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    hi everyone,wasnt sure if this place was still here...needed a change,missed peeps,and the working,had quite a few jobs to get me thro,nowt much on at the mo,but feel on the edge of something,wish i knew what,lots of ideas but nowt jumping at me at the mo,but no work in the area,so thinking of getting arty again ...not mobile right now,but who knows its where we were happiest..been a bit up and down emotionally but getting there and feeling "my self" coming back..looking forward to catching up,and hopefully settling back in xx

    Either we have already communicated today on another post or I am seriously suffering from deja vu [panic]

    Happy to welcome you back here too;just in case I have not already. Great to see you again hun xx

    thanks IC..wobble coming to an end,feeling positive😊

    Sorry to hear about your wobble,but happy to here that all is positive again.

    There is nothing wrong with falling every now and then as just about everyone does,its being able to get back up that matters :-)

    I personally think that it is best alone as any type of pressure on the goverment will more than likely backfire.

    In my experience it is best left to the individual to survive on their own wits and initiative to find park ups and not make much noise doing it.

    Its easy to look to France being much easier to live a nomadic life in,but one must remember that there is a shit load more space here with the same poulation as in the uk,in fact we have got three times the space per person here and even with that there are more and more rules and regs appearing and more places disapearing all the time.

    I keep moving and also have a van with foreign plates and loads of tourist stickers on the back,so to them I am just a tourist passing through so again it is easier for me than it is for the locals who live like that here.

    It has been mentioned many times on here and rightfully so. Below Radar :thumbup:

    Two days ago my 4 year old girl fell on a concrete path when out feeding the garden birds. She grazed her knee and hand. I was there to pick up the pieces. Well not literally, she is almost too big/heavy for me to just whisk up and comfort if my backs playing up especially. but this occasion called for response. I knelt down to her, picked her back up to investigate any injuries. Seeing some issues, I had to explain shit happens. let’s get you back into the wagon and clean up those sore bits. But I couldn’t rise to stand easy, and made her walk. Eventually I sat her on my bed, cleaned the wounds and stopped any Pain with two plasters.:reddevil:

    To calm and reassure her she will live and will no doubt have more accidents hanging around with me, her dad. Showng her all the cuts and scars on both my hands.
    She asked me if I had hurt myself on purpose. Priceless :)

    I am with your daughter on this one Steve , I hope you have not been self harming my friend :eek:

    Its funny isnt it how a plaster especially one with a cartoon charecter on it can stop pain and suffering so quickly.

    In france any bruise,knock or little cut is referred to as a bo bo and often a plaster or kiss on the bo bo will fix the problem :-)

    Ok most try to make cash from youtube,selling merchandise, or advertising products ,but hey gd luck to em!, why not? It doesn't cost us anything and we dont have to even subscribe! I would never personally do it because I wouldn't want the exposure, but gd luck to them all, let's not be so grumpy hippies. As for the park up arguement, I dont see loads of youtube vanlife followers parking in any of my spots etc the damage has been done in the past by the convoy and the Irish travellers not by peeps in motorhomes !or youtube followers! We need to change the perception and mind set not by hiding away and fearing everything ,but by good example and hopefully good things will come!

    Boris I respect your optimistic viewpoint and well done to you for sticking with it as its good to believe that there will be happy and positive vibes for all around the corner :-)

    I have been on the road for a lot of years now and have met some great people and have had many great experiences and woiuld not swap my way of life easily for anything else as it gives me excatly the way of life that I want.

    I am not being negative when I say that because of the amount of campers on the road here in France now I have seen many hundreds of great parkups disapear behind height barriers,large boulders and padlocked chains and this is not only because of the numbers but also people who do not respect the unwritten rules of being on the road and doing so in a manner that keeps us all truckin' on quite nicely.

    I am pretty good at sniffing out tranquil park ups and one does get better at it with experience , but they are getting less and less and the only way we can help with that is by teaching by example, and whereas there is room for more decent vehicle dwellers at the moment there will not be forever and we need to give consideration to that if we want to preserve this way of life which is one of the last vestiges of living free in europe.

    All it takes is one dickhead to spoil it for hundreds of good people and the most arrogant travellers that I meet are nearly always those who are coming from posh backgrounds and love the idea of getting out of society for the weekend and sticking twi fingers upto the system and I think that youtube vids to encourage them to do so.

    If it is working for you and you have found the way of life you have always wanted,then best you be a bit selfish and preserve it my friend as in this case a bit of selfishness is actually good for others too :-)

    Society needs the house dwellers to keep it all running properly and are already trying to make it hard for those of us doing it. Throw another 100 000 vehicle dwellers onto the roads and it will only get harder.

    Decent park ups will be closed or regulated and will not be free,taps will be turned off so that we dont all get free water,gates into fields will have more barbed wire as will access to forests.

    The last decade in France has seen a huge increase of shiny whites taking to the road and I have seen the downside of this all over the country.

    Lucky enough there is still lots of space here and most shiny white owners are too scared to park along in the middle of nowhere,where most people dont turn a blind eye towards a van spending the night,however all it takes is one shiny white with a pair off balls and all of a sudden all the others driving past stop and park next to it,and before you know it that park up is dead.

    There is room for people to live like this but if it expands too much it will disapear and I will have to think what is my next option for living free and happy.

    I welcome good people on to the road,and see many that I wish would fuck off to planet dickhead and leave us to enjoy the life that we work hard to keep going for us and other good hearted and minded folk !

    The best way to make people think well of vehicle dwellers or nomads in general is for us all to be on our best behaviour when needed. If people meet us types and we are always polite and helpful,that will do far more good than a vid on youtube.

    Whereas I can appreciate that a well made vid by someone decent could be a good idea,the mere fact that there is a well visited vid about people living outside the system and being mostly read by people who are stuck in it and paying loads of charges could also generate jealousy and even hate from some of the public.

    I remember meeting some really arrogant people who lived in tipi valley who thought that they were far better than everyone else because of their way of life. It put me right of tipi dwellers for ages until I met some good ones,and in the scheme of things I was fairly open minded !!!!

    We reap what we sow comes to mind :-)

    Too much media coverage of this way of life in my humble opinion is not a great idea !

    Nice to hear thingss are going well for you,you deserve it.

    You do what you feel you need to do hun and if people are against it,then screw em,they should respect you for sticking to your principles. It takes a lot of strengh and determination to do what you are doing and if anyone gives you shit for doing it,then get rid of those people from your reality.

    I am sure there are others on here who will respect your will as I do.

    Keep up the good work :-)

    Hello Sue wishing you a warm and wonderful welcome. I hope that you enjoy your time with us and we look forward to getting to know you through your posts. It sounds like you will fit in nicely here.

    Give your mum a big kiss on her upper right cheek from me and tell her that there is loads of welsh love in it.

    Squeak soon

    Love and light

    fly xxxx

    Dude for your head there is no help at all :pp

    I came across a lot of good information with regards to accupuncture and migraines but was never anywhere near a decent eccupuncturist. I would of certainly of given it a go otherwise as I do believe that it works,and that believing is very much part of the success. Any doubt can cancel out any form of treatment I believe !!

    I watched this tv series on accupuncture years ago and I found it amazing and it made me me believe in it. Hopefully you can get hold of the entire series of programs.

    There is always the positive way of looking at breaking down in your home,is that no matter where you break down,you can go home and chill out straight way :-)

    Worrying is the worst thing to do,as one already has enough to deal with and does not need to turn it into two breakdowns :-)

    It is just part of life on the road my friend. Getting ridiculously stressed about it can only slow down the process of getting it sorted. I am quite cool in a " crisis " but will admit to loving a few drinks after sorting it out. This could be celebratory or just a huge pheeeewwwww thank goodness that is sorted !!!!

    I think it is more of a well done chap,you did well there type drink :-)

    Anyone else got any sheep jokes they need to get of their chest? I invite you to use them now before I sheepishly tell you to flock off as I have herd them all and you cant pull the wool over my ewes eyes :-)