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    Yeah 30 years of protests made little difference until Beyonce ate some vegan food...while wearing a fur coat...and suddenly veganism became cool :faint:

    I totally agree about education being the way forward but in my opinion it should be hand in hand with non violent direct action, to help alleviate suffering today.

    Protests just seem to piss people off and make little difference, apart from raising awareness and keeping an issue in the news. With these XR protests i'm more interested in where they'll lead. With all the celebrities climbing on board maybe saving the planet will soon be cool too, as that appears to be how the world works now.

    Unfortunately I’m finding most people o speak to are losing compassion in their cause because of their actions en masse.

    Camping on top of war memorials and double standards is in no way helping people to commend the action they are taking.

    I understand that in any extremely large protest there is no effective way to maintain some kind of control (for want of a better word!) but the media will always twist the slightest wrong doing to paint people in a bad light and “organisers” need to be aware of this when promoting protests.

    I believe in the cause and have joined in local “sit ins” but when people turn peaceful protests into disruptive, dangerous ones I’m afraid I’m out 😑

    So glad we are back.

    I’m hoping this can get back to the old times where it was a safe, friendly space to learn, discuss and make new friends.

    Peace and love to all x

    I would not like to swim in the broads due to the fact that there is a massive problem here with people dumping rubbish into it. :( It makes me really sad because it’s a lovely part of the county.

    I’ve just been told of a little place down in kessingland so we are off to investigate this weekend. :D

    I’m in two minds with this.

    Today I phoned the dr to get a appointment for my 12yr old daughter. Cutting things short she’s been suffering from migraine etc. After trying natural healing it was a last resort.

    The “care co-ordinator” told me the first appointment available is 2nd August! When I questioned this she told me that last month they had 234 no show appointments! If they charged people would be more likely to attend but what if you were unable to afford the fee?

    It’s a lot to consider really.

    Hi guys. Thanks for the reply.

    I’m sorry I didn’t make myself very clear!

    Ok I’m looking for places they can paddle in. They do go swimming in a pool but I’d like them to experience outdoors more and thought it would be kinda fun to head off for a picnic and paddle.

    Obviously we have the beach but I prefer countryside.

    Yes we have the broads and they are most beautiful but you wouldn’t want to swim on them! ??

    The reason I asked is because I need specific areas as I can’t go adventuring due to disability. I can walk short distance but not far enough to go on a ramble!

    Thank you guys xx

    Hi everyone. Can anyone point me in the direction of a app or website where I can find streams and small rivers please? I really want to introduce my grandkids to outdoor swimming and as they are small a stream is ideal. We live near to the Great Yarmouth area but we can travel reasonable distances.

    Adequate filling is better than stuffed to bursting :)
    A lot of men dont have a clue what theyre doing and its all about them and not what the partner wants/likes.Theres a lot of truth in the phrsse.its not what you have its what you do with it.

    Absolutely. You can have the biggest spoon but still not know how to stir your porridge!!!

    There's a lot on conspiracy theories going around the net. Like how could one man lift out a 400lb window? I don't know what to believe. It could be a set up but equally he could have just been a man on a mission.

    Jd Williams are selling doubles for £99. I just bought one for the girlchild. They do have other sizes. If you are a first time customer you get 20% off too!

    My main reason for quitting meat is the treatment of animals destined for food. This is my primary concern. I met someone who works for Bernard Mathews and he said oftentimes the birds are still alive during the meat harvesting process. This thought distresses me a great deal. After watching some of the videos recommended in the pinned post along with others I've found I cannot bear the thought of eating meat again. I will start with the no meat and then gradually change to no dairy and veganism as a ongoing process. Thank you. You have all been very helpful x

    Thanks for the advice.
    I know I'm going to run into problems with my husband cooking. I've suggested for now he does the cooking as usual and I just don't eat the meat part. Obviously I'm going to get cross contamination but this seems a good compromise. I think the best thing to do would be to go vegetarian and then move over to vegan gradually. The idea of plant based appeals to me. I shall check out Pinterest forthwith!! Thanks for the advice.

    Hi guys.
    I've decided to go vegan after reading some pretty distressing stuff about dairy farms. Trouble is I just don't know where to start. My husband is adamant he won't join me and he's going to continue eating meat. (He does the cooking so I don't have to deal with it). Thing is do I just have the meals he prepares but just cut out the meat? Or is there a easier way?

    My heart goes out to you. My husband and I rarely have penetrive sex anymore due to my increasing disability. We do have other ways though! Is this a option for you both? Although you say you no longer find them attractive.

    I wonder what goes through your partners head when lying next to you and your vibrator? Is it the elephant in the room or is it something you have discussed? You sound as though you are desperately unhappy and need a change. I agree a fuck buddy does seem a good idea but you could become emotionally attached which could make the situation worse. I hope you find a way to be happy x