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    Listen to Twister.

    For recall I used to use a chain dog lead and a large packet of biscuits (I didn't have a long lead). Call the dog and if after half an hour or so she hasn't come to you throw the lead in the general direction of the dog. Then, once she's back lots of fuss and a biscuit. Repeat ad nausium until she gets the idea. This is the one area I used to really roar and get angry as its so important for safety that they come back when told.

    For toileting get her into a routine by taking her out regularly and if she obliges lots of fuss and a treat. At first this may only happen by accident, but it gets a reward anyway.

    For walking to heal (very important with a boistrous dog like a collie), just stop every time she pulls on the lead. If she knows she's off to somewhere nice this will be a deterent and she'll learn she gets there quicker by walking to heal. Hopefully you can then ditch the lead entirly soon.

    Basically I (almost) never punished the dog, but just gave rewards for good behaviour or deferred treats until she behaved. Remember though, for a dog any attention you give is a treat and the worst thing you can do is ignore her. They soon get the idea.

    We had a rescued dog that had all the traits of neglect; she'd steal food all the time, would never trust you, howled if you left the room etc etc, but in a couple of weeks she was behving like a spoilt poodle.

    I Daily Mail will do whatever it thinks it can get away with.

    However it may think twice about having a go at a group of people who can defend themselves or who their readers may actually sympathise with.

    Basically, we need to stick up for ourselves.

    In the meantime, this gives you a laugh:

    I think this is a key personality trait.

    It's usually called introversion versus extroversion, but that just makes me think of geeks versus rugger buggers.

    Some people are completely self motivates,but that can make them a Gordon Gecko or a Ghandi, other rely on the crowd and can either be the life and soul of the party or the healing mother who sorts out everyone's problems.

    Either way I think it's a very important part of who you are.

    I would disagree about it not being our business.

    Whether or not you think jet bombers are the way to solve problems, injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere, and just 'cos the rebels aren't saints, it doesn't make them morally equivalent to Gaddafi.

    I'm not so sure about the oil issue. Gaddafi was never going to stop selling the stuff to us and he bought lots of guns too. Putin had a ago at his Prime Minister for supporting the UN resolution for this issue.

    I suspect there's a lot of short term politicking behind the Britain and France's intervention, after all the Arab Spring started with Sarkosy offering the Tunisian dictator help and Cameron on an arms selling tour, but I doubt the rebels mind this very much.

    The main arguments against the war were always going to be practical; how could the west defend a group of people with no military experience against a ruthless army of mercenaries.

    I think the morality though was clear. The rebels had done nothing beyond petition for more democracy and the UN and Arab League were in favour of action.

    Things may yet turn out all right, but that would require a degree of rationality from Gaddafi and his supporters.

    Hopefully it'll discourage the macho idiots from applying and make life easier for the real policeman, who aren't in it for the adrenalin or the power trip.

    I think this is the real problem.

    It's not so much that the uniform gives you a power trip, but that a lot of those who want to be coppers probably apply for the wrong reasons and shouldn't be allowed to.

    A bit like the job of Galactic President in Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy: anyone who wants the job is by definition unsuitable for it.

    I very much doubt it would be that much more progressive, given that the Orange Book Liberals like Clegg are obviously happy with Osborne-style free-market slash-and-burn economics.

    If it's one thing we've learnt about the LibDems form the coalition it's that the cuddly, fairly green chaps you meet on the street bare no resemblence whatsoever to the private school toffs who run the party.

    I suspect Libya will get electoral reform before we do.

    One of the most sorted people I've ever met was a mental health service user who'd held down a really good job until one day he had a 'breakdown' which consisted of him running down the street stripping.

    What he eventually relealised (once he'd escaped the clutches of kindly Mr Plod) was that he's been 'mad' most of his life and by symbolically ejecting the symbols of the consumerist hell he'd imprisoned himself in he was on the road to recovery.

    It's a bit unnerving as a social worker when you realise your client is saner than you are.

    I used to work in a residential school for children with autism spectrum disorders.

    Lovely kids, but I wasn't half glad to go home at 5 o'clock and hand the care over to another team.

    A single family just cannot provide the support such children need. I'm sorry you've been forced into this, but it is no failure on your part and you are acting in his best interests.

    It might not happen. What's the chances of society, law and order collapsing in our lifetime? Say in the next 50 years? I reckon 50:50 is pessimistic. (assuming you don't want it to, otherwise, optimistic)

    According to some people this happened thirty years ago.

    A proper failed state though is one where non-state armed groups can out fight the government. As we've seen in Libya,this is pretty tricky to achieve even when those in charge have no legitimacy.

    A more likely scenario is that things get worse, possibly much worse. Crime has been historically low for the last 200 years and the state untypically stable and popular.

    So what you're saying is that if, for instance, 20% of the people vote for AV and 80% voted against it then we should accept AV on the minority vote - obviously I don't understand this democracy lark...:(

    Well obviously we have to accept the rules of the referendum, but what do we do about an electorate that just votes No, and then reads the question later?

    Add the polls that show young people are most affected by the credit crunch and want change and you have a disenfranchised generation.

    True, that might lead to great music, exciting protests and a lively counter culture - but it's probably not much fun for them.

    Perhaps it's a bit early to be posting this, but as it looks like the Nos are going to win, how the f@ck do we change anything in this country?

    It's like when the Northeast rejected having a reginal parliament ten years or so ago. Completely against their own interests but conservatism and cynicism with politics won the day, as looks likely to happen tomorrow.

    However I'm not sure you learn thta much about a party like that from reading the manifesto - most of their supporters haven't (and a fair few couldn't).

    This thread does raise the broader issue of whether there arethings you shouldn't be allowed to vote for. It's a tricky qestion as we don't have a constitution, but the BNP come quite close on a couple of points:

    Firstly there's the issue of honesty. Their manifesto is a bit dodgy, but many of the public statements of their candidates are far far worse (look at the record of this chap Bron who's now a County Councillor).

    Secondly if someone wins in a democratic election they should themselves be able to be beaten in an election before the same costituency. The BNP, if they had their way, would have purged the ballot boxes of black voters. That's not allowed.

    Yes, but there's a world of difference between me going to the police as Joe Public and saying I'm worried about so and so, and ringing an anonymous 'hotline'.

    This sort of anonymous shop-your-neighbour stuff used to be a last resort for places where the IRA or the mafia break your legs if talk to plod, not for ordinary neighbourhoods.

    I can't claim any expertise on Native American beliefs but I understand some tribes revered a Great Spirit who was believed to have created the world and everything in it.

    Isn't this to an extent just the way that demarcartion works in polytheistic religions? Sort of: you get sea, you sky, you get fornicating sheep etc and then someone gets the Polish god in and says right, you make the earth.