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    Hmm. I'm going through this at the moment. My sister and bro in law have been especially vicious and unreasonably hysertically nasty to someone I care deeply for and I don't know what to do.
    I can't understand at all the logic behind their behaviour which was off the scale for the disagreement.
    Thing is, I actually feel sorry for my sister and I know that alot of her behaviour is caused by her partner who has serious mental health issues towrds violence/depression so I know she lives on a knife edge.
    And although I feel angry at how she was especially I more feel disapointed in her.

    Thing is, I don't want people who behave like that in my life and I am ok with that. But if I follow this then what do I do with regard to the rest of the family, like at Christmas and stuff is always parties at mine cos I have the most room. If I don't ask them, and I don't feel I want to make them welcome it will upset my mum and dad and other sister and its not their fault.I don't know how ot be with all this.

    Bah. I've done the flat, bathed all dogs, frontlined at huge cost, flea collars and still the little un had one I caught last night.

    oh, forgot to say, like starpoi says, the more i do stick to it, the more my energy levels soar. If i have bread and beer I can be asleep within seconds almost it feels like !

    I am intolerant to yeast, sugar and dairy. I am rubbish at sticking to the exclusion diet completley. Not for the diary and sugar funnily enough, but the yeast - it is in everything. You read labels and you think your're fine until you see "malt". Also some of the fruits like grapes, plums etc, anything that can get a "blush " - all had to go and i loved them.
    I've got a great book or 2 if you want a lend I'll bung them in the post.

    it wasn't really a mistake, there was other stuff in the lot that i wanted, then i noticed the same guy had all these boxes and i'd had a smoke and ....

    I had a similar alcohol related incident and ended up with a very large hammond organ.:eek:

    Bless. Eve sent the Queen a picture when it was her jubilee and got a lovely letter back from a Lady in Waiting. Eve had signed it from all of us, including the dog and the letter back was address to us all, including the dog !

    Go Phoebe !

    lol. No, our vizla's were trained to within an inch of thier lives.
    My dad is an ex police dog trainer/handler.

    Is that a lurcher or a grey you have??

    Just for you :D

    Aw, fankoo. Lovelylovely dogs. We had them growing up.

    My doggie in my pic is my old moo, she is a collie greyhound cross so a proper lurcher. I also have a brindle gentleman greyhound and a hairy bedlington whippet x pup.
    I'm getting lots of exercise !

    Never going into a public toilet on your own, and if a poo or a fart has been done, especially a loud fart, by a naughty daughter who then goes " muuuuuuuum" even though you've been and are stood in there there waiting for her. And she's giggling lots.
    And you know everyone listening thinks its you really.

    Stay in bed all day with a hangover
    Consider a 2 seater car.
    Have a car that isn't full off assorted kid crap, old bits of schoool uniform, crisp bags, sweets, beach stuff etc etc.

    On the toilet subject though - in the interests of education, obviously, I have taught my children the expression " I'd give that 5" in both french and german.:D

    I had a discussion with my daughter where she questioned why ladies had bigger knuckles than boys. I started looking at my hands and saying I didn't think ladies knuckles were really that much bigger.
    She looked so exasperated with me "no mummy, KNUCKLES " pointing at my front.

    I twigged finally. And yes lovely, ladies do have bigger NIPPLES than boys.

    Bless her, we still call scribble "fribble" cos its funner and the radiators are still the "waiter waiters "