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    Hi everyone, i just wanted to give you my account on using a mooncup. I bought it from their website in November 2009 and I haven't worn a tampon or pad ever since. I am on the pill at the moment, which makes my periods lighter than usual, but it would still require me to buy a pack of pads every month.
    It took me a couple of cycles to master to "ins and outs":o of the cup and to be honest, I could never give it up. I am a 26 years woman, without children, non-virgin so I got myself the small mooncup.
    I was so happy about my new discovery that i began searching more about it on the internet and i came accross a wonderful community, which is Via this community i found out there are other brands of cups, which slightly different shapes and sizes, and lots of info about each one. There is a girl called Melissa, who also has a youtube channel, where she posts comparison videos and other very useful material about the cups.
    So the point of my post is, if the mooncup didn't work out for you, perhaps, it isnt the right cup for you. there are so many other brands, such as the ladycup, fleurcup, diva, Lunette, meluna, etc.. which you can find out more about and maybe one of them will be the one for you!
    I was lucky that even without knowing this, my mooncupo was the right one for me (I got myself a small Fleurcup as a back-up and I am having trouble with it, and I also got a small meluna ball stem, in purple, for the lighter days)
    Anyway, I hope this is useful! Menstrual cups are the best thing ever! All women should at least know about them!:hippy:

    This is my second period using a Mooncup and I love it! No way I'm going back to pads. I was never a fan of tampons. It can be quite tricky to begin with, but you'll eventually get the hang of inserting it and taking it out. The key is to relax and use your chichi muscles!!!:xwink:

    My breasts felt very sore and tender during the first month taking Mercilon as a contraceptive. If you are on the pill, that might explain it. Pregnancy is another reason, true, but I've never been so i cant really say for sure. I've noticed that before going on the pill, right before my period i'd get really bad headaches and sore breasts....oh man the joys of being a woman!!!

    At my campus, the lecturers have been more than helpful and still very dedicated. Even if we're not getting our work marked, they are still helping us with the content of essays and exams, either by email or holding revision sessions, etc. The uni I go to decided to change the exam timetable, leaving all exams, from both semesters for the end of the term, that is right now. Some people have ended up with 7 or 8 exams in a two week period, which is a lot really. All my mates are going a little crazy now, and fortunately i was lucky to only have 4 exams.
    Some 3rd year students tried doing something about it but no one paid attention and now we're suffering the consequences; but the lecturers have been the only ones that have actually done something to help us with the workload and also in trying to get through to the chair people who make such dumb decisions.
    I'm all for the lecturers' strike, most of them are hard working individuals. At least the ones I know are still marking coursework, but won't give us the marks until this is all over.

    this mooncup thingy sounds great, though i don't get are you supposed to put it inside you and know that it'll stay in place and do its job?
    can you feel it inside?
    i don't like using pads anymore, let alone tampons, they are just so aaarrgg...!!

    Ive been quit for 8 months now. It was really hard at first but once you learn to live without smoking it becomes much easier. Smoking is all about habit, you know? the cigarrete whilst waiting for the bus, the one right after dinner....
    It seems a little cynical to admit that i have smoked in the last 8 months since my quit. i get tempted around people smoking around me in pubs and parties for example, and i might have a smoke or two.
    i noticed really positive changes in my health and general wellbeing once i gave it up but sadly ive gained about 11 lbs and i feel hungry all the time.
    im feeling tempted to start smoking again to shed the weight off but it seems silly though doesnt it? i do exercise a little and i try to lay off the biscuits but its so hard when you are under pressure with exams and stuff!!!
    anyway sorry about the rant, good luck with the quit, it only gets easier!

    Oh i forgot to mention, I went to Brook the other day and the I told the doctor I didn't want to be on microgynol ever again because I didn't feel right when i was on it (headaches, eye problems, gain a little weight, not feeling quite myself, moodiness, etc) and told me I could go for a lower dose pill, and he recommended Mercilon, which I've heard really good things about, and femodette. Apparently, lower dose pills have less harmful side effects and perhaps should be easier to come off it afterwards, but I don't know if i want to take hormones again, though i'm not having regular sex, i know i might do eventually and you cant always reply on the good old condom for full protection....dunno if i should go and get it again :S

    oh man don't get me I had a dentist appointment and my mouth is still numb....and i'm so hungry...!! have to pay £74 for my treatment and i haven't got any money til next month :(

    i've been quit for three and a half months now and to be honest i dont think i'll ever pick up a cig again. Everything smells and tastes so good now, i cant go back. For those who struggle with the cravings, just take it easy, drink loads of water, eat raisings as snacks and do some exercise. :hippy:
    Once you ut your mind into it, it can only make you stronger...i decided to stop living that illusion that "i needed a cigarrete to feel ok, to drink, after a meal, etc" now i feel 10 times better cos i know my willpower is so strong. I'm so proud, sorry!

    Quote from Earth Whirler

    I'd really like to see you looking like this LF ----> :broc: Although, some members of society may point and stare in the street.........:D

    yeah people are starting to stare. but i just go back at them and tell them to:tease:.....yeah.

    Quote from pabsy

    yeah but thats giving up a hell of a lot of enjoyment.....nah.....not worth it...:carrot:

    I reckoned so at the beginning too but I've never felt better in my life. Not going back now, everything is working prefectly.

    I've been taking a vitamin supplement for women, ginko biloba to help my concetration and evening primrose oil to aliviate my pms. I have been feeling so much better since i've been taking these, add to that a more balanced diet consisted of lots of veg, more exercise, no cigarretes,no alcohol, no drugs. soon i'll be looking like this ---> :broc:

    i walk lots and i have recently started doing yoga twice a week. i want to do more exercise but i get lazy sometimes, but damn it feels good after you'd had a really quick run after the bus, its like you get this huge adrenaline rush,, i dont know, thats me anyway.

    i quit smoking almost two months ago, how? i dont really know, but i felt stupid knowing that i was killing myself and was being weak...i didnt want an addiction take over my intelligence and harm my body. I smoked for 8 years and i'm only 22, but my lungs felt like 80.

    i'm so glad i gave up, i could never look back. I've started doing more exercise, i feel clean and fresh all day round....last night for the very first time in my life i went for a run....and i didnt cough out a lung...

    i'm so positive about this huge step in my life, it has given me a lot of confidence and self-steem. :wiggle:

    try nicotine gum, it helped me a lot, particularly the first few times i went out on the piss and had just given up...tell everyone you dont smoke, so they dont offer you thing that helps too:

    when you wake up the next morning after a heavy night of smoking and drinking, smell your clothes, your hands, your hair, its makes you so sick..its disgusting....cigarettes are so nasty.:insane: