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    I am not really a hippy because, as I type this, I am listening to a Friday Night Is Music Night special featuring the work of Andrew Lloyd-Webber on Radio 2. And I don't have the decency to be ashamed either.

    "O" Grades (Scottish then equivalent to "O" Levels) 1983 -
    English A
    Arithmetic A
    Maths A
    History A
    Modern Studies A
    German A
    Physics C
    Chemistry C
    Highers (Scottish then equivalent to just about "A" Levels) 1984 -
    English B
    Modern Studies C
    Certificate of Sixth year Studies 1985 -
    English D
    I was a girly swot in S3 and S4, was in a road accident in S5 and had totally lost interest by S6:sleep:

    I would check the route on Google Earth or similar, to make sure there actually are roads all the way:)
    Keep us posted please James :D

    As the pethidine wore off, I seem to remember it was "Spellbound" and not Supernatural (where the hell did that come from?):o
    And I am not in the least bit:o at reading Look-In - highlight of my week that was.
    I remember getting Smash Hits and No.1 as well when I was a bit older.
    And adults trying to get me to drink Cinzano and lemonade in a big blue bubbled glass:vomit:.
    And my dad and uncles ogling over Leela's first appearance on Dr. Who, which was on Hogmany. And all the family having a steak and sausage pie and tatties before the bells.
    And my older cousins singing "Crazy Horses" to us younger ones (And no, we are not the Osmonds).

    Thanks Scar for a wee amble down memory lane:D -
    I got a copy of the "Life On Mars" soundtrack last week and have been listening to it non-stop as it reminds me of when I was 5 or 6 and my folks used to do a disco in the tenants' association hall (a wooden green hut) for the local teenagers and would take me along - doing the bump with girls 3 times my age, listening to "Billy Don't Be A Hero" and my dad's homemade "disco lights":)
    TV - staying up late with my dad to watch "When Things Were Rotten" - Mel Brook's take on Robin Hood; "The Tomorrow People" - thinking the guy John was really really old looking and fancying Mike from Flintock, who was in it (and also David Soul and Martin Shaw!); Lift Off, PaperPlay (with Itsy and Bitsy the spiders), Follyfoot, White Horses, Robinson Crusoe and the Flashing Blade (the last 3 badly dubbed). And the wrestling on World Of Sport on a Saturday. And Happy Days, CHiPS, Blakes 7.
    Comics - Look-In, Bunty, Jinty, Mandy, Jackie and Supernatural (and being a member of the Spacecats fan club), plus Starlord before it merged with 2000AD and my brothers' Commando comics.
    Going to the ABC cinema with it's big winding staircase to see the Benji films and Escape To Witch Mountain, and being taken by my mum and my gran to see "Gone With the Wind" and being bored shitless! Going to see Star Wars and Jaws with my dad and hiding under the seat at the scary bits. Watching the horror double bill on BBC2 - all the old Boris Karloff/ Lon Chaney/ Bela Lugosi ones then the Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee ones.
    Taping the songs I liked on an old portable (for that read massive) cassette recorder from the Top 40 on Radio 1, with the pause button ready. Listening to the new chart on a Thursday on Radio 1 with Gary Davies, with an earpiece in my ear as it was exactly when we had to go back into class (1245) and being told off for having it on in school.
    Washing your hair in the kitchen sink. Dreeping off of high walls. Dipping rhubarb in a bag of sugar. Catching baggy minnows in the burn up the park and bringing them home, only for them to all die. Having a bath in the old orange pastic baby bath in front of the electric fire. Playing Red Rover in the garden at 10pm during the summer holidays and thinking it was really late. Going to the big Co-op to get a new school uniform (with coupons from the council) and sticking your feet in the old style "X-Ray" machines that never worked!
    I'm going to stop now as I feel I could go on...

    Blue skies and sunshine here today:D
    On the subject of Xmas, saw a window display advertising Xmas parties in Tiger Tiger on Saturday - took all of my strength of will not to get off of the bus and put a brick through their bloody window.

    Quote from Pye

    I'm currently reading "In the Company of Crows and Ravens". When I've finished that, I'm probably going to order "Crow Country" a new book by English Author Mark Cocker.
    As you can see, I'm very interested in Corvids. Feel free to pm/leave a message if you know any other good books on the subject. Fact and fiction is all good. Stories about corvids captivate me also. ^^

    Pye, check out books by Charles de Lint, especiallly the ones set in Newford. He has characters called the Crow Girls - sisters, who shapeshift from girls to crows and lots of other mentions of corbies.
    BTW, am currently reading "Exit Strategy" by Kelley Armstrong - about a "hitwoman":).


    I have been on Diclofenac for the past 3/4 weeks for my gallbladder pain. It is an effective painkiller but I have found that it has given me both extremes of bowel movments i.e.

    These extremes have also given me some

    Try to eat more fibre e.g wholemeal bread, fruit etc and cut back on the dairy products as that can help.
    Good luck pigweed:)

    I've never had any strong actual past life memories as such, but I do hold with the theories that people who have been in relationships in other lives seek each other out in subsequent ones.
    I have a very close friend who, in ordinary circumstances, I possibly would not be friends with (there is a big age gap amongst other things) but we do feel drawn to each other and have spoken about the possibility of us having met before. We would like to look more into it but are a bit reluctant to seek anyone out as there are so many charaltans out there.

    Quote from Atomik

    I really wouldn't count on that.

    K, let me put it another way -
    I wouldn't be put off by facing the ire of aggrieved parents and having made a wrong call. Rather that than live with the thought that someone had got away and me having done nothing.

    What I can't understand are all these "sightings". In this current climate, if I saw a child who looked very much like one who had been reported missing, even at the risk of causing offence, I would make some attempt to go up and speak to the people, and the child. I'm sure most parents would not be offended but happy for a bit of inconvenience rather than people letting possible abductors get away.
    I am afraid I had said to friends at the start that it looked too convoluted to have been an abduction and that my suspiscions were that Madeline had died in an accident and it had been covered up. It's the whole "parents on tour" bit that makes me uneasy.

    As much as I like fireworks on the right occasion (I associate fireworks with the coming of winter), they cannot match the moods, changes and colours of sunsets and the sheer peace and feeling of being a small part of this wonderful world.

    According to ITV Teletext, Ben Kingsley is in talks to play Davros:eek: 
    He certainly looks the part:D

    Well Done SheIsal:) - I know you will be odds on for a good result.
    I am always perturbed when nurses tell me that I am "nice and relaxed" - makes me feel like a real slag:D. But in the end it's worth a few minutes of discomfort for a healthy cervix!

    Have you asked for a female doctor or nurse? In our practice, the practice nurses do the smears and they are all women.
    Or you could find out if there is a Well Woman clinic in your area - it might come under sexual health or women's health.
    Best of luck and relax...