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    :) thanks, ill tell him that, he'll be your friend forever! He's such a soppy hound, LOVES people more than anything else in the world :)

    Yey. Tbf I think he reminds me alot of my little boy. (You'll have to look back on here for piccies.) Now he's with my ex and I don't see him anymore so it'll be nice to have a new friend. :-)

    van still for sale.

    Will check this and f'book regularly if you are interested....

    Off work Thurs and Fri this week and possibly next too if that helps.

    Woodburner still for sale too.

    Getting lots of emails asking if i still have her but not getting any further than that at the moment.

    I think i've got half a dozen kicking around the house all with in the last 5 yrs I think....

    I'll find them and either drop them in of give to the Jo (Depending on if I can remember where you live!!)


    Yeah I will put her on ebay at the beginning of Aug is she hasn't gone by then. I will try everything before the scrappies.

    cheers for posting on Facebook - I'm in a couple of those forums so it has been advertised before. I hope it's more popular now it definately runs. (Just needed new batteries of all things)

    Cheers Twister,

    Post away - if you can find my post on the bedford forum share away.
    It would be so sad to scrap her - so many lovely memories and times, but I'm taking the mik a little leaving her where she is...especially once I move to the other side of wales.

    woohoo been up to the van today and managed to get her ticking over, the cluth plate is free so she goes into gear. There's pressure in the air system so the handbrake servo works but not the main brakes atm.

    Any interest? if she's not gone by mid aug she is being scrapped as i'm moving house then so i can't take her with me.

    Been chatting to the guy, Someones going to look at it tomorrow.
    He's got it advertised elsewhere for £1500ono - 11months mot. Does that sound reasonable?

    it's a vanplan 500 so I'm going for 500!! (I will find her V5 at some point and check)
    She's advertised on the bedford facebook page and the 'vehicles for sale or wanted' page and Dave got her advertised on his site too.
    Had a little bit of interest, but not a lot. She really will make a beautiful home. I'm really hoping I can get her started again next week as I think she'll be more attractive then.

    I really don't think she can stay were she is but I haven't asked. The farmer was doing us a favour when we had to shift her back in December and it was supposed to be quite a short-term thing!!!

    The master bedroom (above the cab) - big enough for a double futon and plenty of storage space.

    The living area of the van with a corner sofa and a sneak through to the cab.

    The villager burner in the middle of the van - huge and plenty warm enough. It's been taken out to sell separately but was too big for the house they wanted it for so I can replace it (or sell it for £200)

    The shower room. A little over 4 foot square with a compost toilet, sink and pipe work for a shower.

    The porch area as you walk in. We rewired all the electrics as weren't sure of the state of the old ones and put fireboard and pipe work in for a caravan gas boiler.

    The porch area needs reboarding but I really wanted to put a swing seat on it - it was held up with two long telegraph style poles.

    This had happened before we got it but just needs a fibreglass patch - we didn't paint it as we intended to repair it first.

    [h=6]Here she is my Bedford TK is for sale.
    For personal reasons I would rather not go into she has been left in a bit of a sorry state. She was brought as a project and although we did the inside up nicely the outside still needs a lot of work.
    Our mechanic says she's fine(!!) although she doesn't start and she would need alot of work including welding if anyone wanted to put her back on the road. (Got a friend coming up in the next couple of weeks to try and start her - It's my fault for not turning her over for the best part of a year!!)
    As she needs to be moved I'm only really looking for scrap value for her as I'd rather see someone love her than end up in a scrap yard.
    more pics available on my fb page.

    Inside she has a solid oak kitchen, lounge area, separate sleeping areas upstairs, a bathroom with Sink and shower area and all the pipe work for drainage. (I also have the cooker and wood burner, but they've been removed at the moment)

    Unfortunately to company that towed her to where she is now pulled her bumper off so she mow looks in an even more sorry state :-)

    I hope someone can love her as much as I did.

    I did mine online. They used the photo from my Passport which I'd renewed 6 months earlier.

    It also meant I could pay the £20 and not get charged for using my card. (aparently they charge at the post office!)

    If you do it earlier than when it runs out though they renew it from the date you send everything off - so slowly your 10yrs will turn into 9yrs 11 months. I know that's nothing really but it winds me up!!

    I use 2gether insurance for my LT. As you can see from the avatar it looks like a panal van at the moment but it's half kitted out inside and still registered on the log book as a panal van....2gether reckon it's 'too far gone' for a panal van so give us camper insurance.

    They're a good insurance company for any specialist vehicles we have both the 4x4s with them too.

    Unfortunately they won't insure the live aboard because it's got an 8000cc engine and is too old :-( (1977)

    I do keep meaning to take pics but I keep thinking the place looks so untidy.....I shall take them on the day we move because then I know it's going to be tidy :) (not that I'm house proud or anything!!)

    If you remember it when it was on Ebay it looks a hell of a lot different now!!