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    I always start at charity shops and take it from there. Thanks to charity shops this year I have bought all the True blood books, Morganville set, (shamed to say Twilight), Girl with Dragon tatoo saga and a few ramdoms

    We have a similar issue at the OH's flat-though it's not so much the child's crying (fairly constant-but that's what babies do) that's driving us mad as the parents arguing constantly at 6am and whenever the baby IS picked up by the family the mother's voice is very very loud when talking to him. Not really baby comforting tones you could say, but perhaps its a cultural thing-they're indian and the language can be quite angry sounding :/ hmm.

    Poor mite at your end of things! I would knock if I were you just to be sure, though if it persists beyond that a call to the powers that be might be required.

    I have the same but its a small child who screams 90 percent of the day. I have been up there and they no longer answer the door, I have been on to the landlord countless times and nothing. All I get is "he is three we cant stop him". They never take him out, he is coped up all day, he does not attend pre school or home education, he is left to cause havoic. To top it off the adults (3 more than whats on the lease) scream at each other and stomp around in shoes. They refuse to wear slippers and are fucking rude to me everytime they see me. I hate them!

    I called the NSPCC in the summer about the child upstairs - they basically warn you at the beginning of the call that if they are highly concerned about what you say they will contact social services regardless.
    It took alot for me to even do that but they were helpful and it did not go that far.

    The admin staff at my school have decided not to strike as we can not afford the pay loss for one day before christmas. I am going in, but we have decided we are going to have a fun day.

    Thanks guys, I felt uncomfortable posting about on here or facebook until he was out of hospital and I have been so knackered with work and visiting and trying to maintain a normal home life that something had to give for a while. :cry:

    Hi all

    In a nut shell - Dad had a really bad stroke and I have been spending a lot of time away from the PC, plus I can not access this site often from work. However I am still around x

    So not been here for a while due to family stuff but could not miss lol

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    But arguably, they "achieved" getting the attention of the national media. And being noticed is quite an achievement for a UK ghetto.

    And got some new addidas to top it off.;)

    On the flip side - and I'm just playing devil's advocate here - can change ever really be achieved without sacrifice? Someone will always suffer when things go tits up.

    I know you are, but in regard to change they would have "achieved" more if they had headed to the banking districts of London, but you can't trainers there.;)

    See I dont even agree about the big stores because the only ones who would suffer then due to closure (for how ever long) would be the people who work there. The Grandma topping up her pension, the students, the Mum's back to work etc.

    My hairdresser who works for a large chain was told to shut shop on Monday as clients had cancelled, some staff were scared etc - they didn't get paid for that day. I would say that's across the board for the company's employees whose stores have been effected.

    This is something that I have been thinking about. I don't want to condone what happened because so many people lost their homes, their businesses, everything. But really, what is the difference between the rioters looting shops and costing the economy millions, and the bankers fucking up and costing us billions? (and I'm sure plenty of people have lost their homes and everything due to the mess the bankers have put us in.) The main difference is the bankers still get their million pound bonuses and the rioters get jailed and thrown out of their homes. I would say the bankers and government do more harm than the rioters. They just make less of a visible mess.

    I really agree with this and I think its important point to make, but what I can't get my head around is what was targeted - peoples homes and shops they had worked hard to get. Its not like banks were targeted or police stations it was normal peoples stuff.

    After two or three relationships you start to understand that there will always be an element of pointless bickering. I've noticed it's often worse when we spend too much time together. That might sound like a bizarre statement to make, but the last time i spent a significant amount of time with my mother, she strangled me to the point that I went blue (allegedly) ;) You don't spend every waking minute with family or friends, but some people think it's necessary to do it with their spouse. The result is suffocation (sometimes literally!) ;) Sometimes metaphorically.

    Other than that, sometimes you've just got to accept that (he) will take twenty times of asking before he washes the pots, and (she) will leave wet footprints in the bathroom, causing you to slip and break your pelvis. Make allowances for each other and life becomes that little bit easier.

    I think that is really true, you do need space. Since I have moved in here I see more of my parents than I did when I lived at home as it's nice to see them and gives me and the other half space. I also spend more time with my friends as I don't have that worry of not being with my partner all the time.

    When you live with someone little things are going to piss you off, I can not stand the fact he drops his clothes all over the floor, he can't stand I polish round things and not under - but hey ho.

    Abuse and emotional neglect are just as common in 'loving middle class backgrounds' Moyne.My son is 19 and he wouldnt be out rioting.I've made loads of mistakes with him and hes had a good chunk of trauma but what hes also always had is me involved,engaged and believing in him.No amount of money can substitute for that and if these kids you talk of do come from such great homes then where exactly are their parents?

    No-one is disputing that in any way or form. However I still stand by the fact that a lot of those kids are justing joining in for the fun of it.

    Oh Medusa I think a few of them coming from loving, middle class back grounds with good grades etc who have jumped on the band wagon.

    I agree with all the points on this thread, but I do not beleive for a second that all the kids out there doing this fall into this section of society you guys are talking about.

    10 mins from my house - these kids live near by and I am pretty sure they all own playstations and Iphones.:rolleyes:

    It's like a ghost town here at the moment - Asda was business as usual though, even though it was supposed have burnt down last night :D

    Same here, Bromley has closed and police are everywhere, I am just dont know what to believe as it is suposed to kick off here at 4!
    To top it off I just had to walk home for 40 mins on my tod and the place was deserted because none of the buses where running.

    Just had to drive though my high street and its smashed to pieces all the shops in the north end. Plus Just spoke to my Pa and the the shop in croydon is owned by one of his mates. So sad.

    I like my new job but I am resenting working the hours, everyone else is on summer holidays and I working (as the stuff has to be done) nearly every day for an hour or so from home and not getting paid - that I think is not worthy as I know it's just expected as a PA and no-one will say thanks. But if it's not done then the shit will hit the fan come September.