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    I agree.

    Why not make the skills as impressive on paper as they are in real life.

    Theres only so far a degree in jacobean literature can take you, but people are always in need of a good plumber

    maybe a change in the way the curriculum is taught. we are always taught about how algebra can benifit ours elves but as when we say "why?" there is always a lot of "urm"s and 'uhhh"s. Not saying it dosnt help but I for one just thought they were teaching us stuff and not skills.


    I dont agree wholley with home schooling, nor to i agree entirely with sending a child off for the best part of their lives to be taught by someone else. i wish there was a medium.

    my missus was home schooled as well as a lot of my friends and they did not so much learn an education as learn a life and are now wise (or cynical) beyond their years. She then went to a private school and was terribly unhappy and ended up pretty much self studying because she couldnt face anyone else after the bullying. I guess home education is a double edged sword

    That said, I am a self proclaimed ignorant and probably have no facts to talk of other than my very limited experience

    Im sorry to hear about the things youve been going through.

    Personally I dont believe that the universe starts to throw shit at you as soon as you turn the ceiling fan on, although it certainly feels that way sometimes.

    My only advice is to try and keep yourself occupied, take up a mundane hobby like juggling or somthing that keeps your mind concentrated on the task in hand. Also maybe its worth asking your doctor if there are any support groups for people in your situation.

    I hope you feel better soon :hug:

    I'll take it. The missus will love it and its perfect for her. besides, its a perfect partner for my new spanish guitar :D

    What is your preffered method of payment? I dont have a cheque book but i have a paypal.

    Quote from Pixie

    *sighs* the best thing about being in 6th form was that the half of the year who made school a misery buggered off and got jobs.

    My opinion of further education is that the people who are there are there because they want to be there and all the troublemakers have left.

    That said I had a bad experience in school and lost all faith in education at the time. Looking back I wished i'd stayed on.

    Im not sure whether making kids stay on longer is a good idea at all, it just means more hassle for those who are acctually learning.

    As I said I left as soon as I could so i'm probably talking out of my uneducated ass

    Is it just me that thinks the rule "as long as it dosn't leave a mark" seems to sound a bit like "do what you like as long as you dont get caught".

    oversimplification maybe but its just a thought. it sounds like too much of a grey area and could be misinterpreted

    police are trained (supposedly) to use pepper spray first before deploying anything that could cause physical harm. whether or not the training is put into practice is debateable (a friend of mine recently was involved in an "unnessercary brutality" incedent).

    I always thought they were armed with MP5's

    Physically stopping a child from endangering themselves or somone else is perfectly acceptable in my opinion. however hitting a child will cause them to be frightened of thier parents instead of respecting them.

    In the long run i think that hitting your children does more damage than it prevents. Besides, there is always another way without resorting to violence, hitting children seems like the lazy easy way out.

    i saw it last night. all the neighbours wer'nt home and all the house lights were off and it was a beautiful clear sky.

    i sat in the garden with leo, rhubarb crumble and a glass of wine and had a great time.

    when you think of the sheer size of these garganutan pieces of rock floating around in space you realise how special the lining up of the planets is, and at the risk of sounding like leonard nimoy, it puts you in mind of some great cosmic dance thing

    great pics btw

    shhhhh! you'll give him an inflated ego!

    seriously though, your work is really good. i love the way that you can capture somones emotions in the face like an almost photographic capture of a moment.

    you have a real talent