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    which one? they are all over the place. my sisters and I are going to Norwich Gay Pride and Birmingham have just had thiers

    coventry is my hometown. i loved mooching round the old cathedral when i was a teenager. thanks for the pictures!

    i always always always get thrush when when itake antibiotics but you need to finish the course lovie, ive tried the yogurt and canestan but i have to say the canesten although yucky is the best cure for me, although next time im going to try the garlic.
    try asking the chemist for their own version of caneston. its often half the price x

    i believe in god created the world. I am a christian but also have many pagan beliefs. After removing myself from a religious cult some years back it has took me a long time to free my mind to other possibilities but i still believe in god and the things Jesus taught.

    maybe he enjoys the cosiness of the moses basket. try rolling up towels and snuggling them in close to him. maybe with one of karlas worn tshirts as babies connect with the smell. just remember it wont last forever lovie xx

    my first three natural births were in hospital strapped to the bed by wires and monitors. i desperately wanted a home birth but was told it was impossible due to severer hemorrhaging with the births. my forth birth was by c-section as i had had a stroke. this birth was far more traumatic than the others and i have never really recovered from it. it wasn't just because of the stroke it was the way it was done the way we were treated both before and after. i had very bad pnd after and I put most of it down to the bad experience. I wish i could have had someone fighting my corner like you Sarah!

    the programme was brill! lots of talk about empowering women which was great. from what was shown there was very little intervention until it was needed. i so wanted to be a midwife and this has made me consider it again!

    yes sensi. i think to be honest those girls were thoroughly spoilt and selfish. Although the mum seemed to love doing everything even at the expense of everything else, marriage included. God help the daughter in law! it screams interfering mother in law!
    i also wondered how the marriage would work when the children left home.

    although i started the tread as i think that large families are not a good idea, i find myself watching every episode! the lady on last nights seems determined to become self reliant. using a allotment and getting animals to keep the family going. still think shes crazy having so many children!

    i wondered that too. The asian family were obviously struggling bit the Dad seemed oblivious! The poor mum looked frazzled and broken down. still he keeps badgering her for more babies even though she is ashamed of the situation, poor woman

    i think there should be a fair amount of choice but not a ruling system about how many you are allowed like in China. I think that although the issue for me it time and love, the other issues such as finances housing health etc are just as important

    ive just had a discussion with my mother after the facebook saga. She still thinks it was a good idea to have so many children:wall: even though we discussed my reasons for against! nevermind!

    she also doesnt understand that she has also effected us into adulthood as well as effecting the grandchildren. Mother has 41 grandchildren, she has a relationship (grandparent - grandchild) with about nine of then. she rarely sees each other. things have got so bad that my younger sisters children call me grandma due to a lack of relationship with their Nanny

    i agree with the health issues. i have had ten pregnancy's and they have definitely took its toll on my body. obviously if they had all been successful pregnancies then i wouldnt have had ten! to be perfectly honest i think 4 children was too many for me. I love the bones of my children and wouldnt be with out them but the first three pregnancies were made as bad decisions. I was 15 when i had the first child. If i am totally honest i felt unloved and was totally desperate to get out of home. it sound horrible and a terrible way to discribe my son but its a fact. the other two sort of rode on the back of that ( I had three children by the time i was 19) the forth was born ten years later after meeting my new partner. (the boys dad died so i spent a large potion of that time inbetween as a single parent) I am not totally against large families I just dont think its a good idea. saying that i know a lovely family from a church who i attended who had seven children. i spent a time living with them and they were so loving and kind.

    i think life experiences have shaped my ideas, well doesnt it everyones?
    think i may have waffled on here!:D

    im sure you were a brilliant parent sensi. im sure not all large families are like mine. I have four children with a large gap between. im not knocking all large families im just saying I dont think its a good idea. there was never enough time money or love to go round but Mother and stepdad kept having more children oblivious. exactly how the asian dad is on 16 kids and counting!

    Question: In a super large family of ten... is there such thing as 'mummy (or daddy)'s favourite and rivalry therein? Thx.

    oh there definately is! Although Most of us suffered some kind of abuse be it emotional, sexual or physical there was two of the siblings who couold never do anything wrong, where given the best and treated differently. this wasnt due to gender, age or anything else. its just the way things were :cry:

    yes thats exactly right. there were horrible things happening when we were young. the fact that mother couldnt parent us all efficiently was a large part of the problem, i know there are larger families who have a great life but my experiences have formed my opinion to be honest. I dont think that there is ever the perfect family size but i think when older siblings have to parent the others there is something wrong. this was happening alot on that programme. Also one of the families sent their children to bed in clothes which were then worn the next day when they went out. Not a good advert for parenting!

    determinately atomic. i can never remember having quality time with my mother as she was always busy with a new baby. this is true for all of us. im not slating all big family im just basing my opinion on my experiences

    Im not sure if anyone else has seen this series on tv?
    its a insight into the lives of bigger families in the UK.
    I personally don't believe in having big families. Coming from a large family of children. (there's ten siblings) I have a good insight into the lifestyle. im not attacking others for having large families but personally i find it a awful idea.
    After posting my views on fuckupbook i have been inboxed a really hateful message about" how dare you criticize big families when you are part of one yourself"
    what do others think?