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    I don't mind what the the Government is saying they want to do. Get benefits cheats off of benefits and back to work… sure - great idea! Focus on those who are trying to work the system and claiming job seekers when they could be working… sure another great idea. But unfortunately it doesn't work like that. In order to do it they are removing benefits from those who really do need them and making them fight to get them back. That isn't right. I'd rather see 10 benefit cheats get away with it than one person who geniunely needs the benefits to survive go without. As someone else mentioned there is bigger fraud out there.

    To be honest, some people's mentality does pee me off. (people I know not on here). They will say why should I work when I get tax credits, housing benefits, council tax benefits and I would be worse off working. I'll tell you why… cos I work my arse off doing endless hours every week and pay hundred in taxes that are paying for you to sit on your lazy backside every day!! I am perfectly happy to pay tax, I just wish I knew it was going to those who are unable to work or genuinely looking for a job but finding nothing.

    I've tried a few things and the only thing that works for me is Lymecycline. I used to take Tetracycline and it didn't really agree with me but my doctor recommended I try this, I was cautious at first, thought it was tetracycline renamed, but its been fine.

    Still not perfect but WAY better and manageable. Hope you find something that works, its such a confidence buster isn't it. x

    Can I have Twilight, Angel 1 and 2 please?

    I can do Paypal or 12-18 month boy clothes, which ever you need most right now. If its clothes let me know and I will pull a bundle out and see what you think.

    I think legally you don't have to provide anything. As a tennant you have been served notice and you will be moving out.

    Any issues with regards to the buyers not believing it is between the seller and buyer. You have been served notice and signed something to say you will be gone, I honestly don't think you have to do anything else other than pack your stuff and get ready to leave.

    I would generally class myself as Pagan although I don't feel that I really need a label. But one of the things I enjoy about my own particular path is that I follow my heart and go with what feels right. I love watching the full moon, feeling the sun on my face, the thick energy as I walk through a forest, the thunder of the ocean, the grass under my feet.

    I suppose you could call Paganism a bit flakey, as if you ask two Pagans what they believe Paganism is you will probably get two different answers.

    Should Paganism be a recognised religion? I don't know and don't care. I have my beliefs and will follow my own path. Whether that is called a religion or just my way of life doesn't matter one bit to me if other think it is stupid.

    What annoys me more than the funding of large families, is the amount of money fat people are costing the government. Luckily for me i am not yet a tax payer, but i know then when i am i would rather see my money being spent on food for a hungry kid than paying for some greedy buggars gastric band surgery :p
    haha...just a thought..

    You could say the same for smokers.... people who consume lots of alcohol..... lots of things are using tax payers money that could be prevented.

    I think that people should be able to have as many children as they like, as long as they are willing to provide for them. I do know several people who continue to have children just so they don't have to do back to work and have a legit reason to stay at home.

    Things happen, you lose your job etc. Or you are physically unable to work. That's understandable. But I don't agree with people popping out kids just keep themselves in benefits.

    I hate when hospitals do that! Full term is considered anywhere between 37 and 42 weeks. Why do they suddenly start saying you are "overdue" and need to be induced once you get past your due date?!?!

    Once you get past 42 weeks the placenta can deteriorate so you need to be monitored closely to make sure baby is doing ok. But up to then you are fine, as long as you and baby are doing good I wouldn't let them rush you. Being induced can increase the risk of c-section.

    I went 4 days over with my first and I went right to 42 weeks with my second. Admittedly they were big when they finally came out, Dan my first was 8lb 15oz and Josh was 10lb 8oz. But they were perfectly healthy with no problems whatsoever. You go with your instinct and if you don't want to be induced don't let them x

    Nah not really, I work as an accountant. But the pay is good and I get left to do my own thing and work from home a lot. So it's ok.

    I did just start (home study) an anatomy and physiology diploma so I can study for a massage and aromatherapy diploma once I am done. But between my job and kids I hardly ever get a chance to study! I have two years to complete it though so hoping to catch up once my youngest is a little older (19 months now, hopefully a little easier once he is about 2yrs) x

    What about one of those electronic plug in devices that make a sound that mice and rats don't like?

    I used to have a number of mice in my old place. I just left them be lol. I put any food that was in a cardboard box in a plastic container and just left them. But that was before I had kids, I wouldn't like them in the house now with the babies.

    I bought a second hand fan on ebay called birdy breezy fan (think originally from mothercare). It can clip on to cot and has covered blades, but they are foam anyone so safe for tiny fingers

    What a pain! I am insured with Quinn direct who were without a doubt the cheapest when I first passed, just under £600 for a 1.6 astra. But I live up North so I guess that would be some of the difference.

    Could you book with a nurse? I have suffered with anemia on and off for years and never ever had my blood taken by a GP, just a nurse.

    And you can still go to the doctors if you complain, they cannot refuse to see you unless you have broken rules (ie, threatening behaviour and such).

    No he wasn't executed. Did the taser cause his finger to pull the trigger? I don't know.... maybe. But if he hadn't gone on a shooting, killing spree then he wouldn't have been in that situation.

    So his girlfriend left him and hooked up with someone else.... so what! Happens to people every day but they don't go killing people.

    He wrote letters to the police stating that he would never be taken alive and he wasn't a danger to the public but would take out coppers as he didn't like them. While I am not the hugest fan of the police, these people don't deserve to have some violent jumped up thug shooting at them.

    I don't agree with the death penalty but there was a genuine threat to innocent people so I don't actually disagree with the police using the tasers on him.

    someone threatened to call the child protection whatsit people once because i picked floys bottle up off the supermarket floor, sucked it clean and gave it back to him! :rolleyes:

    Oh goodness some people are pathetic arent they!! We go by the 10 rule second in this house, if its been on the floor less than 10 seconds its good to go lol.

    Good to know I'm not the only one!

    But agree about the piddle on the bathroom floor grrrrrr...... not sure who is the worst the hubby, the 12 year old or the 4 yr old!!! Thank goodness the youngest is still in nappies lol!

    Good to know I'm not the only one!

    But agree about the piddle on the bathroom floor grrrrrr...... not sure who is the worst the hubby, the 12 year old or the 4 yr old!!! Thank goodness the youngest is still in nappies lol!

    I guess I am very laid back when it comes to my kids. I'm happy for them to dig in the mud in the garden, quite often they will have a blade of grass or a twig in their mouth.

    They get a bath at the end of the day but i'm not constantly cleaning them with antibacterial wipes etc.

    A friend of mine was considering not letting her sister visit because her daughter had an ear infection. I pointed out that it was likely nothing infectious, and probably at worse a cold that had caused the ear infection. But she said she didn't even want her little one catching a cold.

    Another friend said that she tries to keep her childs fingers out of her mouth when they are out (like in the supermarket) and washes her hands and face as soon as she gets home.

    So I just wondered if it was the "hippy" in me. How are you parents with your kids? I just couldn't imagine chasing my kids around the garden constantly wiping their hands. I just want them to enjoy being kids you know. I mean I keep them safe but just think the odd germ isn't going to do much harm. I think keeping kids in a sterile environment (unless they need it for medical reasons) would do them more harm in the long run.

    What do you guys think?

    I just bough Pregnacare which included vitamins and folic acid. I'm sure if you have a good varied diet then just folic acid would be ok.

    Make sure you get enough iron. I always suffer from anemia when pregnant and I guess if you are vegetarian you know about getting iron from other sources. But you are more prone to it when pregnant because of increased blood volume x

    Haha, I went 2 weeks over with Joshua and actually put a message on my answer machine saying "no the baby hasn't arrived yet, thanks for your thoughts, we'll let you know once anything happens, if you aren't calling about the baby please leave a message and I will call you back" lol.

    I was getting around 8 calls every day from friends and family, especially once I got to 41 weeks and I got tired of repeating myself lol.

    I wouldn't have been offended. I'm Pagan and tend to keep my faith to myself. But I have friends from various religions who will say things like "God Bless You" and I would never take offence.

    I also have non Pagan friends who watch the dates and wish me Beltane Blessings and things like that.

    For those of you who have children, do you cook meat for your kids?

    I've been thinking about going vegetarian for a while. I never used to eat a lot of meat before I met my husband but have gradually started eating more and more which I'm not very happy with.

    My husband is an adult so I am happy for him to eat what he wants, although I think if he has the choice of eating something vegetarian or cooking it himself he will have th veggie lol.

    But my kids eat a fair bit of meat. They both love ham sandwiches and chicken. I don't mind them having meat substitutes so if I am making a vegetarian bolognaise I am sure they would be fine with that. But what about things like chicken and ham that they eat in sandwiches (my eldest takes packed lunch to school)?