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    Yeah I have just checked the web site out and they are being hush, hush about the location. But to be honest, that would not stop me from going.

    It makes it more magical and appealing not knowing where it is going to be!! That is why I like outdoor psy-trance parties in nature. Just trying to find out where these secret gatherings are and getting there is the best part of the journey. Although not giving locations can be a pain in the ass sometimes, it makes it seem more special and underground which can be a good thing.

    Great stuff......................

    Like i have said already, it is interesting to see how opinions vary on this one. I have just been on my other web sites and is all very positive. Almost 'cult' like status.

    I guess i will find out soon enough....................................

    Quote from slightly mad angus

    The organisers probably fully intended on paying everyone - events transpired that there was not enough money in the pot to pay everyone

    Some the best festivals I have ever been to were in there first years and had financial issues and could not afford to pay people/went bankrupt!!! It did not affect the enjoyment of the festival at all, they were magical. So in this case I am looking forward to Sunrise and I think it will be amazing. But then again I am the end consumer, I think it is still wrong not to pay people who work there and could mess up the future of the festival i.e Business Relationships.

    All in All though, will still be lush.............

    I am on both sides of the fence for this one!!

    Yeah, there could have been some problems last year. Sometimes the positives outweigh the negatives though like Atomic said, and people have fun anyway, one of my favourite festivals last year had some organisation issues i.e workshops cancelled etc, DJs going missing etc. But to be honest when I was there it did not affect my enjoyment at all. The location was magical, beautifal scenery, great vibe, really nice people, great chill-out etc. The problems were such a minor issue compared to the overall enjoyment of the whole festival, and that is what should be focused upon.

    I never go to a festival expecting everything to be perfect though, mainly because these types of festivals in my opinion are underground/small/alternative/hippy gatherings usually just starting out as Angus said. They are also a lot cheaper then mainstream festivals so I expect a few things to go wrong.

    Of course it does not mean that these negative issues things should be left untouched and not discussed. My favourite festival last year asked us on a forum on how it could be improved and have made the suitable changes. So this year it should be better!!! Also, people like stardust should be payed for the time and effort if they are owed it. That is wrong!!!

    One of the main reasons why I am going to Sunrise is beacuse I kept on meeting many people at last years festivals and have been on many forums since with people going mad about this one. They say it was the 'festival of the year' and have nothing but positive reviews about it.

    I guess I am going to have to wait and see............

    Pictures from previous years look yummy!!! The only reason I am not going is because i have got some festivals booked up already.