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    Quote from irishfaery

    Could be a consideration as might be cheaper for me to travel to London then onto Brighton. May have to travel the day before tho as a long journey time, if your up for a guest so as I don't arrive at the waveform asleep!! Will do some research:)
    Thank you

    I get a lovely vibe from you lady so i see why not, when do you need to know by?

    Quote from weecab

    Just get a bag of pea gravel and sprinkle it round the base of your plants, problem sorted for about £3.00. xx

    Brilliant advice, i get the odd one or two in my kitchen, i have a flower growing in there to, its inbetween the cracks i love it,its like inside out! :insane:

    i stepped on one the other morning, it freaked me right out! gross, but i still dont want to kill them,uno what happens when you do that,they get there own back on ya by eating your vegies!;)

    Looks brilliant,my friend called it something else tho! is Sunbird behind this one? i think im gunna go, if you want il be leaving from just need to get this way,if thats any help irishfairy!

    Quote from starry_eyed

    I make them as people order them, this weekend I'm camping though and I would do them whilst out there, but the last thing people want their brand new dread falls smelling of smoke, beer and grass cuttings, lol.
    I will add some piccies next week, that okay?
    What sort of things you have in mind, just something to decorate them a little?
    If so, that yarn you can buy at most sewing and wool shops is really good for that, but a lot of people have that and if you're anything like me, you like something a bit different :)

    They would blend in with the smells of my hair! :D altho you enjoy your camping i can wait...x..

    blast the picture wont copy & paste! its one sam (dreadywarrior) took of me recently,its on tribal living in the stonehedge meeting of the tribes section...i dont know how to get it here,i can ask her,its the one most recent anyway...

    i do wraps, dreds & felting so something totally different from that would be cool...thanks my dear..look forward to the pic's

    Quote from Atomik

    Don't forget the lentil-snorting and yoghurt snorkelling. ;)

    I dunno, Phil. A lot of us have very fond memories of the way the festival used to be. We liked the anarchy and the risky edge. If you want safe, there's plenty of places you can go for that. Glastonbury today seems.... well, tamed. Never did enjoy seeing animals in cages.

    :thumbup: couldnt have put it better myself!

    I wouldnt mind something 'different' to go in my dreads.... do you have pic's of what you do? i could send you one of mine or post it here so you know what my hair looks like? altho i do like it when people ask if my hair is real & i say yeah & they gasp! but it would be cool to have something different to pop in this year!

    Ive just had a splurge buy, but usually im good...

    try oats (porridge) with a huge spoonful of's healthly with a bit of a choc fix....

    Ive dreamt of my house truck, i want to live in that when ive sorted a base for my son & somewhere evironmentally sound settle to ourselves while we work on the truck,as Zak doesnt want to live on the rd the whole time & to be honest id like a community to get vegies & inspiration ...

    id like to live in a wooden structure above the trees so they can out grow me & my family...I want to look up oneday & say to a tree i reminder when you were so high!

    My place is hectic all summer hun, if it gets bad & you need a break your welcome to pop down for a night....sorry i can offer you more...keep it together,i know its hard but you will suceed.

    Tribal Earth as they were a great crew i havent been for years tho! are they still going? i may go if i can find the time & it doesnt clash...x..

    Quote from irishfaery

    Would like a lift to the Waveform project in September if anybody is going from up north. Can give fuel money and good music for the player*, and of course good company/
    can be fairly flexible with days also. PM me to arrange.
    love and light

    whats the waveform project?

    Quote from moonpup

    yeah I had a nice 2 days down there as well, stonehenge summer solstice, avebury, woodhenge and then went upto glastonbury tor on the longest day of the year for more drums and didge jams....

    well nice...........

    Wish id had more free time as going to the Tor would have been a good move...Solstice for me is usually full power & hectic...this one seemed so mellow...thats what i needed for sure!

    Lovely pics thanks for those....

    It was bliss, had a really chilled night...caught up with many great friends, altho alot of people usually there werent to my suprise...hugged many, danced a little altho mostly felt in a chilled space,contemplating so much,went to Avebury & that was lush,again its more for me catching up & hanging with the lay lines,listening to the buzz of the spins me out....what we my friends share at sacred sites.....


    Went in 93 & year 2000 wouldnt pay or work this one EVER! both times it was brilliant altho now i think its just a money spinner...i had the offer of going & it just isnt worth the hassle....ive got a cosy home & a little boy to curl up i feel im missing out,do i fuck! ;)

    Quote from gingernut

    lol it is good isn't it?! It's heavy cos it's scary to open up to love being so meaningful and strong, cos you could get hurt so much. But knowing there's so many romantics out there who think love is worth working at gives me faith :)

    yeah i reckon given time il be a sucker again....for love! :rolleyes: its just love hurts man! as good as it can be, it can be crap too.....heavy yep for sure...we wouldnt have felt it any other way!

    After reading back on that post, i guess it says in a way that yes love does conquer all


    I believe it can if you still have love in your heart,my friends have that have broken my trust, i have forgiven. Our relationship may be different but the love is so strong it over come the challenges....

    Quote from Atomik

    I'm sure you'll be able to find someone else to feel them for you. :harhar:


    who's up for a leg feeling session then! i know warrior is.....;) cant wait,getting into the solstice spirit now, ive had texts & phone calls all day from some very magikal friends i havent seen in a long while....:wiggle:

    Nope love without trust or respect is is dangerous to the health of a relationship/partnership...I believe there are many elements inclued to make a strong ever lasting bond, love is the main ingredent without the others it would be very heartbreaking & un wise to not part company....

    Then it's your perpective on 'what love is' my friendships work because we have all the right elements & see love in a simular way,i do believe tho if the love is strong & the energy is put in to correct the 'missing ingredents' then that can be retrived to another level of love, a deeper love....these people i call rainbow/spirit family,this belief has been proved with friends altho not with lovers...

    Communication is an art form & some people just dont seem to have the skills,just like i cant fix my car when it breaks down,altho i can learn should i chose to be willing....

    As gardener said 'self respect' conquers you love & respect yourself then the right love you shall attract


    Sadly i wont be have a great time Emily & the rest of you who go!

    Much to much to do...aww im missing not being at festivals....:rolleyes: ....altho ive a couple planned it's an odd feeling....