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    No dickwad you do have be realistic about it.
    That would be so cool though but it would cost you so much in petrol/diesel to get anywhere.
    Not to mention if anything happened with that while you went out to Tesco or maybe to the local rally if anything major happened to that you would be well and truely fucked. Getting that towed home wouldnt be fun

    Answer the question properly, you know what i means

    OK...... no need to be rude.

    1) I could legally drive it.
    2) Insurance would be reasonable
    3) Fuel costs would be reasonable
    4) It would have an MOT
    5) It would be likely to pass the next couple of MOT's with minimal work
    6) The living area would be watertight or could be made so with minimal effort
    7) Not arsed about fittings and fixtures but if it had them I'd rather they were easily removed so I could fit it out in a way that suited me with minimal effort.
    8) It is faerie powered (Willing to put them through a grinder) to save on fuel costs and is the same vehicle as pictured in my first post.

    If I don't have to be realistic (About anything including british roads, bridges, roundabouts etc....) I would combine:

    with a double decker (or two). Would probably struggle to be unnoticed in a laybye or get into tescos' car park but it wouldn't matter too much because I could probably tow either of them into a field of my choosing.

    So your problems indicate that the solution is a small space with a decent burner :clap:. I've got one of the two and nowhere to put my tat - guess which one I have :wall:. The other alternative is a cave. They have a steady temperature well above freezing but you cant move them around though :mad:

    No problem. Prices for it seem to be cheaper in Germany.

    I would suggest how to do a DIY one but I don't know enough about how it works - if you can find a sales brochure with pictures I'm guessing it doesn't contain much more than a bit of piping, a 12v computer fan linked to a switch and a carbon scrubber.

    I've heard that the smell can be a bit ripe but I can't see how it can be worse than the ammonia that you get with the chemical additives. You also have the added benefit that at least everything will be liquid (The bacterial decomposition does this very quickly - the traditional chemicals stop it dead) so you won't have to worry about clearing blockages / shaking it out.

    Have you checked out SOG systems available for Thetford toilets? Its basically an addition that creates an airflow so that the contents naturally decompose without any chemicals. Due to the lack of chemicals its not so bad putting it in a hole when you do eventually find a quiet bit of woodland.

    Not sure it it will fit your needs but it is an eco friendly way of having an onboard toilet. The problem with composting loo's is that you need to really have space to store a years worth of poo once you have finished with it...

    What is your budget for solar? Don't bother with wind power - turbines aren't efficient when the blades have a small diameter.

    The comments about gas are correct - its your best option for cooking / boiling water etc. Save yer leccy for lighting / the computer etc. I did the maths last year and it works out way cheaper to spend a fiver each on LED bulbs than 50p on normal ones due to the reduced need for panels. They will also last longer than you do so you don't have to worry about them blowing!

    If you have the cash go for a good solar charge controller that has a readout (As previously suggested) - at least that way you know when you have to make the decision to turn your laptop off. Otherwise you will have the annoying surprise of losing your lighting!

    If you are aiming to go cheap start with a 15 watt panel and see how it goes. You can always buy more! As a guide on prices (If fitting yourself - its easy), do not pay more than £5 per watt. If they are charging more than that you can get it cheaper - I've sorted people out for a lot less than that before.

    Quote from wiggy

    I put some rubbish in the back of muppets landrover a while ago! Im not sure if its still there though

    I wasn't impressed. Animal carcasses got found over a week later. It was rank.

    Quote from Fëanor

    Bait your traps with Cadbury's Chocolate Caramel! No advertising intended but I know this stuff WORKS. The mice love the caramel part more than chocolate alone and it is very stickey so they can't steel it of the trap. They end up tring to chew every last bit off the little metal spike..... Inevitably this is fatal.
    This is only way I have known mice to be exterminated without using cats and/or poison.

    Cheers. I will try this one tomorrow.

    I hope yours are not as bad as my resident ninja mouse. I tried friendly traps (Three types). Didn't work. I tried traditional mouse traps. Not only did it not work but the git took the bait but set it off and then had the cheek to chew off a corner. I tried poisen a few days ago and thought it worked. Wrong! I came back from the chrimbo holiday spent at my mums and it had moved its stash of poison to under my pillow - yes, thats right, the little mofo tried to poison me!!!!!!

    If only we could make friends - it would be the best guard mouse ever.

    What is your budget for sorting out the leccy? You can get plenty of stuff that uses 24v instead of 12 and many that do both - truckers systems are usually 24v. Alternatively you could get a 24v->12v dropdown converter or if you have the money Sterling Power sell a 24v->12v battery to battery charger that is the dogs bananas and will save you messing around with the alternator and keep your leisure batteries in top notch condition. With this you basically just have the box of tricks sat between the leisure batts and the main battery with wires going to each.

    Is your 12v fridge a compressor type or an absorption type? (If its a 3 way it will be an absorption fridge) If its not a compressor fridge you won't be able to run it on 12v unless you are driving otherwise it will flatten your battery in a couple of hours.

    If you want any guidance on the leccy send ma a PM. I've fitted out the majority of the vans on the field now and all of 'em are happy. Regarding 240v, you would be surprised! The more you can run at 12v the better - even the most efficient inverters waste a decent chuck of energy and 12v appliances are designed to be a lot more efficient compared to the 230/240v equivalents.

    Why is it that you think you need mains voltage? What appliances are you thinking of?

    Wise words. Ditto for me.

    Quote from crap muppet

    What are you already planning on having in your bus? - We ould go on all day about tyres, indicators and burners.... Spend some time asking the question properly and I'd hope that between us we would spot any ommisions. PS I'm typing this sat in a caraven that is sat on a field ;)

    PS I didnt mean to be offensive....

    My gaff:

    12v compressor fridge
    12v LED lights
    12v low power PC
    12v DVD/CD/amplifier
    60 watt solar
    sterling batt to batt charger
    sterling 12v charger to mains supply (backup)

    more socks
    wood burner
    chopping wood

    wood burner
    gas cooker n oven

    * not got one. Depends on sexual preferences :p

    Quote from wiggy

    This might be a stupid question but can you get the license thing by becoming a bus driver for a few months?

    Yup. Thats how my mate Mojo got his. You normally have to keep working for them for 6 months post pass though otherwise they ask for the money back that it cost them to train you.

    Quote from stardust

    no chance!!! this bus is for life! i even enjoy driving her now!

    Get that class C license sorted ASAP then - otherwise you will be looking at that bus in a police compound out of a prison window if your'e not careful :eek:

    Quote from stardust

    apparently woodburners in vehicles are illegal in europe!

    Nope - not as far as I'm aware. Just don't do the equivalent of the MOT on your vehicle in Germany. NMot that you would unless you were daft mind - have a read up on what they check there and how often they do the checks.

    The vast majority of the travellers I know reside down in the South of Europe. Most of them seem to have burners from what I'm aware. I'm sure Chazz might be able to clear this one up if he is about?

    Quote from psy-kwaai

    wouldn't the £800 seem to be likened to say a council tax?

    Could be I suppose. Only its got the advantage that you only have to pay it once ;)

    Quote from stardust

    yeah ok, i didnt think of that one. it's still really annoying though. i suppose at least a C1 is cheaper to get than a bus drivers license.

    A bus one wouldnt be valid anyway once its is down as a motorhome on the V5 unless its under 3.5 anyway. It might be time to start saving or do what you mentioned before - house in winter and transit in summer.

    For some people it will mean awkward choices I agree. I don't think they are doing it as an underhand way of slimming down the traveller population though - there are soooo many other ways they could do it that would be easier and wouldn't piss off rich middle class voters. Yes its been brought in by a government body - but not one that has such political motivations, otherwise it wouldn't have gone through. The vehicle licensing agency has got a bee in its bonnet about 17 year olds who have only driven daddies car being allowed to drive around in 30 foot trucks.

    My choice is to work the hours and save the money to get a full class C. Then if I want I can make my money whilst on the road by popping into any driving agency and getting work. At £10-12 per hour the fees for the license and associated costs would be paid off in two weeks driving a 12 tonner for whoever. + I'd have valid insurance (Also cheaper as having a class C or C1 via training shows you have the competence)

    Quote from stardust

    i think i'll just assume my bus is under 3.5tonne then!

    Cool. Just make sure you don't get pulled near a weighbridge. You've only gotta be a few KG's over 3.5 ton laden and they can do you for it if they don't like the look of you.

    Quote from stardust

    if it's true then this is seriously bad news for anyone living in a converted vehicle coz they need the appropriate licence for their vehicle. i can drive my bus on a car licence coz its registered as a motorhome, but if this law is passed i cant drive it unless i get a licence to drive a bus.

    I'm assuming your bus is under 3.5 tons? (Or did you pass your test pre 97?) If not then in essence your insurance is currently invalid, its just that this court case that happened means you can't dissapear into the grey void as people have been able to before.

    The government aren't going to care about a few hundred hippies in buses being caused grief - especially if they aren't bothered about all the rich middle class voters whose sons and daughters can't drive daddies american motorhome anymore that have been kicking off about it. I guess people will just have to make the decision: Pay £800 for the class C/C1 or sell up the big buses & trucks or buy something smaller like a transit van.

    I can't find the link but basically a recent court case clarified the letter of the law. Before then it was just a grey area but they are really tightening up on it now.

    If your motorhome is over 3.5 tonnes MAM but does not exceed 7.5 tonnes you will need to hold a driving licence that includes category C1 entitlement. If you passed your car test before 1.1.97 you will have C1 on your licence. If your licence does not include category C1 you may not drive a motorhome that exceeds 3.5 tonnes.

    Found this on a goverment website and it is pretty clear cut: Time to get that C1 for me methinks!

    Quote from Sthenno

    I remember in 2000 I faked my passport to say I was under 14 and got in free…

    The last time I went to Glasto festival was 2000. The queue to get in was massive. Hundreds of us lined up against the fence. The only bigger queue was the one inside for the cashpoint and the one where the people with tickets were trying to get in! :whistle::D :reddevil:

    Quote from hazy daisy

    Shamania was a good one last year

    or Glade

    I went to both of those as well as Sunrise last year. I really enjoyed Sunrise due to the length of it and the friendly peeps but my favourite of the year was Shamania.... made all the better by a car boot sale appearing in the next field on the Sunday morning :cool:. Nothing better than a boot sale! I felt like I knew everbody that went by the time the festie finished.

    As a guide it cost about £600 to get my truck from Reading to Bolton on the back of a low loader- so its not something you want to go long distances with but if you have somewhere to put it within 100-200 miles I'd imagine you could get a very good value home!

    Fingers crossed it doesn't have to get squished :)