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    The NHS is good, I enjoyed their hospitality for a few weeks last year.

    But having just come out of a Swedish hospital I wanted them to fly me back! It cost me 30Euro to be admitted and I believe 5Euro a night to cover food/bed but the rest is government funded and very good.

    One of the uk doc even told me I was lucky I happened to be in Sweden when I got ill, as the first test they ran on me which discovered my tumor would probably not have been done in the uk and I would be dead! :eek:

    Takes a bit of rumaging and some working of the pelvic floor muscles ;)

    or sew thread through the garlic and make a big ass knot to keep it secure.
    It sounds horrid but you can also drink loads of garlic tea, helped relive my UTI.

    I also heard, but have not tried, making a natural yoghurt ice pop in the freezer and then inserting..... :eek:

    I had to quit in September, having both your lungs partially collapse and heart surgery tends to force quitting on you. :o I didn't get any cravings, I think the morphine subdued them....:eek:

    I still get the urge sometimes when watching someone smoke, but I like being able to breath better!


    I haven't been able to used my mooncup in 6 months or so, but I used it today and I just want to say


    I wish they where better publicised, when I tell my friends about it they look at me funny then freak out when I explain it..... silly people

    I was at a market recently, at the end of the the man selling cakes gave all the stall holders still there, all the cakes he didn't sell.

    He came round to everyone, had a wee chat and explained since they had been on display for more than 4 hours he had to bin them and did we want to liberate them from him? hehe


    I feel your pain. I have sent off maybe 50 CV's and nothing back so far, but I am going for jobs everyone wants, so its hard to get one.

    All I can suggest for part time work is the job section there can be a bit suspect so be careful, but it is good for temp bar/shop work!

    good luck.

    I used to work at stray's kennel, we always scanned every part of the dog with the 'star trek' chip scanner encase it had moved. I found one almost in a leg once!

    I was sad sometimes as we would have to return the same unchipped dog again and again to their idiot owner.

    morphine is a wonderful and horrible drug. I might start a applejamology?

    But back on track, I applied for a job a craft shop in Bristol and Bath, as assistant/tutor. I also found a members only art club in London, sounds interesting but I need to spruce up my cover letter before I send it off.

    Any more suggestions?

    yah ever heard of teratomas? I had one on my hear,t but didn't know it till September last year, they had to crack me open to get it out! I might post photos in another thread if you promise not to freak out!

    double post sorry :o

    I wonder what the law is on decorating weelbins? Are they not just "rented" from the council?

    How did you know I love being naked?

    I love my scar but I think most people get freak out by it. It runs from 2" below my collar to 2" above my belly button. :eek:
    I think the main problem I would have modelling is I already have a lot of art on my body (Including a large Escher - "day and night" on my back), most can be hidden when needed but I can't get a job in a bank :pp.

    I will look into it tho, a few of my friends used to do it and they enjoyed it. I remember my fav. life model was a very large lady, I used to love drawing all her curves and bits!

    Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,

    It is now time for me to make some real money. I have been ill since September, but I am now mostly healed! huzza! I make hats ( but I think I need some stability and I enjoy working and need that motivation to get out the house some days...

    So far I have applied for my usual hostel jobs, but no fish are biting at the moment. So I am going to broaden my field, but what?? I can't yet do any long physical work (my sternum is still healing) but I am open to most things. I have a degree, but it is in art... :o

    Any Suggestions? The more unusual the better?


    yeah, I know it really sucks sometime. Lucky for me despite living in the back of beyond it goes past my nearest town.

    I plan where I go on how I can get there cheaply by bus/train. It can suck sometime but there is no way i could handle a car.


    When I was living in Belgium every 2 days we took the van to a big local supermarket and picked up a big green bin full of stuff they where throwing out. One day we even got cigars! Everything we wouldn't eat we gave to the animals.

    We also went to the local farmers markets to pick up the old wooden boxes for our fires and rotting veg for compost.

    Was a great idea. The 'owner' of the commune would go and help the supermarket occasionaly, DIY and ground clearing etc.

    There where on average 10 people living there all the time and I had no problem cooking soup every lunch and tasty meals at night.

    Must: take them out and rinse plugs and ears every time you shower (don't use shampoo or soap to clean them)

    Recommended: take out your plugs every few days and massage with jojoba oil.
    "in many regards superior to sperm oil for applications in the cosmetics and other industries."

    Suggested: use natural material plugs like wood or bone. Keep an eye out for any reaction you may have to different types of wood. (obviously don't use bone if u are vegi/vegan)

    I hate to make you paranoid, but I can smell when friends haven't cleaned their ears well....but i get very 'close' with my friends...heheh

    I do fancy everyone, but i'm just easy.. heheh

    I understand hairy legs might turn you off, but when you turn down your "ideal girl" because she is hairy you need to get your priorities in order.

    Having said that I would shave for someone (or make someone shave me moahaha) if it was that big a problem..

    I generaly use and combined with a rail card I can get to london from edinbrugh for less than £50, which is nice.

    I don't have a car and cant drive, so for me the expense of learning to drive, buying a car, insuring it and petrol is way over my budget.

    I just have to make sure I live in areas well serviced by public transport.

    I have recently stopped shaving my legs, but it only really shows on one leg as the other is tattooed (now hairy)fish which camouflages it!

    I would never turn down anyone because they didn't shave, a friend of mine was once but then she realised she didn't want to be with anyone that superficial.

    I have been knitting for 5 years and crocheting for 4. I now am trying to make crochet my living, making hats from old jumpers.
    I can now knock out a hat in 2 hours and teach someone to make a flower hair thingy in a morning!
    It really does keep me sane and let my creativity out!