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    Treat animals with a flea and tick spot-on drops,theres no problem with fleas. Ive lived with dog and cats in my trailer and never had fleas.Ive got a flea spray but never had to use it.

    I get more nuisance from earwigs and slugs.

    I do salty porridge sometimes,really depends on my mood.

    Most times i just put a couple of tablespoons of honey and cup of whole milk of quarter cup of cream.

    I also occasionally throw in sultanas and chopped nuts.

    Oatmeal is used in haggis and makes nice faggots.

    As Akasha said,if you put porridge in slow cooker it comes out nice and never burns.

    When i lived up on the outer Hebrides,i had a small peat range and porridge went on the back of it on a trivet overnight and was perfect by morning.

    Putting a manufacturing industry in the hands of a government of either political persuasion is the kiss of death.

    Labour made the mistake of nationalising the car industry and the Tories finished the job of fucking it up completely,pocketing the profitable bits and selling off the carcase to foreigners.

    Yes,the Tories were so environmentally conscious they sold off almost all of the forestry commission plantations into private ownership,removed the subsidies for sustainable eco energy generation and gave a huge kick-start to the fracking industry despite contrary advice from the science community and geologists..... Fuck Yeah..the Tories really are green and environmentally conscious LMAO.

    Fuck the politicians promises....You can polish a turd, its still a turd.

    I think medical science has a massive tendency to generalise results and to treat everyone as identical and needing the same remedies. This isnt really the case,there may be many similarities between groups of people,that doesn't make them the same and peoples bodies all respond differently to identical stimuli. We see this often in research studies where one may find something beneficial and another study less beneficial or detrimental.

    I think we also need to bear in mind there are often hidden agendas behind results. I well remember the mass of advice telling people they should eat margarine not butter as this was far better than animal fats.Now theyve found that margarine does incredible damage to the body and animal fats arent actually harmful as originally asserted.

    Because my father died of a coronary in his 40's i was advised to go on a low cholesterol diet even though i had normal cholesterol. Within a week or two i had awful awful joint pains which persisted for weeks so abandoned the low cholesterol diet and the pains disappeared virtually overnight.

    As for my own blood pressure ive never had high (or low) pressure. My BP and at rest heart rate is the same now it was in my late teens and early 20's. I have an extremely slow heart rate which ive had all my life,even caused great alarm in hospital until doctors realised its normal for me..I have however been extremely fit and doing extreme sport all my life until i broke my back a few years ago.

    At one point my liver function has been severely compromised by long term use of prescription opiates.I no longer take them. I have high creatine levels,cause unknown despite no end of tests.I also have menieres episodes occasionally.No one has managed to isolate a cause. I also have severe migraine attacks and no one has given me a cause or whether theyre related to menieres.

    I dont have high or low sodium. I dont take additional salt nor restrict my intake. I use organic himalayan rock salt I eat butter and normal dairy product consumption.I dont use any hydrogenated oil products.In fact everything i consume is organically produced,if it isnt i dint eat it.I gave up smoking 19 years ago.

    Menieres is not really something i take much notice of after having broke my back and recovered from that. I dont take a whole lot of notice of so called scientific nutritional advice published in media. Almost always its contradicted years later. Eat what suits you best. No matter what you do non of us getting out of here alive.

    I guess its probably a good product but ive never really understood the principle of vegans wanting to eat artificial meat replacement. Ive tried a load of vegan 'meat' products and quite honestly they taste shit. If i intended going vegan i would not bother looking for a meat substitute.

    You did say leave outside for foxes or passing dog to lick clean so how does that work with your ocd?

    I dont like dirty crocks lying about either but i also hate spending ages scrubbing manky pots.

    I do same...the chemical toilet is primarily for solids. Waste water containersfor everything else including washing up water....or a walk out in the field.

    I dont use chemical toilet fluids.The main ones contain formaldehyde and the eco ones are expensive and pointless and ineffective.

    Ive had pretty reasonable success with bio washing powder or scoop of oxyclean in the tank . It all keeps odour free. Neither products are supposed to be environmentally damaging.

    When i was travelling about more i tended to avoid lay-bys like the plague. As a truck driver parked up on compulsory breaks in lay-bys, the number of times ive seen drivers empty chemical toliets, gallon containers of piss or get out and just curl out a shit on the side of the road or hang a carrier bag of shit or condoms in the hedge,I think they must be about the most unhealthy places to parkup.

    Leave the porridge pan or other cooking pan full of water overnight,stir and empty you can wipe off the porridge that remains with a kitchen towel. No scourers required. Put butter in the porridge its less likely to stick. Use a very well seasoned cast iron pot it generally wont stick at all.

    Back to vans,its worth having a small porch awning if youre planning on stopping anywhere a few days in wet weather. Keeps the cold wet out and the warm dry in and somewhere to hang wet clothes

    Also always carry clean bottled drinking water. PITA hunting for it in the dark and comes in useful if you develop a leaky radiator.

    I went with them once when i was in my thirties,imvited because of my bushcraft was like Conservative party day out. I dont like walking with folks much as theyre just an annoying distraction so Ramblers assoc has nothing to offer me.

    Theyre all perfect for trekking across the badlands of Warwickshire though.Ive seem them a few times negotiating the steep treacherous slopes of the bypass footpath into town and the arduous canal towpath trail a few times.

    Yes theyve always got trekking sticks and bright cagoules, framed rucksacks (remember those)wooly socks up to their knees and an expedition leader with THE map and compass. All the men at the front and the ladies at the back.....

    Not everyone does. Plenty of mainstream lemmings have no clue what is possible or want the hassle.

    Its like the curse of tourism. Someone finds a lovely idyllic spot no one knows about and tells everyone else and then travel journos splash it all over the pages of their glitzy magazines and suddenly the idyllic spot is like every other fucking tourist dump.

    I agree views have substantially changed and off-grid,micro homes and lifestyles are more popular and acceptable,ive got two friends who used to slate me for living in a trailer who have now sold their homes and living in motorhomes because theyre sick of being relentlessly milked by the system. Council tax and growing levels of personal interference by officialdom being the primary motivation for ditching bricks and mortar.

    On the whole though views of us by the general population havent shifted much. People are sometimes envious of the lifestyle but mostly resentful or jealous, theres a degree of subtle passive aggressiveness or outright abusive to you like youre robbing them personally because you choose not to live as they do.

    Youre robbing the system and theyre paying for you, thats their different to their views on Irish traveller community.

    As far as im concerned im entitled to live as i do. I pay a landlord to stay where i am who is paying through the nose for council tax and business rates from the money he/she makes from me. I pay for my own electrickery and gas i pay fuel tax, vehicle tax, and VAT on what i buy so how am i scamming the system?

    To be fair i dont give a fuck though. The system has stolen everything i owned when i worked and gave me zero help in recovering from that, getting back some sort of independent life has been all through my own efforts.

    Now im retired and people can think and say all they like. Im not changing how I live.

    I think after the election is done with we will see more creeping interference in how we live as nomads and off-gridders. I think we will see more regulation through roadworthiness of our homes and imposed safety certification on gas electricity,heating systems etc in the same way canal boat owners are. Its already begun in the US, Australia and NZ. A move to more byelaws prohibiting living on the roadside or anywhere other than designated leisure sites and rigorous use of planning laws to prevent long-term stay. Refusal of insurance companies to provide compulsory insurance for vehicles if theyre used as homes.

    The system does not like people it cannot directly control.The politicians will do anything they can to regulate us or stamp us out.

    No mortgage to worry about and if you don't like the neighbors you can move. :D

    All true but i dont want to emcourage more people living nomadic lives because it will ultimately spoil it for those of us who already are.... Ill happily encourage them to stay as they are in a house and tell them of the awful hardship of living in a van or trailer.:D