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    I went for the first time this year, took a little pilgrimage by myself as I had always wanted to go and never managed!

    I really really loved being able to touch the stones but the 'partyheads' were a big issue for me. I felt they were disrupting the natural energy of the place and obviously had little care or respect for the site and those of us who were there for spiritual reasons. Luckily I did find some lovely people who were more on wavelength too!

    I think I will try the winter solstice too - hopefully there will be more hippies, less chavs! Also the Solstice will fall during the week next year, so hopefully that will cut down the number of intruders!

    I was having a lazy day and decided to get the bus to work this morning. Bus stop is right under sometrees and I could here a woodpecker drumming somewhere above my head. No matter how much a shuffled about and stared at the tree's like a nutter I couldn't spot it though!


    I have a real problem with fur. Perhaps if the animals were raised and killed humanely I would have less of a problem?? I don't think so - the confinement and/ or death of an animal purely for fashion purposes disgusts me. At least with meat-eating I can understand that it is a long standing and natural way of providing the protein in our diets. In the distant past fur may have been a necessity for warm clothing, now it is just a luxury.

    Ah, another cook book fanatic :)

    I just can't help myself you know! Good to know I'm not the only one with a 'problem' :whistle:

    So far this month I have brought -

    River Cottage Veg Book - Hugh Fearlessly-Eatsitall
    For the Love of Food - Denis Cotter
    The Accidental Vegetarian - Simon Rimmer
    The Cranks Recipe Book - David Canter
    The Bean Book - Rose Elliot
    New Complete Vegetarian - Rose Elliot
    The Enchanted Broccoli Forest - Mollie Katzen
    Food for Friends - Jane and Ramin Mostowfi

    All for under £25 through Amazon and charity bookstores in Bristol!

    I've managed to track down most of the others mentioned here too, they are waiting for the next payday to swing around :) Really want to get Yotam Ottolenghi's 'Plenty', his food is always really interesting and will make for some good kitchen based adventures!

    Thanks so, so much to all of you for helping spend my money! If I could send you all cup cakes, I would :thumbup:

    I'm a smoker but I don't mind the ban to a certain extent. I prefer not leaving the pub stinking of smoke, and not having to peer through layers of haze with stinging eyes on a night out. I like the fact that having to go outside influences me to smoke less. And I like the reduced risk of cigarette burns, stray ash and drifting smoke whilst I'm eating. As a majority of the population doesn't smoke, I don't think they shouldn't have to put up with these annoyances, and the constant smokey atmosphere must be horrid for the staff.

    On the other hand. I'm not a big fan of the body-odor-spilt-booze-iffy-toilet smell that has taken over pubs since smoking was banned :( and I try to avoid smoking in places with no proper smoking facilities - standing out on the pavement in the way of passers by is embarrassing.

    However, I think each establishment should be able to chose whether or not to be non-smoking, or if they wish to have seperated areas. That is the way it works in various places on the continent, and it means each landlord/ lady can make a decision based on what they know about their clientele.

    Wow, thanks all :)

    Lots of lovely looking suggestions! Payday tomorrow so I will see how many I can get on Amazon for a reasonable budget (a budget which tends to be very flexible when it comes to buying books on Amazon...)

    Will let you know how I get on and start building up a (probably dangerously long) 'wish list'.

    Madcat, will definitely have a look round the charity shops, love what you can find in those little treasure troves!

    OK, I will admit straight out that I have a terrible recipe book fetish! There are piles and piles of them in my house.

    Having recently cut meat from my diet though, I find that a vast majority of them a pretty redundant. It’s ridiculous how few vegetarian dishes in omnivorous cookbooks amount to anything more than a side dish!

    So I’m on the hunt for some completely meat free replacements to re-build the collection with vegetarian or vegan options.

    Anyone have a favorite they could recommend?

    Thanks :)

    I never reallised there were kites so nearby. I only live about 10 miles away in Winchester and we never see them here.

    It is surprising, but apparently they are doing quite well in Hampshire at the moment.

    I've seen Red Kites down near St Catherine's Hill - keep your eyes peeled, sometimes its hard to spot things when you are not expecting them to be there! I didn't quite believe it when I first saw them in Basingstoke - seeing as I had failed to spot one during multiple trips to Wales.

    Good luck :)

    Well living in Winchester hs to be a bit better than living down the road in Boringstoke! I love popping in to winchester to visit St Catherine's Hill, the river and the farmer's market :)

    Might have to time my next visit to coincide with one of these markets then I'll have a look to see when they are on.

    Thanks :)

    Ditto what Starpoi said :) As long as you use fine steel wool it will only take off the oxidation. And liver of sulphur is brilliant stuff, but the egg method will be cheaper if you only plan to do it once or a couple of times.

    The baking soda/ foil method will work fine but I find you have more control with the wire wool, and there is something really satisfying about buffing off all the black to reveal the lovely shiny silver underneath :)

    Good luck!

    And I will keep an eye out for local flea-markets, might be one in Winchester, or perhaps Salisbury. I love a good rummage!

    Hi HappyFlower :)

    I use the egg trick quite often when making jewellery - yes it will turn the whole thing black (or darker at least) you will then need to use really fine steel wool (0000 grade) or extra fine sand-paper to gently buff off the oxidised layer on the raised surfaces. This won't work too well if the charm is only silver plated though, as you may end up rubbing some of the plating off.

    Hope that helps :)

    Those are some really lovely charms by the way, wish I lived near a market where I could find things like that!

    Wow there are some awesome pics on here! I love photographing things out in the wild (drives people mad, waiting whilst I chase some obsure bug around the woods).

    Here are a couple that were lurking on my computer:

    A lovely poo bug:

    poo beetle 2.JPGpoo beetle.JPG

    A hawk moth of some kind:

    hawk moth.jpg

    And a pic taken whist 'Turtle Bothering' in Greece:

    turtle 1.jpg

    I really must sort myself out one of those online photo album thingies...

    What an interesting subject.

    None of you will know who I am but here is my eye!


    I don't wear make up so it looks a bit naked compared to the rest of your lovely eyes :o