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    Noted Old Keith thinks winter box flowers smells like pee.

    I like all sorts of 'nice' smells but Jasmine...oh no! To me it smells like cat pee, yet many people love the smell of Jasmine. Perhaps it's just me! Perhaps winter box flowers has the dreaded Jasmine in it?

    Not sure how the extensions are finally working Bigbear. There is time for the powers that be to do an automatic extension on their computery things yet. Might be worth keeping an eye on the DVLA site at regular intervals to see if you get something before 15th.

    I'm trying to imagine thousands of people after lockdown trying to get overdue servicing and general repairs done over the next month or so. You might struggle even getting a booking. Or perhaps you could get a booking on the basis that you could always cancel it if you get an extension?

    I'm hoping MillieMercedes lets us know what happens in the meeting. I suspect the council will try to avoid a face to face meeting...they are much more used to being keyboard warriors.

    I do feel for you with the reaction of people because you live in a lorry (good for you by the way). We were between houses (on purpose) having sold up for about 9 months and lived in our camper. It was certainly an eye opener when you were asked for an address and you just told people 'no fixed abode'. Attitudes changed immediately!

    Anyway, good luck with it all, don't let the bar stewards win

    At last, further to starting this thread last Thursday, today was the day for actually moving the camper.

    Started first time and moved about 6 miles to a new storage place whilst we finish doing up house (nearly finished with house project:)). Sadly nowhere to stick camper at the house, but only parked up about a mile away.

    It never missed a beat despite the lengthy inactivity so am breathing a sigh of relief...will feel better again when it has a had a little TLC with a mechanic.

    For anyone interested, the camper is an H reg (29 years old) Hymer 644. It isn't the posh Mercedes version, it's the Fiat Ducato TD Max 2500cc version. Although getting on in years it only has 100k miles on the clock. At 65, (yee gods I'm more than twice as old as the camper!), I'm hoping that this camper will see out whatever travelling years I have left. If any of you techno experts know anything about the Fiat Ducato TD Max 2500cc engine I would love to here from you. I'm guessing not as good as the Mercedes version for the Hymer but hopefully cheaper to repair and get parts for. Constructive comments welcome...

    Metric or have a choice of both learned systems would be a luxury, when I asked one of our groundworkers what the slab dimensions were I was given the following information...' it's this piece of string and a brick long by two lengths of ply and three kerbs wide'. Not sure what school he went to

    For those of us that went to school in pre metric days you may remember that in mathematics it was drummed in to you that you couldn't multiply feet and inches by feet and inches without changing it into decimals.

    On leaving school I got a job as a trainee surveyor and the first thing they showed me at work was how to multiply feet and inches by feet and inches...without converting it into decimals.

    You used a simple little system called duo decimals (used a base of 12 instead of 10).

    It was so simple it destroyed at a stroke any notions that I had been taught any reality at school...questioned everything since!

    Any of you out there needed to make use of duo decimals?

    It wasn't all good news...I could have done without the giant spiders web going from steering wheel to rear view mirror. What made it worse was that I couldn't actually find the 8 legged beast...must be in the vehicle somewhere and it's probably hungry

    Evening all...

    I was wondering how everyone's trucks/buses/campers/barges etc were faring as lockdown is eased.

    Our beloved camper parked up on a site about first week in March (supposedly for about a month). As lock down came on 23rd we were thrown off site with about two hours notice. We were lucky however as we were expecting lockdown to happen we had already found some temporary accommodation if needed. So, we had somewhere to live but the camper was basically impounded on a locked site.

    Fast forward to now, the camper hasn't been touched since first week in March until today and we managed to get in the now unlocked gate. I was expecting the worse...flat battery, square wheels, locked on brakes get the picture.

    Couldn't believe it, the wonderful machine started up first second of turning the key and nimbly moved a little to change tyre position. Will be leaving site in a couple of days (has to be off site by 13th July anyway) and can it checked properly. Like many vehicles it is now overdue for servicing and MOT.

    Hope every one else's vehicles and barges etc come out of the lockdown just as easily

    Has anyone been to the Manjushri Kadampa Buddhist Centre up near Ulverston. It’s a ‘must’ place to visit if you are in the area. I did some work on their World Peace Temple some years ago. Try googling the place, t’internet will tell you all about it

    Can't believe the aggravation I have had trying to get a gas meter. We moved house end of January to North Wales...between Caernarfon and Porthmadog. Previous house owners for some reason had the gas meter taken, gas is live to the on/off lever in meter cupboard but no meter to connect our new pipework to (could have simply bypassed it but didn't fancy jail.)

    Easy... previous supplier to the house was Scottish Power, give them a call and gave them every piece of information they asked for including MPRN No (for those in the know!) and the live/dead check Number. Did all that middle of March for them to fit a new meter (half an hours work for one man in the garden as it's an external meter). Also reminded them we were priority customers due to good lady's MS and my cancer which they were already fully aware of.

    Fast forward to today...14 phone calls later, each one lasting between 45 mins and 1 hour and even today nobody could give me a day for fitting the meter. I ask to raise a complaint which the 'advisor' duly did and I was told someone from complaints department would ring me to help with complaint in 14 days.

    Steam coming from ears, I rang Eon and spoke to a nice guy called Dave (Eon don't know me from Adam). Spoke to Dave at 2.45 this afternoon. He called me back to confirm meter ordered at 3.15 this afternoon and an engineer had turned up and finished fitting a meter by 4.20 this afternoon. Is this some kind of record by Eon??..2 hrs 35 mins from first contact to finished job on property.

    I can't wait for Scottish Power's complaints 'advisor' to call me in 14 days, looking forward to that with relish!!

    Apologies for rant but I feel much better now for sharing the stress this has least we can have a hot water wash and boil an egg now


    I'm thinking that the world as we are currently living it has given many of us 13 weeks of increasing apathy...can't be good for anyone and perhaps not conducive to posting..

    And yes, reading the posts brightens my day (not always but most of the time!), but, guilty as charged... I read a lot but rarely post. I think I am one of many who (perhaps erroneously) thinks that nobody would be interested in what I have to say. So I will henceforth make a point of posting on a regular basis and perhaps all you shy ones will join me...if you have an opinion on something then it's a valid opinion and is worthy of a response. Be prepared for people to agree with you or perhaps shoot you down in flames in equal measures. At least if you get shot down in flames you will be getting perhaps an equally valid viewpoint. If you don't post it you will never know:)

    Hmmmm. Hadn't thought of removing ramp as I was being swayed by the security and deck advantage. Not a bad idea to fabricate a lightweight one with an aluminium frame though...after all it doesn't need to take the weight of a horse any more. If you make a lightweight one you can probably do away with the spring assister assemblies as well.

    Will see how it goes on this one...if it has to go then so be it!!

    Advice please...I know a little about woodburners in ordinary dwellings and the need to be DEFRA approved for use in smokeless areas. Are the 'DEFRA' requirements only for ordinary dwellings or do they also apply to woodburners in trucks, motorhomes etc

    a. When parked in a smokeless fuel area

    b. Any other area.

    Thanks in advance for advice:)

    Good advice about early consideration of weight. The previous owner was pulled by the police for a weigh in. He still had the weigh bridge ticket for that incident. With three adults, horse and the horsey stabling bits in the rear it came out at 6960kg. I'm guessing without horse, without stabling bits, with one less adult I will come in at just over 6 tonne ('twas a fair size horse). I will of course do the weighing job properly when all junk disposed of and take it from there. It will be interesting to know how close my guess is.

    Ey up guys, appreciate the responses.

    Have done the deed and splashed the cash to buy it. Will be picking it up sometime over the next week or so. Will take some pickies to show it off if I can fathom out how to put them on the forum. My good lady and I looking forward to creating some kind of 'live in' out of it.

    No doubt we will be looking for boatloads of advice in the future

    regards to you all:)

    Thanks for the responses guys. Since my original post I have been informed that the engine is a Perkins and from the engine No it was manufactured 1990 which seems sensible going off the 'J' registration number. According to the registration doc the engine number is U52193U

    Any advice appreciated...

    I'm thinking of buying a wagon for conversion. It is a Bedford TL10-14. Nearly 300k kilometers on the clock.

    Are these any good? Spares easily available? Easy to work on if needed? MPG expected or anything else you think would be good for me to know. It does run and is MOT'd

    Saw you and trundle sat on picnic chairs (you, not trundle on the chair) next to East Lancs Railway a week or two back. Waved like mad but you were to chilled out to notice the loony people waving from the railway carriage. Thought you seemed to have a beer in hand but might have been mistaken on that one. Trundle looking better every time I clap eyes on him