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    Just read this post .so I thought I might comment..if your parked on a road with no restrictions..and your legal.its not a problem. Dont think you should have stood outside her house and did the same thing..would antangonise someone who must have had an experience of some sort .intresting she wasnt concerned about the other vehicles .what van are you in.? Or is it because your parked by the woods and public toilets? Just a thought.

    Had a308.608.609 van.709 709 truck.s I think im qualified to comment.. none of the numbers you quoted are real..first no is 508.5 ton.80 horsepower..609.6 ton 90 horsepower etc.older ones ie the 80 horsepower ones are a bit fact theyre all a bit slow and dont like hills!.811.has a turbo.814 turbo and intercooler. Yes they do rust.but I dont know of any other van that is known as a million mile vechile.try and go 1988-1996 van.but theyre getting like rocking horse shit to find.after 96 youve got ecu and computers fitted..need any more info ask away.

    I always talk to other van dwellers..I can spot one from a mile away..feel free to knock on my door .cant suss out how to post pics on here..someone posted the pics in my album for me a few years back..check my van out on my facebook page if anyones interested. .chris spick..its a merc two fb pages.. had probs with my phone and set a new account up.latest one has got my black and silver merc.old one has got my silver merc 709 bus..with julian the gypsy s burner in.

    Nice to see your reply fire tree.theres always 2 sides to story..I wasnt being disrespectful or trying to wind anybody up with my on the road as well..thats why im bloody awake now!..just drove fron the cotswolds to st albans..hope your sorted parked up in a little secret spot. (Julian the gypsy will tell ya I aint a pretend nomad)

    Nice reply .manoftheland. theres always two sides to every story..I read fire trees posts. Nice of you to offer help to someone on this forum. .after all its nomadic living..I guess youve been there.if it was my post that made you reply..good.that was my intention. Good to hear the other side..first post had problems at 10am ..aa not turn up till 4.30. ? Dont think thats how the aa work...especially if its a lady broken down.? .having to sell my wedding rings and a mile from home but cant ask the bank of dad for help...dont know fire trees personal circumstances. ..but hope things get sorted. ....waiting for the replys!

    Dont post on here often.but been on here for many years.sorry for the stuff thats happened fire have been pissed off as well if someone offered help and it went pear shaped..but there always two sides to every story.would be nice to hear the other persons side.

    You cant beat an old merc..dont kniw wether it was 1996/1998 when .mercs started doing ecu.and compouter stuff.but anything if theres a van for doing miles , its a merc.

    Had eberspachers in my last two vans .bought another van last September. Put it in the new van.stopped working. Checked everything.bought a propex gas blown air heater. Brilliant bit if kit.heat within 5 mins.

    I was parked on the downs for a month last year when I was working on the was ok if you parked near the main road...sad theyve put restrictions up..nice spot to wake up to.alsp parked up at cribbs one night. .morrisons one night..b@q another night.

    nice work. wondered why you put the toilet cassette door where you have? seems a lot of work tilting the cab si you can empty it.17 litres sounds a lot of visits. but youd be suprised how quickly it fills up. lol. ti do with the door from inside maybe?

    nomadic lifestyle ? sounnds like roses around the door in a country cottage., people go to festivals on a weekend and think this is the lifestyle for me, roaming place to place , freedom from the everyday world , belive me it aint easy , same as people that buy a motorhome and have a great escape at the weekend.its fucking hard in the winter, when its raining day after day its cold and fucking miserable outside, your batteries have gone flat so youve got no lights no tv no radio.your phone not charge up,and you cant find a decent park need somewhere to empty your toilet and dont anyvody reply withi use a spade and go shit in the woods and bury it ! thats bullshit! try doing it at 6 am on a cold febuary morning!

    sorry I forgot you diesel dog,:are you still down swansea way ? wandering gypsy .thinking of selling the bus , would you know anybody thats intrested? ya might make some corn .

    mercs any day , I have 3 in 20 odd years , currently have a 709 bus (windows removed and panelled in ) burner, fixed beds , garage area under fixed high level,ehu, sink , cooker, miyrowave, ikea armchairs, real cosy cedar wood interior, toilet compartment, , maybe thinking of selling ( only because I know of one thats got a motkrcycle garage)

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    not the merc in my pic, that was my last one

    Nice one colin. Youve got a job on there! Plan, plan, and plan again, use string and tape measures and buy plenty of pencils, use cardboard boxes, even beer barrels! To give you an idea of dimensions and stuff, its a blank canvas and when you live in a van , like I know you have, that someone else has done,:youll always think , if that wasnt there, or if that cupboard was smaller/ bigger/ wider, I could have put this or that in there, sorry your not on the island, probably working in bouldner.this summer again, didnt manage to catch up last time I was there, but if you want to bounce some ideas around, go for it, you nick h.r.jays electrical ideas, ive nicked the insulated windiw picture thing off him. As an afterthought , your can park near a brewery, theres your inspiration, spicky.