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    I have been on Diclofenac for the past 3/4 weeks for my gallbladder pain. It is an effective painkiller but I have found that it has given me both extremes of bowel movments i.e.

    These extremes have also given me some


    Try to eat more fibre e.g wholemeal bread, fruit etc and cut back on the dairy products as that can help.

    Good luck pigweed:)

    I've never had any strong actual past life memories as such, but I do hold with the theories that people who have been in relationships in other lives seek each other out in subsequent ones.

    I have a very close friend who, in ordinary circumstances, I possibly would not be friends with (there is a big age gap amongst other things) but we do feel drawn to each other and have spoken about the possibility of us having met before. We would like to look more into it but are a bit reluctant to seek anyone out as there are so many charaltans out there.

    Quote from Atomik

    I really wouldn't count on that.

    K, let me put it another way -

    I wouldn't be put off by facing the ire of aggrieved parents and having made a wrong call. Rather that than live with the thought that someone had got away and me having done nothing.

    What I can't understand are all these "sightings". In this current climate, if I saw a child who looked very much like one who had been reported missing, even at the risk of causing offence, I would make some attempt to go up and speak to the people, and the child. I'm sure most parents would not be offended but happy for a bit of inconvenience rather than people letting possible abductors get away.

    I am afraid I had said to friends at the start that it looked too convoluted to have been an abduction and that my suspiscions were that Madeline had died in an accident and it had been covered up. It's the whole "parents on tour" bit that makes me uneasy.

    Well Done SheIsal:) - I know you will be odds on for a good result.

    I am always perturbed when nurses tell me that I am "nice and relaxed" - makes me feel like a real slag:D. But in the end it's worth a few minutes of discomfort for a healthy cervix!

    Have you asked for a female doctor or nurse? In our practice, the practice nurses do the smears and they are all women.

    Or you could find out if there is a Well Woman clinic in your area - it might come under sexual health or women's health.

    Best of luck and relax...

    Quote from Latent Psychosis

    Oh yeah, :damn:
    Re previous post, pregabalin is a gabapentin derivative, anti-convulsant, anxiolytic and pain killer, apparently now approved for Fibro. :P
    Prescribed for pain mangement.
    Not working yet, but I'll let you know, ha ha! :)

    Thanks for replying LP:)
    Jings that sounds a bit heavy artillery but it would be interesting to know how it goes. I am still, on the Amitriptyline and also 3x50mg Diclofenac for the gallbladder a day, so feeling no pain:eek:. Any major side effects hun?

    After a severe gastro-intestinal upset at the weekend, which totally effed up my plans for me and G's birthday party, all my dear old ME symptoms came back with a vengeance - sore pelvis, sore hands, sore everything plus it's old partner in crime Fibromyalgia didn't want to be left out so came in with painful lesions in my entire upper body!

    I have been told by my doc that it is possibly my gallbladder and gallstones collection kicking off again, but it may also be my pancreas and/ or liver, so it's off to the lovely hospital for an ultrasound sometime. What fun. And me off on my summer break as well... At least I'm not on jury service, like I was meant to be.

    Quote from Latent Psychosis

    Argargargargargargsodthis. Gah.
    Just a quickie:
    Has anyone been on (or is anyone still on for that matter) pregabalin (Lyrica)?

    Sorry nope. What have you been prescribed that for and what is it?

    Quote from Latent Psychosis

    Hi there, I don't know if this is exactly relevant to anything under discussion, but I was pretty chuffed to find this thread and just wanted to say hi I guess. :waves:
    As I'm kinda new here I suppose I should say something relevant about myself..(*ulp*! lol)
    Been living with ME for about 4 years or so on and off (but luckily enough I've had a couple of decent periods of remission, was even climbing for a few weeks last summer - till september when it returned with a vengeance) while trying to follow a uni course. Needless to say I didn't get what I went for, had to drop out and leave my house when I ran out of money. Now forced to live back with my long suffering parents and in the middle of being denied benefits. :P

    OK, that rattled on a bit, so I'll keep it at that, lol!
    My heartfelt sympathies go out to what seem to be the many sufferers on the forum.

    Hiya LP:waves:
    Welcome to the gang:) As you can see, you are not alone on here. Please post here anytime you feel like it, the same as we all have done, and also please feel free to PM me as well if you need a bit of support or a chat (the same goes for anyone else who uses this thread natch:D).

    Lots of love,

    Jule9 x

    [Edit - this reads a bit like this is 'my forum' or something, which it is not, as you all know. Sorry if it reads like that - just being neighbourly, and not meaning to cause offence.]

    I have no interest in it but my pal texted me and said "it's like punk never happened". I had the radio on this morning and was getting fed up of hearing "celebs" talking about how they have low-energy light bulbs. Big Wow.

    Quote from Firinne

    Basically, he'll eat cheese and tomato pizza/garlic bread/chips/noodles/pasta with a plain tomato sauce/hot dog sausages/yoghurts/toast/marmite sandwiches/croissants/pancakes and some fruit. And that's it. Literally.

    That's so familiar. Vari was like that. It's just his age. As long as he eats fruit he'll be OK. You are doing fine as a mum - give him simple "bits" while doing something nice that you fancy.

    Hi S,

    Remember Coyote's sausage and pasta bake? It's a favourite in our house - you can leave off the cheese or use some Cheezly and sub the tinned tomatoes for tomato soup. You're a mod - you find it;)
    You could also try making sausage rolls together - use shop-bought flaky pastry and whatever sausage you fancy. Serve with mash - mixing in peas or sweetcorn.
    Or burgers/ falafels in pittas with lots of cheese for Dylan and salad/ hummous etc for you?
    Soup is always good - butternut squash soup is V's fave.
    If you are avoiding dairy, can you eat Halloumi (made with sheep's milk)? Slice thin and grill it and top burgers etc.
    Would Dylan eat a big plate of mince, carrots and beans on a slice of bread?

    Remember, it takes a child 10 attempts at eating something to develop a [STRIKETHROUGH]non-aversion[/STRIKETHROUGH] taste for it?

    Chocolate to get your blood sugar back up - Irn Bru also is good for this.

    Orange juice for Vitamin C.


    Milk Thistle to help your liver recover.

    Aqua Libra.

    A wee sleep.

    Waaahhheeeyyyyyyyy!!!! It was f*cking excellent. We have it on video but are too dumb to post it so if you would like to see it, PM me with an e-mail addy, but not tonight as I am too tired. And to our sponsors on here - thank you.

    Next - walking on broken glass:eek:

    Just to say that this happening is tonight:eek:

    Hopefully the weather will be kind and we won't be steamwalking:D

    Wish us all luck,

    Jeanne, Clair and Ray xxx

    Quote from campertess

    I havn't needed my phsichiatrist since coming here n meeting you lot:D
    I don't feel abnormal anymore ;)

    Hey Jo, what's abnormal about walking on hot chips? I get to my feet acclimatised to high temperatures for the ol' firewalking, then I get to eat the chips. And I don't need salt nor vinegar neither:D

    Quote from weecab

    Thank you all, I took them at 6 last night and by 9 I was gone, into another world, sorry Jeanne, thats why I didn't pick up the phone :sleep: ,was just out of it, I asked Dave to text you though. This morning I feel amazing!!!!!, better than I have in a long time, hope it doesn't wear off.......

    S'okay babes. Just gimme a call when you are able. :hug:
    How's the firewalking training going? I am practising by walking on hot chips:) Lots of love from me, Sleepy G, WeeVee and the Puffster xxx

    Sorry wee yin - just saw this:o

    I am sorry to hear you are zombied out on new meds - I know you are sensible and will listen to the sage advice above.

    Bear in mind that if you get any unusual symptoms, get in touch with NHS24 damn quick.

    Talk to you when you are feeling more like yourself.

    :heart: and :bighug:s babes,


    Quote from Firinne

    I went swimming today, for the first time in 15 years, and managed 20 lengths of the pool. I'm absolutely shattered now, and no doubt I'll pay for it later but it felt good to be able to manage it in the first place :D

    Thanks for egging me on Gristlebutt. I'd have managed about three on my own!

    Bloody well done hunny:D

    But I hope it doesn't eff you up for the remainder of the weekend. Strength to you:)

    Quote from tekno slave

    As I said I was inspired by a different thread, in which members of this forum were stating that children should not be allowed to go out without supervision until the age of 10, some even suggested 12!! :eek:
    And this seems to be quite common in our society... I'm really interested in why people think that this is good for their children... how it is going to help these kids develop... or even keep them safe?

    Well V is 10 and I think she is developing fine thank you! Living just outside of the city centre, there are far too few open greenspaces such as fields that can be accessed without having to negotiate very busy and dangerous roads (see note below). If we lived somehwere closer to wild spaces I think I would feel differently. We try our best to get V of out into the country and let her explore. She also goes away camping with the Cubs. When I think back to when I was 10, I had to stay within a certain range of my house and I don't think I am any more strict than my parents.

    By the way, just to let you know, the incident that I spoke of earlier happened because some a***hole in a white BMW couldn't wait til the bus was finished at the stop, pulled out and overtook it in the opposite lane, nearly headed into oncoming traffic, swerved and drove into the barrier and my friend's son. Fortunately the lad is now at home but with badly bruised ribs. I stood at the bus stop on my way up to the school sports day this afternoon and watched several other a***holes do exactly the same! Until something is done (and don't think I am not planning something) V will NOT being crossing that road on her own!

    We had a sharp reminder with regards to child safety this morning! I was taking Vari up to school with our neighbour and his son (we were going for the bus as I am feeling a bit ME'd and my neighbour has walking difficulties). As we crossed the road, our other neighbour (who is a bus escort) was being the lollipop lady. This was because the regular lollipop lady was seeing to an incident. The son of one of my PTA colleagues had been hit by a car. No, he hadn't crossed beyond the manned crossing as you might suppose but had been standing at the bus stop when a white car had ran through the red light, swerved and hit him and a metal guard fence. Fortunately the boy (he is at high school) is OK - just being taken to hospital for observation - but his mum was very distressed (she was also at the stop with his sister). The b**tard had driven away but had broken one of his lights, so hopefully they will catch him. We had gone to the shop for change - if we had been a minute earlier... I shudder to think.

    The kids in our street play out after school, in the evening and at weekends. Luckily we live in a "nice cul-de-sac" where we all know each other and each other's children. There is a park just up the road but it is a very busy road to cross (as detailed above) so I don't let V go there unaccompanied yet and I still walk her to school (or bus if I am poorly). I would prefer her to be walking to school alone but as I have to be in work for 9 and she goes to breakfast club at 8, the park is just a bit too quiet at that time to let her go yet. Contrast this with our neighbours next door (whom I have mentioned before on these forums) - their 9 year old daughter walks to and from school alone, hangs about on the main roads with much older (12+) kids and dresses, well, like a wee tart. Maybe I am being over protective, but I still prefer for V to play in our street, with kids I know of her own age and dressed like a 10 year old!