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    ok so iv been interested in wicca for a while, though i dont know an awful lot about it so i was hopping some of you could tell me abit bout it or point me in the right direction for some good information on the subject


    im a christian, and i dunno wether the two would be compatible or just a total contradiction. also it condemns witchcraft in the bible somewhere so i get the feeling that getting involved with wicca would be wrong as a christain yet i feel really drawn to it and hav done for a while, i need some advice please coz im very confused at the moment, thanks xxx

    well, the pope would have a hard time understanding it! If you're going to follow everything in the bible then you probably shouldn't have spoken unless spoken to though so it's not such a big deal.

    As a christian you pick and choose which parts of the bible to live your life by, choosing to not live by the parts that restrict your spiritual growth is probably a very good thing to do. Why not find out a bit more about wicca and decide after you've experienced it?

    is it purely a size restriction, or is there a power restriction as well, like UK. If no power restriction there are some bleedin quick 250's out there..:whistle:

    It's just a capacity restriction, I could go out and buy an Aprilla RS250 tomorrow and while it would beat a lot of 1000cc bikes around a track it's still be perfectly legal for me to put L plates on! Thank god I'm sensible enough to not do that yet though as I'd probably have killed myself at least 5 times!

    Having tried a relationship with a devout vicars daughter which lasted about 3 years, I can honestly say that I don't think it stands a chance. While you may be able to find love for them the differences in world view will wind up causing cracks in the relationship, the kind of cracks that don't disappear over time IMHO

    Noooooo. The Suzi is lovely. Almost looks like a proper bike if it had spoked wheels...:D

    I find bikes like that Zx totally ugly...:eek:

    *goes off and mutters in a corner about the demise of AJS and other decent English bikes*:insane:

    ah, my aunt has a 30's or 40's BSA, if I'm very lucky she might let me have a go one day, mmmmmmmmm

    Yes, it's a handlebar rather than a clip on, still fairly flat, just not quite as brutal as the clip ons...There may be a pic that shows them on the John O'groats to land end thread...if not I'm sure joss will be along soon.:D

    heh, now I've got a mental image of a ZX6R with ape bars on it!

    Way to go Ben :thumbup:
    Head out on the highway looking for adventure :insane::clap::D

    heh, at the moment I'm heading out on the nice quiet roads looking to build a bit of confidence :p

    GIve it a month or 2 and I'll be wondering off on some road trips though, it's summer here after all :)

    Seeing as how immigration is being a right pain in the arse and it now looks like it's going to be another 6-9 months before I can head back to the UK I decided to go out and get myself a bike :) To get a learners license over here all you have to do is ride around a car park for a couple of hours on a clapped out old banger so I went and did that, in the hail, and then bought myself a GN250. Not the most wonderful of bikes but I'm going to cut my teeth on it before buying a ZXR or CBR to have a bit more fun on. So, I've spent some time riding around residential areas and teaching myself the things which I should have been taught before getting a license like emergency braking, u-turns, cornering techniques, you know, the stuff you don't really NEED to have to ride safely :rolleyes: Today the sun has come out for the first time since I got the bike so I kitted up and had a ride around the coast. This is why I got a bike, wind in your face, sweeping bends, beautiful roads and not a little adrenalin :)

    here's a wee pic of wheels for anyone interested:

    As we speak I'm booting from the ubuntu CD in order to move everything to a portable hard drive ... whether it will work or not however ...

    If you really want to get the stuff off the drive then you could always pull a 1:1 image off it and extract from there. I can't remember the name of the software I've used for this but if you do want to do it then let me know and I'll see if I can find it...

    There's a public beta of office 2010 at the moment, I've been using it for a few months and I'm rather impressed (aside from the silly ribbon idea having stayed from 2007!) You should be able to pick it up for free and there are rumours that single license users are going to be able to keep it for nought...

    Sounds like you've got some severely fubar'd system files. Can you just boot into ubuntu and move the bits you need to back up over to an external drive, then re-image the existing one? it's a bit of hassle but you won't have to mess about with hardware (so long as it's corruption not caused by physical damage that is, in which case you'll need a new drive obviously ...)

    Still, at least it's not a raid array ;)

    Windows mobiles will allow you to access hotmail. Not sure about other phones. Don't use hotmail really, so over to someone else...

    Nope, other phones won't unless you pay for the hotmail pop service, I think you can use services like mail2web to get around that though...

    Sounds very much like they're also trying to match a person to their online habits as well as beef up the CCTV. Since the MTI project got ditched they have had a wealth of knowledge and resources but no legal means of using it, maybe this is the answer...

    On the subject of the BNP being a special case, yes, they are. As were combat 18 and the NF. We fought against these people at the beginning of the last century and we should fight against them now, not welcome them with open arms and allow them to dictate their terms to us.

    Still, maybe that's just me being emotive and not thinking properly, maybe I'm not capable of any higher level of insight :rolleyes:

    To me, the whole idea of the BNP in public service is a no-brainer. If someone in a minority has a social services worker pop round and offer them worse service than their white neighbours that's out of order. If you know that they're going to do that before you even interview them, don't interview them.

    I'm sorry but there is no arguing that they should have the same rights as everyone else. Their 'right' to work in the public sector is far outweighed by the rights of every minority group member who has any interaction with the public sector. Or to put it more simply; if you discriminate against my customers, I won't employ you...

    If the BNP members can't find a job anywhere else then they're welcome to renounce their membership or go on the dole, those are 'rights' they can be afforded without inflicting themselves on the general public.

    It really does beggar belief that people can get themselves in a tiz about standing up for people who deserve no support. It doesn't make you righteous and it doesn't put you on a high horse, it just shows that you haven't taken the time to think about the possible consequences of someone in power taking your advice.

    the 'beggars belief' statement isn't aimed purely at these forums, I've been far more exasperated by lefties in the real world than ever on these forums ;)

    Is it loving, or can it be loving, to have sex for fun ?

    Dude, you really missed the point there. Sex can be for just about anything, love, fun, money, boredom or any combination of every motive under the sun, but that's completely besides the point.

    The point here is that most of your posts describe someone with a completely unhealthy focus on sex and little or no focus on your partners emotional needs, seriously, sort yourself out before you try and 'heal' people with you dick.

    As for people telling you to be a councillor, either you're a troll on the site spouting garbage you wouldn't utter in real life or your friends think it's the kindest way to suggest you need to be in the company of a mental health professional...

    christ! By the sounds of this thread the best thing you could do to 'alleviate their pain' is keep your dick in your pants until you sort out your views on sex ;)

    and by 'views on sex' I mean that you need to recognise that sex is something 2 people do with each other for fun/love/whatever pre-arranged reason. It's not a way for you to justify some bizzar need to 'heal' others

    A certain member of our forums (no, not me :p) had pictures of his ex with a dildo shoved up her ass. I believe he was a little tempted to post said pictures to her parents after she treated him in a horrible fashion. Seeing as both parents were priests, this might have been highly amusing....

    Lol, when I read the first post I thought to myself "how long until Stu mentions that"!

    Still, while a very amusing idea, sending a priest photo's like that isn't really something I'd do. It was very, very tempting but then she was very, very evil :reddevil:

    Have you still got your old NK2 file? that should hold all of the address's that you could use autocomplete on and there are quite a few free editors out there which will pull the data out of it for you. It won't marry up to contact details but it will hold the name and email address...

    Thing is, musicians generally get a tiny amount of money compared to the record industries which pimp them out, personally I don't mind taking some music which I wouldn't have paid for otherwise, from a massive corporation as their revenues haven't actually dropped. They seem to work on the assumption that every file downloaded is a lost sale which is utter rubbish.

    I'd also quite happily pay a monthly subscription to have access to the volume of files available through torrent sites, unfortunately, such a service doesn't yet exist. The take over of pirate bay might lead to something interesting though as there's a whole sea of files available. If they can offer them for a reasonable price and keep the record and film companies on board then I'll happily cough up a monthly subscription.

    If you haven't seen this, do! It's probably the best film I've seen in the last 5 years. Incredibly well put together plot, well shot, excellent dialogue, just all round genius...