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    The only reason im still reluctantly a member of this forum is because ive been here a pretty long time and dont want to completely close the door on it for good....i guess out of some very warped sense of there are technical and lifestyle threads i still like reading occasionally.

    I cant speak for Wulfie or anyone else who has drifted away or is unhappy with UKH but for my own part i would have generally gone on to various forums to read and sometimes take part in discussions ive an interest in obviously.

    I dont nor ever have gone on forums for a masochistic dose of mental self abuse and to go away feeling like i just fell face first in a stinking pit of pigshit.

    Falling into a pit of pigshit too often gets really really tiresome and quite frankly thats how logging on to this forum makes me feel... I feel dirty every time i log in and start reading some of the bilge posted here.

    When falling into a pit of pigshit is totally avoidable its best avoided and thats what im media distancing if you like.

    Its not just this forum that pisses me off -to be fair, but predominantly this one im referring to - ive deleted 95% of my social media accounts recently and still deleting accounts, purely because im sick to death of the narcissistic trolls, fake news disseminators, racists,homophobes,evangelical god botherers,conspiracy theorist twatheads, et al and having to read their ignorant rancid bile day in day out....and worse,read the enthusiastic nutjob sycophantic followers who are too fucking thick to actually use a search engine and verify or discredit the shit and nonsense theyre being spoonfed.

    There are whole sections of the internet twaterati who devote their entire sad lives to putting out fictitious garbage purely to wind people up and generate huge followings for themselves.Not to mention the ever increasing legions of pathetic whiners. The internet -and social media especially - is no fun or even worth wasting time on as far as im concerned.

    I used to enjoy coming here and having decent discussions on diverse topics that affect our daily lives and reading what folks were building or doing in life,i used to like the banter and relentless thread hijacks and its sad to see many of our past and best articulate considered, intelligent and funny posters have gone.

    For me its just become a polarised selfish self indulgent place for baiting and deliberate button pushing to provoke reaction and unpleasantness and im really not interested in being part of any of that nonsense,nor do i have the patience for it anymore...maybe thats what being old does to you, things that once would have you fighting in the dirt are no longer worth upsetting your beer for.

    I spent an early professional life dedicated to death and destruction and spent a longer and different professional life trying to make amends for the previous one but still live with the mental and physical repercussions and doing what i can to mitigate the damage. I really do not need or want to come here daily to read someones vitriolic bile because theyve had an awful day at work or got a chip on their shoulder about people different to themselves or of the wrong religion or resentful of their lot in life....or just because they feel like baiting people or get their kicks from it.

    In the present circumstances all the differences we as humans like to argue over or exploit, accentuate and use to create division resentment and hate really become irrelevant.

    You have a simple choice in your short life, you can be positive or be negative,happy or a fucking misery.

    The universe doesnt give a fuck either way,youll be gone forever in the blink of an eye anyway.

    No one is born a cunt,its a skill you acquire in life if youre so minded to be a perpetual cunt. If your life is shit then you have to accept youre mostly to blame for that and its up to you to change it, its no one else responsibility to change your miserable lot in life.

    No endless amount of pent up resentment or fucked up personal ideology or scapegoating will change that fact or change your life. If you absolutely cant change your life change your attitude to it.

    Ive no intention of returning here regularly any time soon because i feel much better for not being here.

    Stay safe people.


    Why does it require criticism?

    On the whole random tests are meaningless. Like an MOT they are relevant only at the time of the test.

    But, the point is its meant to determine ASD, people who arent naturally socially empathic or respond typically in an emotional way,whose minds dont normally get confused / complicated by emotional responses or internalised discussion of the optional answers,thus their results would consistently remain the same or similar.

    Non ASD subjects would probably throw up different results depending on various life influences,mood,emotional state and thought analysis they put into answering each time they do the test.

    ASD subjects would not register concern of their low score or why. Seemingly no one here is obviously ASD as everyone has expressed concern or tried to rationalise their low score or assert they are actually empathic.

    61 Whats the point in trying to analyse your score or be disappointed / disturbed by it. Youve answered honestly youve got a score,thats all there is to it. Id say my score is quite representative of me now but wouldnt represent how i was in my late teens early have probably scored extremely low as i was pretty cold and ruthless back then.

    These results you get can alter from day to day depending on mood and how life is treating you. They shouldnt be taken too seriously.

    The civil contingencies act (last comprehensively updated under Labour) reviewed the UK government response to every potential threat,the use of military and situations demanding marshall law.

    This country does not have the spare capacity to treat 1% of the population on top of its usual emergency admissions,if it came to that. Confinement and quarantine of affected areas is the only realistic option.

    The W.H.O are already considering preparing to declare an international emergency because its estimated from mapping the outbreak theres already 44k infections and cases popping up all over the globe.New Infections rate peaking in April with 150k a day in China alone. Thats a pretty impressive problem if predictions are correct.

    The virus has also been found in 33 samples of wild animals in the epicenter of the epidemic.

    Reports from Hong Kong are very different to the official Chinese line too.

    If there was a major virus outbreak here, masks would be the least of the populations worry.The Government already has measures for dealing with them which most people wouldnt like.

    The problem with the corona virusis its ability to mutate rapidly which it has done already which makes it more ddangerousso far its mainly killed elderly and vulnerable people but that may not remain the case.Its a virus that crossed the species barrier and if recent reports are anything to be believed its now affecting and being spread through dogs too.

    Compared to the annual death rate from common flu strains we are subject to annually its probably no 'big deal' but its ability to mutate,its not properly understood and theres no current proven vaccine its potentially a threat as much as avian flu. If it wasnt they would not be quaranting entire cities.Unlike with flu and health staff get flu vaccine,theres no protection for those who manage outbreaks.

    The last Chinese Corona virus killed 800 of the thousands affected. It makes sense to err on the side of caution. Its too late to get worried about what to do once its spread.

    I can remember well the apprehension amongst everyone,especially us in the frontline healthcare sphere when HIV started taking effect.

    Wuhan similar population to London, 3000 confirmed cases,5000 suspected (conservative estimate),you can imagine what havoc that would cause here with an NHS already on its knees.

    But dont cause panic amongst the peasants.....

    it barely makes it to the front page of BBC news (propaganda unit) now

    Just amazes me how many folk believe the figures! If they are saying 80 dead you can bet your bottom dollar it's many, many more than that. You don't close whole cities down if it's a minor infection.

    I think that the fact President Xi has publicly expressed concern about a domestic situation-something Chinese Government never does- suggests the situation is already well out of control.

    Reports that the virus is spreading faster than the symptoms being detectable is also a concern.

    The epidemiology experts were already saying in the early phase that if the known infection figures were x then expect the real infection rate to be 4 to 5 times worse.

    A highly mobile population and air travel pretty much guarantees infections will spread faster than they can be detected.

    To try to run away is surely giving an assailant an advantage? At least, this is what we were always taught in martial arts training. Surely we aren't asked by law to try to run away before turning around and whacking him with the poker?

    'Get in the first deadly blow' is what you are taught in the military, from what I gather from discussions with military men.

    Of course, if the burglar isn't armed at all (pretty unlikely), then you can calmly sit down with him on the business end of your Kalashnikov, and get him to tell you his interesting story.....

    Quite right,never turn your back on your opponent and never give up your weapons. Theres no honour -or point- in dying running away.

    Like all good ideas they get used for good and folks find a way of using it for bad,for advancing their own negativity and toxic agendas.

    Like tv you have to be very selective about what you watch. We were certainly more tuned in to our world and what really matters when we didnt have mobile phones and internet.

    It may be a treasure trove of knowledge and convenience but if studies are much to go by our exposure to and use of the internet is not proving such a positive experience. I think the honeymoon period of all that was brilliant about it was over 10 years ago. Its taken over from religion,its sucked people in,feeds them propaganda tells them how to live and they do its bidding,theyre inseparable from it and dependent on it.

    The matrix is alive and well.

    I loved the internet once it was full of fabulous ideas and interesting content. The interesting content is still there if you search and avoid reading the comments sections but ive had it with the propaganda merchants. I use the internet purely as a tool now for banking,buying and searching for stuff. Ive pretty well killed off my social media presence as they were and are a totally negative influence i can do without.

    Its really no wonder youngsters get so mentally fucked up when it seems an army of vicious inadequate narcissistic trolls jumping on each other and everything they post and theyre exposed to a really toxic warped version of the world and manipulated for corporate profit margins.

    The off button is getting used a lot more

    The big problem with this world is its full of manufactured bullshit from both right and left and facts are hard to check,the propaganda machinery is too slick and relentless. You cant trust western mainstream media and alternatives are dominated by propaganda disseminators from left and right and various religious and corporate lobbyists and agendas.

    I tend to watch Arabic or Russian news outlets more these days because youre more likely to get more of the truth than anything we're exposed to from media manufacturers here.

    Thunberg has been a target since she stepped into the limelight, last year it was a load of fake news that snopes discredited. If it were not her it would be some other climate speaker theyd be crawling all over with character assassination.

    The internet has become so riddled with poisonous fake content producers that if Jesus Christ was born again hed be smeared and be made as toxic as George Soros before he was even in diapers.

    Its depressing that with all their obvious media talent all they can do is manufacture shit to wind people up and cause hate and division.Youtube has given a legion of toxic nobody's a voice and opportunity to make money for churning out garbage.

    Anyone who gains any public celebrity no matter how minor attracts an army of bitter trolls trying to take them down and destroy their lives.

    The moon landings never happened, the elite are lizard aliens,the royal family and the knights templar control the world. Theres already a ton of conspiracy shite about the Corona virus and the Georgia Guidestones

    Meanwhile ive got better things to do with my time,giving up the internet is moving up the 'to do' list.

    Its hard to gauge how many are already living full time nomadic lives or want to, or preparing to, or do it part time and because by nature we are usually quite secretive and stealthy and live on a variety of parkups from lay-bys to farms,boatyards and sites i doubt we will get a true number.

    I do know where i live there are 12 of us. All the farms round here have folks living on them as do the official camping sites have unofficial long stayers.Theres a few dozen boat marinas and besides the boat dwellers theres folks quietly living in the boatyards.

    I know a farm a few miles away has dozens of Romanian amd Russians living on it.Another farm has 30 nomads like us.Then theres the obvious overnighters in roadside pullins and field gates.

    I think homeless charities have conservatively estimated 13k people live rough and homeless on the streets. Its likely at very least an equivalent number in borderline poverty live in vans cars and caravans dotted about the country and that doesnt include those who have purposely downsized and escaped from bricks and mortar.

    If you choose any of the popular uk facebook van conversion groups or alternative living groups theres memberships between 10 and 25k and theres probably a sizeable number of them are part time or full time or want to and a fair few dreamers.

    A UK/US group has over 80k members and a lively discussion of active nomads.

    Then if you include the MH forums and groups theres probably a reasonable number of them who are full time.

    The fact is quite a few thousand folks live nomadic or semi nomadic lifestyles and a larger number do it for weekends and hols and although its good to see folks ditching the hamster wheel lifestyle,theres a physical limit as to how many such folks this countryside can absorb without becoming a noticeable problem to the powers that be and then we get faced with control measures.

    We certainly do not want nonsense like Australia has in NSW where its illegal to live in a caravan or tent more than 2 consecutive days on a property without council permission and maximum 60 days in any year.

    Or whats happening in parts of the US where its being made illegal to live in RVs in or near city limits or highways.

    Yes we can all play the system and get round the obstacles thrown at us but isnt it better that we dont end up having draconian measures imposed on us in the first place.? The only way we will avoid that is not growing into a sizeable noticeable nuisance issue to local authorities and government.

    Any control measures are likely to be through strict habitation safety certification,mot and insurance which many nomads will struggle with and end up being pushed off the road altogether. Couple that with strict regulation on parkups and pressure on camping sites,farms etc to rigidly comply with planning laws and many of us would be in the shit big time.

    If youre carrying a weapon then the implication is youre already mentally primed and prepared to use it.

    Most civilians arent properly trained how to use guns or prepared for how rapidly the dynamics can change. Its why so many people in the US not routinely used to weapons,have bought them feeling theyll make them feel safe but then get killed over relatively minor confrontations.Far too many accidental deaths in the owners home too.

    Arming everyone isnt the answer,it just escalates any confrontation to a potentially lethal one very quickly.

    If people are concerned for their own safety here theyd be better off taking up self defence classes than carrying weapons. In Israel,krav maga self defence is mandatory part of mandatory conscription.

    The theory behind that is perfectly logical and comes from a possible rapid ingress into the Atlantic basin of fresh water from melted ice from the Greenland ice shelf diluting the salinity of the ocean and disrupting the North Atlantic conveyor current.. The ice is melting far faster than ever predicted so maybe the theory will come true. We would be experiencing long Canadian style winters if it did wouldnt that be a change.The country grinds to a halt at the slightest cover of snow.

    We are seeing more extreme weather because of extra energy pumped into the atmosphere from warming seas and solar/space radiation hitting the Earth because of major weakening of the magnetosphere. The jet stream and polar vortex are becoming less predictable and more variable so we are going to continue with more extreme storm events and crazy weather globally.

    For us where we are situated its likely to mean more violent damaging storms,maybe serious tornadoes,major floodings,long summer droughts very warm winters or very severe winters,all of those things are going to cause disruption and loss of property and life.

    We cant stop any of it happening but we can prepare for those possibilities if we're smart.

    By preparing that means all of us as individuals,not just sitting back expecting Government agencies to bail us out.This country its ordinary able bodied population has become pretty hopeless at responding to disaster and sits in expectation that someone else should come help them.

    Where do i start...i grew upin 60's/ 70's Britain,pretty much everything ive been told by Government and media -regardless of political side -as a youngster was a fucked up lie. Pretty much everything ive been told by Government and media ever since- regardless of political side- has been a fucked up lie.

    Gather evidence,discover the truth for yourself,you won't hear it from anywhere else.

    Prosperous economies with equal wealth equity and opportunity generally have low crime rates and enhanced sense of personal security and contentment .

    But you cant dominate a political system without creating or manipulating fear,unequal equity disparity and hopelessness. Its essential for driving social control laws,breaking social cohesion, pushing social coercion policies ,installing a highly armed police system and citizen surveillance and punitive justice system.

    I dont think theres any doubt climate change is happening,who or what is responsible is debatable but theres no doubt we are adding adversely to it by our polluting actions.

    The Earth doesnt have a consistent climate for long periods,it never has. Its had periods of warmth greater tham today and periods of cold and periods of moderate temperature.Its unrealistic of humans to expect our relatively stable climate of the past 100 yrs to continue.

    We keep being told we have 12 yrs before runaway heating disaster occurs from.greenhouse gases but its also coincidentally in 12 years the end of the 25th solar cycle and the start of solar grand minimum,part of the normal predictable solar cycle.

    Grand solar minimum has normally preceeded a period of extreme colder climate. The last one preceeded the 4 centuries of cold winters known as the little ice age from 1400s to 1850,the coldest being from 1600's

    We may be heading for a much colder period with extreme cold winters,extreme summer weather events and summer droughts not at all like the scenario we are being fed presently.

    Rather than argue over who caused what and by how much and whether its true or not we should accept that geological and human history has already proved these cycles exist and we are heading into another and we should start preparing for it while we can.

    Im wondering what the future is for being horsedrawn if this enablement of police to clear highways land. The few who hang on to that tradition rely on the highway verges to overnight.

    What will police deem as encampment if it suits them? What if you happen to be parked close to another living van? Do you get deemed an illegal encampment?

    I suspect how the powers are used will largely depend on area and the attitude of local residents and how much they perceive nomads as a threat.

    It just seems more than a coincidence these powers are being considered at a time ehen there are more and more folks taking to living in vehicles and homelessness is becoming more of a visible problem to the Conservative electorate.

    Tinderbox is right, a nation at war with everyone, itself and its neighbours, still stuck in its frontier pioneer anarchic history.

    My friend in Oregon who is 55 and I always considered a level headed church going person,has become so convinced shes under attack from what she sees daily on Fox that shes bought two automatic handguns and a hunting rifle and paid for a full on extreme prepping course. Shes also constantly telling me i live in a war zone comparable to Kabul what she sees about Britain. Propaganda is a wonderful tool.

    Changes proposed by Government to criminalise trespass and setting up unauthorised encampment should concern us all. Particularly prohibiting return for 12 months,reducing the number of vehicles deemed encampment to 2 and police having the power to remove trespassers from any land that forms part of the highway which will further make wildcamping illegal.

    Gov link

    • amending section 62A of the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994 to permit the police to direct trespassers to suitable authorised sites located in neighbouring local authority areas
    • amending sections 61 and 62A of the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994 to increase the period of time in which trespassers directed from land would be unable to return from 3 months to 12 months
    • amending section 61 of the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994 to lower the number of vehicles needing to be involved in an unauthorised encampment before police powers can be exercised from six to two or more vehicles
    • amending section 61 of the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994 to enable the police to remove trespassers from land that forms part of the highway

    regarding owning a automatic assault riffle like those on display during the rally and in Walmart. When it comes down to self defence and or defence of property. You need to consider a offender might not be alone and he/she/ them, may all be armed and there is usually really only one of you armed and ready to react, excluding possibly your wife and kids. Holding a automatic (assault) riffle gives you the advantage. They are also very reliable and a deterrent in their own right.

    I would own one if allowed.

    NRT states 39,000 gun deaths per year 2017. While 10,000 deaths on average are caused by DUI every year.

    Maybe the DUI figures alongside gun deaths demonstrates the cavalier attitude to law and the cheapness of life they have over there.Overwhelmingly American attitude is to settle all confrontation and disputes with guns. Its an attitude we seem to be acquiring here and knives.

    As far as im aware no American household has been faced with multiple armed raiders to the level that requires an assault rifle. Mexico yes,America no.Assault rifles are not the weapon of choice in close combat.

    End of the day the power of the gun lobby in the US is not about personal liberty or gun rights its primarily about money and the arms industry desire to make it. The right to open carry in some states makes people feel more unsafe if survey on opinion are anything to go by.

    Who wants to live in a society where you and your family can only feel safe if youve a half dozen weapons with you at all times.

    To do away with mental health and background checks as has been pushed for by the gun lobby is just beyond logical.

    I'm alright Jack and fuck everyone else, sorry dont agree with your paranoia and views on this subject NRT. We have our contacts and lifestyle sorted, why do you want this way of life to be so inclusive?. I welcome all new travellers/ van dwellers with open arms , we dont have to fear them, they are not the enemy and we were new once too!!

    You can call it what you like i dont actually give a fuck. I call it an interest in preserving our right to roam and live independently of the system as much as is reasonably possible without attracting the heavy jackboot of the establishment trying to curtail it.

    There are thousands of folk living how we do and thats not inclusive or exclusive, but attracting more and more into a lifestyle which for most will be a just a cool hobby will inevitably put pressure on everyone through lack of suitable parkups and attracting the unwarranted attention of law enforcement and repeatedly being told to move on or ending up charged for trespass or obstruction of the highway.

    If this was a country the size of the US thered be room for anyone who chose to to live a mobile life and even over there they get harrassed by authorities, so what chance do you think youll have of living how you love if 10 thousand or more new van dwellers hit the roads. I could guarantee youd be first on here moaning about having been repeatedly moved on or kicked off your farm stays and unfairly targeted by police oor local residents.

    I compared it to the menace of tourism because it would be a menace. We already see National Parks banning overnight parking in areas that have been used for decades because those parkups have been overehelmed by urban shitheads turning them into their own personal drug and drink fuelled camp,terrorising locals and running illegal roadraces and them dumping all their trash,shit,condoms etc etc for someone else to clear up. Unsurprisingly everyone is now banned.

    Not so very many years ago i regularly went travelling around the north of Scotland and rarely passed anyone in the remote highland routes. Now we have the NC500 a globally popular tourist route and you can struggle to travel any section of it without repeatedly encountering hikers cyclists campers motorbikers etc and the attraction of the route -its isolation and remoteness,the real wilderness factor - has gone. Its only going to get worse as it develops as a major tourist draw.

    Humans always fuck things up and id rather they didnt get much of a chance to fuck up the way we live...but inevitably they will.

    A lot of the twats on youtube and the like who are busy making attractive content to make living in vans look uber cool are making videos to make money, most of them dont give a fuck about the lifestyle nor want to do it fulltime,nor do they care about the social implications of thousands of extra van dwellers crowding onto the roads. When theyre bored and youtube gets saturated with van conversion channels theyll move onto something else to make videos about.

    If you think im paranoid and selfish wanting to preserve our lifestyle ill live with that.

    Yes been watching it a while when it got flagged up on AP end of December as SARS and few hundred were affected and had crossed the species barrier..,then two deaths then 9 then 17 over 500 known infections and patient in the US.

    Yuhan is an international hub so really depends on where it managed to spread in the last few days rather than what theyre doing now to prevent it spreading.