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    Thanks for all your replies everyone... I'm still in a lot of pain but i've also still been really busy as I can't miss any work at the moment, which is also why I haven't logged onto here since I last wrote.

    I'm persuaded.. I'm going to the doctors tomorrow and I'll take the antibiotics. That's a good point Noctula that I should take these ones and then reduce taking more if it gets worse! I just wish there was something else to sort it. It's far worse at night.

    Urgh. Thank you very much again.


    I think you might be right. I just wish I knew a good herbal remedy for it but I think it's beyond that. If anybody does know something else I can do that'd be amazing...

    But yes, I can feel that I may be taking your advice tomorrow - I have a full days work though so it'll be wednesday by the time I get to go. Urghh.. I hope it hasn't got to my kidneys already or something. How would I know?

    Ok so I've had this blasted problem for about 6 weeks now... I actually think it came on after I swam in a river - I happen to know some people who ignorantly chuck their dog shit in the stream that leads to this particular river, so really I should have known it's got some 'nasties' in it and decided not to go in, but the lure of fresh water and a nice day is always too much for me to resist a swim. About 24 hours after swimming in this river I started feeling nauseous and dizzy and lacking in appetite for a few days, which then became replaced with typical cystitis symptoms.

    I left it a while in my typical 'keep on going' style. I then was so in pain that I got all the cranberry juice, 'cystitis relief' sashets from the chemist, and loads of liquids and no caffene. I then went to the doctor. The lady did the typical doctor thing and just prescribed me some antibiotics. These cost £7, and I don't trust antibiotics in the slightest. So I didn't get them, and now, about a month on, i'm in serious pain and can't find the prescription. :rolleyes:

    To be honest though, I really really really would like to sort this out a natural way, without stripping my body of other things unnecessarily and all the other things that antibiotics can do. But I've heard bad things about it making it's way up to the kidneys, or being something else entirely. I'm at my wits end with this now because I simply can't take any time off work, for my own sake but also for Bobby (my horse, who keeps me skint but sane).

    Anyway in between doubling over in hopeless pain i'm trying to tidy my room, which is a shit hole, in the hopes of a) finding my car keys and house keys and b) finding this bloody prescription. I'm going to try to go to bed in a minute, but will get online at lunch time tomorrow and if anybody has any good ideas i'm willing to try something! But if not then hopefully by then I will have found this prescription and i'll bite the bullet and take these antibiotics, although i'd really rather not. I'm scared it might not even be cystitis!

    Sorry if this is written all scattered, i'm just trying to write it quickly because i'm so tense because of the pain :(

    Aw wow, it's so nice to hear about some of the wonderful experiences people have had with donkeys :D

    I find it incredible that they are such a big charity, doing so much work, but the cruelty still goes on.

    Good old donkeys though:sunsmile:

    Ooooooh thank you Tordisa! That donkey therapy place looks amazing! I'd love to go there. You're right too, the foals are just lovely. There's definitely something very calming and soul searching about donkeys, so it makes sense to me that there should be a donkey therapy :cool:


    Anyone else had much experience of these interesting little creatures?

    I work at the Donkey Sanctuary part time, and in the short amount of time I have been there I have learnt so much from and about these amazing and intelligent animals. I've also learnt how much like a donkey Bobby, my horse friend is!

    I work at a training centre for donkeys with behavioural issues. At the moment there are 8 donkeys, 1 mule, and 1 pony. I've found it particularly striking how different mules, ponies, and donkeys are - they literally speak different languages to each other. It is also just brilliant how much bags of character each and every one of the ten equines have. I find it so sad that the mule, the pony, and two of the donkeys are absolutely terrified of human beings because of being abused in the past. It is though, one of the most rewarding things when you manage to win the trust of these animals. Slowly slowly.

    Anyway, I just wanted to burst that out because I was just rambling about them to a friend on the phone, but have realised my rambling wasn't quite finished!


    What exercise, if any, do you do?

    I've tried a few things - I have always loved walking, and have done a lot of swimming on and off - mainly to help my back.

    I've done horseriding since I was little too. Other than that i'm also getting into Yoga, but again have always dabbled in it a bit before. I cycle a little bit too, but don't really enjoy it.
    I did Amateur Boxing for a couple of years, which was the most intense and amazing training I've ever been involved in.
    Since I have stopped boxing I have moved into my boyfriend's family home, where his lovely mum has a passion for cooking all sorts of delicious things - for the first time ever I'm putting on a wee bit more flab than muscle!

    Partially out of interest, and partially looking for a bit of inspiration for myself, I thought I'd ask you guys what you do. I think the simplest thing for me to do to increase my exercising would be to drop my car driving and cycle to all my clients in the week. That would be a good goal..


    But for any of that to happen the settled community has to stop its hatred and resentment at gypsys/travellers for being different than them and wanting something other than a norm that isnt that healthy anyway.

    I agree with everything that Medusa has said, but that last sentence holds a particularly important point in my opinion. It seems to me like as a minority group gypsies/travellers face racial attacks and slander that, if imposed on any other group would be taken far more seriously.

    Of course as Paul says, they're not all "salt of the earth being picked on for no reason", but that goes for a hell of a lot of people... I'm friends with a lot of gypsies and travellers in this area. Perhaps it's my good taste in people ;), but every one of them are good, well rounded characters. They also have far better imagination than the dull 'majority' in this area who are always happy to chirp for hours about each of the bad things travellers have imposed on their cosy and closeted lives. Most of these things seem to have just been dents in these closed minded people's material pride, therefore to their minds, quick judgement shouted loudly will hopefully get the scum moved on and away from their comfortable lives.

    I'm sorry to admit that usually I don't bother joining in with these heated discussions. I have my opinions but prefer to reserve them closer to home, but I guess this thread moved me because I so highly regard the travellers and gypsies in my life. I think it is also because I have so often observed the irrational hatred people hold for these folk, which on the whole, is an unnecessary harbourer of prejudice and ill feelings. On both sides.


    The Bielski brothers managed to create a thriving community of 1,236 people in the forests as an escape during the war in Nazi Germany.... So you can obviously survive if you have the know how...

    From the crop, where food is stored, the oesophagus carries food to the proventriculus. Here, food is mixed with acids and other digestive enzymes. The next step is for food to go into the gizzard. It's interesting to note that retention time in the proventriculus depends on crop and gizzard activity. It is in the gizzard that grit, combined with very strong muscular action, grinds the food up.
    Bearing all of that in mind, I've always been of the opinion that good quality grit is quite an important cog in the wheels of a chicken's digestive system. Which is why I wouldn't rely on layers mash or pellets alone.


    Yep, any grit is fine... Personally I've always made some extra grit available to them as well as them being free range, just to be on the safe side. If they're using the grit you give them, then keep giving it to them is what I'd say. Also some shells etc are a better source of calcium than say for example, their own shells - if they have a slight calcium deficiency, then their own egg shells aren't going to be enough!

    By the sounds of it you're in the ideal place to go out and collect some shells to crush up and give to them, washed off to avoid too high a salt content, or other nasty things.


    Aw I wasn't active enough so my name slid off the list... Can I go back on? I'd love to do something woody somehow. Who do I send my new address to?


    Gosh, reading through some of these makes me quite sad. Big :bighug: to everyone...

    I suppose if I went back in time to 2000 and told myself that I really should become mad keen on yoga and back exercises, that'd be a pretty life changing thing, rather than trying to cure all the aches and pains I have now.

    I'd leave it at that though. There's always hind sight, but you've just gotta get on with where you're at now.


    Cleavers (aka sticky willie, and goosegrass i think) are also really good for promoting hair growth/skin cell growth because they are rich in silica. Because of this they are great for eczema and for horses with sweet itch. And yes they also are very good for the lymphatic system. That's all I know :sunsmile:

    If Happy Soul decides he doesn't want it then my partner in crime would probably really love it as he's moving into his roundhouse soon and is gonna need a nice burner. I'll ask him tonight. Nevermind if not though, but blimey Julian, you've made a damn nice burner!

    Yup, I think as long as you enjoy your work then there is no reason not to work long hours. But that is definitely the key thing. Considering that the average person spends a huge proportion of their life working, it seems terrible to me that some people really hate their jobs. If you like the job, it surely doesn't matter if you have some long hours to fill. In fact I think it can be quite rewarding.

    Another way to save measuring out each time might be to make a template with the holes cut out in the exact right places. Shouldn't be too hard to make one out of wood and mark through with a soft pencil. :)

    Yup, that's what I meant, but your description is far better than mine :-)

    I can't wait to start! I'll make sure I gather some good photographs when I do it. :sunsmile:

    Why do you want goats? Are they for milk, breeding, or just fun pets? I've looked after goats in the past and I think they're brilliant animals to keep. They must have shelter though as they don't have any natural waterproofing in their fur. Also it's a key point that they're natural browsers, so they needs lots of foraging material. Have you looked at all the different breeds you can get yet?


    Wow, thanks everyone!

    Thanks for those pictures Stardust! I'm looking slowly through them now. I've got a fairly good idea of how I want to do it, but there are some small details that I reckon I could get stuck on when I come to making it. Like the best way to make the mortices in the crown and how to get the angle...

    I definitely want to make round windows in my yurt, and i'm really looking forward to making a kickass door. May be when I get it done I should invite people over for a party? Or I guess I could take it to a gathering.

    Looking at those pictures again, something I'm not going to do is bolt the wall poles, I'd like to knot each one.

    I'll have a read through that thread too, thanks Starpoi.

    the best plans/guide i found came from cat(centre for alternative technology) are you going to steam bend the wood, more work but much nicer result, if so make sure its of even thickness and knot free, if its sawn larch then stack 4 or 5 of the side wall laths on top off each other when drilling holes to do them all at once, its a long and tedious job, also use a tougher man made rope to tie the side lattice, leather strips or natural fibres look and feel nicer but the walls collapse concertina style when they rot in a few months!

    Ooo I didn't think of getting information from CAT, that's a really good idea. :)

    My plan with the timber is to make the framework as soon as the wood comes off the saw (I spend a lot of my time at a wood yard) and then the theory is that once it's all tightly held in position it should naturally dry like that. That's the idea anyway, which sounds like it'll work in theory... I was thinking of getting some army
    grade cord from an army surplus store - reckon that'll do the job?

    That's a great idea to put some of the wall poles on top of each other - thank you!! I'm going to make a jig to move along and drill through each time so that I get all of the holes equal without having to measure down each time.

    Cheers for those other websites Tordisa... I'm going to have a look now :-)

    I'm hoping to start not this weekend, but the weekend after. Thanks again everyone.


    The herb Lady's Mantle is meant to help if taken in a tea.. I found if I had little or no dairy products for 10 days before my period, alongside drinking Lady's Mantle tea, my periods were always much much better. I haven't done that lately, which is why I say this in past tense. Good luck!

    Ahhh that rainbow toad is brilliant!!

    I couldn't say a favourite animal really... I've had loads of favourites in my time - Goats, hens, blackbirds, bats, harvest mice, snails, rabbits, tapirs, cheetahs, antelope... Hehe the list goes on I think.

    I'm about to start making a 12ft diameter yurt - i've got the canvas and will soon have the timber, which is going to be good old larch like the Mongolians use. I was just wondering if anyone else has made one and has any good advice/experiences...

    Flooring - I think i'm going to raise it up on pallets, which I will seal so that the underneath of the yurt isn't a rat-heaven. Then i'm going to use some cheap beech laminate flooring that a friend is giving me for free. Not the most authentic flooring, but that'll be pretty practical for keeping clean etc.

    I went on a yurt cover making course and a guy had an interesting idea of using saris for insulation - easy to pack away and really warm even though they're really thin! Any thoughts? I was either going to use saris from charity shops, or alpaca fleece from a local farm.

    Ooh and what about windows, any imaginative ideas?


    Ahhhhhhh, really happy to see those pictures Miss DJ.

    Hehe lets have a chat soon.

    Damn she looks as cute as always and you both look super happy together.

    Loads of Love,