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    I watched this yesterday and immediately starting sharing it. I think the way it's put together and every thing he says is absolutely brilliant. Hes right, no body has heard of kony, and if it happened in the west, it would be head line news. I've checked up on one fact they mentioned which I was a little suspicious of but he was right about that too, kony IS #1 on interpols most wanted lost, with his two advisers coming in at 2 & 3, which means he is more wanted then all other warlords and international terrorist! He has to be stopped. 30,000 kids in twenty years abducted, it has to be this year!

    This is like a recurring nightmare I have - dialling 999 and not being able to get through! :S What happens when they run out of things to privatise?

    Once they've privatised everything, it'll be outsourced or contracted to another company, lowest bidder wins . ..

    thanks for reassuring me that I'm not guna find them all slaughtered one day, but gotta say, I didn't know chickens could be so vicious, at least everyone's on here are, so I hope mine are too!

    It's 2 black copper Marans, 1 Sussex cross, who is quite feisty, and a bantam. I suppose the Marans may have something to say to the cat :)

    We have noticed that our neighbours cat has taken quite an interest in our chickens. I have spotted it sat on the fence, but it ran away when it saw me and the wife saw it stalking around the chicken enclosure before it ran off again, we already have dogs but the cat isn't bothered by them. We know the cat is after them because the netting has been torn of twice now.
    I've heard that vinegar scares cats, so thinking of pouring that around the coop, but any other ideas are welcome, as we like to let them roam around the veg patch and they'd be ready for picking if the cat turned up when they are out.
    Any advice greatly recieved :)

    i'm still making mine, damn work getting in the way of my work, don't they know i have things to make!!! oh well, it will be finished, by the end of september at least. :(, i am also thinking of turning a fray bentos pie tin, into a frying pan for it, kept the lid section aswell to put a handle on, i'm quietly excited about it :whistle:

    started to clear a nice plot for them in the veg garden, or as it's starting to become, the self sufficency garden!!!, just a bit more raking and digging tomorrow then time to put the fence up!!!!

    thanks guys, i know i shouldnt've rushed into the first one, but it just kind of fit, with out any pushing, so i decided to leave it in, when my ear was pierced originally, it was pierced at 2mm, and it never shrunk down just healed over at the back.

    i've read up on "blow outs" and they do look nasty, so defo don't want that to happen.

    what size tunnels have you guys got?

    thanks folks. i did think about ex-battery hens, and they are an option, just to give them a little bit more out of life. so im gunna look into these little guys

    cheers leo, the orpinton breed sounds more like what the wife is after so these will be researched as well.

    looks like my job for the weekend will be clearing away the rubble from the bottom of the garden and fox proofing the fences!!!!

    the mrs has decided she wants to get some chickens, to add to our miniture zoo. a friend of ours has some hybrids ( brown in colour, quite biggish, lay on egg a day ) and a pekin bantam. they recon that the bantam is a little more aggressive than the hybrids, but my mrs doesnt want a large breed.

    she would like 2 - 4 small to medium when fully grown, as "pets" but also for eggs. any suggestions on suitable breeds from our chicken lovers out there?

    hi all,

    last weekend i re-pierced my ear, after it had been closed up for about 4 years and i want to put a tunnel in, maybe 14mmish,

    ive bought some tapers starting at 2mm up to 12. i put the 2 in on tues,

    has any one on here got them? if so, how long shoukld i be waiting between tapers? is a salt water bath all the care it needs?

    any other advice will be greatly recieved.


    Hi all, im not sure if this should be in the parent section, but as its more to do with religion, i guess not.

    we are thinking of having a naming ceremony/ dedication for our 6 week old daughter, but we are not sure how to do it with out focusing on one religion. We went to a church dedication at the weekend, the vicar made a point of saying that the ceremony doesn't tie the child to being a Christian, but followed that up with, you must teach them to read the bible, teach them to follow the Christian god and that they should attend church every week. a bit self-contradictory and pushy to me.

    so im after a spiritual blessing, that will a allow my daughter to make up her own mind and the ceremony is purely to let all religions know she is there. I've looked in to a spiritual church, but it still seems a bit Christian to me ( forgive me, i've not been in person, so could be completely wrong ) and not sure where to look now.

    so, your views will be more than useful.

    kind regards, peace and love x x:hippy:

    " we are visitors to this planet, we are here for 90 or a 100 years at the very most" dali lama.
    i'm not trying to save the planet, i am trying to reduce my effect upon other animals who we share our planet with. the planet as a whole will exist until greater forces, wether it be "god", natural destruction or another intelligent life form, destroys it. we as humans do not have long left, in my opinion, but there will always be life on this planet, even if the human parasite floods it with radioactive waste, beetles will still survive, deep sea fish will still swim, and after all, did our earliest ancestors not climb out of a highly acidic volcanic pool way back when? so the planet will survive, if a bit scard, im just trying to let other animals have a chance.