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    Nomadic RT , interesting .

    I’ve been out for a walk / skip hunt but drawn a blank on materials this time however I will be looking through my collection of interesting metal bits to see what I can come up with .

    Agree on the sticks , always available to hand .

    My life has never been the same since the metal skip disappeared from the boatyard . It was A source of excellent goodies including a very nice cast iron frying pan .

    Biggest problem with any of the sammich toaster things is supporting the handles if you use them on a camp stove .

    I use mine on the gas stove at home but will be needing to sort that out before I use it on my camping stove .

    I’m on the lookout for a cast iron one for use on camp fires or the chiminea .

    I’m waiting to see the first Ridge monkey in either the charity shop or at the car boot sale . They’re all popular just now but a lot of people get stuff and then get fed up or stop using it because they’ve got the newest latest thing .

    I used to get a clothes horse and an army blanket over it to make a tent then put the rag mat inside because the back yard was concrete and cold . Great den .

    I still make rag mats , currently I’m too busy knitting but all things have their turn .

    Old clothes cut up to make rag mats . Heavy old things but warm . Beamish Museum up in the Northeast of England and the Black Country living museum are good places to see rugs in the houses and cottages .

    I found a YouTube video ( from Coombe Valley Campers I think ) showing the use of some modern looking foil faced stuff and a wadding type product .

    Looks like there’s a lot of options .

    Zendaze , I think that must be the the system you suggested .

    Hotty sauce and fried egg butty .

    Small discovery . I bought one of those Diablo things in a charity shop for £2 . It’s great for making fried eggs but doesn’t do too well on toasties made with homemade bread . White sliced works but there’s a lot of waste crusts .

    Same sort of thing s the ridge monkey or a jaffle iron .

    Anybody tried the newer sound deadening and self adhesive stuff some people on YouTube have used.?

    Boat I’ve decide will be easiest fo me to use the solid panel type plus spray foam out of cans for the joins , gaps etc .

    I’m just waiting for the boatyard to do the repair on the cabin which involves a riveted seam then I can paint before insulating . Lining out will be t and g , easier to handle in a small space .

    just seen the anti squeak plan . Expanding foam was in the plan for the boat so I will get some practice with it and probably end up with a goodly amount of it stuck to me 😸

    Thanks everybody . I haven’t thought of creaking but as any van I have is less than silent in other ways it might not be a problem . It’s a popular solution for narrowboats .

    I was cold sometimes in the boat with polystyrene insulation, if the fire wasn’t kept ticking over well at night and it was freezing out .

    I’ve seen the cold spot thing in action on a boat and will be doing my best not too have any .

    Hi BigBear , rock wool was the insulation in our first canal boat . The boat was second hand so whoever fitted it out chose the insulation . It’s so long ago I can’t remember any problems but I’ve no memory of being cold .

    Did you use a vapour barrier ?

    I’ve got a boat cabin to do first so insulation is top of my list . Ideally I need something rigid and easy to cut .

    What’s everybody use to insulate a smallish van , VW transporter sized or maybe the smaller Fiat Scudo type vans . Maybe a future project in mind . There’s got to be better options than expanded polystyrene, my last canal boat had that and it wasn’t brilliant .

    It’s surprising what you can make out of things . I’ve made a lot of garden tables over the years out of wombled wood . All it’s coast me is time some screws an bolts and some wood stain .

    Still alive , still mad , still got a boat . Also have a van called Frank but the metal moth is likely to win that one . Shame as he’s twice round the clock and goes well .

    We are the forces of chaos and anarchy , everything they say we are we are. Jefferson Airplane .

    louden Wainright classic line from the Hardy boy at the Y , the gaping mouths of washed up jocks could not cramp Joes style .

    I use a a needlescaler for de rusting bits of canal boat . I wouldn't use it on the thin steel of a vehicle . Stick with the wire brush and abrasive discs on the grinder , I use these on boats and they work well

    I've gone through a thin bit of boat last week , I'm dealing with all the underwater areas while I'm out of the water . That's the best time to find holes and thin areas to get them fixed.

    Good luck with getting your welding done , the metal moth attack has been the end for my last 2 vans .