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    i like the quote "there is no psyclogical evolution, there is only the ending of suffering, pain, loneliness, attachment and all that..". which implies there is nothing to do per se, and maybe its "doing" that is the problem, the centre that acts from fear. so you do not awaken; you're awake or not. it does not admit time. the notion of becoming is an impediment to being. when you deny time psychjologically, then it has no choice but to act now, apparently ha. the conflict between the ideal, which is the projected future, and the actual fact of the now, which is rejected, denied, by creation of its dualistic opposite/ there is no "awakening" and only buddhas are awake. "all worldlings are mad"...we're just not aware of it is all. and the creation of the gratifying idea of "knowing whats going on".

    A lot of what he says rings very true to me. I don't agree with everything, but don't ever expect to agree with anyone 100%.

    I would not judge David Icke solely by the people who post on his forum, like anything it will have its fare share of utter rubbish
    mixed in with genuine truth.

    he believes in reptilians even though he's never seen one morph. i don't have to take it any further than that to know he has a poor handle on truth (not that i have a good handle) but heresay is only that until proven to your satisfaction to be otherwise, namely visual identification. to call it absolute fact without proof, to even his own senses, is being closed minded isn't it? and the line that the devil tells a thousand truths to slip in one lie...yes some may be true but whats the motive in pointing it out? to gain status through whatever folk are or aren't according to him. i'm always suspect of anyone who's telling me to hate some projected hobgoblin(s). they play on folks frustrations just like the far right do.

    it can have a surprisingly quick effect, removing tension sometimes immediately.

    i personally do not go through issues. all i do is say a blessing as i tap on a point. i found watching folks going through deep issues, on youtube, with strangers a bit urgh. it works either way which implies intent might be most important. i just prefer to shine a light rather than go through issues, each to their own. when it was tft it was blamed on thoughts, now eft, emotions are to blame, could be ptt (physical tapping technique) and blame the organs.

    the body appreciates being recognised and to say a blessing whilst tapping an organ meridian, will, in my experience, give it a boost and each organ has emotional aspects; fear and anger are associated with the liver for instance. just find the points from the web and say a blessing like "bless this body i lovingly accept you" or something that fits with your life view, whilst tapping them. simples. can remove blocked nose and headaches.

    all disclaimered of course

    i am not a christian and i don't follow the bible but i have a strong feeling that darwin was wrong and that there may be more truth in the bible...i reckon the previous post about one day (out of the 7 days to create the world) actually being a "cosmic day" that reps a much longer span of time, could be a correct interpretation.

    there is only scientific evidence to prove that we did not evolve from apes or chimps. the idea that we all (apes, chimps and humans) evolved from a common ancestor is purely hypothetical. yes yes apparently alkl the evidence points that way but does it, really? and even so you can point that way all day but you can't state is as a categorical and provable fact. yet you can state that we didn't evoplve fromn apes or chimps as a categorical fact, why? cos there's proof. perhaps the lack of actual proof of common ancestry is a result of there not being any because we're not. note when they say "common ancestor" it's similar to naming a disease you don't understand and can't cure; it gives the feeling that it's understood when really it's a nonsense label because it represents absolutely zilch...a formless idea..

    i once listened to a vid on youtube (must be true then heh) about a native american chap who stated that their culture finds the idea that man evolved from monkeys as laughable. also like the latest science, this native american also claimed that chimps actually evolved from humans.

    there is wealth of counter "proof" to evolution theory. not that this proves creationism as per the general interpretation of the bible but just points out a few holes is all.

    Human/Ape Common Ancestry: Following the Evidence l

    Lloyd Pye - Everything You Know Is Wrong

    i think one good thing to come out of this debate is that christian scientists are drawn to see if there are any holes in current evolutionary theory.

    of course we could have a common ancestor.

    don't like em, i called em baby cabages too. there was program on the telly about how some folk who have "super taste buds" (heh) or summat like that, always dislike sprouts. these people have many more active taste buds per cm squared of tongue than do "normal" tasters. so i don't like em due to having super powers :) i had an auntie, she was jehova's witness, and one day my mum dropped me at hers for dinner. this lady held my nose closed and when i opened my mouth she rammed some sprouts in. i was very young, perhaps 3, and i told her that mum said i didn't have to eat them, but all the same, rammeed they went. needless to say i vomitted the unwanted food back up. about 6-7 years ago i happened to be having a meal at the pub with her and at one point i leaned over and said, "hey (such n such, name withheld) do you remember when you force fed me that sprout round your house?"...the look she gave me said it all...*OMFG he remembers*:eek: some things just get stuck in some permanent memory mode. her reaction made me realise just how nasty she'd been, it was good to revisit it with her. i would like to record that programme and lend her dvd of it.

    probably is life after death i reckon, though there's only one way to know for sure, and that's when it happens. i have experienced consciousness separate to my body, or at least i thought i did. i've always felt that life is a fusion of a physical body (which has its own innate intelligence) and a spirit. i think the question of what is it that survives death, if anything, is what is more up for questiuon. i've heard that posychological death is harder than physical death. i.e. dying to the actions of breathing, eating and talking, which you probably couldn't/wouldn't do in spirit, is easier than dying to your attachments to money, people etc. i think everything we see ourselves as is so much impregnated with the physical world reality (which will be gone) that one wonders what, if anything, can continue in that theme and so what we see as ourselves could for the most, if not all, be extinguished.

    Moff (Human Traffic quote) [while high] The Emperor... wants to conquer outer space. Yoda... wants to explore inner space.

    one is concerned with affecting a transformation in the individual by the shaping of it's outward, societal life and the other starts with the inner life. the outward looking ideal must always be according to a pattern, an ideal and these attempt to meet the present with the past and so is insufficient. one could guess that compelling an individual to behave along certain lines is doomed to failure.

    however the jesus/yoda way is that through understanding the inner this automatically takes care of the outer too. one starts from the centre and moves outwards and the other attempts to understand the outer and move inward. the outer is not necessarily the present, whereas the inner is the present. the outward then will always be a reconciliation of affects....which is what poilitic is and hence is action delayed and always comes after a p[roblerm has occurred, so there is not the possibility of fundamental insight. which is wqhy politics will never solve the human problem.

    regardless of what understanding the inner does, trying to trransform man via the outer, (conceptual thinking) is the problem and so can never solve anything.

    it's something i have pondered. it seems that although there is still alot of racism in the uk, mainly armchair immigrant dislikers, something that always occurs during a recession apparently...but that these folk, whom i know a few of, would never vote for the bnp or join the edl because they don't even consider themselves to be racist and of course we have the holocaust to show us what happens when that shit is taken to the n'th. always the most extreme view gets the vote when such powers try to control what is ok to think. that said i'm of the belief the ego within is everyone's little hitler. anywhere where self interest predominates leads to suffering. did they ultimately do more "good" than jesus? i don't think it can be compared. avatars are supposed to usher in a new type of consciousness purely by experiencing it themself, kind of 100th monkey...once one man has done it there affect might be almost imperceptible or obvious...depending on your point oif view.

    but then should i need any outward action or ideal to learn from as a means to know what is intelligent action?

    so having the far right in power we may have learned that it's not the way to go, hopefully, but the rot is still there, dead and strong. the only reason the bnp doesn't have a much bigger following could be due to history's past experience with the far right and had we not had the holocaust would it always have had happened at some point anyway? seems a big price to pay for a lesson that may only be learnt in some parts of the world, and only then outwardly, and perhaps forgotten over time..

    the youtube vid i watched, he spoke of his belief in the reptilians. Apparently he's never seen one he said, but because he's heard it so many times from so many sources, he believes it...i don't want to call him a cracked pot because well i'm not a set vase myself but he is unwell i think. they say the devil slips in a thousand truths to sneak in one lie...seems to fit though i guess he's not intentionally lying. it's like most propaganda machines...rally folk around a supposed enemy; a hobgoblin to point the finger at (in this case reptilians and benign secret organisations) and it gives them a false sense of brotherhood through a common dislike/hate--i cxould be doing just this now about him, yikes but then i'm not claiming to be better than he, but do i think it? did i just say that out loud? did they hear me? will they think i'm crazy????...bit like racism does or religion with the devil and the oppsing, supposedly false, religions..--

    innappropriate commen]t that, was gonna edit but...
    i haven't actually raised my voice in 2 decades and never argue ever, so i'm quite a peaceful fella. i find online text interaction difficult so that may not be obvious...not that i'm cool, but you know..

    the urge to have sex, instead of being the body saying lets offload testosterone, might be due to a fixation on base pleasures due to being depleted here.

    i used to think that being uninterested was due to having m.e. and low sex drive but it appears healthy men who abstain stop thinking about it too. point being that folk think that people who want or think about sex alot have a "high" sex drive but i think this is a false picture of what's going on, in fact i feel i know it is. i don't want to bring in chakras etc but it does help explain it in context...the base chakra qualities are sex, survival, capital, territory etc. if your nads are full you will move if not you will have a high interest in such pursuits. so it maybe opposite to how you see it.

    i'm perhaps not the perfect person to discuss all sides of this as i'm too poorly for sex and so don't have experience of all sides of what i'm talking about. i.e. if i were healthy and abstaining would i, although not thinking about sex or how to get it much, become very interested when the opportunity presents etc

    i saw recently an article on yahoo news that blamed war on the male sex drive. i thought this interesting as i've always associated war with empty nads and a fixation on survival and territory although i felt they had a point they had not the whole picture because it is due to depletion here and hence fixation and an unbalanced sex life rather than some supposed healthy high sex impetus. not that i'm balanced here of course or folk that do, aren't but you, like i used to, think that certain drives are as it should be, but i have found that not to be so and had it concurred from others who have tried this and feel that anyone who tried this would know similar.

    i would say that the distraction from abstaining for a week is actually your body healing and getting stronger. similar to the agitation caused by giving up drugs or smoking. i would say abstaining causes a similar detox experience as the increase in hormones start to have a knock on affect with your bodies health. this phase and others like wet dreams pass and after about 6-8 weeks you settle down.

    i don't think you have met the real you until you've abstained. i also think it's the cause of many of societies problems from war to porn. but the tide is against me here and that's ok, peace~

    Your "guess" is exactly that - a guess. Until the study is validated and replicated, it's simply an interesting theory. Nothing more, nothing less.

    You're switching the argument. You were suggesting that anecdotal evidence and "books written on the subject" should be factored into the equation. These do not constitute evidence and carry no weight - in exactly the same way that any other subjective opinion or experience carries no weight. One single scientific study does not in itself validate an entire range of subjective, personal opinion.

    i'd say it's a pretty well educated guess lol but then i spose i would. by guess i'm really using it in the affirmitive but hey man, don't expect anyone else to feel the same. also if something is validated once it may not be fact but it can be said to cease to be theory (couldn't say that threee times fast lol) but i thinki'm slipping into semantics.

    i am not trying to prove that this is a fact as i know i can't. proof is a tricky one; how many pharmaceutical medications have been extensively scientifically tested and proven to be safe and beneficial, only later to be found to be harmfull and even where does this leave us as far as waiting for and relying on so called solid good scientific evidence. i have my own personal experience and the difference was so marked i feel i've answered the question for myself, though i ask no one to take my word for it, but i am urging others to experiment and find out for themselves beyond the need of validation from others, because i genuinely believe that they'll be glad they did and that there is a real true and good point in all this. if there were no benefit or difference i'd quite happily bash the bishop to my hearts content but i feel i know both sides and with honest respect man, i don't think you do but then you haven't said it's complete tosh i don't think?? may i ask why you wouldn't try it for 3 months, if that's not prying too much, i don't see what anyone has to lose but i maybe missing something (cue!)..i like to understand peoples reasons and i don't here but would like to.

    Erm... no it can't. You need to have independently verified results and conclusions.

    The trouble is, you could say exactly the same thing about UFO abductions or conversations with the Virgin Mary.

    as per results from depends on the questions asked and the complexity of the study. my guess is with that study you'd get the same results everytime as the question/study is basic and simple...i think there will be more studies done.

    i take the second point, but esoteric hoo hah aside, this is a little more earthed, no? and of course there are no scientific studies proving ufo's or chats with mary, as far as i'm aware, so i don't think they're really in the same ball park.

    And also this. You're extrapolating an awful lot from one study by a Chinese university. Id want to see a lot more concrete evidence before drawing any conclusions.

    one study alone can be conclusive...not that this is so. for me the proof was in the pudding, but then of course you can't be expected to take all this on my word, though i say that the diference is marked. there is a wealth of anecdotal "evidence" and many books written on the subject; not to say that this means it should be accepted as fact but certainly, i feel, worthy of personal and scientific investigation, baring in mind the benefits are claimed to be significant...without wishing to make the topic sound too clinical.

    I was referring to "kundalini", "life force" etc.

    yeah i did get that n nearly edited. is why i said the allusion to tantra was unfortunate as it gets in the way for some. but you can drop all the window dressing and fluff. unless you're not denying that there maybe summat in preservation within itself, the rest of it aside?

    It's all speculation and pseudo-science. :shrug:

    well i dunno...the study was "scientific" and did seem to show a correlation between ejaculation and testosterone levels. i would also think that the ideas are based on the experiences of many over millenia...but then many things can be proved or dis-proved. still that leaves the avenue of self experimentation to find out the truth, through practise, for one's self?

    Go one. You know you want to. :whistle:

    haha love that smiley, one of me faves. i wood you know but the warts, the shame...the guilt!:o i actually thought that i was probably alone in that i never think about it but it seems that that's common. bout you then Atomik, gonna give it a go? get that cold fusion blaring!:nanarave:

    energetically its recomended to send kundalini energy or gonad energy north up through the endocrine system through periods of hormonal change so i can see how you might benefit however i think this approach focusses to much on the gonad contents (semen/egg) women don't cease to be spiritual tantric lovers when they become crones....

    i agree in some ways. sex energy is the base motor for kundalini so it's necessary for men to build that first; if their life-force has been depleted that is.. i don't think i was selling A particular apoproach, was i? maybe i dunno...mentally directing kundalini can also be harmfull. i would prefer to let it build and just ease it's passage. tai chi and qui gong are also mentioned if i remember righlty as transmutation is important i agree. interesting when you mention of the 3 goddesses i believe; maiden, mother, crone. strange how crone and hag have become deragatory terms, probably a result of pagan demonisation by the church. it does feel right that when women live in tune with themself then all phases of their life can be complete and harmonious within themselves. it shouldn't necessairly be that woman must desire sex in older age to be "normal" though.

    Actually, humans aren't the only animals that have sex for fun/enjoyment. Off the top of my head i know that bottlenose dolphins, orcas and bonabos have sex for enjoyment and I've no doubt others do too. :)Also, reading one of your earlier posts - 'unused' ejaculate is eventually just absorbed back into the body. If it's leaking out in your urine I'd suggest visiting your gp as thehe'd be something wrong with your anatomy. ;) :p

    i wonder if they spurt their load when it's just fer fun and not procreative..could be animals practise "tantra". i see from a net search that semern leaking out in urine is a medical problem so just to clarify, i'm not leaking. this was really a guess in reply to the notion that if you don't ejaculate then old sperm hanging about causes cancer, which doesn't feel right to me. it seems it does get re-absorbed...i wonder if this is where toe jam comes from?

    i tested negative but was not eating gluten at the time. not sure whether it was for gluten sensitivity or celiac or both. the gastroenterologist said i needed to be eating gluten for the test(s) to give an accurrate reading. what i do know is that if i go near gluten i have major problems so of course i avoid. i've had the endoscopy etc too. changing diet is a pain but can be a wellcome loss of irritating symptons. takes some adjusting but hopefully it'll mean you feel better, possibly quite a bit..


    FFS man, it's *sex*, not calorie intake or units of alcohol - just get on with it - or don't!!!! up to you!!!:S

    nowt to do with sex, you can have that as much or as little as you want, we are talking about ejaculation. i don't "follow" guidelines and that's probably a bad word i agree. humans have sex for enjoyment, unlike animals of course, but men's bodiy's are still subject to physical world laws of needing to keep hormonal balance and vitality, thats all.

    hope your eyes get back in their sockets, you stop running round in circles and the confusion leaves you soon:hippy:

    must confess i was expecting more and sooner such posts, count me chickens