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    There were a great many Italian POW's in this country....maybe he traded it with one of them?

    That would make a lot of sense! Next step for me is to look into the POW camps and see whether any were in this locality. Thanks. :)

    When my grandad died (in 1991 if I remember correctly), my mum found one of these in his coat pocket. It's a rosary ring from the second world war. The soldier would put the ring on his thumb and count the beads, then put it onto the first finger and so on, until all five repetitions (I'm not good with religious lingo, sorry) were done.

    Nobody in the family thought my grandad was particularly religious, so finding it in his pocket at all was a bit odd. What's odder is that when I looked it up, I found that these rosary rings were made in Italy and distributed to their soldiers. As far as we're aware he didn't go over to Europe during the war, and he was never a traveler. Nobody has any idea how he actually got it.


    If you want a low cal dressing : 1 teaspoon of honey, 1teaspoon of wholegrain mustard, add water until pourable  tastes nommy!

    I tried this today. It was pretty good, I think I watered it down a bit too much though - it was quite runny. Nice though. :)

    Next time I think I might add some extra virgin olive oil into it, for the healthy fats. Just a teaspoon or two. Good idea or bad?

    I don't at the moment. When I started trying to lose weight I'd spend about 25 minutes on an exercise bike every night. I started running for a while last year, and I have an occasional pop at regular press-ups. For some reason I get headaches from doing press-ups, up to the point where I start getting regular optical migraines. Bad technique or something maybe?

    I'll probably get back onto the bike when I have room for it. :)

    Cheers everyone.

    Whitepoppy - the calorie count doesn't look too bad on the dressing, but I'm probably looking with untrained eyes (still fairly new to actually counting this sort of thing). I did see a couple of odd things on the ingredients too. After a quick search I found they were thickeners, and one of them (carrageenan) is pretty unhealthy. I'll definitely try that honey and mustard dressing as an alternative, it sounds great! I'm guessing it scales up; 4 spoons of each + water = enough for 4 days?

    Thanks for the congratulations Danann I'll look out for organic breads, I had a look around but I think wholemeal was the closest I could find. I did find a section with stuff like gluten free bread, that sort of thing...I'll see whether there's anything there next time round.

    I did plan on making my own "pot noodle" by saving some baby sweetcorn, scraps of pepper and mushrooms over the week and throwing them into a cup with a block of thin noodles and a spoonful of curry sauce - then just add boiling water at work. I did that for a while, but the carb count seemed a bit high at around 45g. :/ I'll look at cous cous as an addition to the salad though, and maybe take some parts of the salad out (I'll have to to fit anything else in )

    Hey all,
    I decided to switch from sandwiches to salad for lunch a while back. I buy a truckload of salad on Sunday, and it lasts me through to Thursday (I do something different on Friday to keep a bit of variety).

    I'm below 13st in weight (down from 16 and a half from a few years ago), but I seem to be creeping closer to 13st again. The only change to my diet recently has been the salad, so I'm wondering whether I'm putting too much salad in or something. Does anyone have any pointers? Any vegetables I should add or try to avoid? :)

    The current daily salad is like this:
    75g spinach (I was using lettuce, but darker greens are better I believe)
    Chopped quarter of green, yellow and red peppers
    Around 4 radishes
    1 or 2 sticks of baby corn
    2 spring onions
    2-4 celery sticks
    3-4 button mushrooms
    125g of sliced carrots
    About 60ml of fat free vinaigrette dressing
    Plus some bread-based thing on the side (usually one and a half wholemeal pittas, but this week I bought sandwich thins as pittas were all gone, and I'm taking three slices with me each day).

    It barely fits into a pretty large container, and it's noticeable heavy (but I'm guessing that's mostly water weight). It takes me most of my break time to eat it (45 minutes), and I don't get hungry again until about half past 4.

    Any advice? :waves:

    1976 I was 13 years old. My mother came into her kitchen to find me & four of my mates, boiling a pan of magic mushrooms on the stove, to make mushy tea. Asking what I was doing and what are they in the pan of boiling water? I explained what they were. Mum said "you will end up killing yourselves" The fun began a hour later, when she tried to hush 5 tripping teenagers out of the house.

    I thought this story was going to take another twist, similar to a story I heard a long while ago.

    Basically, this guy's mother was cleaning his room and found his bong. She confronted him with it later on, and he admitted it was his.

    She said she wasn't angry or anything, he was young and all that, but she was curious as to why he did it. She asked him what smoking was like, what the buzz felt like, all that.

    This eventually led to him lighting up and sharing a bong with his mother.

    An hour or so later, he went downstairs for a drink and overheard this conversation between his mum and dad:

    Mum: "I can't believe how good this cheese is! Don't you think this is the best cheese ever?"
    Dad: "...:S..."
    Mum: "And such a bargain! I can't believe I bought cheese this good for such a good price!"
    Dad: "...but I bought the cheese..."

    I can't think of anything like that. But I have done some pretty stupid stuff like drinking a glass of vinegar or eating who knows what, to show I can...

    I used to like vinegar so much, I'd drink it by itself.

    I have a memory of being round at my nana's house, and she (probably sick of looking after 6-year-old-annoying-as-hell-me) told me to get something to eat. So I went into the kitchen and opened the pantry door.

    What do I like? Hmm...

    I like vinegar.

    I like...sandwiches.

    So...vinegar sandwich it is!

    I remember it as being soggy but tasty. :D

    For the ten years this forum has been running I can think of several occasions where we've been accused of being MI5 operatives, a front for the drug squad, controlled by the Illuminati and more. We've had youtube videos, breakaway forums, threats of protest marches and all sorts!

    I've got to confess I whispered "Oh holy shit it's [a certain forumer's name] again..." when I saw the title of this thread.

    I reckon you could play a game where you guess someone's registration date based on which forumer's name they thought of first. :D

    Don't do it man. Below is something I read years ago that advised strongly against what you're contemplating.

    I used to watch this for hours on end. It's amazing watching people walk in front of moving traffic to get their Abbey Road Crossing shot.

    Last year after Beautiful Days I went on a bit of a trip around the South, and I visited London...called up a few friends and family members and got them to watch me on the webcam for a bit. It was fun. :D

    I'm going to take a Yorkshire White Rose flag down to London next time I have to go there, find a list of all the webcams and appear on as many as possible waving the White Rose and chanting "YORKSHIRE, YORKSHIRE, YORKSHIRE!" until security guards drag me away. :p

    I agree with 2wheelsgood - I went to the library in the town that my great grandad came from - his name is on the First World War memorial there. Their library has a heritage group that meets every Friday, and a woman there was able to trace my family back to something like the 1850s. It's a good start at least. :)

    I'll just link to this article with the photos and briefly explain here.

    A woman tragically died in a house fire shortly after her wedding. Her bereaved husband decided to get a tattoo of her in memory. The tattoo artist completely messed it up. A second session with the same tattooist messed it up even more. The picture ended up circulating on the internet (I bet most of you have seen it at some point).

    Eventually, the guy went to another tattoo artist, who not only fixed the bodged tattoo - and did an amazing job of it - but he also did it for free. Legend.…rlds-worst-tattoo-for-man

    Summed up in a Kurt Vonnegut quote:

    "I got a sappy letter from a woman a while back. She knew I was sappy, too, which is to say a northern Democrat. She was pregnant, and she wanted to know if it was a mistake to bring an innocent little baby into a world this bad.

    I replied that what made being alive almost worthwhile for me was the saints I met, people behaving unselfishly and capably. They turned up in the most unexpected places. Perhaps you, dear reader, are or can become a saint for her sweet child to meet.

    I believe in original sin. I also believe in original virtue. Look around!"

    Of the eight times I've seen Bruce Springsteen live, six of them I was on my tod. Same with BB King, Bob Dylan, Mark Knopfler, Eric Clapton.

    I've grown to kind of like it.