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    Oh and don't get dehydrated...drink plenty water, concentrating the urine intensifies the effects, so dehydartion after a good drink (alcohol) wouldn't help. And if you can go for a pee soon after sex as this will help to flush out any nasties before they take hold....not very romantic to dash off to the loo...but if it helps...

    i've drunk about four pints (water) today - mainly because i know how agonising it is when i don't drink enough...
    yeah the doctor advised going to the loo after sex too and i do make sure of it... it's just driving me nuts now... definitely going to track down some pure cranberry juice now

    well i'm definitely going to try the juice and/or tablets instead of the actual berries...
    is it essential to be on antibiotics for cystitis btw?
    Because i really don't want to take any more medication this year...

    Over the last six months I've begun to have frequent, severe attacks of cystitis... it's absolute agony and keeps me out of action for at least two days... I've had urine tests at the doctors and nothing unusual came back - she just said it's likely I'm naturally prone to it...
    I can't think what it could be.
    Sometimes I can get an attack after a lot of drinking, or after sex - although not necessarily. around six months ago I went on the pill and after that I started getting the attacks... anyways, after months of various illnesses i ended up on antibiotics for about four months for lots of stuff, so we started using condoms again, the attacks continued... so we switched to ones without spermicide or any of the nasties, which seemed to have worked... and now i've had another attack and just feel like i can't stand another second of this! i'm sick of feeling in pain all the bloody time!
    Can anyone suggest any triggers I'm missing?
    I'm vegetarian, eat a fairly healthy diet... I just can't think what I'm doing that's causing it to reoccur...
    Any help/advice on natural cures and relief would be great too, because I'm not going back to the doctors to be put on yet more antibiotics.

    thanks xox

    Okay, maybe it pissed some people off but I really didn't see why it was the first news bulletin to be announced... And I kinda thought that the producers of the show should be partly to blame too, for allowing it to be broadcast... :S

    So pleased you are ok Prozac. But as Muffy1956 said make sure you keep to the appointment.

    I am in slight shock that you had to wait for hours only to be told to move on as they had no pregancy testing kits... The mind boggles sometimes.

    Yeah... It's a very small little clinic.
    And I shall definitely keep up on the appointments, particularly since I had my heart rate recorded after a relaxation session - little experiment we did in psychology class the other day - and my lecturer was quite alarmed at how fast mine was, even when I wasn't stressed :S
    Thanks again for all your support, guys :)

    Hey guys
    Just to let you know that I'm okay.
    Basically I went and told my boyfriend what was going on, he left work and we went to the local infirmary place... Waited there for four hours for a doctor, only for him to tell me he needed to get me to the bigger hospital about an hour away - mainly because they didn't have pregnancy tests at this place. So then I freaked out, refused to have an ambulance called and went and bought a pregnancy test myself.
    Twas negative, thank god, so I haven't had a miscarriage. The doctor said it was definitely very unusual, though - that and the fact my heart rate is and was worryingly high. But basically as long as my boyfriend monitored what kind of pain I was in etc (with the compromise being that if I had acute abdominal pains again he called an ambulance immediately) I was allowed to go home. Just need to make some hospital/doctors appointments for this week to find out what actually is wrong with me.
    I would've updated you all sooner but as soon as we got home we both went straight to bed. Twas a very draining day.
    Thanks so much for all the advice and support guys, it really means a lot.
    But hopefully after this week I'll know exactly what's going on with me, which is a relief.
    Love and light,
    Meg xoxoxoxox

    Are doctor's surgeries open on weekends at all? Because I'm perfectly willing to sit and wait until they have time to see me. I can't get to a hospital.

    I'll try get to a doctor's some time today - easier said than done, though. Going to go track down my boyfriend now. Please send some good vibes my way, I could use them :(

    This may not be for the faint of heart :S
    I think I'm having a miscarriage.
    My last period was five weeks ago. I came on last night but that blood's been pouring out of me. Everytime I go to the toilet... There's just so much blood it makes me want to vomit.
    I've had really intense pain in my abdomen and back.
    I've been curled up in bed crying all morning.
    This isn't a normal period for me at all.
    Please, someone just tell me what this is.

    Quote from princesstigermouse


    I am very surprised he didn't lick that off and munch it!


    I'm not a big dog fan but even I can admit he's adoooorable :D

    Okay, so I've finally realised what my problem is. I think it's one of the reasons I find it SO difficult to connect with people I don't know, it's why people think I'm cold and mean, it's why a lot of people dislike me before they even know me. I can't make eye contact with people.
    It's probably a reason I get drunk so often, because I've got no problem looking people in the eyes when I'm pissed.

    I don't know if it's just shyness... But I've been urged to look at people when they're talking and I cannot do it. I literally can't. I'll manage it for about a second and then I have to look away again, at the floor or at something. Actually looking someone in the eye is a really horrible experience for me and I'm not sure why...

    Am I the only person who finds things like this horrible?
    Or am I just crazy??!!

    Quote from RainnMichael

    I mean hes skinny that he has a hole in his chest in between his man breasts!:eek:

    My friend has one of those, it's weird!
    We're planning to rent him out and let people do shots out of his chest dent :D

    I'd love to make my own clothes! Danni, I LOVE that top, it's so pretty :D

    At the moment I'm making spiderweb jewellery out of silver wire and cotton... I'm really pleased with how they're coming out. So pretty and colourful :D

    I lost it a bit today.
    Last week I was feeling so so down and I cut myself. Just a couple of times, I don't know why. I've been feeling very very low.
    And this morning, after a particularly bad break up the night before, which was all my fault, I went a bit crazy, found some broken glass and slashed into my leg 40 times :(
    I told one of my friends and I think we're going to see if the college have a counselling service. I just feel incredibly worthless and horrible right now :(

    Arrrgghh! They're amazing! :D
    How much you charging for them? :)

    Quote from John

    Thats pretty much the conclusion that I came to but it doesn't explain why coke is demonised so much more than sweet coffee or (:vomit:) tango/lilt/etc.

    I don't drink coke because the company is ridiculously unethical... But personally I think Fanta and Lilt are far worse...
    My 10 year old brother can drink a can of coke and be fine. If we were to give him a can of fanta he'd be off the wall within a few minutes :eek: