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    Quote from Mr Iceman

    ppl say gay/same sex acts is not natural. Well if you look at nature(the animal world) you will notice MORE same sex acts than so called normal sex acts meaning same sex acts is natural. my mates dog bangs everything it can

    so delightfully put :madlol:

    Bloody Glyn what a $£^%"*&*%
    Telling people to "smash the rats head with a hammer!!" :eek: 
    Oh really Glyn, thats nice!
    Personaly i prefere smashing vile evil mens heads in.
    My lovely Pete was really upset and crying about in the diary room :( 
    Im glad i wasnt there, i would of had to stay up all night incase they tried to kill the poor little mite. :rolleyes: 
    rose x

    I live in a 8 bedroom house, surrounded by 5 acres of land, i have 4 peacocks as pets.
    And Egbert
    Im very lucky :D
    and a compulsive liar :whistle:

    why did no-one get my joke about changing the molecule structor of water........
    i thought it were great
    is it because they think im a geek?
    am i paranoid?
    pmt is looming :shock: 

    Quote from monosphere

    I'm tempted to go visit Mr. Phil Fisher as he's a half hour from my home. Kirkland WA is in Microsoft territory. Probably an employee there with that site as his side gig. Why do the weird ones come from my area?

    tell me about it!! :rolleyes:
    {not meaning anyone on here by the way x )

    Quote from velvet

    Ya know... in the end we are all the same. The celebs have to worry about pressconferences and appearance and if people will still like them when they get old and saggy.. not to mention their personal safety with all the weird as stalkers and fans out there... businessmen worry about stockmarkets.. I worry about if my plants aren't getting too much sun on the balcony atm.. all different kinds of worries and happinessess but in the end your own situation is that which affects you the most.. very hard to compare.
    And don't forget that we're now bitching about people bitching on celebs.. just human nature to get annoyed as well probably :) 
    Really.. we're all the same machines, just different software and purposes ;) Some things are hardwired, some thing can be overwritten by scripts, some things are common, some uncommon.. but in the end the basic functions are all the same.

    leave my softwear out of it!
    lol :o

    My partner eats meat, id prefere it if he didnt and he knows my views on these things. I wouldnt say he doesnt have any compasion for animals, just not enough!
    It can make things tricky at times, but i have to respect his view the same way he respects mine.
    Its not easy though, in fact it can be really gut renching watching someone sit there eating a dead animal, even though i did it for a long time, its never to late for change.
    I havnt been a veggie for long, only about six months, i just see it as something i have to do
    I suppose in my ideal world we would all be vegans/veggies. :carrot:

    Quote from weecab

    [quote=Rose]oh but it feels SO right! :reddevil:
    NO!! resist the evil thing.......:harhar: :whistle::)

    im trying but its calling my name................
    :reddevil: "Oh little Rosieeeeeeeeeeeee"
    mwahahahahahahahaha :reddevil:

    Quote from s0ck

    I'm just sick of how everyone sems to slag off celebritys, esp mainstream celebritys. they are still human beings and its thier choice how they live thier lives and what right do we have to criticise.

    I know what you mean hun, it can be annoying!
    Theres loads of it on the net and it bores me to tears, its mainly done by jealouse people, wishing they where famouse & had money too,
    {of course they will never admit this}
    And yes i do believe a lot {not all} of people are that shallow.
    The ones who slag off the wags are amongst worst saying things like " their obviously all thick bimbos" how would you know that unless you had met them all and given them an IQ test each? :rolleyes: 
    Jealousy is an ugly thing!
    The thing that attracted me to this site in the first place was i liked the way it wasnt full of negative people, pigeon holeing & stereotyping everyone else, so if you do see the odd thing try and ignore it is my advice.
    IMHO of course :D 
    rose x x x

    Quote from weecab

    For the love of all that is good in the world.......... this must be wrong, very, very, very wrong:panic:

    oh but it feels SO right! :reddevil:
    Spiral doesnt take rejection very well does he!
    Did he grab Aislene's boob the other night?

    Quote from s0ck

    I would defend Shakira to the Grave.:wub: .
    (btw I think I am very spoilt, i'm a daddys girl he pays for my driving lessons and things, buys my random crap. does that make me a bad person?)

    No, just a lucky one :D

    Quote from matthew

    When she says 'this is my insperation'.. yeah i question the legitamcy of her intentions.
    She could well be...and no we have never met her. I like Tom cruise but many people despise him . I also despise Oprah.. and she has had a tough life.. and gives millions away. I guess it is just the impression someone gives off.. I don't like the impression Shakira gives off [too me].. I'm giving off a impression of myself with these words.. don't you think. Some will like what i say others won't.
    *goes off too find something redeaming about Shakira - apart from her body*:whistle:

    no problem with it, just didnt understand why
    now i do

    hiya hunni, i too used to suffer with panic attacts for a while, i know how tough it can be.
    Dont take anymore pills if you can help it, you may feel crappy because the drug is working its way out of your body, you will feel better in time.
    Dont give up!
    ((hugs)) :) 
    rose xx

    Quote from matthew

    Apparently her family went broke.. and she went from haveing everything to nothing.. thats No summer vaca..oh i'm sorry. Thanks to this troubling period within her life .. she battled back to give back.. She understands the plight of kids rummaging through huge land fill.. for food and shelter.
    i'm so glad her deep loveing heart is reaching out .. i hear her next goal is ''world peace''.
    *does Shakira dance*:happydanc [ok thats more like ME dancing].

    Mathew do you dislike her because she hasnt had a tough life?
    She may be a really nice person, how can we know we have never met her! :)

    yeah shes had a few good songs out hasnt she, i like the one at number one at the moment
    not buying it though as wyclife jean wears fur
    dont see why i should fund his selfish lifestyle