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    Hmmmm. Hadn't thought of removing ramp as I was being swayed by the security and deck advantage. Not a bad idea to fabricate a lightweight one with an aluminium frame though...after all it doesn't need to take the weight of a horse any more. If you make a lightweight one you can probably do away with the spring assister assemblies as well.

    Will see how it goes on this one...if it has to go then so be it!!

    Advice please...I know a little about woodburners in ordinary dwellings and the need to be DEFRA approved for use in smokeless areas. Are the 'DEFRA' requirements only for ordinary dwellings or do they also apply to woodburners in trucks, motorhomes etc

    a. When parked in a smokeless fuel area

    b. Any other area.

    Thanks in advance for advice:)

    Good advice about early consideration of weight. The previous owner was pulled by the police for a weigh in. He still had the weigh bridge ticket for that incident. With three adults, horse and the horsey stabling bits in the rear it came out at 6960kg. I'm guessing without horse, without stabling bits, with one less adult I will come in at just over 6 tonne ('twas a fair size horse). I will of course do the weighing job properly when all junk disposed of and take it from there. It will be interesting to know how close my guess is.

    Ey up guys, appreciate the responses.

    Have done the deed and splashed the cash to buy it. Will be picking it up sometime over the next week or so. Will take some pickies to show it off if I can fathom out how to put them on the forum. My good lady and I looking forward to creating some kind of 'live in' out of it.

    No doubt we will be looking for boatloads of advice in the future

    regards to you all:)

    Thanks for the responses guys. Since my original post I have been informed that the engine is a Perkins and from the engine No it was manufactured 1990 which seems sensible going off the 'J' registration number. According to the registration doc the engine number is U52193U

    Any advice appreciated...

    I'm thinking of buying a wagon for conversion. It is a Bedford TL10-14. Nearly 300k kilometers on the clock.

    Are these any good? Spares easily available? Easy to work on if needed? MPG expected or anything else you think would be good for me to know. It does run and is MOT'd

    Saw you and trundle sat on picnic chairs (you, not trundle on the chair) next to East Lancs Railway a week or two back. Waved like mad but you were to chilled out to notice the loony people waving from the railway carriage. Thought you seemed to have a beer in hand but might have been mistaken on that one. Trundle looking better every time I clap eyes on him

    perhaps I am missing the point but I can't understand (using my own simple logic) why you would need to take any supplements if you had a dairy free diet. As far as I know there isn't a single adult mammal that needs to consume dairy pruducts in order to live a healthy life. Why do we humans think we need to? Perhaps someone can comment on this (preferably someone who doesn't work for the milk marketing board Ha Ha)

    A few years ago we were staying in our caravan in Yorkshire and had just finished a barbecue and had put the kids to bed while we sat out with a glass of plonk. About 50 yards away I saw a dark shape trotting up the track towards us which I assumed was a fox as dogs have to be on lead on site.
    The fox came so close up to us we had to move our legs to let it past - totally ignored us. It then took the left over bones from the barbecue and trotted back. As I turned round to look at the caravan the kids were looking out of the window and had seen it all happen, the look on their faces was fantastic.
    Has anyone seen any scorpions in the UK? I understand that there is a breeding population near one of the south coast ports (can't remember which one) - it was featured on telly some time ago.


    you might well be right about the thermos alone perhaps being enough (I am only following instructions on the recipe I have seen in this respect). For the sake of trying it out without the airing cupboard I suppose the worst thing that can happen is I will lose half a litre of milk which in the overall scheme of things isn't a disaster

    I have recently mastered the art of making yoghurt without using a special yoghurt maker as I didn't want to be reliant on plugging into mains. This involves putting my yoghurty mix into a wide mouthed thermos flask (easier to get the yoghurt out then!) and leaving in the airing cupboard overnight to keep temperature up. I'm sure many of you will recognise the way to do this from your own experience. My question is if you are in a truck or boat etc (no airing cupboard) have you any ideas how to keep the temperature up overnight.... I was thinking of rigging up some kind of warm air venting system from the back of the fridge where the warm air usually goes to waste anyway - any ideas appreciated

    Nothing is easy with kids - just degrees of difficulty:D. I would have loved to have given it a go with travelling full time with kids, however I felt it wasn't right for me at the time (youngest now 15 so too late to start now because of last bit of education required). I'm thinking you should give it a go - if it doesn't work you can always go back to house living. If you don't try it you will never know.
    Let us know how you go on

    Used mine last night in the truck to use up a few bits of vege in the rack. 3 spuds, 2 carrots, 1 sweet potato, 1 parsnip.....6 or 7 mins later, mashed it all up with a desertspoonful of grated cheese that my daughter left off her baked spud earlier. Mashed it all together and it was one of the nicest mashes I had ever had. It's funny how you sometimes get a result by accident - it went well with the spicy been burgers

    Wondered what percentage of you use a pressure cooker nowadays. I realise they started going out of fashion when microwaves came in, however many of you will be using mainly 12v in your various modes of transport so microwaves won't always be much use (if indeed you have one), unless you use an inverter.
    We picked up a nice small pressure cooker ideal for two people from a second hand shop recently for just a quid - save yourself cash on gas and save the planet using less carbon fuels.
    Go on, how many of you use one - I don't know of anyone that actually has one, (even stuck in the loft). - they look real scary when they are going full blast!!:eek:

    On the comment re NCRTS, could this work if you have been clamped on private land. Can you just say to the clampers 'we have no contract' and then wait calmly until they eventually release you. Obviously you can't be in a hurry to get somewhere to try this one (manana will do!), the main thrust of my question is..... can you get away with doing this?.........I can be very patient waiting to be released if need be.

    Keep some spare non safety matches in a waterproof container - especially if you are leaving vehicle for a few days, There's nothing worse than arriving at your beloved truck gagging for a brew and you can't put the kettle on for the sake of a dry match.

    I didn't like the weevils appearing in mine....don't like any creepy crawley things though (especially in my grub). Even typing out 'creepy crawley' makes me shudder..yuch......Think i must be paranoid about them!

    Wondered how large this site was, As you know Ambleside can be pretty busy any time of year, What chance of it getting full if it is on the small side....if it's big then presumably no problem

    Wondered if any of you 'experienced' vegetarians out there could give your recomendations on easy to use vegetarian recipe books for 'novice' vegetarians. I have noticed that many of the recipe books I have seen seem to assume that we all have boatloads of herbs and spices in the cupboards, thereby making the recipes look overcomplicated so that you end up not bothering with them.... So simplicity is the order of the day.
    Thanks in anticipation of receiving good advice