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    You got water from Jesus? Isn't he traditionally known for exchanging it for wine?

    I don't care what the weather is today. I'm in a house for the first time in fourteen years. Staying at a friend's house looking after her two hairy assed hounds while she's 'across' (thats what we call the adjacent isle here) seeing Jeff Lynne in Manchester.

    Central heating, log burner, cut wood, shower with enough water pressure to wash a whole street of scruffy urchins in under two minutes and fluffy blankets. I've embraced the life fully. Toast and jam for breakfast made on an electric toaster and currently feet up on sofa watching series 7 of Still Game on Netflix on an extremely large wall mounted TV.

    I couldn't do it every day but for a weekend it's not been too painful…

    Thanks all. Looks as though I'm not missing that much I have real wifi this afternoon and a laptop to access it (a rare treat). Will do some research this affy on some of the sites you've suggested. Cheers!

    Morning troops!

    Being away from the British isles for large portions of the last fourteen years has left me in somewhat of a bubble concerning many things.

    Would someone be good enough to explain Spotify to me in easy to understand terms. Is it good? How do I access it? Is it free? How

    do I best use it?

    I’m moving into my son’s house for the weekend looking after his two hounds. He was trying to explain how I could hook up my Spotify account to his speakers and the look of incredulity on his face when I told him I’d never heard of Spotify told

    me it really was possibly time I got down wiv da kids. :)

    Aye. It’s amazing what a stretch of sea can do to a place. Frost yesterday holed up on a small piece of common ground in Sulby Isle of Man and another hard one this morning in a corporation car park (£2.50 for 24 hours 30 days maximum stay) in the centre of Douglas. (Here out of necessity not choice). It’s not Portugal.... or UK. :)

    3 degrees here this morning and a hard frost outside. First frost for me in fourteen years. I’ve got no wood burner but my trusty 31 year old has fire is working its magic as I lie in bed, hound at my feet, mug of turmeric ginger and black pepper tea on my tray and I’m ready for the day ahead. All my warm winter clothes are still being held hostage in my wee cottage but yesterday a friend turned up with five (FIVE) woollen jumpers of various lengths for me to borrow and yesterday I bought my first ever onesie from a charity shop for £1. This will be my first autumn and winter in Britain for many years. A challenge but one I’m mighty looking forward too. Aren’t we blessed. :)

    I knew it! I'm right [panic]

    I tried telling em Zen, but they are all wafting about in there new found positivity. All happy happy happy & "life is what you make it" claptrap.

    I knew I liked you. Nice to meet somebody on the same page for a change.

    We can be miserable together.

    I’m never sure if you are serious or not but I do find some of your posts quite a drain on my energy. I prefer to surround myself with positive upbeat people rather than people who see the negative in everything. I find they are a vexstion to my spirit (although they may have been said before)

    There’s a sketch by Bill Hicks where he talks about all the bad news on the media where all the talk is of WAR FAMINE DISASTER. Bill goes out the door, listens to the birds chirping and the trees gently swaying in the wind... that’s the world I choose to live in.

    I don’t read the papers or watch TV,

    I don’t read newspapers or news online. I don’t do Facebook or any other type of social media. In short, I do nothing to expose myself to the negativity, intolerance and hatred that we in the western world are bombarded with (and in many cases have become addicted to) on a sustained basis

    Instead, I look after myself. i surround my self with goodness and good people. This gives me the energy to see past the nonsense. It gives me the energy to help others in ways that do not leave me empty and the love and care that I afford my fellow humans spreads out and they are then able to gain strength and go in to do the same.

    Naive? Maybe. Happy? Extremely. Burying my head in the sand? Almost certainly. Surrounded by loving supportive amazing people? Almost very day.

    Are things worse? It’s all relative. I grew up in times where I could hardly leave the house for fear of getting a brick in my face for being ‘the wrong religion’. I went to school on a bus where potatoes with razor blades stuck in them were regularly thrown through the windows. Daily intimidation of school children by adults just because we were born on the wrong side of the fence. This was sixty years ago. Things have always been getting worse. As a child I had no choice but to endure. As an adult now I prefer to live in my own reality and sleep well at night. For me and for many others it’s a choice we are privileged to be able to make and, for my one well being and mental and emotional health it’s one I am not prepared to compromise on.

    I’m still not sure I know what it is either but if it was a platform for meaningful conversation between like minded people in real time then I’d be up for it. If it’s full of people talking meaningless drivel then probably not so I’m in the ‘lets suck it and see camp’.

    It’s also financially dependent of course. Does it cost a lot to set up and run? Are the start up costs too much to try as an experiment? I guess only you know the answer to this Paul.

    I’m guessing your doctor has already thought of this De but have you had your thyroid checked? You sound like I felt twenty years ago. Took a while but I got my life back after finding my thyroid wasn’t working as it should.

    You need a full panel of tests to show what’s going on. TSH, T4 T3 and reverse T4. Sometimes they come back ‘normal’ but the ranges they use are really wide. I was ‘normal’ for years (yes really) but I felt so bad the doc started me on a low dose of thyroxine (T4) and eventually on T3 and slowly things got better until I felt all right again. Better than alright actually. Something to think about.

    I can remember my Mums sewing basket, when I was VERY little she showed me how to darn and would use one of those little wood things inside the sock...aww!

    NO ONE sadly, another lost art!

    I do I do I do. I’ve got a pair of Nepalese slipper socks that are never off my feet from September till April and they need darning every month. I love it. Very meditative and therapeutic. I’m absolutely bloody awful at it though.

    I wonder if that’s why I have to do them every month... :)

    I’m no expert on this but could you take a look on eBay and see if there’s a comparable van? Same year, same model same engine and converted? You can do a search for completed sales to get an even better idea of what they actually went for. Good luck with it. Good idea to do it now for sure before a lot stop looking.

    What a about a cheap B and B on a farm or a farm hostel? Be good for walking the dog.

    I’ve been making my own cleaning spray bottles.

    300mls white vinegar

    3tsp bicarbonate of soda

    1 tsp washing up liquid

    A few drop of tea tree oil

    Mix the vinegar and bicarbonate of soda in a jug first (otherwise a small explosion can occur - interesting but messy)

    Put it in a on old spray bottle, add the washing up liquid and essential oil and then top it all up with water.

    I use it for absolutely everything now and haven’t bought any other kind of cleaning materials since. It’s a miracle in a bottle. :)


    Heh. I remember last year I had an apotment with my doc on October 1st last year. We were in the middle of an Indian summer mini heatwave at the time. Incredibly the central heating was on and they were playing Christmas carols. True story. The doc nearly fell off her seat when I told her.

    What pees me off most about these advocacy sites on the fringe of the enviro movement is they never provide links to a shred of peer reviewed scientific study on any of their claims.Most of it is pseudoscience and hearsay.

    Truth is they dont want folk to burn anything because it will cause pollution,they push their messages using devices to millions of users of other devices that in their manufacture have already caused major environmental damage,hypocrisy? and in this instance on driftwood burning completely ignore the fact that thousands of tons of toxic part burned pollutants go up into the atmosphere and on the land from naturally occurring forest and scrub fires and from volcanics every year.

    Im all for protecting the environment but show me the evidence.Made up shit without proof is just made up shit

    And I think that I just fell in love with you.

    (Although I think that Tom Waites might have said it before me). :)

    What superb answers Thank you!

    I never thought through some of the things you’ve brought up and the reason those with a vested interest might suggest otherwise. It seems to also be almost a bit of an urban myth thing running alongside it too. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone here collecting it. All the more for me. :)

    I’m damn near wetting my pants now at the thought of collecting all and drying it all and burning it all. For free!

    Cheers medears!

    Having spent the last 14 years or so in countries where the C word isn't hardly mentioned till the 24th December and sometimes not at all I have mixed feelings about the whole thing. Will I make an effort? Probably. *But only a tiny one.

    *Its possible that comment may come back and bite me on the ass.

    Where i lived before,a couple I cleaned for used to pay me 30 quid a week on top just to hand brush a load of logs and carry them into their lounge by their massive log burner.Theyd already paid 120 a load for seasoned Ash. :clown:

    it's like a different world isn't it?

    If I'm moving back to bricks and mortar for the winter i'm mostly looking forward to all things wood.

    We've got a lot ( and I mean a LOT) of drift wood gets washed up on the east coast only half a mile away from the cottage. I used to collect the little bits, dry them out and use them to start the burner. Then someone told me I shouldn't and then someone told me it was Ok and then someone told me it wasn't and even now I'm not sure if they're good for the fire or not. I cant bear walking on that beach every day and not taking a big home with me. There's lots of big stuff gets washed up too and I always used to let it dry out properly before I cut it up and lashed it on.

    Does anyone know the real answer? Is is OK to use or not?