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    That was 2000 years ago,there were fewer bylaws then and more travellers ,he never towed a big techno van about either to park up near Herods gaff.:D

    :D He actually travelled around quite a bit by boat. This was because he had thousands following him and couldn't get around freely on foot.

    I am alone far too much. I guess that is how I am wired, like a misanthrope. Now I work from home so really am quite reclusive. I wish things were not like that but they are. When I am around people for too long I become tired and yearn to be alone again. When I am alone too long I want the company of others. There is probably something not right in my head I guess.

    Can you put an awning up?

    I did have an awning up for one of those years. I took it down and threw it away. I don't like them. In a wind they become a sail and the caravan is noisy and rocky. Thank you for the suggestion however. Living in a caravan is great if you are single. Now I have a relationship and the lady won't ever move in my caravan. It will have to be a return to normal life - I hope I can re-adapt.

    In my caravan. This is my fourth year living on a set of wheels. Thinking it is time get a flat or house now. Scary but some extra space would be nice.

    Campsites - but only geared up for full timers. I wouldn't wild camp in a caravan, but used to when I had my Ford Transit converted campervan. That camper was not so well equipped but still a joy to live in. Not sure why but I get miserable when I am living within brick walls.

    I live in an Elddis Superstorm Crusader caravan. It is like a luxury hotel room on wheels. Have my two kids with me for the weekend. Central heating keeping the van nice and warm. Kids playing video games. Internet access via my T-Mobile dongle. Rain tapping on the outer skin and wind gently shaking the van. Glass of wine in hand. No traffic or light pollution outside. What more could you want from life?

    I rent a plot and also considered myself nomadic in the real sense. I travelled for a living - working during the week in places scattered across the UK and staying in camp sites in my camper. Because I work in office environments I need facilities such as showers and electricity and camp sites provide these. On the weekends, when I have my kids, and when I am not working, I stay in my large caravan on a seasonal pitch. So this year I travelled and worked in Glasgow, Huddersfield, Swindon, Derby, Coventry, Nottingham, Milton Keynes, Hatfield and I have worked away three quarters of the year. I stayed in hotels in Glasgow since driving the camper this far would not have been feasible. Now I am without a camper van and working on a temporary contract in one location so consider myself on nomadic leave for a while. There are many ways indeed that one can be nomadic.

    If it makes you feel any better - my van wouldn't start a couple of months ago. The RAC towed it to the mechanic and I got him to do an MOT as well because this was due. Verdict - too much rust to repair. I got thousands of miles out of it so not too upset.

    Just do it - few things more miserable than renting. All those bills and rules and little windows. I still do a high calibre consulting career, but I live in a caravan. It does raise a few eyebrows in the office.

    I can't imagine any insurance company covering damage caused by a wood burner in a van. Sorry for the side track but just have to say something. This insurance is a complete racket. If the Government legislates for compulsory insurance then the government should provide an insurance scheme accessible to all, parallel to what is on offer in private insurance. Thankfully I only pay 250 a year, but what hope have youngsters got when they have to pay over 1000 for insurance?

    This is why I stay on camp sites. It is an easy way to keep under the radar - and I get an electric hook up and use of showers. It does cost a bit but I prefer it to staying on the side of a road.

    Even though my base home is a caravan on a field - I am happy to be back on the road again. I had been base bound for six weeks. A contract came through on Friday in Nottingham and today I loaded up the camper and took to the road. How refreshing to be on the move again - cruising down the motorway. The reliable old Transit van rumbling along without complaint. This life gets in your blood. Anyone else been on the move today?

    I do everything with a T-Mobile dongle, got rid of the landline and fixed contract and saved a small fortune. I use the same dongle for my desktop, laptop and netbook where ever I happen to be. I love the flexibility of being able to connect to any windows device anywhere there is a mobile signal and not being tied to a contract. I still download all my fave TV shows, movies, music for 15 quid a month. There are speed restrictions after a certain amount of data use but there are several ways around this.

    Have to agree here. I have both t-mobile and vodafone pay as you go dongles. T-mobile seems to be the better in terms of value for money and subjectively seems to have better coverage around the UK. Hard stats might prove me wrong on this though. And not having a fixed contract is a real beauty. Honestly, after handing in the keys to my flat and cancelling all those contracts I wonder why anyone bothers with them. Pay as you go and simply change providers if a better deal comes along - no cancellation fees and for me pay as you go has worked out much cheaper.

    This sounds great - you landed a job and a pitch at the job. Perfect. The caravan idea sounds really good, although you may have an issue with your employer allowing a caravan to be visible to customers on your site. A van will not turn any heads. I wish you all the best of luck in your new life style.

    Slightly off topic but would like to share my experience with my transit being low on power right after I had it serviced. Took it back to the mechanic and I paid to get the distributor cap and the rotor replaced and he also ensured the newly replaced spark plug leads were nicely placed onto the spark plug heads. Fine for about twenty miles and then again a loss of power. After examining the engine myself in some detail (and I am a complete amateur) - I was able to see what the problem was. When doing the service they had replaced the air filter but for some reason the air filter container was loose. The intake end of the air filter container was therefore vibrating up and down against one of the spark plug leads, causing it to come loose and thus the engine would run with a miss firing cylinder. After tightening the air filter container (on the side of the motorway) and ensuring the spark plug lead was attached properly - I never had the problem again. Mechanics!!!!! lol.

    Well it just occurred to me that stepping outside your front door and not stepping into mud and two inches of rain water is a real treat. Just bought myself some Wellingtons. Best purchase so far this winter.

    My 23 year old van has a pinto engine. When I take it for its yearly MOT and service, I can see the sparkle in the mechanic's eyes. He told me once he knows the engine like the back of his hand. And he works in a Citroen garage. They still love to work on my old Transit. Find a proper mechanic and he/she will work on your old van.

    Driving my van up the M1 today there was a police car on the side of the road with lights flashing. The two policemen were halfway up the road's bank hill eye-balling a huge swan who looked like he wanted to get down and cross the motorway. I wonder if they arrested the stubborn swan?