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    I dont think it would be a weight issue, if its static then theres no problem, if it's to be towed then lightweight materials would have to be used, If you have a discovery you can tow three ton anyway, would have to sort out the braking system though.

    I already have the cast iron wheels and have done drawings ready to make one of these, I also think i can make one with rubber tryes that can be towed on the road, watch this space in about six months, yeah i know 6 months, but i am very busy at the moment

    Being MOT exempt is no advantage, even older vehicles.
    Vosa can stop you at anytime and do a roadside check and i mean anytime even if your parked up, unless the vehicle is sorned, same with fuel checks.
    If they find what they deem a mechanical fault regardless of age or type of vehicle they will issue you with a pg9 restricted or unrestricted.
    If you fail on a unrestricted fault then you can drive it to a place of repair,
    Restricted fault is to have the vehicle recovered to a place of repair.
    driving a vehicle with a pg 9 carries horrendous fines and possible imprisonment,
    So my advice have a mot at least it makes you check your vehicle even if it is only once a year.
    DONT MESS WITH VOSA they have all the money and recsourses to fight you in any court.
    I am VOSA trained to inspect vehicles and know what they can do, bin there and done it Dont treat them as fools. and NO i dont work for them but need the qualifications for my business

    Give me 100 per cent proof of chem trails then i might start to think about them, I'm with Atomik on this one
    And i dont want anyone saying look on you tube or some weird american site.
    So there spraying us from 36,000 feet with an unknown chemical, how can they guarantee there spray will hit the right target.
    My views and my views only I will stick with my original answer " Load of old twaddle "

    If the vehicle is booked in for test and insured you can drive it no problem, you can however be stopped and checked by the dreaded vosa and be given a pg9 and vehicle can not be moved only by recovery, my advise check all break pipes, and drive it carefully, not trying to teach you to suck eggs. but be careful, I am vosa trained and know how the buggers work

    I do welding and mot work on commercials, down here in west wales, also have a friend with a low loader if required who is not to expensive.

    I can do a full restoration on the old girl if required, I was brought up on the ford D series.
    Stardust has my phone number

    You'll never beat them, they are the law on vehicle safety.
    I was also a trucker and had several run ins with them, and i tried to take them on over a tire.
    Stopped by vosa vehicle checked, prosecuted for a tire near legal limit.
    Now to me a tire is legal or illegal, answer from vosa, that tire will be illegal in approximately 100 miles,I was 10 miles from ATS on my way to have four new tires including the one they said was illegal. went to court with ATS manager as lorry was booked in with him, found guilty £350.00 and 3 points.
    Driving up the M6 one day I had a blow out about 500 yards from slip road at junction 2, arranged ats to come out I drove slowly up the hard shoulder and halfway up the slip road hard shoulder to get off main motorway for safety reasons, police car pulls up with vosa onboard, result £200.00 fine and 3 points driving with a defective tire, just for trying to put the vehicle in a safe place
    How many more examples do you want, got loads i can tell you, point is you WONT beat them, beleive me i have tried.

    forgot to mention that if the bee that stung me on the arse reads this then I just hope he appreciates my help in keeping the bugger alive

    Well solar panels can be got from various suppliers, but you really need to shop around, beleive it or not the panels i put on his office came from the local council and were being scrapped, I gave £150.00 for the three, then had to buy the regulator and a few bits and bobs.
    It was all up and running for less than £400.00 quid, I have also got some good bargains off e-bay, this time of year is a good time to buy off e-bay due to people needing money and not a lot of people buying as they are waiting for there xmas credit card bill.
    You can also build your own if you wish, But ALWAYS get bigger than you think you need, hope this helps.

    I built a mobile office for some one and put three solar panels on the roof and a bank of four leisure battery's, He's had no problems so far.

    definately bankruptcy is a better option, only problem is you have to pay £500.00 up front.
    IVA's take years and if you default they can kick you off, and yu have to start all over again.

    The amp power should be on top of the battery, if it's five years old it is probally not holding all the power, put new ones on and keep it as a backup but trickle charge it every month, you should keep your leisure battery in a well ventilated area and not buried as it can give off hydrogen gas which is a bomb basically, I know, had one go off in my face, not the sort of thing you want, Also your battery is the heart of your living area. and any problems you need to get to it easy............I sound like a right no all....LOL