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    Taking the kids foraging tomorrow. We are lucky to live right next to a disused railway line which has loads of rosehips and blackberries, woodland with rogue apple trees and elder and a churchyard with sloes!!!! Jam, syrup, wine and gin to be made!!

    Morning all! Feels like bloomin ages since I was online, what's everyone been up to? I know we missed the Dovedale Gathering (gutted but we had a wedding to go to) but what else is going on? Hope everybody has had a great summer and is safe and well.

    Thanks all, sorry been offline for a while, I got a little payout but tbh my sickness record was abysmal. However, if I had less stress from them I wouldn't be sick!

    It is without a doubt the best thing that ever happened (apart from marrying his dudeness and having the sprogs obviously). I have managed to land myself a seriously sweet part time job to cover the bills leaving me with loads of time to sort out my biz. Working a couple of craft fairs this weekend so that will (hopefully) be a nice little bit of extra cash.

    Got so many plans it's unreal! Loads happier now!!!

    2 weeks ago I got sacked from the hellish day job because of my sickness, apparently having my disability makes me too high risk to employ and while I was worried about the bills (for about 5 minutes) I am now happier than I have been in years!!

    I finally have the freedom to explore setting up our own little hippy haven, a nice shop/café with lots of community type events and maybe even supporting local causes. I should be terrified but I am hugely excited! I am already picking up market stall work around the area to make our dream a reality!!

    Wish me luck!!

    Been off line for while looks like I missed a bit of an uproar, will catch up later.

    Love to all as ever, condolences likhamadoolihan, your friend sound like she was great.

    Peace out xx

    I'm bored. Got a kitchen that needs tidying and bins that need to be put out so obviously I'm dicking about on here killing time. What's everyone up to this evening?

    My oldest and I carve pumpkins and make pumpkin pie and then perform a brief ritual as the sun goes down. The littlest likes trick or treating and eating pumpkin pie!! This year though I don't get to do it, I'm working until 8pm so will miss the sunset and the kids will be in bed by the time I get home. I have asked if I can bring some pie to share with my colleagues but just got a lot of funny looks. I was like 'this is my religion, dammit, not a childrens dress up day'!

    Still trying to work out the logistics of how you would get your nuts up somebody's bumhole. Even with loads of lube I imagine it would still be a bit awkwards.

    Now teabagging on the other hand......;)

    There are some nice places in the North - Durham is lovely and very tolerant, it's a city but doesn't feel like it! Some places are a bit less understanding though. I've sort of gotten used to the funny looks, parents drawing their children near, villagers with pitch forks, etc.....

    York is also nice and has one of my favourite vegan restaurants! Good luck with your travels

    Right now I quite like being me. It has been a massively long road to get to this level of acceptance though, a hard slog through depression and self loathing to get to a place where I finally have a bit of peace mentally.

    I sometimes struggle to place myself in certain situations. I don't fit in with the people I work with, the other mums at school, people in the street. They think I'm strange because I don't always have to have the newest this or the biggest that, and that I don't wear the latest fashions or have perfectly straight hair. And there was a time that would really bother me but right now I don't care. I like dressing like I fell out of Woodstock. I like having fluffy purple hair. I love my battered old Skoda, my veggie plot, walking barefoot and sitting around an open fire. Life is good!

    Although I would really like to lose a bit of weight and get a new tattoo.....

    Really don't want to bring a downer, but there are a few things you need to be aware of:

    If you have a signed tenancy agreement your landlord may forward this to the energy company concerned and then they will be obliged to set up an account in your name. The problem with this is that the tariff will be at a higher rate than strictly necessary as you will not have agreed to join them on a better tariff. It might be worth pre-empting this and calling them for a quote to make sure are taking advantage of their cheapest rates. All energy suppliers have cheaper tariffs but they can't give you one if you don't contact them.

    Also, if you do a bunk the landlord is not likely to want to be landed with your bills so the would be more inclined to send on the necessary information. Energy companies employ collection agencies to trace outstanding balances, and it could lead to additional costs for you. Believe me, it is probably better to contact them and sort out an affordable payment plan, etc.

    Also, something that it not widely known, if you are struggling with energy bills there are charities that can help. Contact your local citizens advice and ask them for help with Charis Grants (they will know what you are talking about!), you could potentially have your bills paid for you. Not 100% guaranteed but worth a shot.

    Also look into changing energy supplier (if your landlord will allow it) because you could make a decent saving by switching things up every few years.

    If I think of anything else I will add it, but don't worry, the people on the call centres are trained to understand these things (depending on the company) and they are there to help. And if they give you any shit ask to speak to a manager, they will be more obliged to give you what you want to prevent further escalation.

    That's my advice, take it, don't take it whatever, just thought you might like to benefit from my own experiences.

    Making stuff, be it the jewellery I sell or knitting myself a new summer shawl, sewing, embroidering, it all makes me calm and centred, a bit like meditation. Also being outside in nature and growing lovely veggies in my garden!

    Thanks everyone, in the end I got full payment in advance and the party went really well, easiest money I have ever made!

    Fire Tree, I used to run a charity shop and couldn't believe the number of people wanting a discount on stuff that was already very cheaply priced (and the money would have helped the people benefiting from the charity)! And also the number of shoplifters! Unreal!

    Thanks everyone, I really value your advice. I have managed to get her to agree to a new price and have a deposit, I will do this one then no more for her, she does my head in!

    At the minute because I'm still trying to get established I'm trying to be a bit more people pleasing than I probably have to be. You are right that I should get payment up front for everything, I am going to have a think about how best to move forwards with things like this.

    Am a bit more cheered up because a lovely reliable customer has ordered stuff, some people are a pleasure to do business with and some are a pain in the behind!

    As you know I am working really hard to set up my handmade jewellery business, and I am finally starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel. I have a lot of irons in the proverbial fire and I am starting to see a profit.

    My problem is this one particular client who is, frankly, starting to piss me off. I have made her a few custom pieces and have always struggled to get money from her, so now I insist on payment before I make it. However, she is now trying to book me for a jewellery making party for her kids so I have given her a quote based on 5 kids and asked for a deposit. So far no deposit. I have told her that I will not confirm the party until I at least have the deposit and she has messaged me via FB to say she will drop the deposit round but there are now more kids coming but the price will be the same right? NO IT WILL NOT!

    I know that I am only running a really small little start up right now, but this is my business, not a sodding charity for her and her (tbh) pain in the arse kids. I don't think I am being unreasonable right now but I would be interested in hearing your opinions on this.

    Sorry for the rant, just sick of people taking advantage of my good nature :curse: