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    As written by someone else and fits my thoughts pretty well...
    "was she a racist? No. I may be wrong in defining racism as a conscious act, but that's the way I perceive it. When Jade was in the middle of her exceptionally ugly tirade against Shilpa, as broadcast on Wednesday, the word she used more than any other was 'liar'. That she didn't like Shilpa was blindingly obvious, but she didn't dislike her because Shilpa is Indian."
    I am not a fan of Ms Goody, I do agree that she was a bully, but I just dont feel she was racist... but just my opinion.. :shrugs:

    Quote from ms-violet

    Although, saying that, I don't actually think it is racism. It's more to do with jealousy and nasty female competition. It reminds me a lot of the way that girls at school would gang up on the girl with the posh accent who always got good grades.

    I totally agree, but I dont think Shilpa is totally innocent in all this either... !

    read a book in bed.. preferably a history book or something that has lots of dates and other boring shit in it.. works a treat for me usually.

    I dont completely and utterly trust anyone.

    There are some I trust more than others, but nobody completely.

    Quote from tekno slave

    Where is the evidence that nothing breeds violence quite so well as refusing to use physical force, because I've NEVER come across ANY theories that support your claim, and I've been studying psychology for three years now!

    I would guess in most playgrounds for a start ..:o
    ie, a gang of bullies are on the prowl to gain dinner money, they go to child A who gives his money over without a fight, they then go to child B who refuses and when pushed, pushes back.
    Next day bullies go on prowl for dinner money again, my experience is that they return to child A because its an easy touch.

    just giving my tuppence worth :)

    We had a building contractor here yesterday and they have been forwarned (apparently) by insurance companies that the water table in Lincs, Cambs and Norfolk is set to rise enough to cause flooding.. this year !!

    (dunno if its true or not.. just repeating what was said to me)

    Quote from jo_rhymes

    why is it acceptable to use violence? 2 wrongs don't make a right.

    What if you beat up the man, then discovered he was innocent?

    but what if you caught him in the act ? is it not then understandable that someone might want to hit him to make him stop ?

    Quote from tekno slave

    Swirly I would like to apologise! :o I'm really sorry that you found my post insulting, I can be a hot head and let my fingers get away with me. But to be honest your post was a bit vauge, this is no reason for me too fly off the handle and insult you. Hope you can accept my apology.
    Anj x

    you got PM :hippy:
    And no need to apologise (but thankyou, my apologies to you too :hug: )
    seems its a bit of a emotional subject for us both heh ?:bighug:

    Quote from tekno slave

    Oh my god do you believe all that you read in the papers!! Yes of course my thought are with that girl and her family, but what about that mans family!! Yes if my daughter was attacked I would be devestated!! And for a while be baying for blood! But its not compassion that would stop me its reason! Chemical castration has a VERY high sucess rate, and when it is coupled with therapy it works even better! There are very few incidences like this case, it is more usual for someone the child knows to be their attacker, so how would it help the victim? And if peodophiles were not all lumped into the same catergory, of evil kiddy fiddlers, some of these people have been abused themselves, or cannot help the way they feel. If we made it easier as a society for these people to seek help, wouldn't that be better.

    What sickens me is that there are so many people out there who assume that they 'know' how this family feel, and who are willing to just be part of the mob!! Yay go gather your torches its time for a peado hunt!

    I find this a tad condescending.
    I didnt say anyone should go gather or go hunt any thing, but dont assume because I dont have the EXACT same view as others here, I dont have experience with this sort of case, or with the families (yes both families) involved.
    I dont condone people who wish to "shoot the evil kiddly fiddlers" as put, I was trying to express that no matter what "I" would hope to be the "initial" response, I doubt that "I" would be so compassionate / rational / reasonable INITIALLY !
    There is a difference between condoning and understanding.
    I have witnessed girls and boys families wanting blood, thats NOT me saying I agree or condone, but I do understand.

    and just a by the by, we fostered several children who suffered horrific abuse, we have also fostered a sexual abuser, so dont go labelling me with anything, I've lived with the reality, not read it in a flipping tabloid or book !

    this sickens me !
    my thoughts are with the girl and her family !

    As much as I agree we do need to understand why paedophiles do what they do, do research and find a way to prevent these offences, (and get these people off the streets in the meantime) I think its fair to say that no matter what Id hope "I" would do in this situation, as much as Id hope "I" didnt feel the urge to want the attacker shot dead or "put out of his misery"... I seriously doubt the reality, initially, would be anywhere near so compassionate... but then, I dont see paedophiles as victims, I see them as offenders / voilators. If for sake of debate, they were to go to a doctor or therapist and state they have these impulses and wanted help BEFORE ruining other peoples lives, then Id probably be more lenient in my views.

    apple juice, or fresh plums.

    failing that, and this isnt that healthy but it worked for all mine, some brown sugar dissolved in boiling water and then top with cold water so its still warmish.

    A midwife once told me it was an old wives tale and that it didnt work, in desperation I tried it, and it definately worked for mine !

    stuff that tickles your funny bone ?

    ooo eerr missus !

    Im a giggler, the strangest things can set me off on a giggling fit.

    Quote from Coyote

    Are you amongst the folks who think religion should be something you should practice in your home and should not be part of school/work etc?

    If so, what does that mean to you to say that?

    I dont understand the question lol.. :harhar:
    I dont "practise" my religion, for me its a belief structure, part of who I am, so is with me no matter where I am or what I do.

    btw... WTF !! >>>> :calmdown: LMFAO !

    I've met quite a few in real life that I started initially getting to know on the internet.

    A couple of years ago a gang of us from a specific chat room, who had been chatting for a couple of years online, all met up in Blackpool for a holiday, and 2 even flew in from Germany for the get together. Funny thing was on that occassion, the person I really got on with on the internet, I clashed with big time in real life and we've not spoken since and the one person I didnt really connect with online is now an extremely close real life friend (although we now find it impossible to chat online, we either phone or visit each others homes lol)

    some of our other closest friends we met through a forum and then a few meets in a pub, and now we are regular buddies.

    Im actually going out tonight to meet quite a few people from a different forum.

    For me I tend to get a feel for people first online, but nothing beats that face to face meeting for me :)