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    These look so pretty... One of this New Year's resolution was to regain my feminity - I started with getting some blemish balm to see my outer beauty again, so some jewellery will surely underline that as well ;)

    Thanks, that's a really lovely thing to say. I know how you feel, I've had problems with acne for a while, it's nice to have something pretty to wear when you're not feeling very confident or "you" xx

    Hi hon, I'm so sorry you've not been able to get hold of me. I'm still really sick and just seem to be sleeping all the time at the moment, digging out the scarf and sending the cheque is on the top of my to-do list, it's just that everything's chaos here with us trying to get ready to move and finding where Dan put things while we were away is a nightmare. As soon as I'm awake for more than an hour and can get up and move about I'll sort it, I promise. xx

    I'm so sorry you're all struggling so much, there should be more help out there for you. As soon as we've moved I'll be up honey. Just started studying molecular neuropharmacology too, so should be able to give you a bit more info on the drugs and what alternatives are out there soon. I'm sorry I can't do anything more to help, if things here weren't such a mess I'd be there tomorrow :hug:

    why is that 'naughty' firinne? you got him a great present at a price which suits you. nothing to feel bad about. ultimately, don't we all want our kids to have everything they want? i know i do, but i have never borrowed or gone in to debt do do it. wiped myself out for a month, but never gone into debt.

    I know I give him a bit more than I should because I never had anything when I was a kid, but although people tell me off for that, I don't think it's a bad thing ... I've always made extra treats dependent on really good behaviour, so he knows not to expect it, or take it for granted and when he does get a reward, it always reinforces his good behaviour too and I think that's really valuable, in terms of learning to do the right thing automatically :D

    Have you asked him why he doesn't want to take the meds honey? Sometimes people lose part of themselves when they're on meds and not wanting to take them can be a natural response to being afraid he'll lose important parts of who he is. Sometimes it's just the side effects and a change of meds can help. Either way, hospitals often treat patients who don't take their meds like naughty children, instead of finding out what their reasons are, they tell them they're being difficult/stupid. The problem with that approach is that if people feel their decisions aren't understood, they feel their problems aren't, so they don't believe people can help them and they stop listening. Also, if they feel that they can't make good decisions, they can't trust themselves and become more paranoid and withdrawn. An important thing to remember is that bad decisions are often the result of perfectly rational ways of thinking about the issue. If you can get to the root of the things that make him unwilling to change his meds, you can find ways of addressing those fears (I can help you with that, if you'd like). That's the only real way to persuade someone, short of physical force or making it a rule and enforcing it (checking he's swallowed his meds and giving him no opportunity to sneakily bring them back up) and those things should always be an absolute last resort IMO.

    Thinking of you both and wishing you much strength honey :hug:

    This charity husky trek is first on mine, when we finally get time to get married, we're planning to do that for our honeymoon :D

    Also on the list ... getting married, seeing the Northern Lights, getting my phD (clinical psychology) and diploma (counselling), fostering, visiting Tara, running a research study, opening my own therapeutic retreat, starting a charity, starting my own business, writing a book, volunteering for some local charities. I'm working towards the last three at the moment :D

    We've been a bit naughty with Dylan this year and got him a PS3, some lego and some bits and pieces for his stocking. But, over the last year he's worked really hard on getting rid of patterns of behaviour we find really difficult. We managed to get the PS3 free with a new contract phone, which was great. It worked out that, after what we saved, we were only paying £10 a month for the phone and credit, so that definitely helped.

    Cuckoo, have you thought about one of the snowball blasters for your son? I got Dylan one last year and he loved it :D

    I think if it's in the past and it's clear that your patterns of thought and behaviour have changed, it's far less relevant than having committed an assault, or another crime. You'd probably need to show that you understood the causes of those behaviours and have worked through them, so they don't have the power to throw you off the rails again.

    I'd be surprised if it's a major problem outside of that, though. My mum's been a mental health nurse, then clinical manager, for decades and she's a raging alcoholic. You're not going to know for sure until you ask though. Have you thought about looking on NHS jobs for a similar role, reading the person specification and maybe calling the employer to ask?

    So sorry to hear about all of this honey, I wish I could get up there to help you out. Keep me posted on how things go, I'll chat over the meds with my mum (she has decades of experience in that area) and see what she says. Do let me know if they give you a date for him to come home too, if I can make it up to help you out for a bit, even if it's just taking over the cooking and cleaning, I'd be honoured to be able to help. You're such a strong and caring person and a truly awe-inspiring mum. I'm proud to be your friend :hug:

    Selling to raise some cash to fly home to Ireland to spend Xmas with my nan (£350! I could fly to New York for that!). All are brand new, so would make ideal Xmas gifts, with the Hobbit being released this December.

    Prices don't include postage, but I'll send them as cheaply as possible. Maximum postage is £8, as if it's more than this I can courier it for that. No charges for packaging (I reuse, to save pennies and trees!).

    Feel free to make offers if the price is too high :)

    Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the ring (this version) - Brand new - £6
    Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers (this version) - Brand new - £6
    Lord of the Rings: Return of the King (this version)- Brand new - £6

    Tolkien: Mr Bliss (this version) - Brand new - £6
    Tolkien: The Hobbit (this version) - Brand new - 10.00
    Tolkien: Unfinished tales (this version) - Brand new - £3

    Hi Firinne

    The bracelet hasn't arrived yet,just wondered if you knew how long things normally i know whether to be checking my postmans wrist the next time i see him!!

    That's completely my fault, I'm so sorry! We had to clear everything out of the living room and I lost your address in the process, I've hunted everywhere! Could you PM it to me hon and I'll get the bracelet in the post tomorrow? x

    Oh, it wasn't intentional ... t'was just everyone around me deciding to vent at me at the same time, while I was really ill and had lots to do. After a couple of weeks, that can be pretty overwhelming :S

    All sorted now. Turns out they didn't like the [STRIKETHROUGH]thought of homelessness[/STRIKETHROUGH] fireworks much :whistle: