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    just popped back to explain that Limekiln Chandlers' website doesn't list many of their parts and that they do a great telephone service with cheap p&p
    [h=3]01299 821111[/h]

    Alices Wonderland: do you know how regularly the clips should be!?

    Nearly done now. Found the cheapest for many things, except taps (valves/isolators), and in some cases SO much cheaper. Have had a few hindsight moments, and the one that may help others is this: My system came to about £60! yay!

    8mm is too small for the main pipe! presumably it is used for the off shoots to the appliances. found out too late, but I use so little gas (19kg propane lasts about 3 years) that I doubt it will be a problem, and the system was using 1/4"!

    Before I put everything back in the cupboards, I am going to do some electrics too.... unfortunately my deadline is tomorrow....yikes, better get off here!

    thanks again to everyone who gave me advice, it was invaluable.

    meanwhile I keep designing and re-designing my system depending upon the prices I find. Limekiln and BES are mostly cheaper than ebay. And Dieseldog, I would love to shop in a real shop (and its great to know you recommend those ones you've posted) but by the time I have lugged my diesel guzzling bus 40 or more miles, it will have cost me (and the environment) so much I needn't have bothered!! :)

    Thanks again everyone, its so great to have support!!

    and I rang the BES technical help and the gas guy was great: he was totally happy to advise me and didn't say "if you have to ask you aren't competent" which I keep hearing! so I recommend that to anyone doing their own gas. He also said, which I found enlightening, that the tolerance on the size of gas fittings depends widely, upon the make and (I think) luck, even though they all pass the quality tests.

    Also wondering if anyone knows about bulkhead regulators - are these essential (legally, in a vehicle)? and where do you get them! If I use the barbed compression connection, is there one that connects to the bulkhead or can be securely attached to it? thanks in advance

    Thanks everyone.

    Dave, - so helpful to have the photos: where do I get the manifold and the barbed compression connection (what is that one called?)?

    I have successfully set up a system on a boat and the chandlers seem to have non-metric fittings still, also don't seem to use a manifold. So I don't know a cheap place to get all the kit now.

    My experience back then was tightening the correct amount meant nothing else was needed to pass the safety test, and it makes sense if you need to undo a joint, to use a new olive.

    Hello All,
    I'd like to know more about fitting gas correctly and having read this I now know lots about clouds of gas if I do it wrong!! I use compression joints and have been told not to use ptfe tape. What are "ready made pipes"? I am planning to buy 8mm copper pipe. I have been told it is safest to use bulkhead regulator (a bugger cos I have 2 regulators that go on the top of the bottle), and a manifold? to take the pipes off to each appliance.

    It was suggested that I route the pipe under the bus, but I cannot see the advantage if there is no join in that stretch, so plan to run it out of the way, with clips to hold it regularly in place so it cannot get knocked.

    I would like to hear from people who have fitted their gas themselves, or if someone knows of another thread on it?


    hhhmm i've got some very artistic worms !!....first i dip them in paint then i place them on a blank canvas/paper ... give it 5mins or so then take them off and bingo !!! == 1 abstract painting !.. for sale of course.. was thinking if i charged people to watch it would be a side show ... maybe i could get it registered with ' the guild ' .....????:insane::clap::eek:

    :D that has amused me!

    Well, I don't have a caravan at the moment that leaks ( I hope!). Last autumn it was too wet to mend the roof successfully, and so a roof like this would have been great!

    It looked like they were selling them on the German ebay as an individual kit.

    Ah - I don't speak a word of german, so can't tell! Do you know what they are called and the translation, as I don't know what to look up on google: I don't need one now, I want to know where to get one for the future, or for others if they have a leaky caravan. Tarps are not as good for a number of reasons.

    what is the height in the luton?

    What is it like up steep hills on lanes where you cannot get a run up without turbo? the 2.5l seems underpowered for 3.5ton from what I've heard?

    is there any way to see some internals as I am pretty interested.

    Couldn't get the link to work.

    Talking of things not working: does anyone know how I can get Hippy UK to email me when someone writes on a thread that I have written on? I appear not to have it set to email me. I have now set this one to: do I have to do it separately for each one?

    Spent about an hour writing this and when waiting 10 mins for it to post (linux and hippy uk don't seem to go together on this laptop!) I noticed 7 pages, 6 of which I hadn't read. SO appologies if all of the below has been said.

    Hi there Dr Wayne and everyone, I know that the "carving it up" ploy has been tried a lot of times but I have never been involved. I have been involved with people trying to live on their land for many years and will tell you what I know. DO check out anything I say, as I may have made a mistake or got it wrong: below is a name of someone to check all of this out with.

    I agree that separate parcels can be linked together for planning purposes, as a unit, and I do not think they have to be next door to each other, just known about by the authority eg if they are either side of a county or district line you might get away with it cos they don't collaborate between authorities.

    Once you have it in 14 different people's ownership, then they can try other tactics to get you off once they catch a drift of what you are aiming for. something that have been tried and succeeded is to prove the accomodation isn't temporary - they have used guy ropes with pegs into the ground as (I have forgotten the technical term) fixings like foundations to claim it is "development" (the technical term of what you are not allowed to do). You can read up on the previous cases in your county/planning area to see what tricks they use. The planning files are open to anyone to look at, however in some places they'll ask you your name and address first!! You may find them on=line?

    If you want to over run the 28 days then you risk, as you say, an enforcement order. The clever thing is to push it as far as you can without getting one, however i would advise getting to know how they work in your area and how far others have got past the 28 days before they reach a point of no return. If you never get an EO, you can repeat the whole thing, and they have to go through all of their procedures each time (until they get really pissed off and find a way of giving you one, and it seems that they can bend rules/find a way round/push things to head towards an enforcement order eg ignore something called "expediency").

    Once you have an enforcement order then anyone staying on your land can be got off very quickly& easily via court (although sometimes the courts don't play ball and will just fine you a small amount instead of the massive amount they can fine you).

    Yes you can fight an enforcement order ie appeal within a certain length of time, however you have to have a great "planning" reason to get it revoked and what we call proof may not be what they call proof. Enforcement Orders are said to be pretty set in stone once you have one and anyone owning that land inherits the EO I think.

    Until you have an enforcement order, they have to go through certain procedures before they take you to court to get one - eg collect evidence that you are living there.

    Options; You can stay on your land, and when they visit you, you can move off if you haven't got an EO and it will hopefully all go quiet. Or you can stay a bit longer and wait for it to get a bit closer to them saying they will take you to court. So for example, when the enforcement officer comes round you can disappear for a long time. By the time you return it has died down and whoever reported you/is spying on the land may have let it go. If not then when you return it all begins again. If they close your case when you leg it I think that makes it harder for them. They are more likely to close your file if you come up with a permanent address to prove you're not going to try again.

    A second way of getting away with it is to do each stage very very slowly, and say from the beginning you are going to apply for planning permission for change of use and to build a dwelling. Even though you don't have a chance of getting planning for residential (we assume, or your land would have cost a fortune), they can't stop anyone from applying!! The longer it takes for them to process it the better. When you eventually get turned down, you get a chance to re-apply free. Then, when you fail again, you can decide whether to change your application and re-apply, or do something different. The application fee can be seen as rent, and I dont think there is anything to stop you from applying repeatly.

    A third way is to build a barn: well you don'[t actually build it, you get planning for it and take a long time to build it: there is a book on how to do this: can't remember title.

    A forth way is the charcoal/chicken/livelihood that requires you (in their eyes) to live there, which was meantioned above ...

    The person to get really sound & accurate advice from (for free) is Simon Fairlie from Chapter 7(not the religious lot) who edits The Land. You can get a link to him through The Land Is Ours He works hard to get people living on their land. Some info This explains a bit about planning for those who want to know some more:…le3fish-html_451dk4uh.pdf

    I hope all of this makes sense: if not ask me. meanwhile do keep us posted and best of luck!!!


    I'm lying here on my bed, nearly melting coz I roared the burner up too much and I don't want to open the door coz its absolutely pissing it down. So I must just swelter till I fall asleep with no cover on and wake up later in the night, freezing cold, to put my cover back on.

    So what stupid things do you do that just never happen in a house?

    This is exactly the reason I like to have windows that open at the top (so rain doesn't come in) and skylights that don't let the rain in: it is often hot and raining in the summer too! I love to have the burner hot and then open all the windows to let the damp humid air out and the soothing, cool fresh air in!

    Really impressed. Sounds brilliant: congrats to new owners.

    Was about to get in touch after spending 10 mins reading up about it and then find it has sold: wondering if there is any way posts can say at the top when they are sold as I am really disappointed? it was just what I was looking for!!

    Well today whilst in conversation I realised that I don't use my bus enough, so rather than go bigger I reckon I'll sell it and get a lwb sprinter or similar, we plan on using it again at the end of this month and that will make it 4 times this year :( I, m paying £75 a month on insurance for a few trips a year, so I'll get a van that I can use daily aswell as for festies, camping etc :-) Swaps considered :-)

    what is your bus? and mpg? (not got anything to swap) as I still haven't got anything.

    Hi Fly,
    Fistly I am curious where abouts you are in west wales!!

    Thanks for the info, I am confused about LPG and diesel together! Also I didn't realise that LPG is more efficient, I just thought it had less tax on it, so that is helpful to me. Is the mechanics different with LPG? Lastly, which Convoy is it?