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    During the Ireland - Wales rugby game in dublin yesterday and something that happened that to me was the epitome of great sportsmanship.

    Dan Biggar the welsh number ten intercepted a ball and ran most of the way down the pitch only to get tackled by some excellent irish defence just as he reached the line. It looked like it was going to be the usual visit to the video ref to see if the ball did get touched down or not,but Biggar turned around and said to the ref that he did not get the ball down saving time with his honesty and showing great oval spirit.

    Ireland won this pre world cup friendly , but I will remember the game for that act of sportsmanship. Well done Dan Biggar , I hope that other players watch you and learn. :-)

    Would love to see Burgundy have a shower as there has been no rain here for ages and ages and the entire region is very much like the serengeti and could not be more yellow. I am looking forward to a bit of wet stuff to help out nature.

    35 here today so mostly been hiding in forests ;-)

    Exactly what he said ;-)

    Huge credit to both of them,but yeah stoksey can certainly deliver when he has to.

    I loved the comment from one of the tms crew saying that ' it was a performance of a lifetime and his second of them in 6 weeks '

    I only caught the last hour of the match and what an hour.

    Well done England :-)

    Shocking result by the English cricket team,but damn good effort by the rugby boys who are currently giving Ireland a damn good thrashing !!

    Final score - England 57- Ireland 15 OH LA LA

    Wishing you courage and inspiration Paul to find something that works well. If you can not be bothered to fight and do not find inspiration,do not forget that there are many of us who appreciate very much all the effort that you have put into keeping both ukh and CC going.

    I would like to see you keep going but will also understand if you call it a day,but will always remember how hard you have tried to keep a good forum going and thank you very much for it.

    You are a good man and I hope that you find a direction that makes both you and us smile.

    Good luck my friend

    Love and light

    fly xx

    Bad news - England won last week which meant that we did not officially become the number one team in the world

    Good news - Wales beat England this weekend and have now officially knocked the All Blacks off the number one spot and now in the world rankings are the best team in the world :-) The all blacks have held onto that number one position for 500 weeks :-o

    This is the first time that it has ever happened and it is so well deserved as everyone involved in welsh rugby has been working hard towards making this happen.

    I am one very happy rugby loving hippy :-)

    Am a fan of mountains,so here in France I spend a lot of time in the alps,pyranees and the massif central and have favourite places in all of them,but also have favourite spots in fiji,new zealand,california,australia and other places hard to pin down one in particular.

    I will have to keep visiting this thread with my special places.

    Pic carlit in the pyranees is a great place to sit and feel spiritual,happy and cold at just under 3 thousand meters. Have climbed-walked upto that spot about half a dozen times and will certainly go there again. Top spot xx

    Back with more soon :-)

    Born and bred baby :-)

    However, Having just a few minutes ago just ended our 14 match winning streak to england,I feel like I should say no,but really,yes am welsh and proud even if I have forgotten half of my welsh vocabulary :-)

    England host Wales at twickers tomorrow in a pre world cup " friendly " !!

    Due to Australia thrashing the all blacks today ( 47 - 26 ) in the four nations rugby tournament in the southern hemisphere,wales are now unofficially in 1st place in the world rankings which get changed on mondays.

    However a win by England would stop this happening,so shall be singing my heart out tomorrow for a welsh win. ( well,would do that normally if I am honest )

    Number one team in the world - yeah baby yeah :-)

    I was watching five baby tawny owls flying around the little hamlet ( not a cigar ) where my friends live last night and enjoyed seeing them all land side by side on the telephone wire. They squeeked away right through the night and I went to sleep listening to them. Lovely xx

    Indeed. Damn that bloke and his amazing batting qualities. Come on England you can do it :-)

    Its been a real test in both senses of the word so far.

    Hope it carries on right through the series in the same vein xx

    Rubbing a sprig of lavender over any bare skin can work as a deterrant,though I have found that different things work for different people.

    However,if you have been bitten put a dab of tea tree oil on the bite and that will often stop it from bothering you,or at the worst will make it more tolerable.

    If all this fails,then a large bottle of strong spirits may help !!

    Fingers crossed that England can get out mr sandpaper quickly and bowl Australia out for not a high score,then get in a good afternoons batting and maybe win the 1ST test. Its all in the balence at the mo.

    Funny thing they said on TMS yesterday was the officials at the ground were not letting people bring in sandpaper.

    This was followed with the comment "thats a bit late,if only they had thought of that in capetown" !!

    Made I giggle :-)

    Great come back with a superb performance with the bat from the offender himself and although I agreed with the boo-ing when he came onto the field I dis-agreed with it when he was bowled out.

    A great batting effort deserves respect even if it is from a tosser ( cricket term,honestly :whistle: )