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    P.S: With Julian's help, just rigged up a battery charger using a Honda gx engine linked via v belt to alternator, to charge by battery bank. Not so quiet as a 10i but cheaper to run than my 4litre engine.

    I had a Honda 10i bloody brilliant and whisper quiet. Until it was nicked. Bought one of these cheap ass generators from machine mart. Does the job but noisy as hell. In hind site I would defiantly spend a bit more and buy Honda 10i or maybe 20i.

    iPad data sim has been "tweaked" :whistle: and working in a unlocked dongle on a dongle wireless router.... (like a mifi) bit slow on congested times (late evenings) but doing the job I need it to do.

    Oooh you have a wireless router with usb for dongle - tell me more, what make/model? is it running linux? can you flash to run dd-wrt? I was running a fonera usb until drop'd solder on m/b during mod. Doh

    Hiya dude, I use an EeePC because it has no hard drive(solid state) so long battery life, and tinternet I use a zte dongle(3 network) from maplins. This is good for me because it is pay as you go, no contract of monthly fee. They offer 1,3,6 and 12 month I think. I have just bought another 12gb/1 year for £82. It works in most places.

    Iam Vox - I have a Eurogargo. It came with 1 years mot and tax. I have burried my head in sand untill next mot time. So any pearls of wisdom please share. As far as I know I do not have to have 6 weekly checks as it's for private use same as tach(but one is fitted)

    It's been going on for years dude. The stealth parks-ups are where they hang-out(excuse the pun). Most times I can turn a blind eye until they try and start a conversation.:curse: The police will not do anything about then unless they are caught in the act. Yet they are quick enough to wake you up and give you the Spanish inquisition.

    I am playing with peltier modules when I have spare time. Mean time I have hooked up a computer case fan - it's has a 4" blade and uses 0.14 amp it makes a big difference. You can use desk fans as J pointed out but I was trying to get lower power option.

    Yep boxvan that's the same handle - each hinge box is tapped for 4 bolts each(if I remember right) and they bolt straight through the wall, there is water seals plates under hinge box out side and inside there is one big washer plate. I think now is money well spent.

    No that not the pir I got. Mine is a 12v job it's a light with pir built in - As I remember it was not cheap, there must be cheaper options. I will google for you. If anyone comes around door side of lorry it's goes off, I have it wired to a switch so can turn off during day.

    I have been told you can get alarms that have a perimeter option and you can record your own alarm. ie a big hard dog.…0933ff69abdb#ht_499wt_922

    I got spooked when I was lying in bed one night and someone was looking through door window with torch. By the time I got up they were gone. And the dog just snored louder :( After that I bought a door handle which folds over door and locks. It was £47(towsure) which is a bit steep but it's piece of mind. I also fitted a light above door with PIR sensor. I am also getting together prices on an alarm/immobiliser system to be fitted.

    One thing that I found particularly ironic was that Jack Straw(the man's a tit, btw he 'dobbed in' his own son ffs) said that these are young men 'fizzing with testosterone' yet the two ringleaders were in their 20's, married with children.

    What has being married with children got to to with it?? They can still be 'fizzing with testosterone' and been single. They are after all in the right age group. And not forgetting that people from that culture do get married earlier.

    Jack Straw for president! - It's about time someone stood up and said that black was black and white was white. He was stating a simple fact. I think it was last year that out of 56 similar crimes that 53 were asian men. It has been blown out of proportion by the normal pc twats.

    Digitalpiracy - thanx dude will keep in mind. Just looking at a honda generator on egay. It's min £120 which is more than I want to spend, but it is the right engine and it comes with frame and wheels. When I have a 24v up and running then will sort out dropper to 12v.

    As update I have bought a 24v pure sign wave, 150amp and 300amp. I will be selling one on again.

    Personally I would not have another caravan there are ok if left on sight but lot's of hassle to keep towing about. I would go for a stealth van. I lived in mine for 10 years(on and off) the amount I saved in digs(working away) pay'd bit by bit for a conversion. Did not have windows in all that time, just fitted 2 x sunroofs that came from car breakers £5 each and 'borrowed' the prc seal from work. As for park ups try industrial sights, you usually find lorry's parked up, just blend in with them. I also parked up in country lay-bys. You are better off finding 3-4 spots and keep doing the rounds every 2 days. You gear will be safe cos you are either in it, at work or close by. I only had hassle twice in that time from kids. Just moved on! And as an added bonus, when I found a pub with a big car park after 2 pints I would say to the landlord 'do you mind if I leave my motor in ya car park overnight, as I don't want to drink drive?'. The answer was always yes :)