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    Quote from melyn

    Have you tried sleeping on your front aswell? I find it quite comfortable if you can find the right position.

    nah,cant sleep on front.. sometimes i turn over when i wake up for 10 mins but that is all i can handle........

    At present I tend to sleep on my side, but that is creating a bad back because I curl up. So now I am trying to sleep on my back to avoid this problem, but I am not used to it. When I go to sleep I can fall asleep on my back but if I wake up in the middle on the night, I tend to flip over and get back into the fetal position.

    Has any one got any tips on how to avoid sleeping on my side??? maybe there are some ladies out there which have snoring husbands which may know about forcing people to sleep in certain positions???

    Thanks If You Can Help..............

    Quote from ZZZZZ

    cool pics. but i thought setonehenge was cordoned off so you couldn't actually get amongst the stones? is it just permitted for special occasions like that or have they relaxed the rules?

    Guess it is just for solstices... we went back a few days later and it was all roped off and people just had to walk around a path.

    Quote from Dapablo

    Well they got that forecast wrong didn't they, it was all a bit sunny after all.

    yep, i got a little bit of sun burn, and i took loads of loads of heavy waterproof/warm clothing as well................................

    The festival Worked out pretty amazing I thought..... It was great!!

    Just packing all my stuff up now.... I am going down alone but I am already meeting a few ukhippy peeps!!! Have a look at my photo on my profile, if you see me wondering around come and say hello!!!! Would be nice to meet some new people..............

    I am up for meeting new people. I got my ticket today through post for sunrise....

    Seeing as there are a few people going to sunrise and meeting other people, ever thought of ukhippy meet up at some point of the festival (just an idea). I think there is a meet up for that strawberry sunday thing, we could do something like that.

    I am up for meeting ukhippy peeps anway in some form and I am meeting a girl from here which has not posted yet........ hopefuly bring her to!!!

    PM me........

    Thanks for info!!!

    What I tend to do is go to train station a few weeks before and ask to get to my final destination as cheap as possible. If you just ask how much it costs, they give you the most expensive price (there was something in the paper about it). So yeah, ask the cheapest price possible, and they will give you options. It will probably mean lots of train hops, but it may work out cheaper.

    Its an option anyway if you cant get lift and will sure beat hitch hiking.

    Quote from Kaiya

    erm I think birmingham is about an hour half train journey away....but as far as I remember from doing it in the past it is only about a tenner so we could probably get to birmingham/the surrounding area if needs be...infact that could be a decent option..

    ooops my fault.... :o

    I am getting train down to sunrise and wondered how much you have to pay for train tickets. You said you could not afford train tickets so I wondered if you knew how much it costs coming from the midlands area as well

    Sorry about confusion.

    I heard once about a rave in deep kent on Halloween, the forest was covered in pumkins, cauldrens, skeletons and witches flying up in the trees.

    I love that stuff, wish i would have gone to that lord of the rings thing!!!

    Quote from Kaiya

    Sunrise is getting close and I still can't afford the train tickets..

    I am coming from brum, how much approx from where you live is it???

    Quote from Sthenno


    *looks up*

    Woah! That looks bloody awesome. How much is it. I’m being thick and can’t find a price on their site.

    Its about £110 quid which is expensive but the line up is out of this world!!

    Quote from Dapablo

    My mates will have their Geodesic domes alongside again, was a nice part of the last festival, well I would say that wouldn't I. :)

    Probably see you there then, find the GD shirt and give us a boogie. :wiggle:

    What are these domes, are those the huge Eden Project bubble things they have in the ID Spiral pictures. What goes on in them????

    I will keep an eye out for the GD shirt...........

    I agree with the nice location thing. Most parties/festivals I go to at least put some pictures of where it will be held i.e forest, fields, by the ocean etc. Even though they do not allways give directions to the place itself till last minute.

    As far as accessibility and knowing where it is, it does not really bother me that much. The more secretitive and harder to get to the better. But then again that is just me!!

    They have said on the web site that they will give the area closer the time on the web site and if you e-mail them and ask they may give you the info you desire. Although they reckon they will be tight lipped, i am sure they will give you the area if you ask them. Location should be nice as well seeing the past photos of previous years. I have not seen the location photos for shamania festival but I got my ticket, last years site was so magical I trust that this years will be pretty lush as well..................

    hhhm this thread is making me want to go to this festival as well!!!!!!!