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    Am half way through the big house that I am pointing in Aveyron and have one more day to go before heading off to the mountians in Languedoc for a month then will come back over when my clients come over next and do the last 14 or 15 days. Including the little pool house it has taken about including the chipping out around 5 to 6 weeks so far and about 800 kilo's of jointing product. The client is delighted and all the locals are stopping by to say how great it looks and I do agree that it is certainly changing the look of the property into something much nicer and brighter. feeling quite satisfied with my arty touch :-)

    Wishing you all a very happy Equinox and an autumn season in good health and happiness. It is a great time of year to be out enjoying nature with plenty of good exercise to be had on your own or with friends and family whilst out forraging for the fruits of the season and enjoying the change of colours around the landscape.

    Both day and night are the same length today so now we can also spend good nuturing time with the nights drawing in and the candles and home fires being lit.

    Love and light to all

    fly xx

    I have always found the idea of devil worship quite ironic. As far as I know the devil is a creation of christian rhetoric and therefore to worship the devil means that one is following the idea's of the church !!!!

    Like mick dundee said " its like two flea's arguing over who owns the dog " !!

    Solstice is solstice and christmas is christmas and we can look to history to see why but why look to history when we can look to the now and accept things for how they are.Sometimes we have to let things go and move on especially when those things do not achieve anything positive by bringing them back to light apart from maybe making a few christmas haters happy !!

    Solstice is still solstice no matter what date the chuch decided to do with the date of christ all those years ago.

    Let each enjoy their holiday as one does not really impede on the other nowadays !!

    And christmas was of course stolen from the Pagan fellows anyway hippies

    Not quite old bean. Solstice stayed solstice,but the head honcho's of the church decided to move christmas nearer to the winter solstice so to make it appear to be moreso a christian holiday. They did not so much steal it,just muscled their way in !!

    We can not judge people on what happened the best part of a millenium ago and we should let people enjoy and celebrate what works for them.

    I have mentioned this story before but shall repeat it-

    When spending a night on the drove at stonehenge one winter solstice , I took a christian friend who really enjoyed himself and felt and shared the love with my druid friends and got pleasantly drunk and started wishing everyone a merry christmas,to which a fair few so called open minded pagans gave hime grief insisiting he was wrong to do so as it was solstice !!

    I do not see that he was wrong as it was his belief and with a pure heart he wanted to share that with people.

    When people wished him a happy solstice he did not correct them !!

    Who was more correct ?

    There are good and bad and open and closed minded people that follow all religions and for me the ones that are more correct are those that accept others.

    The current dalai lama said " practice your religion " and I loved that :-)

    Anyhow,went off on one there but the point being is that solstice,and equinox is not better than christmas or easter. If people believe in it and want to celebrate it then good luck to them !!

    Equinox can not be cancelled as it is a time of year and not a gathering. We can all link together from whatever site we choose and do not need to be part of a crowd to feel the togetherness that comes when the sun rises on the first morning ater the end of the season and the start of the next one that we are celebrating.

    Same goes for christmas,its nice that people can celebrate what they believe in and what makes them feel good.

    I agree that the commercial side of these events detracts from their true meaning,so maybe it will be a good year for the followers of whatever to enjoy their celebrations in a more pure way.

    I have not looked at the date for a while and did not realise that Equinox was on the doorstep so thanks for the heads up xxxx

    Great to hear it. If the Love is stronger than the hate then the love will win :flowerpower:

    I totally get your reaction to seeing the moon as a friend,I am much the same with tree's, plants and birds when I am surrounded by concrete,metal and everyone elses energy. They make me feel that nature is still looking out for me and that I am not alone :weed:

    Very rare that I go into a big town nowadays except the odd visit to watch wales play rugby then it is straight to the stadium and straight out of town after the game :beam:

    European rugby resumes this weekend with the quarter finals of both the champions cup and the challenge cup and both my favourite two teams (LLaneli scarlets and Toulouse) are playing. Toulouse-ullster and Toulon-scarlets will be my two main matches this weekend,but shall also be watching Racing92-Clermont too. All european matches are on free to air in France so I shall be watching them in the van on my park up in front of my clients house with a few beers bien sur :-)

    Also risk of rain and thunderstorms here this weekend so wont be pointing anyway , great timing :-)

    The further you go out into the countryside,mountains or national parks the further you are away from the majority of nasty people therefore reducing the risk factor by a lot.

    Every country I have ever been to I have always made a point of heading off to the more tranquil parts straight away,whether that be vanning it, backpacking or simply tramping it like I used to and have had next to no hassle at all.

    Got mugged in blackpool by three glaswegians, had a screwed up dude in amsterdam try to kill me, chased through reading by some nazi facists and many other city based things when I was on the streets and bumming it around europe. Yes city streets are not safe at especially at night especially when you are on the streets.

    If you have got a van however and one that works then you have the option to go and find more chilled and safer surroundings.

    A bit if vigilance is a good thing wherever you go,though if you are constantly scared and worried then maybe its best to find yourself in a safer environment where you can relax and be happy.

    Its up to us to create our realities to make them into perfect ones :-)

    If you spend today worrying about tomorrow then you will not of enjoyed today and really it is today that counts as it is the only given certainty !!

    The amount of campers on the road in France has gone up what would appear to be ten fold this year and it shall certainly bring with it some probs for future vehicle dwellers,but all we can do is accept what is happening and carry on living and enjoying our now by adapting and rising to the new challenges.

    Mark twain - The only constance is change

    And that was not a recent comment !!!!!

    Some good advice on there,but the soaking off the labels from Jars and putting an organic homemade produce one on should not be encouraged as that will only help encourage bad karma for its level of dishonesty and bad karma and dishonesty will not help in the long run.

    Lots of other good advice on there though xx

    That is another of one of the main reasons why I much prefer to live in an old converted van with a chimney rather than in a shiny white,as with a shiny white the chances are that it will be old and retired people whereas in the van it could be a half crazed drug dealer !!!

    I notice that in France even a lot of the chavs are careful around my van,,just in case !!

    Or maybe its the fact that first thing in the morning I resemble a zombie :-)

    Never mind the rallies,I am living in my Utopia :-)

    If we put all our thoughts and actions into creating the life that we want then utopia is just around the corner.

    Its up to you, you just need to want it enough :-)

    I woke up once in the early hours in the middle of a beech forest in Burgundy and was not sure what had woken me. On inspection out of the window I saw creepy light over on the lane that I had come down with mist flowing through it like in a horror movie. It was the next thing that really confused me as two zombies staggered by with torn limbs and flesh hanging off them !!

    Seriously,I had not been on the acid :-o

    Didnt know if my pick axe handle would of worked on zombies :-)

    True dat !!

    Friday and saturday evenings I always choose a place where the chavs are not going to bother me.

    They are just boys being boys in general and it is nothing but a bit of tom foolery,but it can be annoying all the same if you wake up at 4 in the morning because of someone doing handbrake turns or beeping their horn at you. These people will always ehist so best to take steps where you done have to put up with them.

    Did someone mention napalm :reddevil:

    Hi LightTouched,wishing you a warm and happy welcome to the forum. You are in good company here with lots of other people on here escaping the madness they call normality :-)

    We look forward to getting to know all about you and if you have any questions about anything at all then there are a complete bunch of well travelled and intelligent nutters on here who will be happy to help.

    Also if you just want to be silly and waffle a load of crap,thats great with us too !

    Love and light

    fly xx

    Wwoofing is a good way to pass time and learn some skills,but can not come with a guarenteed park up. You would have to chat with each person and see if they could offer you that.

    Working the seasons in the fields,such as grapes,potatoes,daffs,wallflower plants,etc can be a good way as often you will be able to get a park up on the farm you are working for and earn a decent wage too.

    A lot of wwoof hosts only offer food and accomodation so you will still need to earn your diesel money !

    Definately do not get wwoofing and doggers mixed up as if you do you may find a layby to park in,but wull get lots of people visiting the van and spoil that idea of a tranquil park up !!

    Bonne chance xx

    It does get easier with time though a bit of caution is never a bad thing.

    If you are on your own and you want to feel secure then the best thing is to place yourself in safe surroundings,ie away from where pissed up people or chavs are likely to go.

    I can not offer you much advice about town parking as am always out in the sticks and rocks,but others on here will have a few ideas if you are in a built up area.

    If you are out in the countryside you could always ask farmers or business owners if you could spend the night in their yard !

    I tend to try and find out of the way park ups behind hedges or somewhere tucked out of sight so that I can have perfect tranquility,but personally am quite used to parking where is available,but having been on the road for about thirty years it has got easier.

    Following your instincts is good as it will often guide you well,but for extra sense of security how about a big dog ? Good security and friendship who well earn their keep in looking after you !!

    A beware of the dog sign could be helpful too irrespective of if you have a dog as can a bit of rope tied to the mirror and a plastic dog bowl with water in it as this could help keep would be dicks away from the door. worst case scenarion is that other dogs and foxes get a drink :-)

    I hear far more stories of people parking up without hassle then those with it so statistically you should get by fine without much hassle.

    I hope that you adapt to the life soon enough and am sure that your worries will lessen fairly soon.

    Bonne route xx

    If one had a partner who tried to stop you being you then maybe best to find another partner !!

    If you decided to change your diet and viewpoint because your partners ideals made more sense then that would be based on logic and nothing to do with love !!

    A good few years back when I was living with Rachel ( Rashel phonetically ) I was a veggie but out of love and respect for her choices I never pushed my ideals on her and a couple of times a week I would cook her a meat dinner as who am I to force my ideals upon someone else !

    Love and respect is a two way street and if it is not then the relationship is doomed from the start :-o

    Dude,if you are not fatally ill,then chill out and look forward to all the beautiful experiences that you have left,if you are fatally ill then please accept my sympathies and I hope that you find someone to spend your last days with,though the first phrase still carries. Make the most of your time at all times as life is a beautiful gift and we need to profit everyday irrespective of how many days,weeks,months or years we have left :-)

    I have had friends dying from cancer who have made the most right upto their end.

    We are all dying but its more the living that counts in my eyes :-)