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    I like the idea BUT it would just cause a huge increase in vandwellers seeing a cheap alternative to bricks as well as the shiny white brigade taking advantage of a cheap parkup instead of using official sites. I was warned off a supermarket carpark in Glasto as they were clamping vans after the numbers increased so who would regulate it?

    The carparks are such a waste at present being empty from 2200 to 0800 and would be ideal for current peeps that is until the irish traveller shitbags spoil it.

    I dont know,it was a suggestion, But, if people purchased overnight parking permits from their supermarket store of choice and booked their slot like they do booking a home delivery the store only allowed a maximum of 5 units to stay on any night,it wouldnt be diifficult to police.

    Anyone there without permit gets moved on. Supermarkets already have security staff on duty all night and carparks covered by cctv and many have ANPR so you turn up at 10pm and bugger off by 8 am,cause a nuisance anywhere you get barred from using them.

    Same could be applied to council and country parks. It could be income fo them and affordable overnight parking for us.

    Its not much different to the motorhome parking offered on pub carparks in exchange for buying a meal.

    I guess if you didnt offer hookups it would deter many of the Shiney Whites who like their luxuries.

    Nothing is going to be a simple solution but doing nothing at all isnt a solution. Something needs to be trialled.

    The Government answer is ban everything,ban homelessness,ban street sleepers,ban campervans and overnight parking, ban sleeping in lay-bys, ban feeding the homeless... Ban Ban useful fucking ideas to offer to resolve anything though.

    Quick enough to impose parking charges in hospitals when youve got to visit sick relatives and clamp you for parking too long.

    Wouldnt it be fantastic if every supermarket amd council and National Patk with an empty fuck off carpark at night offered overnight parking for up to 5 vans or motorhomes for a moderate fee to cover water, hookup if needed and somewhere to tip waste.If theres cctv they can see who is being a cunt.

    Thats the kind of initiatives we need to address the issue not outlawing it and pretending there is no problem.

    Dont get wrong it would be nice if there was a mutually beneficially community of nomadic dwellers,irrespective of what they live in,who all show respect,look out for each other and cultivate a warm and fuzzy relationship with all settled landlubbers but in reality its not going to happen.

    By our nature we reject most of what settled society represents and although plenty of us try to get along with the normies,plenty take the piss and try their best to antagonise just cuz they can.Its what stopped me going on impromptu camps in the early 80's because i got fed up of spending nights drinking with seemingly ok folks only to find them rooting through my kitchen stores in the morning or nicking my wood and coal.

    I dont know what the ideal answer is apart from providing proper affordable nomad parkups that arent like caravan and motorhome sites and providing more of them even if it meant paying a quid or two a night and not having authorities persecuting people who choose not to live in bricks and mortar.

    I just think its a really bad idea youtubers et al trying to encourage more and more people into this lifestyle like its dead glamorous and cool when we who already live like this are already facing parkup and harrassment issues that will only get worse as numbers swell.

    I think you can only do what you can only do and in the best way you can. No amount of effort,coaxing,kindness or coercion guarantees that the way a child turns out will be the way you expect or hope.

    I certainly didnt turn out how my father hoped or expected and for the 20 years i knew him we barely spoke, he never ever demonstrated any loving feelings to me and I mostly grew to hate him more and more until he was no more, and he resented how close me and my mother were like it was all her fault.

    After 40 years of trying to understand why he was as he was, his background and parenting and the parent he was to me, ive accepted it all as circumstance and collateral damage of his own upbringing, but ive not forgiven at all and determined never to emulate his treatment of me on any of my offspring.

    I think he would have actually accepted somewhere along the way that i achieved far more than he ever did,did things he never got to do or could ever have done and he would possibly have been proud of me in the end,but he also would never have told me so.

    Its pointless beating yourself up over your kids,they are who they are and parenting is only one part of the puzzle that influences who they are. In the world of today they seem to grow up as global internet

    children influenced by the same media,music, video,lifestyle fashion etc and less by their parents generational experience. Life happens on line and more relevant than real life to them and theyre all exposed to the same influences so its a big ask to expect them to become the kid youre hoping for as a parent.

    My two biological young kids dont live with me they live with their same sex parents in a wellheeled village,well looked after,could want for absolutely nothing and both very bright and intelligent, loving and caring,fully aware of how they arrived in the world and happy with that and carry on as normal without any influence or intervention from me.

    Maybe they may come to resent my lack of presence in their lives as they become teenagers, I dont know, maybe they'll be glad since im probably living a lifestyle theyd be embarrassed about? Who knows what goes through kids minds, but i can only be in it when circumstances allow and be who i am, if its not enough well too bad . Im certainly not going to regret anything, what will be will be.

    Im no lover of children,i have no patience for them or the trials and tribulations of parenting and it would drive me insane having to be responsible for children daily,especially with my own issues,so im glad my kids parents do have all the qualities i lack and can give what i cannot. I still love them and they love me and send me cards and presents so thats enough.

    Theyll make it in the world perfectly well,with or without me, just as I did myself.

    I know having a good parental relationship is very special,not every child or parent gets it right. Good parent /child relationship and positive experiences seems to the exception not the rule.

    Enjoy it while you can.

    Ive been an omnivorous eater for 60 yrs,i like good food. I love the taste of meat bird or fish,cant help that,its way i woz brung up. So for me its trying to find a veg meat substitute that actually tastes like chicken lamb beef or pork or fish and can eat without contributing to the industrialised slaughter and processing of animals.

    Vegan products are labelled in familiar terms so the traditional meat eating consumer knows what the product is supposed to taste like.I dont believe theres anything more sinister. Its not really sufficient to say 'contains meat substitutes' without knowing what flavour of meat its supposed to be. Meat eaters buy particular meat or meat products knowing full well what its going to taste like.Life long vegans wouldnt care as in general they never liked it and dont normally eat meat substitutes or feel any need to.

    Im disappointed that the options are so limited and tasteless for meat fish and dairy products. No way would i eat lab grown meat either. End of the day if im not enjoying the eating process theres no point to life either from my viewpoint as most of our lives involves eating. Ive lived on veg and cereal diets due to lack of money and for me its soul destroying.

    I know eating meat in the western world is losing its popularity and much of that attitude change is squarely down to the vile inhumane industrialised nature of meat production.

    Years ago farm animals lived very long lives,well looked after and treated with respect, often had familiar names and farmers felt uneasy about losing critters or sending them to market. Ive worked on farms like that as a youngster.

    Ive grown and eaten my own fowl knowing they were all exceptionally well cared for,fed the best,free ranged and had good lives and swift painless end.

    Id not eat commercial farmed meat from supermarkets as its just an intensive industrialised racket so the only options are to find a traditional meat producer and pay a big price premium or find an affordable convincing meat substitute.

    If i lived in a location where i had no choice but to subsistence hunt or fish for my food id have no problem with doing that,ive done it before. Im not hung up on any philosophy its just that id rather procure my food from more ethical sources than whats available to me in this so called modern world.

    Meat produced en masse and down to a price isnt ethical as far as im concerned. For that matter neither is industrialised vegetable or fruit production.

    NC, the convoys were fuckups in the face of the working man and the powers that be and Bristol was taking the piss. If the convoys were low key and better organised then maybe there'd been a better outcome and better acceptence, the media coverage made the most of muppets saying ' we're waiting for our giros' and diesel to move on. Bristol from pics looked to the public to be a ghetto decending into suburbia, too many peeps all in one place and it only needs the papers to say they're shitting in peoples gardens and public anger is then aroused causing calls for their removal.

    It really pisses me off to find an empty park-up then to have neighbours decend on my bumper. Nobody is going to take much notice of an old 'camper' on it's own no matter how scruffy it looks if it't parked for one night. (The peeps in their so called 'stealth' vans have no idea how much they stand out in the rural. A parked up van in the sticks is usually thought of as a 'gyp' on the rob.)

    Too many vehicles especially together, cunts leaving rubbish and shit / toilet paper in laybys (regular occurrences nowadays) is what kills it without media coverage to entice more and will just bring more barriers, more regulation and more hate.

    And the reason The Convoy and Bristol came about is because people were never reallt free to roam and live as they please and being victimised by police and establishment for their lifestyle choice just as gypsy travellers are and expected to conform to the working mans view... and i guess safety in numbers attitude prevails. Im not saying either was a thought out way to respond to the political pressure and homelessness and The Government subsequent response to outlaw what lead to the Convoy has just made it all harder for all nomads fulltime or part... and still used against informal raves and gatherings.

    End of the day whether folks work or not or whether they live in vans or live in houses or flats ,some are shitheads and arseholes with no respect or common sense and some are decent respectful folk. The only difference is their attitude not what they live in. Settled working men are pretty resentful about everything -mostly for good reason- theyre also extremely intolerant and resentful of folks who arent like them and live the way they do.

    Its always the folks trapped in houses and flats and social conformity doing all the complaining about folks who show a bit of free spirit.

    Yes definitely a texture thing. Some of the meat substitutes like quorn make tend to be either soft unpleasant squidgy andvtasteless or rubbery and tasteless. The pulled peas in LazyVegan meals has a reasonable chewy meaty texture but needs plenty of flavour enhancement. Certainly wouldnt want to eat it on its own like a chicken sandwich.

    To be honest ive made tastier meals with large steak mushrooms but still doesnt cut it.

    In the LazyVegan provencale and the mexican mix its ok and probably be ok bunged in a curry sauce and simmered a good while.

    I do like that theres absolutely no chemicals or flavor enhancers in the packs,just veg,herbs and oils.

    That said not much of calorific substance either. 350g pack only 400 cals so ill definitely be hungry again later....the cake will coming out.

    I agree about vegan cheese,every one ive bought has ended up in the trash and im not terribly happy with veggie spreads.

    As a trial I bought some vegan choc cake :vomit: the seagulls had that.

    The quest continues.

    Could it not maybe bring people together? More vandwellers , more political clout, more nice park ups like in France? A whole country living free and off grid, sorry getting carried away ,but maybe??

    Doesnt seem to have worked well for traditional travellers and Roma, or the canal boat dwelling community now saddled with compulsory inspections,certification,permits and compulsory requirements to keep moving on unless youre paying for a permanent marina mooring and council tax.

    You can see where thing were going after The Convoy crackdown years ago and Bristol more recently. Authority just doesnt want people doing what they want.Plenty of holiday towns are stopping overnight parking on seafronts and car parks,same in National Parks.

    In the US,city authorities in some states are outlawing the use of solar panels and catching rainwater or any attempted offgrid development that is not connected to utility companies even on your own land.

    Theyre cracking down on folks sleeping in RVs or trying to make it illegal.That kind of corporate authoritarian stupidity ends up here in the UK.

    Majority of nomads and offgridders just want to be independent and look out for themselves and provide for themselves but that means youre not on the system hamster wheel and beyond control.

    Enjoy the life while you can.

    Not to mention it can make you pretty ill if not washed and cooked properly. To be honest im beginning to think its just best not looking for a meat substitute and just eating veg/fruit. Almost every meat replacement ive eaten has been pretty dire. The pea meat by lazyvegan being about the only one i can stomach.

    So far the vegan fast food foray is not going well. Sainsburys failed to deliver the Birds Eye green burgers and substituted their own crappy product made from soya and a billion chemicals dhich i sent back. The Heck sausage? Well precisely,what the heck was it, apart from it did actually have the consistency of sausage meat but the taste free and nausea inducing so half the packet now lives in the trash bag.Good riddance. Ill stick to home made Glamorgan sausages for now.

    Vegan sausage or burger recommendations? Must not contain soya quinoa or shitloads of chemical fakery.

    I went on a couple of FB vegan groups to find out about decent recommended meat substitutes and got jumped all over on one for ever having eaten meat in my life and the other because someone looked at my profile and said I was horrible person keeping animals in slavery (pet dog and cat) so i left both. It seems to be the same on Fb in general, youre not even allowed comment on your own profile without someone diving in to have a go about something It should be renamed Arsebook, because its full of them. I think youre far better off with trial and error finding your own vegan products you like which is what im trying to do and not always successful but i am trying..Far too many self appointed experts and vegan police for my liking.

    Exactly,its usually (but not always) the brash types with loads of disposable income who go about leaving shitloads of crap where they parked up and blagging to everyone theyre living for free. There was one such person in a plush van pictured on a website emptying his chemical toilet on a public carpark. That kind of thing is going to get us all banned from places.

    To be honest what ive seen of them,we seem to be getting overrun by designer yuppies and swish conversions used mainly for weekenders and hols which has drastically hit the second hand van bus and truck affordability for six.

    Look whats its done to VW T4 and T5 s,theyre going for mortgage money and theyre not even practical to live in.

    Its having an effect in some areas already,lije in Scotland where theyre banning overnight parking in many areas and theyre bringing in tourist taxes on motorhomes and campers and we could see an end to wildcamping.

    Sooner or later the government will want its cut for van conversions and lost council tax and want its grubby hands in regulating conversions and issuing certification on the grounds theyre unsafe or a health hazard. The Government doesnt like people living cheap who it cant control.

    Everything is getting sodding gentrified in this country. You cant go normal camping these days,its frowned on as far too basic. Folks want hardwood floors and Persian rugs sofas and luxury beds in their glamping tent now. Shepherd huts with luxury interiors FFS

    With all these newly converted palaces like vans around it will be,easy to spot us crunchy types to be hounded off the road via MOT and habitability certificate.

    Give me crusty any day

    Free wifi is defnately a bonus if youve got access lol.If you were using a phone to monitor cameras on its wifi it wouldnt be using your data allowance (or anyone elses)

    Also most apps dont use much data. Its video or image content that eats up data,so things like Youtube or instagram Pinterest etc will use up more data quickly.

    Vodafone do a sim card called voxi that uses their network and social media browsing on certain social media sites is completely free.

    If you dont actually need or use a phone then maybe a small 4G capable 7" tablet might be better.

    You should steer clear of small resolution screens these days as most apps and content are engineered fir larger displays now.Also avoid older operating software models ie older than Android 5 or IOS 6 as support for them is ceasing and therefore security patch updates not being sent out so app developers eont support their apps on older versions.

    Also,make sure any phone you buy has a large internal memory irrespective of any SD card supported as many of the system apps take up huge amounts of internal memory.For instance my Alcatel i bought as a spare standbybphone has an 8gb internal memory but 6gb of thst space is taken up by system apps 2gb are google crap and the rest is factory shit installed that i cant remove unless i root the phone so im limited to how many apps i can install on it. The onky advantage was it was brand new 2 yr old phone and costvl £220.

    Even if some apps will move to SD card a large part of those apps has to occupy the internal memory to function so get a smartphone ( or tablet) with absolute minimum 16gb internal memory if youre planning to install many of the common apps available.

    Im afraid i view it in the same negative way as i do tourism which shows people all the idyllic places to visit and suddenly theyre no longer idyllic because theyre overrun by tourists and people who want to make money from them.

    I dont see all the interest in vanllife and van conversions very positive for those of us who already live mobile life on the edge of society or offgrid.

    Not everyone would want to live nomadic nor is it it practical for most, but the more people who move into our sphere the more pressure it puts on it,on finding hideaways and parkups, it attracts more attention and before long will attract regulation,it already is doing that now with changes to taxation on motorhomes and imposition of PSPO's to control nomadic parking and sleeping in vehicles.

    As more folks convert vans it makes it harder to find affordable vehicles and accessories to kit them out with.

    At the end of the day most of those folks who write books and make videos on how to convert vans or live in them (or any other subject) are doing so to make money.Theyre not doing it out of some grand altruistic philosophical motivation.Theyre doing it to make money from book sales and advertising clicks and they hope some sponsorship or freebies along the way or fame.

    They just become paid social media influencers for marketers, social lifestyle media and corporate interests,so they too can make money from it.

    Years back,smallholding and self sufficiency were a niche interest and you could do it really cheaply,buy old tractors, farm machinery and kit for bog all. Now its big money,nothing is cheap and a thousand and one 'experts' all competing to make money from books, videos and 'how-to' guides and thats pretty much the normal state of affairs with any interest now.

    If youve got a nice way of life,keep it to yourself,because sure as hell once everyone else knows about it theyll fuck it up for you.

    Network technology is not a straightforward subject with a simple answer,its very complicated and they all tend to use different frequencies which influences how good your network is,on top of any local issues like mast coverage,topography,interference,buildings,trees (trees in leaf absorb radio signal more than bare trees),weather (humidity and cloud cover),if its summer or winter etc etc

    Unless you live in a top major city,5G is not going to be any use to you for quite a long time so its not even worth considering. 4G is getting better coverage but its still patchy or non existent especially in rural areas. Huge tracts where i live in Warwickshire and Oxfordshire have no 4G and 3 G is poor and its been pretty poor wherever i travelled hence why ive got so many gizmos and aerials to boost reception.

    2G replaced the original cellular radiotelephone technology of early cellphones and has a limited data packet capability for texts and SMS and sending small packets of data like your smart meter would send and gps locators use it to to send their gps location.

    The advantage of it is its low frequency band around 800mhz which has a reasonable good range and will penetrate obstacles like buildings and not badly affected by terrain or trees cover. T mobile and Orange which are now EE and concentrated on rural customer services as did 3 whereas bt cellnet (now o2) and vodafone were only really interested in urban customers and infrastructure routes so is why EE and 3 are generally better in rural areas. EE was chosen to build a national integrated emergency comms system to cover every part of the UK which has meant building 400 new masts and integrating all networks mast coverage. So when its finished,all emergency services and coastguard mountain rescue lowland rescue,cave and mine rescue will be linked and you should be able to make an emergency call no matter where you are in the UK.

    3G is a newer technology for integrated call and data service which is what made smartphones and normal mobile Internet possible. Its capapable of data packets,high speed data packets and streaming data as well as calls and 4G is a higher standard again capable of high speed streaming data services fast enough to watch video or play games online with no freezing or latency (lag)

    The problem with 3 and 4 G is they both mostly used high frequency bands 1600mhz up to 2600 mhz which has a shorter range and poor building or obstacle penetration so to get a good coverage more masts are needed.

    5G will use 3400mhz which will need all current masts to be completely upgraded as there are very few operating that frequency range and more of them which is why the proposal was put forward to use churches and other community buildings to install additional short range transmitters to increase local coverage. Its a big problem hence why 5G wont be available fast.

    4 G services are improving faster because providers are now using additional frequency range around 800mhz for 4G services that was originally used for UHF analogue tv before it went all digital and now freed up for mobike networks so 4G in some rural areas is improving but its still pot luck where you are.

    The only way to assess if your service is good is check the service coverage pages of each network provider and see whether you have decent coverage from one or more of them.

    EE and 3 tend to be the better rural provders and best for data pricing. For instance 20gb of data a month on EE PAYG costs me 25 quid. O2 data is reasonably priced also but service here is pretty crap. Giffgaff is good but uses O2 network so fir me that option is out. EE do bigger data limits on contract as do vodafone.

    I have two smartphones and i virtually never make calls or send texts i just use them for internet and the apps i use on them.

    I use them both via a wifi from my 4G home network modem as both phones wont pick up a strong enough signal to work properly where i live whereas the network modem does (its got a better antenna) I can watch movies or stream any media on 4 G which is impossible using the phones.

    That option might be one for you if you have poor reception in your area Steve.

    It also very much depends on the handset capabilities for signal reception. Newer phones tend to have better internal antenna technology. Neither my Sony or Alcatel are any good where i live until im out on the main road. Xiaomi Cubot Samsung Iphone Huawei and later Sony phones seem to be pretty good for poor reception areas.

    Internet USB Dongles and Mifi network modems and 4G home network modems are much better at signal reception than mobile phones are.

    Knowing some of your interests i think youd probably benefit from a smartphone purely from the apps you can get to use on them. I use mine mostly for weather, emergency medicine, mapping, bushcraft,photography and video so full of apps to help in those interests,but theres apps for literally every subject. I never text or call anyone with phones, I use Telegram or Whatsapp or Skype so the calks ir text's come in the data allowance and negligible cost.

    You can easily integrate remote wifi cameras or intrusion sensors,weather monitoring or many other sensory inputs to mobile phones now,you just need an app off one of the stores to do it.

    Ive got cameras i can monitor via my phone. I also fly a couple of drones via my phone too and my weather monitoring sensirs are linked to it. There isnt much you cant link to smartphones these days.

    As for FAKE i know the US and EU have tried to level the playing field over 5G market access and service provision, but theres no way anyone can access genuine 5G without the technology (masts and a 5G service and 5G capable phone) Anyone who promises that is just telling you lies. The US and far east and China is at least 10 years ahead of us as far asm 4 and 5 G service goes.Plenty of Europe is too. We can thank Thatcher for that because she never believed mobile phones would catch on..duh! So the radio frequency networks would use were never sorted out till the 90's. Most of Europe is way ahead of us even if we have one of the highest mobile dependent societies in the world.

    Thats the problem with most alternative ttherapy, it costs money and most of the time its not cheap either it comes at premium prices.

    Until you can muster the fees you could look into alternatives you can research for yourself and try. Acupressure and sinus reflexology are two and diet /food allergy tests but im sure youre probably already aware of the latter.

    Acupressure does work for some issues and can provide some relief from sinus related pain. It works for me even if it doesn't completely get rid of migraine it can reduce the symptoms.

    Its not made up hocus pocus,the body has many nerve pressure points some of which can bring down blood pressure dramatically (so care required- you need to know what you're doing )or relieve pain if massaged correctly ( incapacite people if struck-not recommended) so worth looking into as an optional therapy.

    Theres loads on the spiderweb if you search sinus pressure points, acupressure or sinus reflexology,

    This is one for acupressure that gives some useful background.

    I was told the same re acupuncture and back pain/injury so i didnt bother. Its notoriously difficult to target back pain with many pain relief options.

    Ive had it for both my shoulders as ive dislocated and fracture dislocated both sides a number of times and it relieved it short term. However,i was also told id have to continue it on a regular basis to maintain pain relief and i just cant be arsed with the hassle or expense. I found alternatives.

    Ive no idea if it helps migraine (which i get) but the best option is to try it. Not everyone responds to the same therapy in the same way, so give it a go,what can you lose...some money and time maybe.

    Whether we're worried or not its coming. Its unlikely to be a countrywide network for everyone for at least 10 years. Many rural areas still only have reliable 2G and sporadic 3G and 4G is just dreamland.

    Most large population centres and infrastructure here will have 5G but the rest will have the same sporadic 4G. It also requires updating personal technology devices to 5G capability which is expensive.

    It will be invaluable for extending health services and online consultations to more rural areas and rural businesses need to be able to compete globally on the latest technology as well as those in city so 5G will get rolled out faster than 4G has but im not expecting things to change overnight as they seem to be hyping at the moment.

    Being a technology fan im always interested in new gizmos and capabilities but 5 G is only really going to benefit businesses and the operators primarily because they can push way more data through the same networks without bottlenecks and clogged servers. The only advantage to users is you can watch films stream games and upload/ download files pretty much instantly with virtually no latency. Ok if youre a gamer or film buff or like making video content to upload instantly to various platforms or use bio monitoring to an OCD level....but otherwise you dont need it.What is in place already will serve most users perfectly fine.

    Most smart meters and similar devices use 2G,theyre likely to continue to use that technology standard.In fact 2 G is likely to be a standard that will stick around long after 3 G is phased out. Its being used for meters, GPS locators and is a better technology for call and text in remote rural locations. The emergency services are keen to keep it so its going nowhere fast. EE are currently upgrading the national 999 network to ensure there is nowhere in the country you cannot make an emergency call by mobile using 2G 3G primarily.

    As for health risks,of course theres risk. The human body is driven by an electrical system of its own and any electromagnetic radiation from any source is going to have some influence. Theres a strong correlation between incidence of coronary and stroke events from solar and cosmic radiation peaks. Devices interfere with pacemakers and unshielded aircraft electronics so theyll interfere with ours.

    2G devices were found to cause health issues despite them saying there was no risk and device transmitter wattage was substantially reduced from 8w to 2w or less to reduce health risk.

    Individual devices on their own may not be a health issue but millions of them and a massive network of them immersing everyone in radio emissions is not good and in some locations theres going to situatiins where theres pools of very high emf and no one will know where they are or how its affecting us long term.

    Theres been evidence hushed up that mast engineers are often sick from exposure.Hiw true this is hard to know.

    We like the technology though so we are going to carry on using it. Hopefully in years to come we won't discover its like smoking or fast food and has caused irreparable damage. Its no coincidence that EMF weaponry and neurodisrupters have been developed by the military to incapacitate and kill people.

    Security? That's really down to individuals and their lax attitude to personal data security and is not specific to any network standard. 5G uses ultra high speed data transmission but if your personal security is dire,your passwords are predictable etc youre going to get hacked just the same.

    Privacy? I agree im no fan of having camera's everywhere and being under surveillance 24/7 but that really depends on how its used and regulated and that applies to any technology standard.

    I think we all resent being watched by the authorities but we all want them to be able to keep us safe from terrorists or criminals and to be able to catch perpetrators so i think we are going to have to accept it.

    Its a bit silly of us complaining about being under surveillance in a CCTV society when we as a society load billions of hours of personal videos onto the net in form of dashcam footage,leisure activities,home life events,aerial footage from drones,personal bodycams,petcams,selfies and amateur porn.

    Our society we live in voluntarily uploads far more information to the internet to social media than could ever be gathered by government or public cctv.

    People will continue doing that, we've technically already given away our right to privacy.

    Personally ive lived in both manual and digital worlds and although i like the technology based lifestyle it wouldnt bother me much if it all disappeared.

    There is a lot to be said for simplicity and being dependent only on yourself and your abilities and not on the technology that controls everything.

    First time ever ive done my shopping and not purchased any real meat. Ive gone on a veggie meat binge to try out,but this time not bought any yucky soya or Qourn based stuff (which i cant stick). So some more LazyVegan products plus vegan sausage by Hecks and the 'new' Birds Eye green burgers...we shall see if this was a wise move later.

    Nope wrong,you assume you think you know me and my background which you've no possible understanding of.

    Of course the US foreign policy and its historical context are enshrined in various state departments reports and assessments over many decades so form a template of how best to deal with what ever that country faces in a consistent manner irrespective of administration but contrary to his legions of his own experts opinion and advice hes gone off on unbelievable random tangents and left his experts to sort out the resulting mess hes left in the room.He conducts his policy by random unintelligible populist twitter rambles and rants.Hes become the Republicans own elephant in the room.

    Far from making America great again hes made it a laughing stock diplomatically and in foreign policy and allowed foreign powers to exploit the shambles and weakness he projects.

    Im not nterested whether you or anyine else agree or not about my opinion, its a forum for sharing opinion and discussing stuff thats all.

    Historians will have decades to forensically dissect the wisdom of the Trump years.

    To be honest i wouldn't expect any of the CANZUK countries to say yes, done deal. Non of them know what the arrangements between the,UK and EU will be post Brexit,we dont know ourselves, and there are hundreds of trade deals to be sorted out either with Europe or the rest of the world so sny CANZUK deals have to be tied implicitly to those negotiations. It would be completely unrealistic to expecy otherwise.

    The vast majority of his special advisors hes sacked are Republican Pentagon and DoD hawks who know considerably more about the world than a half ass amoral womanising dummy running numerous successive businesses into bankruptcy.

    Far from draining the swamp hes created a bigger one,but of course he'll get re-elected because his legion of amoeboid followers think hes a hero for firing a few missiles at Iran.

    I agree,the mind boggles.

    Its worth bearing in mind that most people elected into political office have no better understanding of world affairs or economics or history than 'a random bunch of hippies'. Its often the case that random people in the street have a better understanding of economics and history than most politicians and their advisors.

    Political office is mostly luck of the draw and or who you know. Dominic Cummings being a prime example of unelected political advisor and sociopath who is or seems to be setting government policy.

    Its also worth bearing mind that most of us dont identify as hippies and that many of us have backgrounds education or experience beyond just being "random hippies". Not really sure if you intend that term to diss the members here but thats how it comes across.

    Trump is an opportunist and a scammer. He said years ago if he ever ran for President hed run as a Republican because Republican voters are all as dumb as fuck and believe anything.

    Trump is no chess player though.

    Hes good at getting himself into things but no good at managing or long-term strategy.Every one who tries to advance his goals he frustrates their efforts and sacks them. Sooner or later the Republicans will give up on him once hes no longer their useful idiot.

    End of the day we are all just people,of whom some climb to high office whether deserving of it or not.

    Im happy being a "random hippy".

    Maybe if we had a better standard of political leaders we wouldnt all spend decades of our lives living in fear of war or terrorist attack or even jobless poverty.