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    I thought I'd start a thread on favourite herb and spices. I love lots of different ones, I do Indian, Chinese and Tai food, but if I had to choose just one it would most probably be Dill

    I guess the main reason is that when I was little my family ate loads of it and it was readily available everywhere. My parent grew dill on the allotment, relatives on both sides of the family who lived on farms grew it. Pickling is at least a tradition in Russia, if not a national sport; and dill goes really well with pickled cucumbers. I use it on just about anything that goes with sour cream, salads, I dress soups with it, sprinkle it on top of main dishes. Not too keen on the dried version, I prefer it fresh.

    Here's some history I got out of Jessica Houdret's book Herbs and Herb Gardening:

    An ancient herb know in biblical times and described both by Pliny, AD 23-79, and by the Greek physician Dioscorides, AD 40-90. It appears in 10th century writing in Alfric, Archbishop of Canterbury, and was a favourite herb of Anglo-Saxon charms against witchcraft, at which time it was also burned "to disperse thunder clouds and sulphurous air". The common name is likely to have come from the Saxon word dillan, to lull, for its ability to soothe colicky babies and for the ancient Greek tradition of covering the head with dill leaves to induce sleep.

    It is used for its cooling and soothing effect, prevents constipation and helps with indigestion. poultices are used on boils and reduce swelling and joint pains.

    What a useful herb!

    Yeah, a few people said something similar on different forums. It is Taras though, a male Ukrainian name, originally Greek. A loose translation is 'rebel'. It is a very rare name. There is a club of bearers of the name and they are even talking about organising a convention.

    I've read Taras Bulba in school and I've seen the film but because I read the book first I sort of expected more from the film. I believe Ukrainians have recently released a new film called Taras. I've not seen it though.

    And I was named after Taras Shevchenko, a poet and artist, and a national hero in Ukraine.

    I find the idea of a downloadable poster hilarious. So, if I don't want to be disturbed and someone knocks on my door, can I ring Thames Valley Police and ask them to come out to my place in Yorkshire? Leaving the sarcasm alone, the idea of posters has not been thought through well.

    Having to pay extra £350 on car insurance because I wasn't born in this country - this is from the words of Admiral insurance staff. Maybe I should also wear a yellow star to show that I wasn't born here and therefore am a bad driver.

    Ambition, by its nature, seeks to surpass. It is the leap rather than the step. The desire for change. The farmer, in sowing next season's crop, is not "ambitious" for it to grow. The cook, in making dinner, is not ambitious for it to sustain and be tasty. Ambition is of a different order, which seeks, like I said, to surpass.

    Surpass is the key word for me. Following these examples, a cook doesn't have to be ambitious but a chef does. A farmer doesn't have to be ambitious but an agronomist does. Mm... when I say 'doesn't have to' I still imply that it helps :)

    Being ambitious is a great quality in my book. For me personally it means to surpass and improve myself. Learning is something very important here. I see ambition to always learn more is like engines on a plane - if they stop the plane may not fall down straight away, it'll probably glide for a bit but it will start loosing altitude. In normal human language I mean when you stop learning you'll start getting old. I don't mean older, I mean old.

    There is a Japanese horror film called Audition where two friends are discussing a possible bride for one of them. His friend said something that I found very true - he said, you don't want a girl without education because a lack of ambition will mean that she is clingy And yes, I've had partners like that, someone who sits in front of you all the time and asks "what are we gonna do now?" and "I'm bored" - horrible.

    May be some people are happy where they are and do not want change. I accept that there are all sorts of people out there and everyone is entitled to live their lives in their own way. I don't want to change other people; changing myself would be more than enough - and this is where ambitions come in. Career, money and fame only become ambitions when they become your priorities and they don't have to, do they?

    I've used fluorescent acrylics with UV lights. I did a ceiling in a church in Vatican (joking, my friend's house really, a section of ceiling). Sorry I only have a phone pic of it. You can only take my word for it - it glowed.

    Have a look in the next few weeks on the nomadic living forum, I am now going to build stoves for the winter and have a play with different designs, got an idea for a dragon !!!!. I build metal furniture for the London market and have started to incorporate industrial chains and engine components to the items and they are going well.......


    Taras.... You don't need a certificate to show you have a skill, your pictures show more than anything that deadbeat college could ever give you, you have talent big style.......

    Thanks mate :thumbup: I know what I can and can't do. But I was surprised I actually wanted recognition; not sure how I feel about that.

    BTW I think your work is absolutely amazing. I can weld but I never built a stove - sounds like a top project. Knowing me I'd probably do something steampunk style with gears and valves. Not sure about the functionality :D

    I love looking at your work, what medium are you using?

    All sorts really. Watercolour, acrylics, pencils, airbrush, digital. It depends on what effects I want. I'd like to be able to use any medium. Digital makes this possible to a point - you can mix oils with watercolours, add pastels and blend it all. Most of the pics here are digital.

    I used to own an Austin Maxi. Then one day it was stolen and torched. Police told me that it was taken by a recovery company and I had to pay the fees. Well, insurance paid them in excess of £200 to bring it from top of the hill down into the village; no one asked me. They ignored my request to buy the car back. Of and now my insurance is like £800 for a 1.2 Corsa if I wanted to get one. Love insurance :curse:

    I used to work in an HR department in one of the supermarkets' head offices. I looked after their computer system managing employees, calculating 'benefits' etc. The who idea of HR there was to make employees work for as little as possible while convincing them that they are privileged to be there. Benefits included 'free parking space' and things like that. The formula for working out the holiday entitlement was so complex that stores' HR used to call us all the time asking to explain why their employees had so little holidays. The call would normally start with 'the computer system is wrong' and then I would spend 15 minutes talking them through the formula. A very clever way to have people off. They tell you when you start that the holidays were 29 days. They failed to mention that they included bank holidays. Oh, you can have a day off at xmas but it will come out of your holiday entitlement. And then one day they decided to move the pay day two weeks later. You are not getting paid for two weeks? - No problem, we will loan you your own money and deduct it for the next six months or so from your wage! Again, the man who designed the the change is extremely clever but he himself didn't even remember when his pay day was, it wasn't an issue to him. I spoke to him trying to explain what it means to be without money when you are on a wage close to the national minimum, but it was like talking in a different language; he was convinced that the reform would only make it better for the employees. What a tosspot that job was.

    Never thought I'd be so vain but I am actually upset by the fact that the college did not invite me to collect the certificates. I know it's only for the first year, it's not the final thing but they give us a certificate for every level; so it's NVQ level 1 for the first year. Everyone else is there now and it's not like I did worse than everyone else. I thought I did reasonably well. But.

    But the college admin decided to loose my papers, so I had to go and bring them everything again. To cut the long story short it took me four trips to explain to them that they should do their job properly. In the meantime, because they thought I owed them money (when I didn't) there is no NVQ level 1 certificate for Taz.

    I know I'll probably get the stupid thing in the post when they organise their paperwork, and like I said, I didn't think I was so vain. I certainly don't think of myself as needy. But I am not in the mood today sat here while my mates are getting their papers.

    So this sketch is dedicated to the wonderful administration of the Kirklees College in Huddersfield.

    it is really based on a scene from the film Quills, it's a band of musicians in the asylum