggested. The higher up, the cheaper.

    There's a woman near buy here who offers parkup on her communal farm. There's a few tipis, yurts, vans and shepherds hut people there already.

    Or, if we are just talking a few weeks. Stay at our place in the woods. But I warn ya, we have no mod cons. Only outdoor bog and handpump outside.

    Very, VERY good points, both of you. None of them explains the difference in our two countries though. But knowing the they are thinking it, but expressing it to the third person as gossip? I don't baffles just me, reading some stuff said.

    Not saying we don't have it here though. But we bitch about other things :-) Just wondering about the nomad thing in particular.....

    I don't mean no disrespect. It's just something I've noticed amongst UK sites and am wondering about. Why is it that those that choose to live "the dream" full time as nomads are so looked down upon? They are only doing the same thing that other campers and narrowboaters choose to do on their holidays. Once you actually move in, others seam to look at you differently than the happy camper or holiday boater you where the day before.

    Could someone share some light? I have NEVER seen it over here and don't understand where the hate comes from.

    Thank you.

    I don't use them my self, yet. But from what I have read they are totally legit and have been around for a long time. The email contacts I have had with them has been very friendly and helpful. The option of free street address is a perk. Also, they seam to one one of the cheapest, or maybe even the cheapest option around at this time.

    Thanks Varekai, I'll keep that in mind. Since I posted the first time, I have choosen boatmail. Who can supply a street address without charge and have a pay as you go forewarding option if you don't have a lot of mail. [OT] Yorksire Bank, solved the initial problem by providing a "migration account" online.[/OT]

    It's seems like it could be something for me. I'm comfortable in small spaces :-) I get snowed in months at a time as it is already. (like 80 cm's snow and -15C to -30C for frigging 6 months the last two years) And I have had a historical wooden boat for years over here. So I'm familiar with breakdowns and leaks ;) And no, I don't see the CC'ing rules as restrictive. I see them as very generous and an opportunity.

    My absolute favorit chicken breed are Islandic chickens. Hardy, ok layers, good maternal instincts. Marans are nice too. Love those dark brown eggs! My favorit bantams are Bankiva.

    Just a reminder that the OP isn't a UK citizen. I am a Swedish and EEA citizen and as such, you need an address initially to apply for a whole bunch of things. Bank account and national insurance to mention a few. Once you have all that, you can let go, get a postbox or whatever and keep your bank account and everything ells. No problem, once you're in. But I'll need my payment to be tracable to have been done within the UK.

    I wouldn't be lifting benefits my self. But since some have applied and recieved housing benefits to cover British Waterways licence, cost of heating and so forth. I assume I could save all those as utility bills to use as proof of residence on a boat if/when I apply for neutralisation after 5 years. Or, just grit my teeth and pay for a residential mooring with postbox, register my self, pay council tax for a while and move once I'm sorted with whatever I need. This needs further research though,

    Anyway, tehomet...thanks for a well thought through and informative reply. That is my conclusion too. And I have a few suitable friends to pop the question to later on when/if things progress that far.