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    Oh I've ranted plenty about social justice warriors in the past.

    However, I think the politics of intersectionality is actually quite sound - it's just there's a breed of intellectual, middle-class student types who seem to use their education to bully people, make assumptions of privilege based on their own prejudices and pretty much give anyone fighting for real social justice a bad name.

    It just seems like all theory and online posturing, and hardly any real activism.

    I'm glad we're on the same page here haha :)

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    On the plus side, they've given us... Trigglypuff! xD

    You know, these crazy far left people (Social Justice Warriors) who are insanely "politically correct" and attack white men and are like "check your priviledge" and all this nonsense? xD

    Personally I think they're totally mental and they're the reason I re-evaluated my political position and realise now that I'm actually centrist and not liberal.

    What do you guys think? :eek:

    (oh, the attached image isn't important... I decided to delete it but I couldn't so there it is now lol - it's my political position!)

    Have you tried the Enneagram personality test? It's additional to MBTI. I find it takes you even deeper into your personality. I guess it divides people even further.

    So I'm an INFJ, 6w5 😊

    A little... I kinda preferred MBTI though as to be honest the main reason I got into these things was to meet others who thought similarly to me!

    And it worked! I joined the ENFP Facebook groups and so on and have met lots of cool people ^_^

    I've tried Enneagram a bit though and I suppose it has been recommended a fair bit so maybe I should give it another go sometime :)

    oo I'm glad this continued to do so well!

    I am still very into MBTI and love chatting in the ENFP groups/forums and sometimes also ESFP and INFP :)

    My sister is ESFP and I find I relate well to them!

    My ex is ENFJ and we get along very well still.

    So yeah like, I'm still enjoying it a lot and it's teaching me a lot about both myself and others ^_^

    Being better than the worst doesn't make you a saint, just comparatively less. Sit a polished turd, next to another turd, it's still a turd.

    Well, I have to hope now that you're speaking generally and you don't actually know me!

    I dunno, maybe the bottom line is you can never get on with everyone, and of course when that happens, some people choose to get aggressive.

    This thread was intended to be playful though and not taken too seriously :)

    I agree, but, theirs a but !

    World population has grown so high, that some people simply have to worry and achieve and progress in order to look after others who either don`t through choice or can`t.

    I have a friend who relaxes, and frets about nothing, he simply chills out or maybe worries about small shit. Unfortunately he does this while on incapacity benefits, something he isn`t entitled to. I`d love his life, but can`t, my family and the recipients of the taxes I pay need me to work, so I work, and hate it but have to.

    To be fair I doubt he'll have that for long considering how much they're clamping down on it :o

    Like... we only live once. And I see the point of this experience is to relax and enjoy it, not to worry about this or obsess about that.

    I mean, of course there are things I care about in this world, but I feel like most people take life more seriously than I do.

    In the words of Oscar Wilde (slightly paraphrased, but anyway!) - Life is too important to be taken seriously


    Peace out, you cool dudes, you! ^_^

    Paul - I've taken that before and it put me... about where it put the Greens :)

    I think some of their overall placement of parties though is very suspect!

    UKIP for example regard themselves as libertarian BEFORE they regard themselves as right wing (or certainly "far right") and many of their policies do seem libertarian to me. Putting them so high towards authoritarian is surely crazy.

    Labour... well, at least they've swung way back since Corbyn became leader!

    Other than that I guess I don't know enough about the specific parties to comment on exact placement :)

    I have to agree with aman here I have no idea either, isn't this just another label to stigmatise someone with and tar them with all of societies indoctrinated ideas of what the label stands for.
    To me it comes down to whether each individual is content with letting the selfish side of their nature come to fore, they say we are all competitive by nature, but not everyone can win. I think this makes people feel disillusioned and creates division in society, which is what the people that create this war want, divide and conquer. Surely we can progress if we collaborate together as in collective intelligence. I'm tired of living in a world selfishness reigns and and feel we need to change for all of us, if this view makes me a leftie then I suppose I am.

    But right wing also brings more freedom and space for being an individual. Imagine an extreme left wing society vs an extreme right wing society. I don't think we'd want to live in either!

    The first things that come to mind for me are Soviet Russia for left wing and... to be honest Rapture in the Bioshock video game for right wing xD

    There were no taxes in that place and everything was governed by the free market and individual choice.

    Both crumbled catastrophically lol :)

    Do you think the right care about the NHS? They seem to have done their best to cripple it in recent memory. I don't feel that new Labour cared for the individual but true left wing groups like the greens do. I'm also more interested in the environment than anything else but it can easily be shown to be a left concern due to how it impacts the individual. Until it seriously affects profits the right won't take it seriously, if anything it seems to be another profit opportunity for them.

    Right or left wing has no inherent connection to greed or profits though. It's not like "right" is synonymous with evil and "left" is synonymous with good lol

    A left wing society will enforce more taxation on its citizens and have a larger state, and therefore is typically less liberal and more concerning if the state becomes corrupt (just look at Soviet Russia!). After all, Soviet Russia is surely a good example of a left wing society gone bad in the same way as we can name right wing societies that have gone bad.

    Ring wing politics is connected to nationalism for some reason I don't fully understand. Nationalism I think can be a good thing sometimes, such as when a country is under attack! People coming together to defend themselves is important and useful at times like that.

    I guess the simple way of looking at it typically is that left wing focuses on the society and right wing focuses on the individual.

    Either one of those can be dangerous if taken too far.

    Libertarianism is often a wonderful thing at least in core premise and intention, and is inherently right wing :)

    Really great, thanks :)

    This is a huge reason I haven't really attended many. Because they're just insane expensive and I don't have that kind of money.

    It does spoil it for me.

    I was looking into a really cool looking festival over in Malta and it was FREE with no limit on people you just turn up on the day.

    In the UK we over-regulate and over-charge like crazy :(

    Projects like yours and also people attending smaller festivals are great ways of surviving within this system and still having fun, I think! :)

    There are lots of very unpleasant creatures in this world and many of them have very destructive habits...

    Flies are far from the worst, sadly >.<

    The world can be a truly wonderful place, but there are also bad things out there. I guess the two balance.

    I try to give more attention to the wonderful things in the world but I am always wary of the bad things too. Part of life I guess.

    And wallet cleansing if the prices on his website are anything to go by


    lol yeah sort of but he claims the quality is tremendous.

    There really is no need to stock up on the powders and things on his site - they're extras.

    I've bought some of his eBooks and I own Heal Yourself 101 but so far I haven't bought any powders. I might buy a green powder at some point for the nutritional value.

    His approach can be a bit costly in general yeah but mostly because he gets carried away and lists every supplement under the sun xD

    As long as you can pick and choose a bit I think the guy has the right idea.

    I thought our digestive tract had evolved the way it is because we eat cooked food.


    Markus is such a legend though!

    I mean, I don't know if his health approach is the best, but he is by far the healthiest looking person I have ever seen and his approach seems so intelligent!

    "Clean out your body and only put good stuff back in" is a very smart approach if you ask me.

    Liver cleansing, colon cleansing, natural and healing foods, stuff like that :)

    To be honest, drinking it first thing in the morning is an ordeal.

    Maybe I just need to man up and drink it.


    I believe most of the health benefits can still be attained when it's in capsule form. You can even buy empty capsules on eBay and fill them (which is way cheaper).

    It's probably not quite as good like this but at least it isn't a nightmare xD

    erm, I'd mostly look at stress and digestive health. and to some degree things like heavy metals and thyroid health.

    Like, I have one mercury filling but they're definitely a concern. Bad digestion is an alarm bell because it suggests intestinal infections or maybe underperforming digestion in general like a weak liver.

    Stress is just always bad >.<

    So yeah... the cleaner the body can be, the happier the body will be, I think!

    Markus Rothkranz is my favourite dude for this stuff!

    If it helps: :)

    EDIT -- I just made an affiliate account with Markus because I like his stuff so much so please go via it to help me out!

    Cool stuff man :)

    I like paleo, although I'm not sure about the whole high fat and low carb thing.

    I used to be really into stuff by Robb Wolf.

    These days I think I prefer Markus Rothkranz and raw veganism, but I still think that paleo is cool and a step in the right direction!

    Modern diets are definitely toxic ._.

    EDIT -- I just made an affiliate account with Markus because I like his stuff so if you visit please go via it to help me out! ^_^