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    Could you say you mistook it for a pigeon?

    As they are controlled over wifi i wonder if some sort of transmitter and directional antenna type arrangement could be used to interrupt the pilot?

    What happens to them if they lose contact with the device controlling them - do they just hover, do they land or do they just go off and do their own thing?

    Most of the recent upmarket models have GPS and if lose signal through distance or height,or battery power drops below safe they autopilot RTB( return to base)back to takeoff location and controlled landing

    Less sophisticated ones will power down and land where theyre out of range.

    Basic models will just crash as they require a continuous radio signal to maintain open throttle.

    All of the professional drones i know of in use have sophisticated onboard GPS and autopilot RTB and FPV so the operator can see from the drones perspective where it is flying via goggles or screen display.

    Have 5.8gightz dual radio link with at least couple of kilometre range.

    You really wouldnt want to lose one of those babies, they cost thousands.

    A friend of mine got videod in a gym shower by another gym user and reported the guy.He admitted it rather than get police involved and deleted the video he got banned from the gym and now phones and cameras are banned from all changing rooms.

    Its not just adults though,its kids taking photos of other kids and using them to body shame and bully them.

    If a phone device has a camera theres potential for abuse and most phones have 2 cameras and settings to record remotely or timelapse without anyone being aware.

    They also have wifi and network connectivity to immediately upload photos or video or stream them so theres potential for photos to be on the internet before anyone being aware or can prevent them being uploaded.

    Just to illustrate the point THIS

    I should do something, even temporary, the whole floor needs over-boarding it's that lightweight polystyrene sandwich crap that's in old caravans,I might have a go at digging a good amount of polystyrene out and squirting some expanding foam in the void cut off excess,seal with something then new lino, maybe..

    Is it actually a hole or has it just delaminated and sunk? If its delaminated you can repair it from underneath drilling hole in the ply floor and filling the void with expanding foam.

    I'd take a very dim view of that. If i found such a thing I'd be looking to prosecute the camera's owner.

    There seems to be a popular and deliberate miss use of mobile phones too...leaving them on with video recording in gym/swimming bath changing rooms/private rooms.Also secretly recording folks on trains and buses while pretending to be texting.People should be more savvy about what others might be up to with their phones.

    Talking of Drones,we were on the allotment site a few days ago,and became aware of a loud buzzing noise.Looked skyward and someone was flying one,which at the time,was ok but then.....they started hovvering over the allotment site.Not sure what they were up to but its not the first time its happened.Even if it was innocent,I don't like the feeling I'm being watched.

    Not just that but what theyre looking for,tools, sheds, ways in and out without being seen.

    I agree theres good and bad points to all of these things. Theyre always built and sold for the positive aspects but ultimately the chances of use for nefarious purpose are always there.

    Ive no problem with them being installed in public places and where value goods or cash are handled. It protects everyone involved both from thieving bastards amd from being wrongfully accused.

    These remote monitor cam systems have been available for years,there are apps on various appstores to enable two mobiles, or mobile and webcam to be used thus.

    For security reasons they have an advantage though I think if your 'significant other' installs one for keeping an eye on his/her OH i think its probably time to find a new 'significant other'.

    As for the drones privacy issue raised above, there are already specific guidelines on their use- including invasions of privacy-and ANY use for commercial purposes, whether aerial photography/video,structural inspections or other commercial use requires a 'permission for aerial work' from the CAA which to get one requires attendance of an approved course,registration and certification.

    The permit covers all aspects of safe flying zones but also data protection (any image or video is covered by the data protection act) and invasions of privacy.

    The government has also promised that from this year ALL drone owners flying drones above 200grams in weight will have to be registered and complete a certification course, accept and be bound by the flying rules contained therein so anyone reported in violation wont have much excuse for not knowing the law.

    The Government is also pressing for manufacturers to install geofencing into drones so that they cannot be flown in prohibited areas unless tampered with, which will no doubt be an offence probably meaning flying license revocation.

    200g is the size of most tiny toy drones.

    Im against licensing for most things but with the amount of stupidity awash with the use of drones i dont think the government of CAA has much alternative but to control their use.

    Undoubtedly theres also pressure from coporations on the government - like Amazon -who intend using drones for deliveries and they wont want us plebs flying drones endangering their operations.

    I think its inevitable though with all the technology capabilities we're going to be spied on.

    China has just embarked on a huge program to install CCTV across its entire country...presently the UK has the greatest concentration of public CCTV and getting more intensive...its only going to get worse so voluntarily inviting its capabilities into your own home via Alexa and home security monitoring just seems exceedingly dumb to me.

    Well done Marshlander,glad your efforts mostly paid off. I suspect once the Marina owners suddenly realise the implications to their own operations they may become more vocal.

    Presumably the registration and licensing will mean broads boat owners will be subject to the same 4yr certification etc that Canal dwellers are?

    I dont normally approve of zoos and wildlife parks but this is one place ive a lot of respect for with their breeding efforts and programs to change popular mindsets of the human inhabitants in the wolves own habitat and stop the persecution of them by hunters and working to repopulate the natural wolf packs.

    I know Ms Palmer,it was her late husband set up the Trust in a philanthropic attempt to do something to save wolves and i know many of the dedicated staff.They do a lot with their 'meet and greet' sessions to introduce people,particularly youngsters, to these beautiful animals and break some of the myths and natural antipathy toward them.

    I also know and have met the folks working on the ground in Yellowstone,Idaho, Russia and Bulgaria and know how dedicated they are to working with all global wolf experts to save them and protect them in their natural environment....which is what everyone wants and prefers but farmers and ranchers(particularly in the US) want them wiped out and Trump is actively assisting them.

    Until theyre protected in their natural habitat places like the UK Wolf trust are a lifeline.

    Unfortunately there have been attempts to sabotage and destroy the program by animal welfare activists and I doubt those will stop.

    Ive no doubt theres folk on here who disapprove and im wasting my breath but it might be a good idea to find out what they actually do, who they work with and what their stated aims are before talking a load of bollox.

    Apparently according to various forums swapping the DMF to normal flywheel and clutch is possible and been done but its not recommended because the crankshaft on DMF is lightweight and not built to handle the forces created by a solid flywheel.A few people have had broken crankshafts or bearings broken up.

    All in the weight saving philosophy, lighter and weaker.

    Best avoid anything with DMF.

    Since it was me ill respond,no offense taken.Dehydration is caused by the bodys own compensatory effects in trying to dilute the toxic effects of alcohol and rid it from the body.It will continue to conpensate until the alcohol is excreted completely.

    The degree of dehydration depends on the drink consumed -whether high alcohol drinks like spirits or low alcohol high water volume drinks like beer.

    Im not wasting my time looking up medical links pointing out the dehydrating effects of alcohol though,you can do that yourself. This thread was about breatharian nonsense.

    Have a nice day.

    Try a salt lick but must admit I haven't seen one for a long time, maybe old fashioned but animals loved them. It will always come back for that and then just leave it treats whilst you're around but ignore it as it will see you looking. Then just time and more treats.

    Yep you can still get salt licks for livestock.

    Yes , most of the year I go free , but when it gets a bit parky , I slip into my woolen family heritage combination long johns , and pack them out with straw for added insulation , and so I dont have to remove them every time I want to go to the toilet. By the end of the week they get a bit uncomfortable,and I do get a bit itchy , and TBH, I would prefer unused straw but we are on an economy drive this year, but Bungo reckons the straw out of the pig shed is OK 2nd hand , as they dont poo in there beds.

    Hey ho , first world problems :broc:

    You can always use the pig as an air freshener...

    Even with your living accommodation 35°C

    continuously youll still find spaces at floor level with no air movement such as bunks and cupboards with air temperatures not far off outside ambient...Unless youve got totally open-plan interior with no cupboards or enclosed compartments youre going to get mould.

    The UK has the perfect climate for propagating mould conditions,add in heating and poor ventilation its a winner.

    I think thats a large part of the issue,its not so much Islam is at fault its just a clash of cultures and what each see as acceptable.

    Eastern and Middle Eastern culture sees nothing amiss with arranged marriage,the complete unimportance of womens rights,the 'acceptable' nature (to the culture) of child brides and thus child sex.

    We abore all that but only because our own culture has grown away from those same practices quite some time ago.

    Theres also still the seemingly unsermountable problem of taklingy how police deal with crimes against women,gays and crimes where other races or ethnic groups are involved.

    There still appears to be a strong belief within the police services that women and gays bring attacks on themselves and thus dont warrant taking seriously,no doubt much of that motivated by latent misogyny and homophobia, ive myself directly witnessed that amongst police officers.

    The same goes for institutional racism and the counter-productive counter arguement of not getting involved,sweeping things under carpets so as not to cause political problems and much of that emanates from political directives from local or national level,though theyll never ever admit it.Such policies have allowed these grooming incidents to go on for years and never tackled.

    Even discussing such issues brings the usual polarising of old views and accusations from both sides.

    Until we are as a society capable of discussing it all like adults,its not going to go away.

    The space isnt currently deep enough to fill with sheepwool then, I think the slimmest is 50mm.

    I think id be inclined to fit sheepwool joist insulation to the rear slats find some ABS plastic mesh to fit over the whole slatted area to prevent the mattress sagging into the slat gaps when the bed is extended

    and fit a small silent ducted fan ie a hydroponics fan (theyre only around 20squid and easy to fit) or a silent computer fan, fit one at one end and a vent the other to push air through that dead space.

    As Cricket suggested,some olde worlde wool blankets underneath the mattress will help...wool is still one of the best materials because its naturally water repellent and fire retardent.

    you could of course use natural lambswool insulation which is dirt cheap naturally water repellent and readily available...ask any sheep. (Unless youve any vegan objections to keeping and shearing of sheep.)

    Exactly...with all the manufacturer installed airvents in my trailer i dont exactly have a poorly aired living space..too much at times but most trailers arent meant for living in theyre warm season holiday use but ive been in mine 10 years and found the problem areas and dealt with them.

    Despite all the vents i got mildew under bunks and in my wardrobe and in wall cupboards.

    Ive added tiny rubber pads or shims to hinges to all wall cupboard doors to keep them open a few milimetres -no longer mildew in them and stuck usb computer fans in the holes once occupied by plastic vents that push living space air into and around the enclosed mildew any more.

    Ironically the only place i got mildew after all that was behind the air gap space boards the manufacturer fitted specifically to keep the mattresses contacting the wall so i removed them put a thin layer of lambswool insulation and more mildew.

    I also put extra closed cell insulation in the bunkspaces on the wall and floor surfaces in them to prevent cold surfaces in them.

    Mould and mildew is tiresome,ive an epidemic of it in my van so later this year i have to strip it out and redo the insulation and tackle the ventilation. PITA,just glad i don't live in it.

    you could try getting a tub of silica gel chrystals and making up your own pads from cotton for on the slats.

    The problem you have there is the warm bedding compressed on the cold slats is causing condensation to form on the inside surface of the mattress fabric in contact with the slat.Therefore you need to insulate the matress from the cold area and put something there to absorb any moisture.

    Humans lose a couple of pints of water via breath and normal skin evaporation and all has to go somewhere.If theres 3 of you in the space thats quite a lot of moisture.

    The other photos you have indicate typical mould formation in corners where air flow is poorest.

    Silica gel may help and is the same stuff you get in tiny packets in clothes pockets when new.

    You can 10kg tubs of the loose stuff off ebay.

    You can also buy the packets in bulk and dot about in unseen corners.

    Or buy moisture traps.

    The main thing though as i said earlier is getting regular air flow in the area,either with computer fans running or a decent convection fan or dehumidifier for morning use, perhaps lifting or propping the mattress for an hour after daily use.

    Heating will dry out the living space air but wont dry air trapped in voids like enclosed bunk spaces or cupboards so you need to improve venting in those areas...and find ways to push living space air through them or extract air to outside.

    Mould mildew come with condensation and stagnant air/no airflow unless you tackle those issues youll always have mildew at some time regardless of how much bleach or mould spray you use.

    Theres a mildew spray you can get thats more effective than bleach but really you need ventilation.Stagnant air and damp leads to mould,you dont need much airflow just enough to keep the air changed daily.

    Ive got some tiny 5v computer fans fitted in vent holes in my bunks and wardrobe that push the air round. Lambswool insulation is good it doesnt absorb water or grow mould.Also closed cell insulation doesnt absorb water.You may need to put extra insulation on the cold walls under your bunks.I wouldnt recommend plastic covers on mattresses it just makes things worse.

    The human race arejust twunts to varying degrees,some have smarter insight for good or nefarious purpose,we tend to blunder along on a reactive path rather than any common proactive one.

    If humans dont learn to work together for common survival like we once used to in the scary dark times then we'll certainly learn how to perish together.