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    Thanks bogwoppit,tried to join but I'm on a blackberry and a bit of a technophobe ,clicked the join bit ,nothing happened,can anyone help,thanks

    In the midlands at the moment but should be in dorset at the weekend so ill keep my eyes open,can spot a merc van a mile away,if I catch em my defence is(my axe is for chopping wood officer honest)really hope we can find her ,spicky

    Oh shit,now how you must feel,had a 608 for ten years,been broken into in my 609 while I was asleep in her,feeling for nick a 608 ,no one ,they didn't make a fast getaway,no two,try the loca" scrapyards,its your home but to a thieving scumbag its money,old mercs never die,they go to africa,not joking,

    Rasta,r u a newquay boy? Known flip flop for years,was ayou a paradise valley dweller?beware us longboarders,while your paddling ur stick were passing you saying (my wave lol) spicky

    Hi I'm spicky ,well done on your choice of van,been living in my 609 for eight years now,698000k on the clock now ,so I know a little bit ab out them,pm me if you wanna know about em,not a mechanic but I know my bessie lol,Zenned 608 and 609 had a 608 for ten years and the difference is!you can overtake lorrys, I'm by the burner r you !

    How ya doing flipflop,any room for bessie next to the hobby!planning to come down when it gets a bit warmer,have to go back to the war zone to get me board tho lol,have to get robby over and go back down memory lane, ill find out when esteban are playing again .spicky

    Met a woman in cornwall a couple of years ago with a merc 609 ,luton with a roller shutter door,tranluscent roof let plenty of light in,when she lifted the roller up she had a verhanda with a stable door,kitchen window,inside a really funky reclaimed pine kitchen,easy seating,and a woodburner made out of the old calor gas bottle,shed just been to morocco ,her and the dog for four months,(inspired me enough to rip bessie the van apart,and start again! Seventh time in eight years,and she's not finished yet,can't remember her name ,but thanks! Ooh just gone back in memory bank and remembered the next nite six vans parked up ,bonfire on the beach,music and wine(honestly officer)in the morning six dogs and people beachcoming and eating food for free of the beach!oops radio on song giving me goosebumps. Fife dangerfield. Check it out,sorry for the ramble but get a van and enjoy the real world.

    Met a lady a couple of years ago in cornwall with a merc 609,luton body with a roller shutter door,when she opened it she had a small verhanda,stable door and kithen window,it was lovely she had a reclaimed pine kitchen,easy seating and a burner(inspired me to rip my van apart and start again!seveneth time in eight years!)She had a tranluscent roof so plenty of light,,in the summer sitting on a verhanda on the beach,that's what its all about

    My vans black and I'm in it full time.if its well insulated it will reflect the heat,go for black if your stealth camping it doesn't stand out and attract attention,sometimes hard to find if you've had a few tho lol