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    Awesome to see UKH rise again, hi everyone :)
    Good to see some names I remember
    So much has happened since I was last here I wouldn't know where to start!
    That about covers it :D
    Planet Pluto has grown a bit since the UKH gatherings and my box of skins and grinders :flowerpower:
    We now have a full Psychedelic Dance tent, Plutonium sound system, Cosmic Coffee stall and the Planet Pluto Emporium :insane::flowerpower::D
    It's our end of summer party at the end of this month, if anyone wants an invite message me :D

    If I find some pre-written code that allows other systems then I'll implement it, but for now unfortunately not. The advantage of the system we use is that it keeps everything together in one place, but it wasn't made by us so can't be modified without a shit load of hassle.

    With bitcoin you just need post a bitcoin address to send the coins to, like this
    Your bitcoin wallet generates these addresses and you just copy and paste them anywhere
    The coins will appear in your bitcoin wallet after a couple of hours, no charges or commissions :)
    The only charges are when you exchange bitcoins for pounds, and thats less than 1%

    A return to the Fair Rent Act would sort out a lot of the problems, remember that the main recipient of these benefits is the landlord, not the claimant. I see headlines about benefit claimants but never any about grasping landlordes milking the system.

    When we bailed out Northern Rock we were told that it wouldn't be sold until it made a profit, now we discover that the government had a secret deadline by which time it had to be sold and so we give it away to a billionaire for half the value he was willing to pay.
    We had a golden opportunity to create a real "peoples bank", a bank that was just for citizens that was run for the benefit of the people, but instead we handed it over to the 1%.
    Virgin Money charge 16.8% interest on their credit cards at a time when base rates are at 0.5%, so I don't see this as being anything other than selling off a valuable asset for peanuts and the only person getting a good deal is Branson.

    I think this protest is the first since the poll tax riots that has a chance of getting the sheeple to wake up from their soaps and get active. No other protest movement has spread like this one, it's only 5 weeks since the OWS protests started with just a handful of tents and it now covers over 1000 locations worldwide. The anti poll tax protests started as small as these occupations and these could easily grow to have as much effect, especially as it becomes an umbrella movement to so many existing protest groups such as UKuncut etc.

    Most of the oldest fossil evidence consists of single bones or even incomplete bones. Fossilised footprints and carbonised handtools found in coal seams are actually more common than human bones, but of course they don't fit in with accepted dogma.

    Mankind has only been on this planet for a tiny blip of time so if extra terrestrials have visited it's more likely they did it in the distant past than in the present.
    Angkor Wat, the Pyramids, Teotihuacan, Stonehenge etc were all built by humans, even if we have lost the detailed construction plans that would allow us to replicate them today.
    It's more likely that mankind has been around for longer than is accepted at the moment, we base the evolution of our species on a tiny amount of evidence and a hell of a lot of conjecture. The fossil record tells us that primates have been around for 100m years, but that is based on a small number of fossils. The fossil record of early hominids is even sparser and the timeline changes when new hominid fossils pop up.
    Modern man is no further advanced or evolved than he was when he was a hunter gatherer and one could even argue that we are another evolutionary cul-de-sac just as the neanderthals were. Mankind has become dependant on the technology he's developed and if it were to disasappear or become unusable tomorrow then mankind as we know it would be fucked, a natural disaster such as the asteroid that is conjectured to have wiped out the dinosaurs could wipe out almost all trace of modern man in next to no time. No trace would remain of our cities in a million years time, concrete and steel only last a few thousand years at the most, and even plastics eventually decay back to nothing but natural ingredients.
    It is quite possible that homo sapiens have advanced before to levels similar to modern man, suffered some catastrophy or other and been reduced back to a handful of hunter gatherers. Our DNA confirms that modern man is descended from only a handful of prehistoric people, they could easily have been the only survivors of some disaster that wiped out the previous civilisation. Anomalous artifacts such as fossilised human footprints that date from before modern man was supposed to have evolved support this theory much more than ancient spacemen.

    Aaargh, I seem to have written a book, sorry bout that :D

    He's a dick. And not a particularly well-qualified dick, either. There's an element of truth to what he's saying, but to be honest, the financial situation is so volatile at the moment that nobody is in a position to predict the ultimate outcome.

    The ultimate outcome will be that the richest people will get richer at the expense of everybody else ;)

    If the local councils provided the pitches they were supposed to provide then some of these complaints would be justified, but the number of legal pitches just aren't there because of deliberate council discrimination, compounded by deliberate government discrimination. When pitches are supplied they are often located next to rubbish dumps etc because of nimbyism. When I've travelled in Europe I saw a massive difference in attitude to travellers depending on the country and the only country worse than England was Switzerland.
    In my local area travellers have just lost an established site because Tesco wanted to build on it, so now we have travellers parked on an industrial estate.

    Saw an interview with the guy that used to own the site, he said the council put down the hardstanding before it was used as a scrapyard, the council then allowed the legal pitches next door to his scrapyard and that blighted his chance of selling to anyone else, so when he had a brain op he sold up to the travellers, he was adamant that it was not classed as greenbelt land then.

    The vids are a bit misleading as you can discharge the static in your body just by touching your pc case, it's standard practice when opening computers to avoid the static charge damaging the motherboard, you don't need to continually discharge the static cos once it's discharged it's gone, so keeping yourself continually grounded makes no difference.

    Give us £6million and we will leave peacefully, yeh right oh. fking land pirates.

    Considering that Basildon council has set aside £8m and the police £10m for the cost of clearing the site, £6m seems quite cheap. There are 40 legal plots on the land so it works out at £150,000 per plot, which is a bit high but then it is Essex.

    I've seen this quote a lot today. Do we have a source for it or is it a facebook myth?

    :o Apologies for not checking sources first, it is indeed fake
    While checking I did find this quote about the Bullingdon club from the time of Dave and Boris


    Andrew Gimson, biographer of Boris Johnson, reported about the club in the 1980s: "I don't think an evening would have ended without a restaurant being trashed and being paid for in full, very often in cash. [...] A night in the cells would be regarded as being par for a Buller man and so would debagging anyone who really attracted the irritation of the Buller men."

    "Things got out of hand, we'd had a few drinks and smashed the place up a bit and Boris set fire to the toilets !!"
    David Cameron 1986

    "The looting and arson last night were Criminality,pure and simple. Justice will be done and people will see the consequences for their crimes !!"
    David Cameron 2011

    [h=6]BREAKING NEWS! Colonel Gadaffi has announced he recognises the London Rioters as the legitimate UK government, and is asking David Cameron and Nick Clegg to stand aside…. The UN Security council is also expected to pass a resolution to enforce a no-fly zone over London & other cities and start supplying the insurgent estates of Hackney, Brixton, Clapham and so on with arms and tactical support. David Cameron is reported to be shitting himself as we speak......:D[/h]

    Let the people who are geniune protesters stand and do what they have to do and put SNIPERS on the streets and SHOOT those bastards robbing and smashing up shops and businesses and burning people out of their homes and existance....... Okay the odd brick through a window has been the norm but to rob someone who is bleeding on the street ( shown on TV ) to set light to businesses with people living above and to rob a small shop who's owner has been stuggling to keep afloat, these mindless scum have caused more destruction than any terrorist bomb to hit the UK so lets treat it as such and put the bastards down.... BANG.....

    And so a white copper coining in the overtime shoots a black kid and the riots stop? It was white coppers shooting black people that started all this off, why do we even have a special police squad to fight BLACK gun crime?

    It's like a self fulfilling prophecy, people don't vote because they don't think it makes a difference and so because nobody votes for change we're left with the mess we always had. It remains to be seen if the recent Murdoch scandals result in any changes to the way the media meddle in our elections but I suspect after all the enquiries and trials etc things will settle down and it will carry on just the same.
    I think apathy has screwed our electoral system and I think the only way to engage everyone in the electoral process now is to introduce compulsory voting. I know this is seen by many to be a bad move and that people don't like being forced to do things but so many people have lost faith in the electoral system because only the big parties get a say and they are all the same under the suit. Even the politicians with proper ideals are soon consumed by the gravy train and lose touch with the electorate quicker than they can cash their first expenses cheque.
    At present the parties only bother about the marginal seats 'cos they know that most seats won't change hands no matter what their policies, compulsory voting and the right to sack any mp not serving their constituents would shake things up a bit and get everyone involved in the process again.

    I got sick of the nasty letters they send and phoned them to say I thought they were using threatening behaviour and any more letters would result in me reporting them to the police, they very quickly changed their attitude and started being nice to me on the phone, promised it wouldn't happen again and that my name was taken off their list. I then got a really grovelly letter from them about a week later saying that I would get a visit every 3 years that was just routine to check I didn't need a licence, I phoned them back and said I would treat any such visits as harassment and if they don't believe me when I say I don't need a licence then get a warrant and search my property, after which I will sue their arse :D They then sent me another grovelling letter saying they wouldn't be bothering me again :D
    They rely on fear and ignorance to get people to comply with their rules, stand up to them and they soon change their tune.