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    There is one healthy thing about the Muckdonalds in Sydney's Campbelltown- the purslane growing on the lawn outside. It is high in omega -3 .Good for your sex life.

    I don't think the UK has been self-sufficient in food since the industrial revolution. Today there are far too many people in the UK for the UK to be self-sufficient in food. Even after the UK joined the EEC the UK continued to import beef from Argentina , lamb and butter from NZ, it was not always labelled as such. Mislabelling is rife in the food industry. Anyway what is wrong with trade?

    I am not aware of any nutritional problems with palm oil. It is seed oils to be avoided at all costs.

    Abergavenny still has two butchers shops and a part time one in the market. There is a greengrocer stall outside the Pound shop. People just buy meat, fruit and vegetables from supermarkets for reasons of convenience.

    Farmers' markets are increasingly popular in the UK , Australia and I am told in America.

    If chocolate was tested on dogs we would not eat it .Same for macadamia nuts.

    In my experience hydroponic food looks good but has no flavour.

    There are two sides to the food industry. There are the industrial food producers who only care about profits and nothing about nutrition. Then there are the people who are passionate about their products who put many hours in and make a bit of money.

    Porrige rules for reducing cholostrol if iam out of milk i use water,

    The biggest killer also is sugar which causes diebetes and turns into carbo which then turns into fat.

    Fat is like a candel wether from animal or plant it needs to be burnt off, or you "wax" up so depending on your job lifestyle keep it low.

    When I first studied organic growing /permaculture/ bio-dynamic food I learned about being in tune and working with nature. In nature, plants and animal have a symbiotic relationship to each other. Animals have net absorption of oxygen and net output of carbon; growing plants have net absorption of carbon and a net output of carbon.

    There is a third way when it comes to eating- being a freerangertarian. True to my word at Christmas I had no turkey or ham.

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    Therefore, cutting out the middleman (the animals) and supplementing directly, or through consuming fortified foods (or earthy organic vegetables) is the best way to ensure adequate amounts.

    To grow organic food, is being part of the animal industry. If you ever learn about growing food is that soil is a precious commodity.The classic mistake that many beginner gardeners make is they fuss over their plants and ignore the soil. Fuss over your soil and then you will get your plants right. There are some other consolidations.

    Keeping chickens turns food waste into desirable food and chicken poo is excellent fertiliser.

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    Human beings are naturally from warm climates, and vitamin D3 is produced in our bodies when we have adequate sunlight. It occurs more naturally in animals that spend a lot of time outdoors, thus making it easier to get into the food supply through meat consumption.

    For a naturally dark skinned person to get their D3 from the sun, they would have to go nude all the time. The more time a naturally light skinned person spends in the sun, the darker their skin becomes and becomes less effective at D3 absorption.

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    On balance, granadad, although he was a smoker, ate a diet of fat bacon, bread and dripping, brawn, and had to have fat and brease on everything, he also had butter, lard, the works.He died of a massive heart attack, though in his later years he said he definatly felt better on low fat margarine.

    This is anecdotal. As you point out he was a smoker.His DNA would have also been a factor.

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    Animal fats i am sure in high content are bad for us, sorry ive seen to many people who use animal fats like lard, butter (salt) end up ill either with high blood pressure or heart problems strokes ir high cholostrol etc,

    In the USA data collected by the USDA showed that from the 1930s onwards, as per capita consumption of animal fats went down and replaced with margarine and seed oils, the rate of CVD went up. By the 1950s although life expectancy had gone up, one in three deaths was from CVD, a disease unheard of just 50 years prior.

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    Elton John, can play a piano, so can millions of others, big deal, apart from his tunes are utter shite, people actually buy the albums and listen to that crap,

    How good any piece of music is like any other art form a case of beauty is in the eye of the beholder. If you want to feel more peaceful you could try this piece of music.

    Activists, such as Phil Sokolof, who took out full page ads in major newspapers, attacked the use of beef tallow in McDonald's french fries and urged fast-food companies to switch to vegetable oils.

    A classic case of a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing. Seed oils are bad for your sex life.

    France has the highest per capita of butter in the world and the lowest rate of CVD - the so called French Paradox. No paradox about it . The 6 Countries was just bad science to start with.

    Plenty of parents bring their kids up eating fatty meats,

    The only study that points the finger at saturated fat is Ancel Keys' 6 Countries study where he chose not to use the data from 16 other countries. Classic bad science that has fooled millions and continues to do so to this day.

    saturated fat proved to be a killer as there generation had heart attacks etc.

    No it is trans fat found in margarine that causes heart attacks. Humans have been consuming saturated fat for eons. It was only post WW2 that heart attacks became common place.

    The NHS information is based on nutritional advice from qualified doctors and nutritionists, and does emphasise the care needed in following a vegan diet, especially with children. If you think it is 'dangerous and outdated', perhaps you would like to quote opposing nutritional views from equally qualified people, rather than an emotive article which gives no nutritional advice?

    While the science of nutrition has been around for a while, it has for the most part been on the periphery of medicine. It is only in the last few years nutrition has become centre stage.

    The NHS site recommends breakfast cereals as source of B12. You pay for air when you buy breakfast cereals. Total rip off. This is money that could be spent on real food. Yoghurts and milk alternatives are also recommended. Only if they are fortified do they contain B12. Would . I am not sure I would call these real food. I would also question the bio-availability of such "foods". The mention of minimizing salt for all kids is completely wrong. Regular blood pressure tests for all kids should happen. For those showing high blood pressure or with biological parents who had high blood pressure, then minimizing salt consumption should be encouraged, not for kids with low blood pressure like I had and still have.

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    Every nutrient a human needs can be found in a vegan diet.The problem is, that a lot of people aren't educated about certain nutrients and why they are more prevalent in animal based foods -- for example, vitamin D3 is hard to get from vegan sources, as is vitamin B12, but it's not actually difficult once you're educated.

    Ok, tell us how.

    My Mum has her land line and broadband with the Post Office and she does not have much problems.

    I have not had a land line for years. I have been using a USB dongle for 4G broadband.

    Before I emigrated, I talked my parents into buying a wooden mallet in order not damage the handles of their chisels. When I saw my Mum last, she said that the mallet had been very useful over the years. I pointed out that she would have found an engineer's vice even more useful.Growing up they never had an angle grinder or a mole-wrench. Why go through life making things difficult for yourself?

    You don't even have to sign a contract for a mobile phone or dongle. I was with Giff-Gaff when I was in the UK.

    What I find intriguing is the number of people found dead each year who remain unidentified. While many of these people are racially Asian or African, many are Caucasian.