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    Im not a lover, I don't have a shelf on my bookcase dedicated to them, but they should not be condemed or dismissed...what would people read on the toilet?:whistle:

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    Ooooh and 'beeblebum' but that's not really an official word :)

    I appreciate that you love my username:whistle:.....but you spelt it wrong

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    i said nothing about them being burnt. if somone wants to read them then all power to them. i just find them brain numbing and silly and rather exploitative

    No you didn't I was slightly exaggerating, my point is, which you seem to agree with is that there is a point to these books for some of us honest to admit it...:angel:

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    how lighthearted is reading about a woman whos husband turned out to be a murderer?


    Of course there are exceptions but pick up a newspaper and you read the same thing. Doesn't mean these magazines should be burnt, there is alot of other stuff in there you might find amusing, helpful or entertaining for a brief moment in time. Freedom of expression springs to mind, all to be taken with a ppinch of salt of course.:hippy:

    Oh dear how cynical we all are! Whats wrong with reading something a bit lighthearted, where you can forget the housework, the kids, the stress of work, the stress of life? Sure we all know there are far more interesting books out there but sometimes you could just be in the mood for a bit of light reading, short articles or a bit of breast. i feel some of us are not as honest as we claim to be......

    I never said it was a bad contraception, I said it was unreliable and I would not recomend it, especially to a 16 year old. And that would be my opinion. Great if it's worked for you, for me it didn't.

    I would never risk Natural family planning and I certainly would not reccomend it to anyone, unless you secretly want to fall pregnant. Your body is far too complex to understand and what about spontaneous love making? Sorry hun not tonight my temp is too high? I agree, pumpimg medicine is not ideal but the risks are very small in comparrison to the implications of an unwanted baby. I fell pregnant while on NFP and thank God cause my daughter is the best thing that ever happened to me, but just proves that its not a very reliable contraceptive. I know the best way if you dont want medicines, condoms, a baby or just NO SEX.


    Blind people use touch to get an interpretation or perception and don't use touch to "see". The blind people I know base attraction on personality and don't go out feeling people's faces. We might see someone and find them attractive and follow steps to meet and greet. Blind people meet first and base their decisions on something different to us.

    The world of friends out there was an expression but maybe a new post could be is " Is your lover your friend?"

    So if looks do matter...what chance do blind people have of finding love? Perhaps they learn to be less shallow than the rest of us folk. Ever been somewhere and smelt a mans aftershave or smelt a girls perfume and found that attractive before you saw them? Rereading that i suppose its a smell u r attrcted to not the person, but how about a voice for example? By admitting that looks matter means we are admitting that there are ugly people out there, and thats a sad thought. surely thats nasty? Someone I find attractive may not seem attractive to someone else. does that mean they are ugly and I should stay away? Physical appearances can be deceptive. When u learn to look past looks and not allow looks to matter there's a whole new world of friends out there for you, if you can't you'll never HAVE ME!!!!!!

    This really gives me the hump!! Wouldent it be nice to be able to wear summer clothes as referred to without folks making comments, gawking and wolf whistling. Why can't I go topless down the street to keep cool? Well I could I suppose but can u just imagine the reaction? I'd probably be arrested too. How is that fair? Women get hot too!!!!

    Last night I dreamt of a space shuttle going to the moon in my back yard???But the river was overflowing and my teacher was there.

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    Poppycock! Tom Baker was surely the ultimate re-incarnation of the doctor. He looked even more confused than his assistants!
    And he was the most hippie doctor ;)

    Bit before my time!:D:whistle:

    Is it ant season cause there seem to more than normal and more than last year? Maybe because they are nomadic they have moved into my garden.:happydanc

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    Any Ants :whistle: ?.

    No but I remember thinking how weird my dream was when I woke up but now I don't remeber what it was AAARRRGH:wall: