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    Woodburner in. Resale value would drop, if you did it in such a way that it was easily removable I don't see a prob, okay your gonna cut a hole in the roof but if you do a neat job you could cover it with a blank if you took the burner out, spicky.

    Parked outside my mum's house tonight. Telling me some stories from when she was younger, she's 84 in January. Listening to her tonight had made me realise I am the person I am today because of her. I was lucky I had the best childhood growing up, all my memories are music always playing, Sunday night top of the pops on the radiogram.45 records thayt didint have a middle Because they came out of a jukebox. And me mum wanted a CD for Xmas.............. Jake bugg! Cud he's a Clifton lad. Sorry for the ramble , loving my UK hippy friends. Spicky

    Pretty bad last night in Dorset, lots of wind and loads of flooding, just took me nearly 2 hrs to do 6 miles! Ahh well only another 214 miles to go to see my kids and my mum, wonder if I'll get there for boxing day at this rate, good luck to any fellow travellers out there.

    Set off yesterday afternoon, went to fill up and put me back out! So on the settee, wished I'd have gone thou. It's on my list of things to do, hope your still not stuck stardust? Spicky

    Lionheart, I couldn't have put that better myself.people waving to you when your driving along with 4 kids and a dog sitting in the back, as the dad said( lots of happy memories) .loved the shack on the. Lake, idyllic till you saw the 2 sshepherds huts with the same sort of view, and realised it was another advert for a business, but so what, I wished I was doing it. Spicky

    Just been in newquay for a few months, caught the early morning surf, fresh salty water up your nose, followed by something you can't bottle,?a full English breakfast; spicky.

    WATERBOYS NIGHT, 1Red army blues. 2 Don't bang the drum. 3, Trumpets. Mike Scott Britain's best songwriter, ( ellie gouldings children in need single was a waterboys song from the room to roam album) how sad am I, lol, spicky,

    Haven't got a credit card, neither has my mum, ( spoke to her tonight and she reminded me she is 84 in January, bless her)I'm a hippywith a bus, and I'm stoned tonight, but I wouldn't pay that much for q book, as Mr Marley sayyyees The one good thing about music is, when it hits you, you don't feel no pain! Gonna play some waterboys now, LOUD, spicky,

    Thanks angio, only just seen this post, can't get that vid on my phone? Good song. Here's one but I dnot know how to do the you tube link, I'm sure somebody on UK hippy will help, ellie gouldings, children in need single is by my favorite artist ever, try telling your 22 yr old son who thinks ellie is lush, it's an old song!!!! It's Mike Scott ( waterboys) from the room to roam album( as I'm typing I'm laughing, quite ironic title) spicky

    The 250,000 one? Looks like the cupboard doors come from b and q, someone thrown them away and they'd been recycled!like the bit when in the ad it saysall the manuals are in a coachmen bag! A am iI getting old or just grumpy and cynical, spicky.

    I 've got an awning for bessie that I made out a of a 4m x 3m flag( a bright, yellow, red and blue rip curl flag that they fly on the beach at surf contests, and no. I was given it i didn't Nick it) it's only lightweight unlike a tarp, so I'm thinking how you gonna attach it, will it be permanent or are you going to put it up and down often? Jus thinking because a tarps pretty heavy, I fixed three of the tie down sort of brackets on the side of bessie, where the eyelets were on the flag, then thought were am I gonna get two adjustable poles that I can put at the front with guidelines on to pull it taut, eureka moment! What's got a hook on and can go from 2ft_ 6_7 ft, washing line poles, cheep as chips in Wilkinsons! Spicky.

    All you people keep putting them you tube links on re. Songs to play in the bus, I started the post and I can't watch half of them cuz I'm in the bus and on a phone not a computor! Keep them coming! Josh rouse, living in the Hamptons. Can't find the proper vid on u tube, that song made me smile when I was working near moneypenny beach in a cold December a bout 6 years ago. Friday night and gypsy Nero sounds. And when of the best guitar riffs I've ever heard, I can play it on the air guitar! Spicky.

    Funny as f... ,the lady with the horsebox didn't measure it, she read the sticker in the front that told her the height, width etc. Then remembered the box had been changed, good she knew the history, I liked it, and I like Georges enthusiasm, ( rereading this, funny as f.. Is referring to zildjians post. Spicky.