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    If you like the bees and ther butterflys then a budleia would be good, just grab a cutting from some where. It will grow fast though so you need to watch it a bit. They look great in flower though. Bright purples and covered in bees and butterflys, literally :hippy:

    Its worthy to work long hour if you are happy to do so and have a clear idea of why you are doing so. To provide for your family being the most obvious example. If they are being provided for and you are happy to do more to give them extra luxuries then thats also good. It's down to the individual to decide whats a worthy cause for them to work for.

    We had one for Blue, it seemed to help. Like the others say you can buy them individually knotted and with a light clasp so they dont choke or strangle the wee ones. Plus it looked good on him too. He suits stuff like that.

    I do eat red and poultry meat occasionally though I have cut down to once a week at most. I still eat fish regularly though not as mch as i used to eat meat. The reason I cut back was mainly that as a society and myself at that time eat too much meat and ther is no need to kill so many creatures or for their mistreatment.
    I also considered health reasons for not eating so much meat. Although it's a natural part of our diet in moderation eating too much is unatural and therefore bad for me.

    This is my second, last year being my first. This year we're bringing the wee man. He's really wee though so he'll either be in a sling or maybe in a cart. We'll have to see which is easier. It is like a city really, but a nice musical tenty city :D

    This is not good. I agree with what others said above that whats important is whats best for you. Also the others who mentioned finding someone to talk to about it, it has to be the right person though. Bottling tends to result in outbursts at the wrong times to the wrong people. Once I decided not to bottle anymore then it all settled in my head and I became alot happier and accepting of what had happened.
    Easy for those to say who have been their and moved on but it's never easy to do the moving on in the beginning. You will get there along a very long road. Just know that you have your friends around you to help.

    I agree. In York we're quite lucky to have a really good butchers nearby. MKy allotment for veg and a co-op for a few nice things too. We also have a tesco which is good for baby supplies as they'll be as cheap as possible and need to be. Nappies and so on.

    Oh, and open the window so they can get out. Also make sure all the lights and screens are off as those attract them away from the windows.

    I do the same. I avoid killing things whenever possible which can be difficult when they run out in front of my bus, I hate the thud. As for your buzzing wee friends however you could always burn lots of incense. The smoke tends to chase things like that for you.

    I'd imagine not. I thougt about trying but only got as far as the fridge for a snack :surrenderI could cycle alot further and walk many miles but runnings not my thing. It has made me think even more bout my fitness as bus driving does nothing for it.

    Going back to the economy side fo independance. I read that Scotland could provide most of the uk's power through hydro generation. I'm not sure if that includes wave power too though or if thats seperate.
    Also as a Scot living in York will I have to apply for a immigrant visa and a new Scottish passport to stay here? Or will I be able to travel with two. Using the scottish one to get a good reception in Europe...?:whistle:

    My feeling is that this will go the same way as the forest sell off...if enough people make a fuss the government may well do a u-turn. It's a totally stupid idea because it will discourage people from eating fresh food and encourage imports from abroad at a cost to the economy and the environment.

    This will ONLY go the same way as the Forest Sell Out if WE the PEOPLE make sure it does through proper use of the land we rent as allotments and education of others. Not through looking at it and thinking, someone should do something about this...
    P.S This is not a dig at the original writer, I used their post as a launching point for mine.

    The allotment crops are in now so I have to sort out a window herb garden for Sarah to get cooking from. Oh and upside down tomatos haning off the wall in the yard.

    Potatos, onions red and normal, purple carrots, spinach, parsnips and strawberries are in so far, lots more to follow. A greenhouse would be good though for more variety.

    Seriously, I just don't get what's wrong with condoms? Mr. Mousey generally put his on himself and it doesn't seem to make him any less keen!

    Have you tried the Mates "skyn" condoms? They are super thin ones, as close to naked as you can currently get I think. Not noticed a particular condom smell from them either. :thumbup:

    Different strokes for different folks I guess. My better half and me don't like the feeling or lack of. Not so much the putting on but the usage. The smell I find over powering but again thats me. We've been ok so far with how we do it, naturally planning. Kids wouldn't be a disaster at the moment and she does want more too.
    P.S Kezz- tried those and after I'd finished laughing at the description of how they felt on the box I could still notice the smell on them.

    Although it's tragic for all the people who have lost loved ones, I think he makes a fair point that it could have been far, far worse. Japan is so well prepared for earthquakes that they have all the warning systems in place already so people had a bit of time to act. Had this been somewhere without the warning systems and well designed buildings I think we could easily be looking at a death toll at least ten times higher.

    Definitely :ditto: