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    I respect the idea of karma very much and choose to practice a life that holds karmic reward-payback as its underlaying guiding principle.

    I think that buddhism has many great ideals and beliefs,but then again so do many other religions and beliefs.

    In my humble opinion I think that it is best to select the best bits from all of them and discard the crap :-)

    One of my favourite religious-spiritual phrases came from the current dalai lama - he said " practise your religion " I think the man is a dude :-)

    Just been to a bbq with four french people and avoided kissing and shaking hands and brought my own plate and cutlery as well as keeping at least a metre distance at all times.

    It was was easy to do.

    so seriously you bunch of dickwads,why can you not fucking do this !!!!!!!

    Hi Hun,as jim morrison wrote "mr mojo rising" and I hope that yours is already doing so as I type this.

    We can come up with many posibilities and things to try,some a bit more far out than others but never the less no less valid. However,I always recommend going back to the very basics and rebuilding yourself with a bit of good old fashioned you time and selfishness.

    Firstly the most important thing to get you physically back on top is to follow the simple guidelines of good food,good rest,exercise and positive thinking.

    After this or at the same time a bit of self indulgence is of huge importance.

    Surround yourself with your favourite sounds and smells. Eat the things that you enjoy most. wear your favourite clothes and touch your favourite textiles and do what you want to do even if it feels like you are being a bit selfish.

    Sometimes we have to put ourselves first to take us to a place where we we gain our strengh-spirit-mojo and by that bit of selfishness we have so much more to give afterwards.

    I have used the word simple a couple of times as It really is that and just by following those simple guidelines you can really boost your levels of energy and become a much stronger person.

    If this is not quite enough then please accept some of the love and light that I am sending to you as others are and use that to top your levels up or even go to levels new.

    Being healthy in body makes a huge difference to the health of ones mind and energy so remember

    Good quality food

    Good rest

    Good exercise

    Lots of positive thinking

    And a bit of you time.

    Good luck,stay strong,have fun and I look forward to seeing you on the upside xxxxxx

    Hello Esper,wishing you a warm and wonderful welcome to the forum :-)

    I was part of the new age scene as a few other members on here were,but nowadays most of us have gone off and done our own thing.

    Back in the eighties and nineties there were new age traveller sites all over the uk and indeed their was often a great sense of community with most of us enjoying a good chat,cup of tea and a nice bit of something to smoke to pass away our days.

    I personally left that scene when smack ( heroin ) started sweeping across the traveller scene in big waves and a lot of the sites that I lived on started losing the love and the hippyness that existed before.

    I went alone in my truck into the countryside and discovered myself and the british countryside and have kept alone travelling around europe living in vehicles ever since.

    I often meet other cool people on the road who are similar to me and there are always a lot of festivals or parties to be found if you keep your ears open where you can meet like minded people.

    Anyhow,I and we look forward to chatting with you soon and again welcome to the virtual traveller community.

    Love and light

    fly xx

    If we were to judge the world by some of the oiks that play football and lots that follow it,then we would deam the world to be screwed !!

    I will also say that there are many good people that play and support football too and will only take people as I find them as with white and black there are also good and bad people in any part of life including those who follow sport.

    Quite enjoy a bit of rugby myself :-)

    Hello Melody Jam or MJ as I will call you as am a lazy typer !!

    Wishing you a very warm welcome to the site and look forward to spending time with you in the future. I was lucky enough to see Leftfield a fair few times in the nineties and absolutely loved them. Great band :-)


    Love and light

    fly xxxx

    Went to supermarket yesterday lunchtime. Security guard was not letting couples go in together,the shelves were well stocked,the staff were all busy wiping down the surfaces,very few people in there and tape set up to control people at the checkout with stop markers to keep others getting too close. Am very impressed with how the french are handling this.

    As for the shit that I am hearing from the uk with people flocking out together and shouldering old folk out of the way etc etc and in general not caring at all ,well I am happy to be over here.

    Hope you are all well and positive xx

    Can we have tv series's on here? if so -

    Andrex in the city

    Some mothers do have toilet roll

    Fawlty toilet roll

    toilet roll enders

    Back tomorrow with more xxxx

    Have met quite a few of the above mentioned turnips of late who do not give a damn either.

    Albeit I was looking forward to tomorrows rugby between wales and scotland I was a bit shocked that it was going on as 74000 people in cardiff sounded like a daft idea to me. Was both sad and happy to read half an hour ago that the match has been postponed.

    They do say that the best thing with regards to the virus is to wash ones hands in alcahol,well I have decided to miss the middle man and am in the middle of washing out my interiour with a pint of organic stout :-)

    Have always said that the secrets to staying lively are good food , good sleep , good excercise and a positive mind set.

    Like Wiz said,its not Lucky to be in a good place. It is putting the time into making ones reality the best possible and once you are into the groove of thinking this way it becomes easy and second nature.

    You can still have fun and treat yourselves,but moderation is certainly a good thing :-)

    Now,must finish off my lunch time bottle of beer before going back to work in the dusty cellar. xxxx

    Ginseng Ginseng Ginseng Ginseng Ginseng Ginseng Ginseng Ginseng Ginseng Ginseng

    On the rare occassion that I am feeling a little slow either mentally or physically or feel like I am coming down with something,I always reach for a pack of ginseng booster vials.

    After two or three days I am back on full form but I always finish the pack of ten.

    Its a bit like cocaine but much healthier and cheaper and does not turn you into an obnoxious prick :thumbup:

    I find that the boost packets tend to work better than the tablets or capsules and absolutely swear by the energy lift it gives me.

    Well recommend it my friend xx

    I like a bit of self sacrifice for the good of the job. She is probably bullshitting about being tested positive. It’s since they said “could work from home” and she is expecting carpet fitters and a new fridge from Argos.

    I did not know that we can buy carpet fitters from argos :whistle:

    Surely you must all feel safe now with the knowledge that your health minister is really getting into her work and is putting her body on the line for you.

    I just love a woman with good work ethic :wub:

    MP3 is so much easier,especially when in a vehicle. Albeit I do not dj often now,I still have the odd blast using virtual DJ and my ridiculously large collection of MP3 albums and tunes. Its not as fun or does not need as much talent as what spinning the olde decks was,but it is practical and means that I need less space and less electricity to do it,so it has its positives :-)

    Am listening to a tribal album that I mixed a few months back whilst writing this and all in all its not too shabby at all. Could of maybe done it a tad better with vinyl,but not much in it.

    Hence me saying pure Mdma. Not easy to find but well worth the wait. Been waiting about twenty years now :cursing:

    Hope you are feeling better soon hun :flowerpower:

    Am so sorry to hear that you are suffering and I hope that it is gone very soon.

    I can not offer much in the way of doctors advice,but as a n ex part time expert in pharmaceuticals I would say that a nice bit of pure mdma is great for taking the mind away from any painful situations for a while. When I was going through serious tooth ache in the nineties,this was the best thing that worked for me !!!!!!!!

    There are side effects however in that you may well end up dancing all night :reddevil:

    I was out walking through the large beech forests of Burgundy this morning before light came and something walked quickly across the path about twenty yards in front of me.

    It was either a very large fox,a wolf or a wolfy type dog,but due to where I was I would imagine that it was not the latter.

    Basing the viewing on local fauna then the chances are it was a big fox,though it was wolfy enough for me to get excited. Sadly with it being just that bit too dark I can not claim it as a wolf sighting.

    Funny really as I have been out in the forests for the last few days trying to find wolf spore and one may of just walked right by me !!!!

    One more day wolf tracking tomorrow then have got to go to vezelay and do a weeks work as well as watch the rugby with a friend before heading over to Brittany for more work,more socialising and a no doubt much needed clean up in my forest,as I have not been there since last June so it will be in need of a good tidy up especially after this winters storms on the north west coast !!

    Hello and wishing you warm welcomes to the good place :-)

    Many other people in here parked up and on the road so you will find that you have things in common with many of us. There are many good people in houses and other dwelling too who are equally going to have lots in common with you.

    All in all,there are some damn good folk on here and we look forward to getting to know you too.

    Love and light

    fly xxxx