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    Before I emigrated, I talked my parents into buying a wooden mallet in order not damage the handles of their chisels. When I saw my Mum last, she said that the mallet had been very useful over the years. I pointed out that she would have found an engineer's vice even more useful.Growing up they never had an angle grinder or a mole-wrench. Why go through life making things difficult for yourself?

    You don't even have to sign a contract for a mobile phone or dongle. I was with Giff-Gaff when I was in the UK.

    What I find intriguing is the number of people found dead each year who remain unidentified. While many of these people are racially Asian or African, many are Caucasian.

    On my HP Pavillion ( one of those thin notebooks operating Windows 10) when I want to scroll down sometimes it is hesitant and other times it races ahead. Both annoying.

    I remember some years ago watching a TV doco on General Tojo. One person describing the culture of fascism could have been describing the culture of big business.

    About 20 years ago I was the chef at a local motel that was bought out be a motel chain. The managers tried brainwashing me by telling me that big companies are taking over the world. That motel chain no longer exists. As chef tend to be free thinkers, to try to brainwash chefs is like herding cats.

    Anyway as far as big companies go it was hardly Coles Supermarkets.

    Well for all the nay sayers and the why would you want to do this sayers lol, you need to have a brain, be ingenious, a bit clever and able to look after yourself but it is do-able, I was totally untraceble and off grid / off line in the UK for ten years straight, in effect disappeared as disappeared can be on this island. Those ten years were spent horse drawn, just me, my wagon and horses. No owning land, didnt need a bank account, kept myself fit and healthy and I think I only went to A&E once as cut me thumb bad and didnt have to have any details only NHS number and nothing was flagged up, they sewed me up and sent me on my way, had no use for the internet and didnt have a mobile phone until later on when you could buy a cheap handset and a pay as you go sim off the shelf. Was self supportive doing seasonal work for cash and making crafts and selling on the side of the road amnd never signed on the dole. Best years of my life. didnt disappear from freinds etc, just the state and officialdom, was superb being my own entity and totally responsible without reliance on nanny state and not signed into any official contracts, loans, mortages, debt and the other crap that chains folk to the system.

    Sounds idyllic. Some people go though life at such a fast pace they do not ever have time to stop and smell the roses.

    Im against the principle of monarchy only because its undemocratic but i dont bear them personal animosity because theyre just the result of our constitution.Until the constitution elects to change and become a Republic we have to accept them

    I think democracy is overrated. Israel is the most democratic country in the world and they have political chaos. France and Japan have highly bureaucratic governments and are very civilized places to live in. Both countries have some of the best inter-city train services In Australia during the 1950s, Sydney, Adelaide and Brisbane got rid of their trams. Adelaide still has one tram route. The Premier of Victoria wanted to get rid of trams but it was not up to him; it was in the hands of a commissioner for public transport. In hindsight people on Melbourne are glad that the trams were kept and the other cities regretted abolishing trams.

    Long live Sir Humphrey.

    Not forgetting 'organic' 'free range' ' wholefood' 'natural' 'isotonic' 'wholesome' theyre all brainwashing terms frequently used by food purveyors.

    In my local supermarket there is for sale " All natural Egg replacer" that is GMO free and vegan. Looking at the ingredients I would ask if it is real food. I buy my eggs from a backyard producer.

    One does suspect the only people doing really well on statins are the big pharma companies - Around £20 Billion a year worldwide was mentioned.....?

    Big pharma's raison d'entre is to make money, not for the well being of the sheeple who take statins. About 10 years ago, I was called into my local GP for a general check up that was being undertaken for men in my age group. I had a few tests done. At a follow up consultation I was told slightly elevated cholesterol levels. I asked if high cholesterol is the cause or effect of CVD and the doctor said he did not know. I was a given a leaflet published by Pfizer. Totally inappropriate considering I had cleaned up my diet a few years before. It did not have the author's name mentioned. In other words , just a piece of corporate propaganda. People forget that big pharma are not board certified medical professionals.

    I rebelled by not becoming a hypochondriac.


    Yes i know what is meant by weasel words,what's not clear is who youre referring to as having used them.

    We are constantly reminded how good vegetables are for you, so when we see the label "vegetable oil" we are supposed to think it is healthy. Another case of brainwashing.

    I have reservations about republics. Nicolae Ceaușescu of Romania might have called himself a president, but he was a king in all but name. He lived the life of Riley, while some people went hungry.

    I quite like the idea of an elected royal family and no hangers on.Elections would be held every five years.

    In America they have a corporate aristocracy.

    No idea what youre referring to.

    Personally,cotton seed oil is not something id use as its got its own issues, namely its a genetically modified product and also causes allergy response in some users.

    From Merriam Webster,

    weasel word noun

    Definition of weasel word

    : a word used in order to evade or retreat from a direct or forthright statement or position.

    There is a fair amount of anchor bias within the medical profession. On line, a doctor told me that a GP has to act within guidelines laid out by the AHA.

    I loaded Ubuntu 16.04 to my old Compaq CQ -58 .On public wi-fi it loads pages instantly , even Facebook. The only thing is this laptop has one hinge broken , so I don't like to carry it around too much.

    I should have written Ideapad. I eventually bought another M.2 SSD.Installing was straight forward. Making a boot up USB I found the only thing that worrked was Windows Creation Tool that I downloaded to another notebook. The other problem I had was I had to "clean"the new SSD by going to Command Prompt and running the diskpart script.

    I am also a fan of evidence based medicine. However, I will not be totally convinced by just one single study .A good case in point is Ancel Keys' 6 Countries Study that fooled millions including the medical establishment. In recent years there has been a slow reconsideration especially given that the Atkins diet works. You only have to look at the epidemiological evidence to see Ancel Keys was wrong. Certain interest groups appropriated his findings as it suited their agenda.

    Cynicism is very underrated.

    I think it is better to be a sceptic than a cynic. I have had it suggested that the difference between the two is that a sceptic asks questions and cynic has all the answers. But I would say these answers are wrong. I would also say that a sceptic can see a topic being controversial but a cynic is dogmatic on the issue.

    Hey Cris, you might like this documentary on why statins are not a good idea for most people.

    The part one of this doco is why Ancel Keys was wrong about saturated fat.

    My dad had a Maxi in about 1975/6 - all I remember is that it was a piece of crap that kept breaking down, oh and it had that smell that you only got in 1970s cars.

    I just pulled up alongside a new mini that was absolutely massive compared with me! What the hell is all that about? :D

    It was probably the crappy Lucas electrics that caused the unreliability. For a while Lucas had an market agreement with Bosche. This became illegal under EC rules. It exemplifies why competition is a good thing.

    In hindsight, the whole story of BLMC looks preposterous. In the end even Labour came to realise government involvement was a great big mistake. Sad in a way because parts of BLMC did come up with some innovative vehicles.

    I have met many amiable, hardworking German people, but I think German car makers are crazy.

    I usually have porridge last thing at night. I put oats, rainwater, a knob of butter, a handful of sultanas and a spoonful of brown sugar in pan , bring to the simmer, turn off the heat, before I have my bath and it is just the right temperature when I get out of the bath.

    Who would have thought we would have such a discussion on porridge? It is the one breakfast cereal that is not a rip off.

    At a Confest I once needed a pot scrubber and did not have one so I grabbed a handful of sharp sand and used that instead.

    I am aware of the protocols for Menieres. A basic principle of the scientific method is that correlation can be but not necessarily causation. The protocols are based on research showing the part of the middle ear having high salt concentration. Maybe this is the body's way of dealing with the infection.

    In retrospect I had four attacks of Menieres before I was 20. They all went undiagnosed and I think it would have been helpful to have known these were attacks of Menieres. In my teenage years I had all the symptoms of low blood pressure such as inability to concentrate ( no wonder I did not do that well at school), nauseous and irritable.

    2003 was the year I cleaned up my diet. I switched from margarine to butter, from vegetable oil to dripping and increased my salt intake. I also stopped consuming soy and went for real food. It was also the year I quit smoking, Since I have increased my salt intake my blood pressure tests have shown normal blood pressure. Just because 9% of the population dies have high blood pressure, to recommend everyone should reduce their salt intake especially the 10% of us with naturally low blood pressure, is a false dichotomy. What is yout blood presure like Cris?

    The salt I buy is unrefined salt crystals intended for livestock . I buy a 25kg bag for $9 from a farm supplies shop.

    Is that why my sister signed my up when I was in the UK earlier on this year. When I needed a re-charge I went into a service station and the woman behind the counter could not understand what I was saying. She had to get a young man to organise one for me.

    If a computer is doing an automatic update when you are on the internet then this can also slow down your computer . Best thing is to set it to do updates when you are asleep.

    When I went online at home Windows 98 SE was the latest operating system. With Win98 to open a link you had to double click on a hyperlink or thumbnail image. With Windows 10 you only have to drag the cursor over a hyperlink , this includes some images. There does not appear to be anyway to set it to only double click for opening an image. I find this disruptive to me using my computer. What does it say about the programmers at Microsoft? Socially dysfunctional at the very least.

    It seems like Microsoft think they own my computer. Sometimes I think Microsoft are themselves are the biggest advertisment for Linux.

    About four years ago I bought a secondhand HP Mini 5120 for $85 (about £40) on E-bay. It only has basic Win7 32 bit OS, 150gb HDD and 1 Gb of ram but has not been much trouble. The power supply was not that good but I already had a spare from a Compaq CQ-57. It is the same length and width as a tablet, just thicker.