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    This is really positive :)

    Encouraging community spirit, woop :)

    I wouldnt change the name... I like being a hippy and meeting/knowing other hippies!

    I would seriously benefit and be very grateful for more self sufficiency stuff as a resource.

    When possibly i think that an annual massive gathering and mini regional gatherings would help others establish bonds with one another and feel more part of the place and strengthen things. But then again i am biased being a technophobe lol

    People might think this is off topic or irrational but with watching the self sufficient heating systems on grand designs and the neighbourhood/houses that people built together as a co operative and the communities in wales and scotland, it shows that living together as a community is realistically achievable, diggers and dreamers shows woofing etc but i would be really interested inmore accessible and substantial information on avenues to join something more permanent like that, but not sure if/when they become available and spring up etc as they're not very common and probably not too widely advertised or maybe im just not looking in the right places..

    Maybe when i start a commune in 20years time you can all come and live with me :D

    I think that the little things count and can make a difference, the country may be getting worse but this site is a refuge for those that are alternative/liberal and is needed for those to connect with likeminded individuals that desire that :)

    I kind of meant it in the same vain of making my own scented skin and hair products i could have them all my favourite fragrance and have it more organic rather than artificial chemicals and stuff but i get that buying candles would probably be cheaper lol althoufh that candle holder sounds awesome!

    I saw a trick on come dine with me where this girl melted all these little bits of old miscalleneous candles together to make another whole one and putting it in a china teacup with a wick :)

    I relate to the buddhist philosophy, only with too much self doubt and i dont believe in reincarnation.

    I have trouble meditating by myself but i found going to a class at my local library and being in a group and hearing someone guide me through the relaxing of the muscles in my body and breathing
    Etc helps me focus and stick with it instead of getting distracted and making a brew and stuff.. i found i feel so much better afterwards :)

    Today i feel so fucking angry i could spit or rip the back out of someone and then just givr a fuckadoodledoo

    Im infuriated, furious at the self righteous fuckity prick sanctomonious cunt.

    And leukemia and my friends anniversary of her death soon i wish she was here, she'd know what to do.
    I wish i could help you, i hope im doing the right thibg.

    Moving and clearing out is shitty stressful

    I took it out on her, it was bad but i shouldnt of verbally been harsh...godamn my patience

    I dont think i could do it for too long it helps me relax and sleep..

    I dont watch porn apart from hentai as i find it dull, uninspiring and im more tactile than visual does that count? Does that mean i am a bit more focused and less likely to procrastinate?

    i want to get out of the mainstream aswell... i've been looking on diggers and dreamers for a few vacancies of membership to help out in shared/communal houses but i'm too scared as i have no extra money saved and what if i need new clothes etc or girly necessities... i would love to work and help out at a retreat doing yoga and meditation but i cant find any vacancies...its probably highly sort after anyhow. this looks awesome

    hi coco i go to castle (thats what they call it there) every month as i have friends there and it's 20 minutes away, it's really lovely and a lot more countryesque than a lot of other areas in stoke which are just concrete :s
    the people are nice and its cool...they have a hippy hippy shake shop and something next to it which is a lot like macouti :)

    after having a bit of a butchers i'd like to add a few things..

    1. I think everyone (old and new members alike) have the common goal of not wanting this place stopped or shut down as it can be and has been a tremendous resource in a variety of ways.

    2. Bickering is not productive.

    3. It's a shame there's this new members and old members divide and what seems like a degree of animosity and that people have left.

    4. the diversity of the discussions do seem to have altered, i do love to read an intellectually stimulating debate, something that gives me something to think about and more progressive theories on serious subjects. i'm a sucker for alternative critical thinking and i think a little pro activeness in regards to that might help encourage folk.... It might be down to timing if it hasnt worked in the past or general atmosphere that might increase reluctancy on those that do have an interest.

    5. Possibly more gatherings?

    i remember how psyched i was when i first found out a place like this existed, something alternative and based in the uk to find others like myself, i knew nobody who was into counterculture or a hippy that i could identify with, and i dont think i would of had the confidence to pursue alternative things like i did if it wasnt for me initially being here and seeing/reading other people living it e.g going to fire jams, taking such an interest in poi, shaving my head, wanting to live an alternative lifestyle fulltime. it was a bit of a lifeline for when i was a newbie to alternativeness in general, i used to spend hours into the night reading interesting and fascinating threads about different subjects i was interested in and curious about..things i wanted to do etc that was such a contrast to the same old humdrum conventional shizzle. I was living in a hostel at the time and this was an awesome outlet for me to dream about my connection to it.

    i do remember it being different and having a lot more going on a few years ago and quite a few people arent around anymore so its gonna have a different feel to it.

    i'd hate to think this place has run its course...i think it still has a purpose, for future people that want to introduce themselves to alternative lifestyles and have a more substantial experience than fb, nobody knows what the future holds..everything is fluid, human behaviour, popularity...this could just be a rough patch, i have a feeling that a lot of people are gonna be going greener, more environmentally interested and want out of rat race stuff as we enter into a more technology based society and this would be a better springboard.The only reason i have stopped posting recently is because im massively busy these days, but will try to help or something when i can as even though i understand why this place might go if there is such a wane of interest but it would be a damn shame.....i think a lot of people like myself just took it for granted and thought it would always be here for whenever i needed it, for me i love coming back to this place as it reminds me just how far ive come