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    waking up parked up on a garage forecourt in N Yorks awaiting the diagnosis on our gearbox:curse::curse::curse: but taking the opportunity to get some work done! Have made 40 beads from scratch, strung over 350 beads, made 5 other peices, finished off some other pieces too, washed up, tidied out my work box and drawer and had a smashing dinner. Sun is shining in through the window, all is quiet now the garage folk have gone home, I'm smiling :) Hope you're all having a good evening too! :)

    We are in a house now but we did self-support when we lived on the road. My OH is a psychiatric nurse and he works for an agency, so he tells them which days he wants to work and they find shifts for him. We can get by on him working about 2 or 3 days a week usually. If we want to go to a festival or something, he just does a few extra shifts before we leave. He still works this way, although we are no longer nomadic. Many years ago we ended up parking up onsite at Glastonbury festival at the beginning of May (we were the only people living in the Green Fields at the time!) and he actually held down a nursing job from Glastonbury.

    I have always sewn things which I sell at festivals, and have also taken in sewing work for other people. In the caravan, I used a old hand-powered sewing machine because we didn't have electricity. I also did occasional bar work if we were in one place for a month or so.

    Excellent - what is it about Psychiatric nurses eh? I am currently on a career break and about to ask for another years extension! No plans to go through agency but if needs must and all that :)

    we have a wood burner - - rolled steel not cast iron so no danger of cracking, weighs less than 10kg, chimney is in sections so they all fit inside the burner and it can be put away in summer should we ever get one! (HAVE JUST LIT IT!!) Room to cook with big pans etc on it too - worth having a read about it - - we got ours cheaper on ebay!

    Wonderful thing - can't fault it one bit - kept us warm and dry all winter!

    Only tip I can give on first light is that there will probably be a pong from the paint so open the door a bit! Also start small and always keep your flue clean :angel:

    Total nomads here and off grid - live in a 31 yr old motor home called Bessie with my partner Steve. have a genny for electric, dongle for net, woodburner for cooking and heat, gas fridge, gas cooker, oven and grill but chose the wood burner most of the time in the winter. Never been happier, seen and stayed in the most amazing and remote places the UK has to offer - sometimes for days or for a week or two. rented out my house, still trying to sell my car, I make jewellery - shameless plug - and run work shops at festivals etc for an income, Steve designs flyers, runs an eticketing business, does some web mastering and other internet related stuff. EASY PEEZY! No - really it is - I think it should be compulsory that everyone should be nomadic for at least one yr of their life :)

    Hi, I have a tiny weeny stall - live in a van - being all nomadic like! :)
    Have emailed you as would love to have a small stall at Acorn this yr. - have a look! Workshop details also available and we can negotiate something if you like what you see - look forward to hearing from you.


    Went to the early Bird, carried the posters on show in the van all Summer from Willow Man to Wales, Stone Henge, Small World, Healing Fest, Norfolk, NW London and everywhere in between. We went to the festival in Set , I also attended last years - primary near Lincoln too.

    Atmos was fantastic, people were extraordinarily friendly, music was tops, infact it was my favourite festival again this year. Worth scrimping the money together to go - roll on next Summer!!!

    Toby and the crew did a fabulous job and deserve much respec'!!