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    Maybe im just stupidly old fashioned but there was a time when if you wanted to make a constructive argument for or against something, you gathered all the necessary indisputable facts you could and lobbied every possible avenue to bring about the change you sought.

    I cant help but feel the infantile pavement die-ins and other more aggressive tactics that are mostly causing inconvenience, annoyance or total bemusement only undermines the seriousness of the subject matter and confuses the message intent.

    Theres ample proven scientific evidence that climate change is occurring -regardless of its cause -and that all humans WILL be impacted and i would not think it terribly difficult to use that mass of evidence in a constructive way in a relentless campaign to sway politicians,media and corporate heads to pay some attention.

    How many people are in ExR? I would think way more than enough to create a substantial direct on-going online campaign to all corporates,supermarkets and politicians and by appearing on mainstream media on everything from plastic packaging,food air miles, globalisation,loss of local produce sourcing, environmental degradation etc etc that likely would have greater impact than achieved so far by bashing the public.

    If youre trying to make a serious point to someone theyre not going to take you very seriously lying on your back on the road pretending youre a dead fly.... or a dead anything, theyre just going to assume youre a loon with nothing better to do.

    Much of the current action interferes with,or inconveniences the very section of society from which youre trying to win friends,influence people and inspire change.

    Like i said, my initial interaction with ExR was not at all positive and despite my very strong eco ethos and desire to see change i remain completely unconvinced by ExR and their tactics.

    Whats concerning is that there are common complaints of bullying,railroading of the issue into pushing of a marxist authoritarian agenda in some quarters,both of which are unhelpful to furthering the ligitimate progress of proposals to deal with climate change and just allows denialists room and excuse to further undermine the message.

    To a large extent i think theres a comparison with EXR and the prominent by-pass protests of the 80's/90's like Newbury and others.

    They were very prominent, confrontational,attracted a lot of media attention and support across a wide range of the population but they still got built.

    Non of the action did more than slow down progress and cause inconvenience and made security firms a lot of money.

    The reason they ultimately failed is because the majority of people want cars and to be able to travel from A to B with minimum congestion holdups.

    Ergo the destruction of land over which bypasses went was little more than a necessity to allow themselves to continue to travel with minimum inconvenience and not alter their lifestyle in any way.

    The same applies with climate change. People routinely express concern and the wish that something should be done but in reality not many are willing to make the necessary dramatic changes to their lifestyles and consuming habits because they kind of like the way they live and these climatic weather events are happening to people in foreign parts so ' its not really that urgent is it! '

    Im not saying ExR shouldnt be trying to change minds but I dont think inconveniencing the people whose minds youre intent on swaying is a great way of presenting facts or pushing change.

    The reality is people will act only when the water is lapping at their door....then of course theyll be blaming government inaction and everyone else but themselves for their part in the disaster.

    I agree,the higher taxation on vehicles and non eco technology and energy is like turkeys voting for christmas. The measures will only hurt those least able to afford it and widen the haves and have-nots gap in society.

    There seems very little joined up thinking or sensible solutions offered.

    Most of our problems stem from our general sense of entitlement to consume and live extravagantly thats not at all sustainable long-term.

    No one addresses that obsessive compulsion to consume.Quite the reverse,we are actively encouraged to consume and at ever increasing rates on things we really have no need for.

    No one addresses the absolute stupidity of commuting vast distances on a daily basis to work and back creating the pollution and congestion we suffer, when we have the technology to eradicate the need for centralised work centres that most employers insist on, that create this situation.

    No one addresses the fact we are eating food thats been flown half way round the world to get to our plate...we keep on buying it though.

    No one addresses the fact that globalisation is destroying our local economies or our ability to be locally self sufficient because everything we depend on is mostly shipped in from abroad.

    It really is about educating people and encouraging a rational change of consuming habits. It wont be achieved by disrupting peoples lives through protest or taxation.

    We really do need to change because here in the UK we are exceptionally vulnerable to extreme weather disruption that comes with climate change.We live on an alleyway frequented by the jet stream and huge atlantic weather systems and our essential infrastructure no longer has any spare capacity to absorb and cope with catastrophic events.

    And yes there are too many of us but in all species there are natural regulatory mechanisms that control over successful population growth of a species. Disease usually intervenes but famine is equally potent. Humans arent immune from these regulators,in fact weve a few aditional manmade ones like war and nuclear accidents...who takes any notice of Fukushima now? yet its effects havent really got going yet.

    Dinosaurs ruled the planet once look what happened to them.Now were another set of dinosaurs ruled by suited dinosaurs.

    It wont end well, but Earth will carry on without us.

    Yellowhammer is the government operational response to Brexit. Its more simply the 2004 Civil Contingencies Act that was formulated by previous Labour administration as a revamp and updating of the long outdated 1948 civil defencies act following 9/11 and intended to prepare for any Black Swan event.

    Whats significant in the planning of governments is that Black Swan events are no longer improbable events of major impact but theyre more likely to become highly probable and frequent, especially regarding climate influenced weather disasters and events from space beyond our control,such as solar flares that could turn our advanced technology based and dependent societies back to the dark ages overnight.

    Its no coincidence the governnent -rightly so- is finally investing heavily in a joined up emergency service radio comms network.

    Its also no coincidence (though less welcome) the governnent is now planning to heavily invest in policing and domestic military preparation.

    Read into that what you want but does not bode well for freedom and civil liberties.

    As for XR I think they need to concentrate on education of younger generations(the ones who will be most affected) to attempt to bring about radical change.

    At the end of the day climate change and catastrophic weather events arent something that happens to other people so we need not get worried, theyre happening now and affecting people who never expected to be affected.

    Whole chunks of wealthy real estate going up in flames in the US and Australia.Massive flash flooding, tornado, and freak storms affecting areas of Europe not normally affected by extreme weather.

    Pretty soon we in the UK will be experiencing severe storms the like we've not had in living memory.

    Sadly until we do start experiencing these things regularly and the fallout from them (food shortages,deaths, illness, the collapse of infrastructure that we take for granted; people will remain reluctant to believe we are at risk and that XR are just crackpot doom merchants.

    The consequences of walking on a railway track are well known and documented and people still do it anyway.

    The same applies to human attitudes to climate change and our consuming habits.

    Humans are too in love with their way of life and convinced that what ever happens, man has the ability to fix it all.

    Until we in the western world face the same daily catastrophic events that are common elsewhere around the globe nothing much will change.

    The best we can do is prepare our kids for whats coming.

    All of the creatures man has hunted/driven into extinction. But if its only one animal allowed i think the mountain banshee - the friendly flying dragons in avatar - i could get rid of the car then.

    To get the right consistency you need a mix of beeswax and pine resin, jojoba oil as well.Beeswax on its own doesnt work so well as the wraps arent flexible enough . Only thing ive used beeswax only is for sealing jam pots and polishing wood.

    'Work to live not live to work ' Theres probably a benefit to working less hours if you can afford to, if youre not enjoying time at work at all and not getting enough 'you' or family time at home.

    Work shouldnt be a chore or a constant misery,if it is then maybe youre in the wrong job for for the wrong reasons.

    I dont agree with the article findings tbh. Work (if its the right kind that theyre interested in) mentally motivates people. If its wring kind and for the wrong reasons and creates stress and anxiety then it willhave a negative affect on your whole life.

    If you enjoy your paid work then its not really work is it? Its getting paid to do something you love doing.

    Find something you love doing and hopefully get an income from it. Life is too short for slaving at a job you hate,simply to live day to day.

    Work should give you the income you need to enjoy what life has to offer outside of work and also be an enjoyable part of life in itself. If youre living to work and your whole life is crap, do something about it.

    Life IS what you make it.

    I enjoyed my work,I was lucky i worked in unusual careers i loved and i enjoyed working for myself too but i also enjoy not having to anymore :D

    Enough of us can write stuff for articles and blogs just need a place from which to get going.

    Maybe some free internetz radio music wouldnt go amiss :/

    Def nice seeing names on here ive not seen for loooong timez :cool:

    Rutland are about the best domestic made unit and easier to deal with if they fail as theyre in the UK if marginally more expensive . Its just not economic to return faulty items to China. Rutland are the default model used on yacht installations so pretty reliable. I think the 'buy cheap buy twice' mantra applies to a lot of Chinese goods. Having bought three defective chinese inverters im not so keen on repeating the time wasting experience.

    I had my Rutland stolen off my trailer. I replaced it with an 300w Italian made vertical axis turbine. Even with solar and wind on a pretty windy hillside i needed a genny for occasional use in winter but far superior start up in low wind to conventional fan turbine.

    If i was buying another conventional turbine id buy one from the US, such as from Missouri wind and solar. They know how to make very decent turbines at affordable prices if you can tolerate the import duty.

    As it is im more impressed with vertical axis turbines and no intention of going back to a conventional fan type any time soon.

    Unless you live in an area with pretty regular wind speeds (20 days a month)of above 12 -15 knots youre better off buying more panels and mouting them so you can adjust their angle for the lower winter sun.

    Worth looking on facebook marketplace for solar and wind stuff. Sometimes bargains on there.

    As the saying goes 'It aint over till the fat lady sings' Im going nowhere,it isnt a mutiny,i just dont have money to pay out for something when its not clear what that something might be or if its worth having.

    Its all in the detail and there is non.

    I aint buying no bus ticket if the bus has no engine or wheels.

    I'm currently at a loss with what to do with this website -- in just over two weeks the subscription will run out for most of the people who paid last year.

    CC isn't working as hoped, and without any better ideas, I'm tempted to either 1. give up or 2. revert back to UKH -- but given the issues I had with the breakaway forum I really would prefer to find a different niche as I'm just not up for the fight.

    Will update if anything inspires me...

    It appears my subscription has now expired.Since nothings working as hoped (its actually deader than a dead thing) and youre seemingly out of ideas and things have now gone into meandering experimental mode Im not prepared to resubscribe.

    I wish you well with whatever you try and happy to support -through subscription if required- any positive concrete plans but food and bills come before conceptual ideas or lottery tickets,due to lack of money (whatever that is).

    I never see ads at all,theyre all blocked and if its a requirement to either see ads to view the site demanding this or fuck off,i usually fuck off.

    Most major news sites have become like this,accept our cookies pay a subscription and we will remove the blank panel obscuring our content.. Erm fuck off.

    Thankfully there are plenty of alternative news sites still proud of providing real news not shoving ads at you.

    Im getting tired of the growing popular routine of being told im not using google chrome safari opera or firefox and my browser is not supported therefore i cant browse the site.. fine i wont be told how i must use the internet.

    At least UKH has never demanded my compliance but im beginning to feel its time to leave the internet.