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    My ex is a dead ringer for Jasper Carrot and his work mates used to call him 'wiggy' from the series that Jasper did with that Jesus bloke (can't remem
    ber his name)

    They are only night time butterflies aren't they! There was a gorgeousw one on my garage door a couple of years ago. quite large and the most delicate pink and pale green - anyone know what it was?

    C'mon people I think you are being harsh here. We have mixed veggies and meat eaters in the family and mix ups do happen. Never intentional but rarely an issue. It is possible that the gravy got mixed with the fat in a moment of confusion. We can't make any assumptions about intent. The point being that once it was known it should have been communicated openly. People who don't regularly cater for vegans and veggies do find the situations stressful. They try their best but they aren't experts. If you also remember that until very recently the best you could get in a restaurant was an omelette, I think they do very well mostly

    My kiddies always used to like ice pops when they had a temperature - they felt like they were getting special treats because they were poorly (bless 'em) but they are a it more interesting than plain ice cubes and you can trough as many of them as you are able. I hope you feel better soon.

    You are very talented - some of the pins remind me of hair holder things - have you made any of those because they would be brilliantly different and I WOULD CERTAINLY BUY SOME - didn;t mean to go all capital then - must be excited. I have long hair and a pin like those would be really unique

    Stunning flipflopdog, I know you weren't that impressed with Swanage but had the weekend panned out differently we could have taken you to Portland, and in particular Ope Cove which looks kinda similar. I have an ancient picture of me standing on the end of Lands End Rocks and I lived to tell the tale even though some H & S bod was trying to shoo me away

    I love this thread, eye being the 'window to the soul' and all that. My now adult children have amazing eyes which on the face of it are dark deepest blue and light sky blue respectively but when you come to look closes, the dark blue eyes have lots of brown shards filtered through and the light blue eyes have lots of white sparkles. I have grey/green eyes but I have got quite a lot of brown when you come to look closer. Fascintating stuff!

    My brother used to make this all the time it was scrummy. The sugar is the primer for the fizz so be careful not to add too much or warm it up to much as you might end up with exploding bottles in the airing cupboard with your mum ranting at you about the bloody mess - flashback sorry!:D

    I wouldn't cook the meat out of the stock/water or similar but all you have todo is think about the expansion as the food gets hot and allow enough room inthe cooker to stop it overflowing. It's not the end of the world if it does, just a pain to clean afterwards. I would always put in on a tray or similar for your first couple of attempts just incase there is spillage. Little bit trial and error anyway. Plus don't forget that there is water in veg that will make gravy when cooking and also some juices fromthe meat. I'm starting to dribble now just thinkingabout all the lovely casseroles you could be making, maybe I need to dust my cooker off too!

    I've had a slow cooker since last century and used it loads and loads. Can use really cheap cuts of meat (or not, if you're veggie) and they are just melt in the mouth after a days cooking. ~Very economical and totally agree that there is nothing better than to come home to a house that smells of delicious food that is just ready to serve on a cold summers day (I joke - gazing out of my window on the wet, windy nearly end of March spring day!) Recipes galore both in specific one pot cook books and on the net too. Can cook up shed loads and then freeze portions for later use. definitely money well spent

    Lol! Thanks for the offer but I fear you might be a bit posh for me, you actually bottle your drinks? I usually just sihphon it straight out of the demi john (coffee mornings I like to call it) ;)

    I went to Vindalanda (can't remember if that's how you spell it now) when I was holidaying in Northumberland, I though it was very impressive, saw a real live red squirrel about 2 foot in front of me nibbling on the wall. It made my day. and I don't mean eating the stone before anyone says! I agree with Simon99 though, they should relocated it to nearer my house so save on the carbon footprint.

    Really sorry to hear how poorly you are,frustrating as it is you have to be in the best place! Re our previous conversations I spent Christmas visiting Poole hospital. They have great viewsall over the harbour. People pay millions for views like that at Sandbanks, perhaps you could request a transfer (lol) and enjoy the sea and the boats and the birdies all for free and on the plus side too, you would only be a few miles away from Corfe Castle, nip across on the chain ferry and you'd be there - sorted! Hope you feel better soon though in all seriousness x

    Do precious little these days but have won sports cups in the past. Really used to be active then back problems/knees/arthritis/labyrinthitus blahblahblah. The physio wouldn't let me exercise for a whole year and I piled on the weight and haven't had the inclination or ability to shift it since. Do very irregular shifts at work which make it difficult to build up any routine as well, especially with fitting in meal times appropriately but then there is the dog who keeps me sane and takes me out for long, long, cheap and cheerful walks

    Having thought about this over night, it sounds very like the plot of the Matrix to me. I love teacakes by the way - well it's food isn't it.

    When I had my eyes lasered I had to have regular eye tests afterwards and I was really surprised at how little vision you need to be legal for driving. Basically the optician was quite matter of fact that I would be legal with what I considered to be blurred/can't see the test board etc. type sight. Itching, under normal circumstances I would say that was a good sign with regards to healing. Most wounds itch when they are 'getting there' but I don't know if that would apply to eyes. I wish you all the best luck and hope the worst case doesn't happen.

    I find work the opposite. I have to drag myself there and once there get critiscised for not being 'urgent' or 'purposeful' enough. Basically I just want to hibernate. I have to take the dog out daily and that definitely helps.