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    My OH's sisters boy has had problems right up to age 10 -11, she didn't want to take him to docs as didn't want to make a big deal out of it for him but then her friends 7 year old had same problem and his mum did take him to the docs. The doc said the problem was not drinking enough in the daytime and that he saw a lot of boys who were dehydrated who had the problem. If they don't drink enough their bladders don't stretch enough/grow enough to be able to hold the pee capacity all through the night. They both started making their boys drink more and have both now been dry through the night for 18 months.

    yay congratulations. :) Gorgeous colours there and so alive. I bought a little pad today to try and get back into drawing but instead did a little poem inspired by your painting - ave bunged it in poets corner if you want a peep. Thanks for the inspiration.

    my dad is having problems with woodlice eating his strawberries - think even the bugs are getting dehydrated this year and eating stuff maybe they wouldn't usually. Glad the birdies got to have a feast :)

    yes the cabbage whites are everywhere!! I'm sure the kids will love it.

    not heard about the snail survey littlerarebean. There are plenty of those in my garden too!! :(

    Can't find the more kid friendly link (note to self must add sites to favourites in future) but here's the grownup link and a more international link. Think the gist is they are looking at links between snail markings and predation and how this has changed through evolution. Too bleddy dry here at mo for me to do survey all the snails are in hiding, am waiting for the rain!


    sorry don't have any of the books but have you tried contacting the International Byron Society to see if any of their UK members could lend you some?

    Or you could put a request in the local paper in Hucknall where he is in the crypt? there's hopefully someone local who is interested in Byron and might have some of the books to sell/lend.

    You could also search the notts library catalogue and see if you can borrow them inter-library

    growing up there you get a bit force fed byron at school but the main thing that stuck with me was a short film that was made in the 80's/90's with locals as extras, not only did it show naked miners showering at the pit (not hucknall - pit had closed by then) but also mentioned the fact that Byron's body is perfectly preserved in the crypt and alluded to 'all of him' being perfectly preserved!:p
    Ha and then wasn't there all the Byron was a vampire rumours too cos of all the blood letting for health that he was into?

    sorry rambling now about the trashy side to byron's legacy!

    you could turn the thinking around too, if all matter etc is interelated, recycled from the same big pool of goop then whats to say humans aren't walking around with the memories of plants, animals, insects...

    back to the trees though i'm sure some trees are sentient or can communicate with humans, whether this is from a memory of humans, their own spirit or because we are all from one big goop and just what is reality anyway, i'm not sure.
    I met an amazing tree once (also very scary) all ancient and gnarled and jam packed full of female spirits all entwined in the bark and moulded into the moss, often think about the tree and how it proved an illusion to me, also gave me a mantra for my life and where i'll go when i'm 'gone'.

    Have also seen a couple of trees 'walking' out the corner of my eye, once when pootling along on canal and tree in wood was caught out on a little jaunt - sure i embarresed the poor thing by seeing it move! another time in sequoia national park saw a giant sequoia pootling around, actually felt a bit more like that one was stalking us rather than a pootle - it reminded me of the predator film - the special effects of the see through camaflauged predator - giant tree was all shimmery and see through and bleddy following us!

    i love trees even the scary stalking ones :D

    thanks for the positive comments, i'm trying to focus on flowing lines rather than angles on my positive thinking phase, naughty thorns sneeking in tho!

    Catkin I just love circular paintings - I blame that on Kit Williams. I love the way you feel drawn into the painting and the ladies eyes are so expressive. It also made me go off on thoughts of maybe every tree has a story captured inside of it, running through its length and through the roots are the history of the story.

    PTM the little pip child is just so sweet and full of promise. I think your mermaid looks like she is drinking the water in an ecstatic way - maybe someone has captured her from a polluted pond and is transporting her back to the sea in a jar of seawater.

    weird mutant vine - was daydreaming looking at honeysuckle buds then thinking about all the lovely blossom about but also must have been angry cos some killer thorns snook in!


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    i had glandular fever when i was 21 and it took a good year or so before i stopped feeling totally crap. Definately linked to exhaustion, those afternoon naps were compulsary there was no way of fighting the sleep. I'd say listen to your body, don't try and push yourself too much but also fight the temptation to wallow in sleepage - after a while i didn't feel as knackered but had got into the nap habit by then and it was a difficult one to break!

    princesstigermouse I love love love your deaths head hawk moth! :) Made me think back to reading 'I'm the king of the castle' by susan hill back at school!

    ooooh catkin those nudes are lush - on the trio of ladies - the lady on the left with the pert nipple is just gorgeous :o, amazing how you get such detail in.

    Oooh some lovely work on here again, sooo inspiring and really interesting to see how the pictures connect to different people's experiences and emotions.

    Lovely pages to dip into for inspiration and for wishing, oh if only I doodled more i might get better

    I will try and do more doodles in future but can't promise 1 a day :)

    dandelion doodle:


    i go every 9 months or so as have had problems with me teeth in the past and am also a hypochondriac so the added bonus of dentists also checking general mouth health keeps me going. I've had to resort to going private tho - I'd managed to keep an NHS dentist for donkeys years by not changing dentists from the one in my hometown even tho I had moved loads since - would coincide visiting the folks with going to the dentists! Eventually tho that practice seemed to be changing their NHS staff every visit and one of em was shite and did a real bodged filling on me that i've had to have dug out and redone 3 times now!

    Most practices will chuck you off their books if you don't attend fairly regularly but the time limit seems to sometimes vary between practices.

    it's just horrible and you know that they will use the results to cause more pain in future - oh looking at the pain chart this mouse isn't pulling the 'face of agony' it's only at the 'face of discomfort' lets crank up the experiment some more. :curse:

    my next comment shud probably be in the lizard lounge but i often feel humans can't be native to this earth - I know animals will kill/eat other animals etc but would any other species cause so much pain to others and do it's best to destroy it's own habitat in the process?

    I love your style , I can't think of a better word but I love the 'squiggliness' of it :)

    here's another mandala - i'm thinking of patterns for a henna tattoo involving bees but am enjoying the doodling so much prob won't get round to getting anything hennaed!


    ooops have been pretty lazy lately, even the yoga is on hold cos my instuctor is ill at mo. Have done some all day walking in the countryside stints but not enough of em really. Focus woman, focus.

    yay well done Tordisa you've been doing great :) you are also a braver woman than me getting in the pool! i also have fear of water but that's mostly swimming pools (bad memories of so called swimming lessons at school have scarred me for life!) I'll pootle around in the sea in a big pink rubber ring but u won't find me near a pool no way (ugh feel sick just thin king of swimming baths ugh)